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Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Giacone puts the Huskies on the scoreboard with this reverse layup. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
#Play4Kay Kay Yow Cancer Fund @KayYowFundπŸ”#Cheering on all of our #Play4Kay teams! Amazing support nationwide!
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Ortiz fires from downtown. #Northeastern grabs its first lead of the night at 13-12. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
#Play4Kay T Hart @SrDir_SetonUAπŸ”@SetonHall President Dr Mary Meehan being honored by @SHUWBB for her courage as a cancer survivor. #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketball4th | TAGGAπŸ” 48-42! #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
#Play4Kay BGR South Orange @BGRSouthOrangeπŸ”@SHUAthletics We had a great time at the #Play4Kay game!
#Play4Kay Sport Fan @15sports15πŸ” @SHUAthletics We had a great time at the #Play4Kay game!
#Play4Kay NWSeal11 @nwseal11πŸ” #Cheering on all of our #Play4Kay teams! Amazing support nationwide!
#Play4Kay JoEllyn @joellynp5πŸ” The @shupirate is ready for @SHUWBB’s #Play4Kay pink game at Walsh tonight! #HALLin
Seton Hall WBB @SHUWBBπŸ”It's Pink GAME DAY!

Come on out to Walsh Gym tonight when we host Marquette at 7 p.m. Wear pink and help us support twitter.com the !

Tonight's game is presented by .


Seton Hall Athletics @SHUAthleticsπŸ”Students check into SHIPS at tonight's game and be entered to win 2 tickets and round trip transportation on for t twitter.com omorrow's Game at !
Duke Women’s Basketball @DukeWBBπŸ”Where fashion meets the hardwood, you'll find and .

The story of Erin's creative process. twitter.com

Krista L. M. Newhall @k_mike13πŸ”In games like this we play for more than wins and losses, we play for a cause. We !
Take a πŸ‘€ at yesterday's win over Virginia ⬇️
JoEllyn @joellynp5πŸ”Students check into SHIPS at tonight's game and be entered to win 2 tickets and round trip transportation on for tomorrow's Game at !
JoEllyn @joellynp5πŸ”Moments before tip, we honored president Dr. Mary Meehan with a special pink jersey!
Kathleen @KathleenEversonπŸ”Help us raise awareness for a special cause at tomorrow's Game vs. RMU at 1pm! WEAR PINK & join the Halftime Free Throw Contest! The more fans that participate, the more free-throws made, the more πŸ’Έ raised! Learn more about here:
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”INFOGRAPHIC | won its fourth straight series meeting against Hofstra on Friday night and third in a row by six poin twitter.com ts or fewer.
Baylor Lady Bears @BaylorWBBπŸ”. is auctioning off several items signed by the Lady Bears! T-shirts, basketballs, shorts & photos all up for bids.
All proceeds benefit the : πŸŽ€πŸ€πŸ»
Blue Beard Army @BlueBeardArmyπŸ”FINAL - falls to Marquette 81-54 in the annual game... they'll be back in Walsh for their final game of the regular twitter.com season on Sunday at 1 pm against DePaul
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”FINAL | It's over! (9-7 CAA) is quarterfinal bound for the third consecutive season courtesy of Friday's five-point twitter.com win at Hofstra.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Ortiz secures the loose ball after Askin's missed 2-pointer and hits two free throws to give NU the 55-50 lead. twitter.com
Mike Roux @CoachMikeRouxπŸ” @HarvardWBB #Coach Kathy Delaney-Smith is a reason we #Play4Kay. Check out her #SurvivorStory! kayyow.blog
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Timeout Hofstra after Clark goes one-for-two at the line. NU leads, 53-50. The Pride will inbound with 34.0 sec twitter.com onds to go.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Hofstra calls timeout with 39 ticks to go. Brozoski's jumper had cut the NU lead to 52-50. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Taggart cleans up the play and the Huskies extend their late-game lead to 52-48 with 45 seconds to go! twitter.com
Duane Miller @DMills59πŸ”Don’t forget to stop by the silent auction on the concourse and bid on the Lady Bears pink jerseys!
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | NU will inbound with 1:03 to go. The Huskies lead, 50-48. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | #Northeastern leads Hofstra, 48-46, with 90 seconds remaining. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Lassiter (seven points, eight rebounds) has fouled out with 1:43 to go. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Three minutes remain. NU leads by three. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | AND-ONE! Lassiter provides the Huskies with their first basket of the final quarter, then hits the free throw t twitter.com o put NU ahead, 45-42.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Lassiter hauls in a big-time board for the Huskies, denying a second-chance look for Hofstra. She leads the tea twitter.com m with eight boards tonight.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Taggart checks back into the game for the Huskies with 4:55 to go. We're still knotted at 42-42. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Timeout with 5:43 remaining. The Huskies' 10-point lead is no more as both teams are now tied, 42-42. twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Hofstra wins a fresh 30-second shot clock following its O-board. The Pride have scored eight unanswered points twitter.com as the Huskies' lead now sits at 42-40.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | Hofstra has opened the quarter with four straight points, trimming the Huskies' lead to 42-36 with 7:51 to go. twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”4th | One minute down, nine minutes to go. Same score. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”End 3rd | Ortiz and Giacone are leading the Huskies with 11 and 10 points, respectively. NU leads Hofstra by 10 headi twitter.com ng into the game's final quarter.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Hofstra's Brozoski (11 points) fouls Clark as her fourth personal foul. Clark hits a pair of free throws to pus twitter.com h the Huskies' lead to 42-32.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Less than two minutes to play in the quarter. The Huskies lead, 40-30. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Lassiter picks up her third personal foul with 2:42 to go, sending Brozoski to the line. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | leads Hofstra, 38-26, at the 4:42 media timeout. The Huskies have hit six 3-pointers tonight (67%) against the twitter.com Pride's two (15%).
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Clark is making it look easy out there. She hits this 3-pointer to give the Huskies a 14-point lead (38-24). twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Giacone has scored six points during the first three minutes of the half. #Northeastern leads, 35-22. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Kalin's and-one leads gives the Pride something to cheer about. It comes at the expense of Lassiter's second p twitter.com ersonal foul.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | Now that's a start: Giacone is two-for-two to begin the half and the Huskies are off to a 4-0 run (31-20 lead). twitter.com Hofstra calls an immediate timeout in response, less than a minute in.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”3rd | We're back for the second half. NU leads Hofstra by seven. Check that: nine after Giacone starts us off on our twitter.com first possession.
JP Candella,Jr. @joecangolfICCπŸ” | We’re continuing our support for The with the Pride tonight down on Long Island.

πŸ€ at Hofstra
πŸ•° 7 p.m.
🏟 Mack Sports Complex

Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”HALF | #GoNU leading scorers:

1️⃣1️⃣ - Ortiz
6️⃣ - Todd
4️⃣ - Giacone
2️⃣ - Clark
2️⃣ - Lassiter
2️⃣ - Watson

#CAAHoops #Play4Kay

Kay Yow Cancer Fund @KayYowFundπŸ”Tonight Harvard Crimson Fans added 12 free throws to the national Play 4 Kay Fan Free Throw Challenge!
Harvard WBasketball @HarvardWBBπŸ”Tonight Harvard Crimson Fans added 12 free throws to the national Play 4 Kay Fan Free Throw Challenge! #FT4Kay #Play4Kay @KayYowFund
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”HALF | closes the first half on an 8-0 scoring run, keeping Hofstra off the scoreboard for the final 3:34. Ortiz le twitter.com ads the Huskies with 11 points.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | has scored its last six points at the free throw line and leads Hofstra, 25-20, with 1:40 to play. twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | Ortiz has accounted for all five of Northeastern's points during the second quarter: a 3-pointer at 9:14 and t twitter.com wo free throws at 2:03.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | Ortiz is fouled in the backcourt and will head to the line on Hofstra's fifth team foul. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | Turnovers are continuing to play a role during the first half. NU has committed 12, while Hofstra has made seve twitter.com n.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | The Huskies are caught napping again and are whistled for the shot clock violation. Hofstra takes advantage and twitter.com grabs a 20-19 lead.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | We'll head into a media timeout with 4:46 to go. leads Hofstra, 19-16. Scoring during this quarter is 3-2 in f twitter.com avor of the Huskies.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | #Northeastern ball with 6:19 left to play in the half. The Huskies lead the Pride, 19-14. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | Braswell creates a tough shot underneath for Croskey. The Huskies are shooting 41% while the Pride are shooting twitter.com 35%.
Allen Graffam @graffamaπŸ”Where fashion meets the hardwood, you'll find and .

The story of Erin's creative process.

Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”2nd | Ortiz begins the quarter with another bucket - she is shooting three-for-three from the floor and has a quick, twitter.com eight points.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”End 1st | Claudia Ortiz and Shannon Todd are both two-for-two from behind the arc to start the night. twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”End 1st | Ortiz beats the buzzer and gives the Huskies a 16-14 lead heading into the second quarter. twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Lassiter draws the Huskies' first team foul with 1:38 to go before the quarter break. Hofstra will inbound with twitter.com a 12-10 lead.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Todd drains her second straight 3-pointer - this time from the right wing. evens up the game again at 10-10 wi twitter.com th three minutes to play.
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Todd buries the 3-pointer with the shot clock winding down! has answered with a 7-0 run as we're now tied, 7-7 twitter.com .
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Another reverse layup for Giacone and the Huskies have cut Hofstra's lead to 7-4. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Louis Accumanno @Chalk_talk_LouπŸ” Brozoski hits a 3, putting hofstra up 7. Northeastern takes a time out with 7:38 left in the first. πŸ¦πŸ€ twitter.com
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Timeout #Northeastern with 7:38 remaining. The Pride have started tonight's game on a 7-0 scoring run. #GoNU #CAAHoops #Play4Kay
Northeastern WBB @GoNUwbasketballπŸ”1st | Todd is forced out along the baseline, awarding the ball back to Hofstra at the 8:19 mark. Brozoski capitalizes twitter.com and the Pride lead, 4-0.


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