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Vinicius Spindola @vinispiiin🔁 Pocono has not been kind to Jimmie Johnson this season.

#NASCAR #Overtons400

Pocono Jesse Causey @jjcausey🔁 Patrick Finishes 15th at Pocono #NASCAR
Pocono Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Patrick Finishes 15th at Pocono #NASCAR
Pocono Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Stenhouse Jr. Overcomes Pit-Road Penalty to Earn a 16th-Place Finish at Pocono #NASCAR
Pocono Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁MENCS: Kyle Busch King of the Tricky Triangle at Pocono Raceway #NASCAR
Pocono Jesse Causey @jjcausey🔁 MENCS: Kyle Busch King of the Tricky Triangle at Pocono Raceway #NASCAR
Pocono Cheryl Sutton @csutton56🔁 Raceday giveaway!!! Retweet and like for a chance!!! #nascar #pocono #sticker #gruntstyle
Dale Earnhardt Jr. @DaleJr🔁Fun miles in Pocono this afternoon
Pocono nascarcasm @nascarcasm🔁Possible electrical issues for the #78. #NASCAR #Pocono
Pocono Toyota Racing @ToyotaRacing🔁Everything is great in Pocono! 🏁
Tristen @TristenLove6🔁NEWS: No. 18 race-winning car found with loose lug nut at .


Brenda Sue @BrendaSue2🔁“Our Ford was good all wknd. We unloaded a fast car. This is the best car that we’ve unloaded in quite some time."
Fake RHR @NotHunterReay🔁@Devin_Kelleher Me too! This will be my first time getting pit passes at Pocono!
Rob @RobD12896🔁@RowdyFuller51 @knicoles528 @nascar_idiots @strossdawg It's a tie for me between Indy, and Pocono
Back to the Bricks @BTTBMI🔁Rookie Suarez continues impressive run with third straight top ten #nascar
Daniel Ottobre 🇺🇸 @d_ottie38🔁 wins for 100th win
wins Iowa
USWNT beats Brazil 4-3
gets 3000th hit
Pretty good day
Daniel Brinkley @daniel_brinkley🔁 From Sunday: First Pocono win for Kyle Busch means more than just another victory #nascar
Anthony Ricciardelli @AnthonyRicciar6🔁They're racing... wrecking at Pocono! A Turn 3 crash involves Austin Dillon, Danica Patrick and more!


Pete Pistone @PPistone🔁@wyldrob i don't know - Pocono is only 8 weeks apart and that didn't seem to hurt
Jesse Causey @jjcausey🔁Stenhouse Jr. Overcomes Pit-Road Penalty to Earn a 16th-Place Finish at Pocono
Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Kurt Busch Finishes 13th at Pocono
Rachel Genovese @rlynngeno🔁What a great weekend in Pocono (though I wish the outcome were different, but I did win the Onorato NASCAR pool with Kyle Busch).
Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Fender Bender Spoils Pocono Run For Blaney, Motorcraft/Quick Lane Team
RaceFanTix @RaceFanTix🔁Staff picks for today's Cup race at Pocono #nascar #nascarnews
Chris Gould BMX @ChrisGould88🔁@PPistone @SiriusXMNASCAR Checkered Flag No More Pocono for 2017

Black Flag Kyle Busch


Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Patrick Finishes 15th at Pocono
Speedway Digest @speedwaydigest🔁Stenhouse Jr. Overcomes Pit-Road Penalty to Earn a 16th-Place Finish at Pocono
Nascar World @NascarWorldNews🔁2017 Pocono II: Richard Childress Racing NASCAR Monster Energy Race Recap
Mark Merlot @AverageVoter🔁Absolutely! Put them on Obama care, I bet things change faster than Kyle Busch drove past the field at Pocono yesterday!🇺🇸🇺🇸


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