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#Pirates Dwight Vander @DwightVader🔁 @DVERandy To Bob Nutting #Pirates
Browntigerdog @Browntigerdog🔁 Breaking: Neal Huntington picking up his return for Gerrit Cole. #Pirates
#Pirates The Angry Fan @theangryfan🔁My 8 year old nephew had his heart ripped out today. "Why Uncle Jay? Nutting sucks!" #Pirates
Alan S. Branchen @asbranchen🔁 The new Jolly Roger. #pirates #bucs #mccutchen #raiseit
Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal🔁#SFGiants have agreed to acquire Andrew McCutchen from the #Pirates, pending a review of medical records, sources tell The Athletic.
Ken Rosenthal @Ken_Rosenthal🔁Source: #Pirates sending #SFGiants $2.5M as part of McCutchen trade. McCutchen earning $14.5M in 2018.
Jay Reisinger @jayreisinger🔁In the past 2 days, the have shed $21.5m in salary. They will get a $50m payment from BAM next month. But they can twitter.com 't afford players.
Terry Lingle @tlingle60🔁The and officially announce Andrew McCutchen trade: The also receive $500,000 in international bonus pool money from Giants. The Pirates will pay part of McCutchen's $14.5 million salary.
Hop Crusher @wshallockjr🔁 🚨BREAKING: #SFGiants acquire former MVP Andrew McCutchen from the #Pirates!

Terry Lingle @tlingle60🔁The will pay Andrew McCutchen $12 million in 2018, while the will be paying the remaining $2.5 million of his $14.5 contract, per
Nicholas Matsook @sook88unit🔁In the past 2 days, the have shed $21.5m in salary. They will get a $50m payment from BAM next month. But they can't afford players.
Jason Rollinger @jmayroll🔁What can fans expect from newly-acquired OF Bryan Reynolds and RHP Kyle Crick? weighs in on the two prospects:
Aaron Larson @aarontlarson🔁 The Derek Jeter School of Baseball Management. #Pirates twitter.com
Terry Lingle @tlingle60🔁Statements from chairman Bob Nutting, president Frank Coonelly and GM Neal Huntington on today's Andrew McCutchen trade:
Straight 108 ⚾️ @Straight_108🔁 Source: #Pirates sending #SFGiants $2.5M as part of McCutchen trade. McCutchen earning $14.5M in 2018.
G-Lou @6GLou9🔁The pirates want to rebuild, start with upper management. I love the pirates. But these two trades show that manageme twitter.com nt doesn’t have a clue...
Daniel Sapata @dsapata🔁#MLB needs a salary cap! A salary cap that forces teams to spend a minimum of $130 million. My #Pirates are killing me. #BUCN
Jason Shetler @Jason_Shetler🔁Cutch had a down year in 2016 & #Pirates were given a strong offer from the Nats....In hindsight, they probably should've done it
Matthew Goda @mgoda35🔁Lesson of the proud rebuild:
You gotta finish the job.
Pirates stayed Bottom 7 in payroll thru the run.
Mallory Codita @malloryyy65🔁Mccutchen was the only player I knew on the #Pirates, so there goes that
Jerome Tria @DarkAsianRises🔁I told fans during the summer that they shouldn't go to PNC Park and they shouldn't watch on TV. This off season does nothing to change my mind. I'll watch when they give me something to watch. Peace, .
Robert Olson @RobbOlson3🔁 If that phone call comes in for season ticket renewal, and you agree to re-up your plan, YOU are the problem. #Pirates
pittsburghpirateguru @harvardplayer🔁Lies lies and more lies ,#Pirates @pswall61 twitter.com
Lara Platzer @ladyofperfume🔁 BRIAN VINER: Walk the plank, Johnny! Depp in #Pirates has buckled #JohnnyDepp dailym.ai via @DailyMailCeleb
Greg Jewett @gjewett9🔁Sources: signing LH closer Felipe Rivero to four-year contract with two club options. Guarantee believed to be about $22M, with each club option $10M. Deal will cover all four arb years and potentially two FA years. Not clear if an agency was involved in negotiations.
Dad Chad @madchad412🔁 Everybody continue to lay into the #Pirates. Believe me. They read all of your tweets. Let 'em have it.
Browntigerdog @Browntigerdog🔁Pittsburgh GM Neal Huntington: "When we get back to postseason caliber baseball, we would love for our fans to come back out."
pittsburghpirateguru @harvardplayer🔁Please don’t drink this Nutting kool-aid . It’s poisonous and can make you very very sick #Pirates twitter.com
Joe Yinzer @JYinzer🔁: "Willie, stop crying. Crying won't change anything. will fix its broken revenue system, and management will to st twitter.com op being so cheap - and then will win a again. Come to think of it, you should probably just keep crying."
PGH Mike @ThePGHMike🔁Opening Day #Pirates line-up

Not Cutch
Not Cutch
Not Cutch
Bell 1B
Not Cutch
Not Cutch
Not Cutch
Mercer SS
Not Cole


Brett Upchurch @BUP83🔁New organization. Same goal.

Good luck to former ' outfielder with the organization. 👊

Joetta Britvich @britvichj🔁#Pirates What a stupid move!
Iverson @pikehuey3🔁Claiming George Kontos on waivers from last summer might have been a bigger return.
Alex @ACHisoutthere🔁Fans are upset that the traded away Andrew McCutchen but at least they still have Gregory Polanco.
Patricia Hughes @rickpunky🔁Our asked Bob Nutting where the ​' reported $50 million is going from the MLB Advanced Media deal.


Terri Aloia @tla0101🔁Pittsburgh GM Neal Huntington: "When we get back to postseason caliber baseball, we would love for our fans to come back out."

Pirates fans:

Lynda Moore @mamawlynda🔁BOYCOTT and PNC Park. Since Nutting doesn’t care, why should the fans keep lining his pockets. Sell the team now, you clown. If you attend a game, then don’t complain about how shitty the organization is run.
Gary Goldsmith @garygoldsmith65🔁Our Managing Director recently met with some and ended up being inspired. Follow the link to read 'Yo ho! A Pirate's (RDLC) life for me!'
Vince Guerrieri @vinceguerrieri🔁This calls to mind Branch Rickey’s words to Ralph Kiner: “We finished last with you. We can finish last without you.” twitter.com
Max Levenson @MaxMaxclev🔁 have agreement to acquire Andrew McCutchen from , source confirms report. Deal is pending exchange of medical information.
Joey Wagner @TheTruthSwagner🔁A sad day for ... has been traded to the . Best wishes in San Francisco !


Randall Joseph❄️ @Randa11_J053ph🔁When you think of ‘’The Pittsburgh Pirates’’ you automatically think of Andrew mccutchen, it’s crazy! Who’s gonna be twitter.com the face of them now? He won’t look right in a giants uniform? Who will you picture when you think of the pirates in this generation?
Jarred Treshok @JTreshok🔁And this is why I won’t be attending anymore #Pirates games until further notice. twitter.com
🇨🇿Pasta #88 🇺🇸 @MrChali🔁The Cole and McCutcheon trades are bad baseball trades. The did not get enough in return for these assets. The owne twitter.com r and GM are incompetents. The fan base deserves better. To hell with Bob Nutting.
Astros Baw @ASTROSBAW🔁With the trading Colin Moran and Jason Martin to the , here's where RHP Jairo Solis and OF Ronnie Dawson enter the Top 30 list:
CK @Falconer8771🔁The #Pirates front office needs to meet Braun Strowman #WWE
TheBaseballGuy1 @TheBaseballGuy1🔁What Huntington meant to say: "We knew we didn't have the roster to potentially win the World Series, so trading our twitter.com star players technically doesn't diminish that potential. I just got a 4-yr extension so I can do whatever I want..."
Jacob Little @Jacob_Little1🔁 have agreed to acquire Andrew McCutchen from the , pending a review of medical records, sources tell The Athletic.
Crockett @ironcitybrave🔁Signs of spring! #Pirates Baseball! twitter.com
🏀Faithful Jibanyan🌉 @HaughtyMoose🔁 #SFGiants have agreed to acquire Andrew McCutchen from the #Pirates, pending a review of medical records
Dustin McGrew @dmcgrew“How do we make sure we’re building a sustainable winner?”

MAYBE STA🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/953103198298001410" target="_blank">twitter.com E JUST TO SAVE CASH, YOU IMBECILE 🙄

Josh Rowntree @JRown32🔁Andrew McCutchen had a lot of memorable moments in Pittsburgh. But this is THE moment that I’ll remember the rest of twitter.com my life.
Christopher Battle @Battlesaxe🔁After being acquired in the Andrew McCutchen trade, Bryan Reynolds and Kyle Crick enter the Top 30 Prospects list:
Hallie McGrew @Mc_hallieN🔁Steelers: "wow we really let down our city this week."

Pirates: "Hold my beer"
#Pirates #Pittsburgh

Caroline Carlson @carolinetc🔁I'm not a baseball person, I can hardly stay awake through 9 innings, I go to the ballpark for the view and the piero twitter.com gi races, and even I am really sad about this awful trade.
Spencer Mr-Vbal Kale @Pittsburgh9655🔁 Late night #Pirates Twitter poll:

Do you trust Neal Huntington to rebuild the Pirates?

Jarrett Jennings @ByJarrettJ🔁Breaking News:

Star OF Andrew "Cutch" McCutchen has been traded to the .

McCutchen was the NL MVP in 2013, a Gold Glove recipient in 2012, a 4x Silver Slugger from 2012-2015, and a 5x All-Star from 2011-2015.

Full details of the trade are not public yet.

Frohme D. Porche @FrohmeD🔁Frohme D. Porche: Diversity in Baseball frohmedporche.blogspot.com #AndrewMcCutchen #NL #MVP #Giants #Pirates
Rob H. @rob3142🔁Wonder who will replace @TheCUTCH22 in the #pirates outfield this upcoming season
Greg Lamatrice @greglamatrice🔁It’s extremely likely that the 2018 payroll will be less than the money they make from BAM and revenue sharing ALONE!!! That doesn’t include local TV or any box office receipts! They could have every fan protest and skip the games and still profit! Ouch!
JR Boulding @JrBoulding🔁' attendance low in PNC Park era is 19,480, in 2009. They haven't drawn below 19K since 1996, when they pulled in 16,652 per date at Three Rivers Stadium.
Snarky McSnarkerson @Snarkmeisters🔁. and sound off on the trade.


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