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#podcon Just Joofin' @gthibeaux3🔁Spotted this at #PodCon this weekend. Prompt was draw something that makes you smile! @doomquasar
#podcon#podcon#podcon#podcon MikeyH @MikeyImSoFine🔁It was a blast! #PodCon
Ingmar Albizu @IngmarAlbizu🔁 Anime Creek is a delight to behold. I'm so glad this band has a theme song ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
#podcon#podcon#podcon#podcon Sandy Graves @asandygraves🔁 Found some great twin competitive innovation by @onespooncosplay #thezonecast #podcon 👀✨
#podcon 🌸goddess of gears🌸 @ladyfives🔁 I drew some boys that makes me smile on the #podcon wall 💖
#podcon Detective Bark @EddieMarie8🔁@logicalparafox and I at Podcon, she's the Grandma Rick to my guard Morty! #podcon
#podcon Aaron Mahnke @amahnke🔁Backstage with a massive @travismcelroy looming over me like a god. #PodCon
💫 Oriana 🧝🏻‍♀️ @oriana_gray🔁"smart stuff" with and ... is truly the gift that keeps on giving
Rith @riththewarluid🔁If there’s another you should really try to go. Wonderful, supportive, creative environment and I didn’t talk to one performer or attendee that wasn’t enjoying themselves. and co. deserve a huge amount of credit.
Sarah Cowan ✨ @92inarow🔁another great thing about is the little touches aimed towards making everything accessible - TONS of reserved seating, wide spaces for easy access, even the signing lines are designed with seating.
Dennis McGhee @DennyTrumpet🔁Here's the problem with I subscribed to like 10 new podcasts this weekend but y'all didnt add an hours to the twitter.com day. So if you could work on that
cathee cocca @ceeface🔁I cannot say enough great things about . the guests, attendees, volunteers, and staff were all absolutely amazing! th twitter.com anks and co. for this wonderful weekend!
Wil Williams @ PodCon | Podcast Problems @wilw_writes🔁this thread about @podcon #PodCon sums up all of my feelings so well twitter.com
April K @lexiconred🔁The look of someone who won't ever hear the song "Come on Eileen" the same way again.
Robyn Dettman @RDettman🔁We wish we were at with all our chums, but instead we're rehearsing for the LIVE DECK THE HALLS SHOW THIS THURSDAY! Come on Los Angeles, ring in the holidays with your pals from Regal Bride! Get your tickets now!
Klaudia Amenábar @ PodCon @kaludiasays🔁This thread sponsored by “crying in this club” #podcon twitter.com
Josh Pitts @teh_pitts🔁I failed to talk to enough people about podcasts at #podcon woe to my coworkers upon my return.
your secret santa @mixedmetaphor🔁I would very much like the #PodCon mainstage between-shows playlist, if that's available somewhere? @hankgreen @travismcelroy
Blake Kirkland @elblakedeblake🔁Things googled: the composition of yurts. #Word #words #Podcon #MondayMotivation
Elayna @ PodCon @elaynamae🔁 "Loving something changes the way you exist in the world." - @hpsacredtext #podcon
🆒 @JonahBroswick🔁 My pals, we did it! The first ever #podcon!!!! Thank you all so much. We hope you had a magical weekend!!!
Perla @SpookyScaryPan🔁Learn how to monetize, promote and build community around your podcast at our panel, “Your Next Five Years”! 1 PM, Yakima 1. Ask questions in advance with hashtag 💚🎧💚
Michelle McMullin @chellemcmullin🔁I missed which was a bummer, but my feeds are full of stories about and the and communities. So much celebrat twitter.com ing and fun and taking care of one and other. It makes my hear grow three sizes.
Julie @YucatanHuracan🔁hi wow is the best way to remind anyone of how wonderful and loving and supportive the community is. Seeing so much of the community in one place, sharing stories and talking each other up is genuinely heartwarming.
Christian Scarbrough @christians731🔁Listening to podcasts hurts just a little now. I already miss so much. Thanks twitter.com
Kasey 🍂 @spacekase🔁 Yes, we made a 2nd Smart Stuff. #PodCon was wild twitter.com
Taylor @TeatimeCosplay🔁 I believe this is my favourite thing to ever come out of sawbones and twitter.com
Nick Jenkins @ngjenkins🔁hey friends? you put on one hell of a convention and made this an amazing weekend.… instagram.com


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