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Jacopo della Quercia @Jacopo_della_Q🔁Attn. horror writers: Quit your brooding! If you have a completed, unpublished manuscript you'd like to pitch, today' twitter.com s the day! Here's how:
ACX Audiobook Narrator! @surgeonwriter🔁Malevolent ghost turns a surgeon’s life into one of festered isolation after an operation goes horribly wrong in this twitter.com contemporary haunted hospital tale.
Jana Denardo @JanaDenardo🔁If we <3 your pitch, please read our submission guidelines and put in the subject/title of the e-mail.
Brooks Sherman @byobrooks🔁Hi, people! If I favorite your tweet, please email your query & 1st 20 pages to bsherman [at] janklow [dot] com, wit twitter.com h the subject line "PitDark Request: [Title]." Thanks!
Char's Horror Corner @Charrlygirl🔁Gordon thought he'd found the girl of his dreams. But when Sarah causes the disappearance of a mob boss's priceless Chihuahua, she disappears herself, and Gordon's going to have to kill to get her back. A raucous, degenerate low-brow dark comedy/crime thriller!
Nicole James @ColeJamesWrites🔁World of Souls makes several references to the Wizard of Oz throughout. Appropriate I was pitching it today for twitter.com on the anniversary! 💗
Sheala Dawn Henke @HenkeSheala🔁#pitdark #sixwords
Memories lurk where thin places begin.
Black Spot Books @blackspotbooks🔁@JasonHuebinger We'd definitely love to be in the next #pitdark party! Somehow we missed it today...by an hour. #alwayslate
Ctotheourtney @ctotheourtney04🔁Her name is Elianor Paine. She is not afraid of Lord Vile, the man who slew a Kindred Prince. She is not afraid of shapeshifting monsters, or mechanical wardens, or the armies of the Royalists. The revolution starts today.
Ctotheourtney @ctotheourtney04🔁STRANGER THINGS x LAST AIRBENDER set in Italy

Filippo becomes a flying boy after his best friend’s murder. If he doesn’t uncover the murderer, he’ll turn into smoke. Ludovica, an albino witch, will help him — but at what price?

michele luck @unlimitedluck_🔁 Thanks to @JasonHuebinger for organizing #PitDark. Such an awesome pitch party!!
Brandon Nobles @MrBrandonNobles🔁:

In 1850s SC, a young slave murders his master & his master's wife and flees north. There he is taken in twitter.com by an abolitionist family, befriending their daughter. Taunted by ghosts and consumed by guilt, he decides he must return to the scene of the crime.

Allison Mullinax @allsnmllnx🔁As a Maiden, Verabelle is chosen to jump off a cliff & transform into one of the magical guardians of her fairytale land. But there is no transformation. Only bones and tarnished Maiden brooches litter the shore. And she doesn't intend to die.
Ctotheourtney @ctotheourtney04🔁After losing her magic in an accident, Kestrel walked away from her life as a wizard...But now the faeries have her family, and Kes must work with a long-dead Knight to find a legendary sword and uncover the truth of the last days of Camelot.

Author Krista Johnston @KristaLJohnston🔁Adalia's plunged into a terrifying mystery when she follows the little girl with bleeding wrists into the forest and twitter.com finds the corpse of her rival. Could the little girl have done it? Or the better question-since only Adalia can see the little girl, did Adalia do it?
Darrel Rachel @dswriting🔁A body found hanging in the tower room of the manor house on Storm Island
For 19 yrs Kate's suppressed the memory, but now, she’s back & though odds are against her, she’s determined to solve the mystery of her mom's death
STORM ISLAND, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery

Kait Ballenger @kait_ballenger🔁Hellooo peeps, if I like your work, please send the full + synopsis + your query letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and cc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. THANK YOU!
Nicole Willson @insomnicole🔁If you muted me for , you can stop now; it's a wrap. (Then again, if you muted me you're not going to see this anyhow twitter.com . Ha! I win.) Thanks to everyone who showed support! We now return to our regularly scheduled posts about cute animals and booze.
Stacie Ramey @stacieramey🔁Retweeted Nicole Resciniti ():

Hellooo peeps, if I like your work, please send the full + synopsis + your query let twitter.com ter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and cc This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. THANK YOU!

Robin Taylor @writerobinwrite🔁When psychiatrist Hayley's college obsession—in jail for murder— becomes her patient, she's caught in an old love triangle. Jack claims he's innocent, that it was all a mistake. But Paul claims it's part of an elaborate scheme for revenge.

A. Hamm @HammurabiSays🔁A fallen daughter of fortune. A brilliant, tortured young scientist. Jane Austen meets FRANKENSTEIN in this tale of passion, tuberculosis, madness, and crime. Set in 1918 Russia.
Jason Parent @AuthorJasParent🔁 Dentata an anthology of horror about teeth. Teeth can tear, bite, and rend. They can nibble and gnaw. Teeth can pierce, puncture, and penetrate. Teeth can rot. Teeth can carry poison capsules and radio transmitters. Teeth can be taken, stolen, Some teeth are false.
Jason Parent @AuthorJasParent🔁 Little Monsters - Four kids want to experience life from the “other side of the tracks.” The only problem is they’re monsters and there’s only one way for them to fit in with the world of humans. Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy and The Werewolf meet…everyone.
Sarah Hawley ⭐ #RevPit18winner @MsSarahHawley🔁In 1600s Brazil, 17yo Sasha uses her golden blood to save her mother’s people. The dilemma? She has to keep ancient African god Exu from harvesting it first.
KuroKoneko Kamen😻 @KurokonekoKamen🔁A psychic working as a spirit bounty hunter teams up with a reformed monster to uncover why a crime boss can’t be killed.
Brooke S @BrookeJSauthor🔁Now that #pitdark is done I can #iVoteBTSBBMAs all night long.
Ashley Cass @BookBabeBurglar🔁Alice in Zombieland + ACOTAR

After dragging her 7yo undead sister, Brie, off their mother's corpse, plus-size Roma t twitter.com akes her sister & flees the scene keeping Brie safe, until a malicious faery claiming to be Brie's biological mother, threatens to take her

T.R. Tells @TRTELLSBOOKS🔁In the Game of Survival there is no defeat, only survival. When the world becomes plagued with sin, the question of w twitter.com hether humanity is fundamentally good or evil pervades the story, as it explores both the best and worst of human nature.
NineStar Press @ninestarpress🔁If we <3 your pitch, please read our submission guidelines and put in the subject/title of the e-mail. twitter.com
H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor🔁#PitDark: If I heart your pitch, submission instructions are here: enigmaticeditor.blogspot.com
SandraRamosO'Briant @sramosobriant🔁Zahra has a sense humor-unusual in the undead-but part of the survival kit for mothers. #TheBloodMother #pitdark #ch #dc #a
K.A. Dorgan, PhD @KADorgan🔁I didn't get anything either. I noticed that the didn't get much of anything across the board. Mainly, I wanted to twitter.com TRY. I've never done a Twitter pitch & just discovered the wonderful this afternoon, so I took a run at it--think I bounced off the wall. 😂😂
Anthony Thomas @anthonythomasAU🔁Jakima's discovering her sexuality—which would be easier if her kiss wasn't lethal. Ransomed by pirates, she must navigate Noble House politics if she hopes to escape & return to the rebellion stronghold & the man she left behind. Black Sails meets War of Roses.
Anthony Thomas @anthonythomasAU🔁THIS MORTAL COIL x LADY BIRD 17yo science-prodigy Nila wants to be an artist, but Mom has other plans. When a man-eating swarm of locusts threatens the US, Nila must fix her relationship with Mom and combine her creative and scientific abilities to stop it.
William Andrews @Age_Of_Strife🔁Enjoyed my first pitch party. Congrats to everyone who had agents like their pitches for back to writing for me. twitter.com
Anthony Thomas @anthonythomasAU🔁African gods in the New World, a girl with golden blood, and a battle where men and gods fight side by side. If Sasha dies this time, she may not be coming back.
Anthony Thomas @anthonythomasAU🔁BRAZILIAN DAENERYS TARGARYEN

17yo Sasha is good at hiding her secrets—her age, her parents’ forbidden love, the gold in her veins, the slaves she frees. But when she makes friends & foes of African gods, her secrets become her strengths & she can’t hide anymore.

Sophie Pinkoski @sophiemlpink🔁Survived my first #pitdark (and twitter pitch event!) with 3 whole novel submission invites: from 2 agents and 1 publisher! 🎉🎉🎉
Thomas Pryce @ThomPryce🔁Ready for y'all? Authors if I ❤️ your pitch, please submit it to me at just follow the guidelin QueryMe.online es. Good luck!!
Jose Nateras @JoseNateras🔁When Gabe Espinosa returns to his job at a historic Chicago hotel, he finds himself at the center of a dark & horrify twitter.com ing happening that he'll need to get to the bottom of if he's going to survive. "Testament: A Novel"
Melody Haaf @MelodyHaaf🔁FFXIII x CITY OF BRASS Revenge feeds 18yo Tenah’s sentient dark magic, yet she plots to kill her warlord father who massacred her native people. Can she topple his twisted empire and save the hunter she loves before her magic transforms her into a winged monster?
Liz Hill @jlizhill🔁Stuck in a video game where both death and gods are very real, Cas needs to destroy the game's demons before his own catch up to him.
Shaila Patel @shaila_writes🔁If I like your tweet. Please email the query letter and attach the synopsis and the first three chapters to submission (at) spencerhillassociates (dot) com with in the subject line.
Nola Nash @NolaNashWrites🔁What a fantastic pitch party! Thank you, for hosting the event. Well done and good luck to all of the pitchers!
I'll be pursuing the feed, still, as I'm sure I missed some amazing pitches. Thank you, all!
Steph Coathupe 🎨📚 @StephCoathupe🔁UPROOTED+SLAVIC TRUTHWITCH: Preyed upon by soldiers, cultists & an unrelenting spirit, outlaw storyteller Alena must gamble, fight & wit her way to freedom - if the power she's being hunted for doesn't turn her into a monster first
Shannon @S_Massey🔁“Hi Lucy I saw you tried to call!”
“I was just calling to talk to Jane. She—”
Gertie interrupts, “Isn’t here. Neither twitter.com is Leslie. I assumed they were with you.”
Lucy’s stomach drops.

Lucy’s focus is finding Jane until a global event changes it to survival.

Carissa Tate @cdtate🔁What an exciting day! This was my first pitch day and it was a good one! A big thank you to everyone who liked my twe twitter.com ets at ! I look forward to sending you my work.
Michael C Schmidt @AuthorMichael57🔁An island steeped in violence & witchery,
A strange building with no entry inhabited by a ghost
A troubled young woman, fearing for her sanity
Join Kate Pomeroy as she seeks to solve the mystery of Storm Island
STORM ISLAND, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery

christine kohler @christinekohle1🔁Alora is a body jumper, and she wants revenge.

Her plan? Find her mother’s murderer and make him bleed.

But the secrets she sees in the minds of the people she possesses show her a darkness in her own family she’d never known. The truth could cost her her life.

cesarmontufar @cesarmontufar33🔁1948, New York. Everyone has a unique, often quirky power. NYPD detective Eddie Nezevitch can smell the motive of a c twitter.com rime. But when he finds a victim who turned the tables on a mass murderer, a mad chase after the vigilante ensues.
Michael C Schmidt @AuthorMichael57🔁At age 10, Kate Pomeroy found her mother’s body on Storm Island, an apparent suicide. Now, 19 yrs later, Kate’s returning & wonders what horrors lie in store for her... drug runners, ghosts, and witches eagerly await her return STORM ISLAND, A Kate Pomeroy Mystery
Kym Grosso @KymGrosso🔁Dear people, if I like your pitch, send the first three chapters + synopsis + a query to lane @ thetobiasagency dot com.
Kiki Nguyen @kianangu🔁An obsessive-compulsive teen is sent to a hospital where the cure for her OCD is a drug that destroys the only thing that has kept her sane. Her creativity. YA GIRL, INTERRUPTED
Jasmine Hong @heykaunlay🔁 Kris Kellman is a vampire working as a detective investigating magical crimes. When his former lover is framed for murder, he uncovers a vampire conspiracy to enslave all mankind. SHERLOCK + INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.
Jason Parent @AuthorJasParent🔁From the vantage of his new front porch, Jerry observes his neighborhood. But his recent eye surgery allows Jerry to see things no one else can. From the thing in the garage to the garden of decay, a darkness has descended on his street and only Jerry can see it
Christine Gabriel @ChristineGabrie🔁Attention writers & authors:
Are you ready to submit?

From NOW until August 1st, Pandamoon Publishing is open for submissions thru our portal at

Find us at

For instructions & access to the portal, go to

Jackie Anders ☕️🤷🏽‍♀️ @jandersbooks🔁5TH WAVE x STRANGER THINGS:
In 1716-Spanish mission, a horrific enemy kills everyone. 2017-An obj is found by a 17yo twitter.com Latino STEM prodigy,& she unleashes its powers. 2018-They’re coming back for it&us. But will she stop them when she finds out who she really is?
Author Ashley Earley @ashleyc_earley🔁Dead and confused for years, Jay feels as if he will never know what happened to him. His memories are scarce until a troubled girl stumbles into the life of his living best friend, Cole. The three find themselves connected on one common ground; the murderer.
Author Ashley Earley @ashleyc_earley🔁After the death of her unlovable father, Carly tries to move past the trauma and live her life. But when the quiet kid at school tells her she’s being haunted, she sees her dad in a whole new— and worse— light. He’s not gone, and neither is the man he murdered
K. A. Nolan @kanolanwrites🔁When her boss’s throat is slit with an ancient arrowhead, Amber discovers her co-workers' secrets are buried deeper than the artifacts they study.

upmarket with contemporary and historical timelines

Author Ashley Earley @ashleyc_earley🔁Getting involved with the daughter of his best friend’s killer doesn’t prove to be Cole’s best choice, especially when he discovers the killer had help. With the accomplice gunning for him, he may never get to tell the world what really happened to Jason Duncan
MAKAYLA SOPHIA @makayla_sophia🔁A unique twist on the origins of vampires and werewolves from fallen angels. Beth discovers she’s not quite human and twitter.com she’s in the center of the same murder plot that killed her parents. Her natural enemy, Clark, is the only one willing to tell her the truth.
Bethany Perry @bperry_writes🔁Where do you turn to when your government deems you part of the illegal caste of Useless and seeks to brutally eliminate you and your family? Meanwhile, the rest of the country mercilessly looks away.
Cheri Champagne @CheriChampagne🔁What a fantastic pitch party! Thank you, for hosting the event. Well done and good luck to all of the pitchers!
I' twitter.com ll be pursuing the feed, still, as I'm sure I missed some amazing pitches. Thank you, all!
Anthony Thomas @anthonythomasAU🔁When an ancient god starts turning her town into the next Grimm fairy tale, teen psychic Quinn and a diverse ragtag group of frenemies must come together to save their town.
Megan Eccles @lilnightmusic🔁A woman with a soft spot for the Devil.
A man with delusions of being Jesus.
A cursed pack of Tarot cards.
As the cards work their dark magic, it’s unclear which of them is more dangerous.
Can her will overcome her nature?

Mike Salt @mikesaltmoose🔁

Curious where his wife is always running off to, blindsided by her lies covering her drug addiction. Only her ne twitter.com xt high was a mistake. A drug that has you being hunted by a demonic beast. Now he must find her, and find a way to save her before it's too late

T O M B S T O N Y @CraigRights🔁Cyborg detective in a future obsessed with 50s Americana investigates crimes against obsolete android models since the police won't.
Jennifer Carstens @Jen_Carstens🔁Thanks @JasonHuebinger for hosting #pitdark today! My pitches tanked but it was still fun!
Megan Eccles @lilnightmusic🔁Persephone retelling.
A cursed pack of Tarot cards ignite Rae’s dark power.
Is she wicked, like her mother told her all along?
Joshua—a cult leader & sorcerer—believes she’s the Antichrist & he wants to end the world.
To stop him, she has to descend into the dark.

Megan Eccles @lilnightmusic🔁As the folk-tale goes, the Tsula killed 13 people in 1929. The story was bolstered by decades of first account witnesses, grainy photos, half-baked theories, that kind of shit.
Present: a deputy discovers his father-in-law—the police chief—hiding an investigation

S.R. Weaver @ToDiaspora🔁I wouldn't #pitdark if it really meant any genre that's dark. Including erotica.
Roxy Rahanian 👩🏻‍💻👩🏻‍🎨🦖 @knarowit🔁THE SCRIBE + HALFWAY TO THE GRAVE Set in post-Armageddon Detroit, with her new guardian angel Abby must take down a d twitter.com emon determined to own her & her psychic powers or give into him and let Hell finish off the rest of humanity.
Hawa Crickmore @hawaC🔁With a history of abuse, Summer never feels good enough until she joins the community at Ashlyn Hill. Skeptical to the core, she is shocked to realize she's once again under the thumb of a powerful manipulator, and so are her twin daughters.
Hannah Lee Jarvis @hleejarvis🔁Goodbye, #pitdark ! It was lovely reading all the pitches by fellow writers!

Y'all are pretty freakin' awesome.

Joe Lyon Layden @LyonLayden🔁On an island in Neolithic SE Asia, a woman struggles against dragons, headhunters, and the invading patriarchy. She m twitter.com ust become her people's leader to give her daughter a better life, or they'll both be eaten by her new husband.

4 slave boys become vamps & join crew of vamp slaves. Vamps/mythical creatures o twitter.com f Africa come to their aid—infiltrating the slave trade to flip balance of power b/w slaves & their masters

African folklore inspired

Brandon Nobles @MrBrandonNobles🔁Repeating:

"Ghosts" alternate title "The Slave"
Prior to the Civil War, a young slave murders his master and his twitter.com master's wife on a plantation in upstate South Carolina and flees north. Incorporates psychological/existential horror. In the style of a tragedy.

Matt Holland @gallaetha_matt🔁Solving murders is easy when you're part-ghost, but divorce work and blackmail are easier. And Adam James likes thing twitter.com s easy. He doesn't appreciate all these people dying on his watch, especially not when they start visiting him

Odin @OdinsMusings🔁And just before I turn in, if you did like my pitch, feel free to check out my two free short stories to get a feel for what I've been tweeting about. 😉
Lee Roberts @LeeORoberts67🔁 Blood Red Moon - Friday in New Orleans & 2 things you can count on: someone is going to have gumbo for dinner & some twitter.com one is going to die. Diana searches the dark side of New Orleans for a killer, world of narcocults, vampires, BDSM, voodoo, swamp people.
Jennifer Carstens @Jen_Carstens🔁On an alien world plagued by cursed meteors, a hunter with bio-luminescent hands vows to end an eldritch horror. But can she suffer one monster to live just to be sure that a worse one will die?
Gender-swapped VanHellsing with a dash of sci-fi.

KLK @iusedadarkpen🔁 Thank you for hosting this great day full of spooky projects! Thanks to all the agents and editors for taking a p twitter.com eek at the dark side.
DM Bellis @DMBellis🔁Ebba, a witch w/ Aspergers, must choose between protecting her world and the demon she’s in love with in a knife-edge dance of love and betrayal. Bardugo meets Pratchett.
Jason Huebinger @JasonHuebinger🔁 is now over. Thank you to all participating agents, editors, and authors! Claire loved reading all the amazing pit twitter.com ches.
M. E. Vaughan @M_E_Vaughan🔁After losing her magic in an accident, Kestrel walked away from her life as a wizard...But now the faeries have her f twitter.com amily, and Kes must work with a long-dead Knight to find a legendary sword and uncover the truth of the last days of Camelot.

Shara Godwinson @sharagodwinson🔁Spookaphobic, 12-year-old Derek, living in Jack & Formalda Hyde's Funeral Home & Body Parts Shop, hates nothing more than moonlit Halloweens. Except for moonless Halloweens. In a cemetery. Chased by headless ghosts.
Jessica Reino @JNRlitauthor🔁We're coming to the end of , but I haven't had as much time as I'd like to scroll through the feeds. We may look at some more tonight/tomorrow so keep an eye out for more hearts from me,
Aviva Gary @Aviva_Gary🔁Thank you to everybody who participated in and put on #pitdark 😀


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