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Pittsburgh Kristin Emery @KristinEmery🔁Your 24 hour temperature trend. Get the full forecast on KDKA-TV and at #kdkawx
Pittsburgh Gabby @agirIhasN0name🔁good morning Pittsburgh, you're awfully foggy on this fine (read: dreaded) Monday 🌫
Pittsburgh KDWeatherWatchers @KDWeatherWatch🔁Your 24 hour temperature trend. Get the full forecast on KDKA-TV and at #kdkawx
Pittsburgh KDKA @CBSPittsburgh🔁Your 24 hour temperature trend. Get the full forecast on KDKA-TV and at #kdkawx
Ryan @Ryan_S_Jenkins🔁 David Branch on his loss to Luke Rockhold this past weekend in Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh PSCP WxSTEM @PSCPWxSTEM🔁Penn State Center Pittsburgh at sunrise and it's 61.5 F
Pittsburgh Pitt WeatherSTEM @PittWxSTEM🔁University of Pittsburgh at sunrise and it's 67.9 F
Pittsburgh Big Hig @Big1Hig🔁 Excited to announce my commitment to the university of Pittsburgh!! #h2p
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh PA @PittsburghPArr🔁PWSA looks to outsource billing, bolster customer service
PittsburghPittsburgh Funky Cold Edema @lola_patty🔁 Sights and sounds from the last day for the #LogJammer at #Kennywood.
Pittsburgh Joanne M . Slaughter @JoanneMSlaught3🔁 Pittsburgh Steelers Ben Roethlisberger carries the flag honoring Dan Rooney
Pittsburgh Taggart & Rosewood @TaggartR0sewood🔁 Las Vegas ✈️ Pittsburgh.

Listos para Vikings vs Steelers. #NFLxESPN

PittsburghPittsburghPittsburghPittsburgh ESPN CollegeFootball @ESPNCFB🔁Let's check in on Pittsburgh.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Vikings QB Sam Bradford is out today vs Pittsburgh and Case Keenum will start vs. the Steelers.
Appalachian Weather @apwxpghpaobs🔁Fog/Mist and 61 F at Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh International Airport, PA
Plant Sciene & Tech @ReneHJHeim🔁Big Fan of and his maps.
Here is a map i like because i'll move to Pittsburgh next year.
Charlie Deitch @CharlieDee71🔁I completely missed Big Sandy and his Boys last week in Pittsburgh. Him coming here was a big deal. Luckily he's co ming back Dec.5
Pittsburgh Now @TLNPittsburgh🔁Drive Times BUILDING for your Monday Morning Commute. We'll take a LIVE LOOK at the Roads Coming Up in 4 Minutes.
Pittsburgh Now @TLNPittsburgh🔁Pittsburgh International Airport eateries showing improvement on health inspections
JJ @JJ_BAU🔁She graduated from East Allegheny High School near Pittsburgh, PA,
patiencenichols @patiencenichols🔁Joe Starkey: Dan Rooney tributes all around — but none quite like the tailgate party near…
Pittsburgh Now @TLNPittsburgh🔁Good morning Pittsburgh! Today is Monday, September 18, 2017. Here are today's top stories.
caelyn @cael_yn🔁@NewHopeReece pittsburgh misses you!!
patiencenichols @patiencenichols🔁Steelers vs. Vikings Week 2: 5 Winners and 3 Losers after the Steelers 26-9 win over the…
Elizabeth @lemonchronicle🔁Pittsburgh - Police Shooting, Killing Wildlife That Appear Sick, 500 Alr... via @YouTube
rigsbee @ryanrigs🔁The new vegas NHL team looks like a walmart Pittsburgh penguins
Papermill Collective @wearepapermill🔁Winners of join Pittsburgh. Congrats to , , , ! 🏆🎉
Rob Staats @Jerzsurfer🔁Gear up. This Monday is chock full of possibility and opportunity. @ Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
patiencenichols @patiencenichols🔁T.J. Watt Injury: Steelers rookie doesn’t believe groin injury is serious
Angela @AEastep1016🔁@ABananaRambling Also, you're from Pittsburgh? My hometown!!!!
Tori CMOS @ToriCMOS🔁pittsburgh truly is different due to the wetlands around this project.
J.R @Jk598790🔁Why is everyone here shitting on teasers? Denver +9 and Pittsburgh -2.5 personally felt like a no brainer. Plays like that every Sunday
Derek @Derek300ug🔁Gilbert Burns KOs Jason Saggo in the second round at UFC Pittsburgh via @FoxSports
Pittsburgh Hub @PittsburghHub🔁Steelers Top Vikings 26-9 in Pittsburgh
mmahottopic @MMAhottopic🔁Fight Night Pittsburgh Talking Points: Rockhold, Perry, Usman and more
Bonin's Briefs @BoninsBriefs🔁Happy 26th birthday to East St. John High School alum Bryton Trepagnier. Pitched in the Pittsburgh Pirates minors fro m 2010-2014.
Chemmy Guy @Chemical_Source🔁University of Pittsburgh Medical Center - Greenville , PA - Company Information
Pittsburgh Weather @Pittsburgh🔁Sep 18 UV index forecast for Pittsburgh is 7 (high)
Code & Supply @codeandsupply🔁Recognizing speech in the browser. Learn about it tonight
Diane Hill @k3aQWtCLUQSvFx6🔁 Pittsburgh International Airport. The Wrach is coming.
Pittsburgh Weather @Pittsburgh🔁current weather in Pittsburgh: fog, 59°F
88% humidity, wind 6mph, pressure 1019mb
Pittsburgh Now @TLNPittsburgh🔁Getting foggy in Shaler! WPXI Traffic WPXI WPXIValerie
Pittsburgh Now @TLNPittsburgh🔁FOG On Route 28 Slowing Down the Inbound Commute. PittsburghTraffic FoxChapel HighlandPark Etna Millvale
HotxxMagazine LLC @hotxx_magazine🔁Cardi B will be in Pittsburgh October 15th!!! Make sure y'all cop y'all tickets and be there!!…
Yinz Bot @YinzBot🔁Fall Arts Preview 2017
Aaron Bernstine @AaronBernstine🔁A big merger proposed-- A restructuring of the Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese would merge 188 parishes to 48
Real AtomiK @RealAtomiK🔁WillyB - Tom Coughlin Prod by (Pittsburgh AtomiK) 💯💯💯🔥 🔥🔥🔥
Hair&BeautySalonsUK @HandBSalonsUK🔁Sequins, slicked-back hair and sparkling jewels: There was a lot to ... - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Pittsburgh Post…

Robbie W @gingersnap1818🔁 pittsburgh twitter, which of our three major sports teams is your personal favorite?
Jane Alexander @janecalexander🔁@MuseumCN @AronAmbrosiani @ClevelandArt Yes. I'll be @MuseumCN ALSO Cleveland is onlt 1.5 hour from Pittsburgh -come early and view #ARTLENS
Pittsburgh Weather @Pittsburgh🔁Pittsburgh: 7:04am: sunrise
sunset will be at 7:22pm
Dave Harris @DaveHar60009178🔁@KLOVERadio Pittsburgh, PA. 98.3
Khalil Jahshan @naz548🔁Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: #US has little influence in #Saudi-#Qatar conflict | Opinion |
Uncle Dave Howard @uncledavesbooks🔁@KLOVEPITT where are you? Nothing but static? Did you leave Pittsburgh?
GO! Steelers Videos @GoSteelersVideo🔁Pittsburgh Steelers-the Imaculate reception #steelers
Robert D @TheHerrDark🔁Have you seen these @HamillHimself @Pittsburgh_Dad
WPXZ 104.1 @WPXZ1041🔁We recently sent Mary Riley and her family to the Pittsburgh Zoo. Looks like they had a blast! 😆
Benjamin Bastard @BenjaminBastard🔁No more jamming logs, Pittsburgh.
Mister_Solenday @Mr_Solenday🔁@colin_dunlap Will this cause more angst in Pittsburgh than #logjammergate?
Ed Cleary @EdCleary1🔁 Btw, Pittsburgh has got to be one of the most underrated cities in America. Always love coming here.
Dena Lobb @DenaLobb🔁Byron Bears 6th grade representing at US Bank while were in Pittsburgh. Someone get a coaching contract! Left w/ a W!
Da Burgh SRH @DaBurghSRH🔁//" target="_blank"> " #SportsRoadhouse
SteelTownUsa® @SteelTownUsa🔁#Steelers Steelers take to Twitter to celebrate their Week 2 win over the Vikings #SteeltownUsa
I'm friendzoned lol @NasseemTheDream🔁Falcon fans finally have a consistently good team & act as if they have Pittsburgh Steelers championship pedigree.
FreeBurgh @ItsFreeBurgh🔁Hey Pittsburgh, obsessed with political drama on federal level? This event is for you. It's FREE too
Laura @Laura86746563🔁 you're a great coach, and you've honored Dan Rooney well since you arrive in Pittsburgh. Go Steelers! 2-0


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