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#PinstripePride#PinstripePride Lamberto Arroyo V @LambertoArroyo🔁 LET'S GO YANKEES!!!! #MLBxFOX
#PinstripePride#PinstripePride#PinstripePride#PinstripePride Delia @deefraiettaa🔁 The Stadium is ROCKING. #PinstripePride
#PinstripePride тяєνσя @SuhPlexCity🔁Yanks lost last night and I’m still here like. #PinstripePride
#PinstripePride тяєνσя @SuhPlexCity🔁@SportsFYI @WrestlingSheet Yanks lost last night and I’m still here like lol. #PinstripePride
#PinstripePride LUIS #by:crakkone @GarfyRsr🔁 GO YANKEES! #PinstripePride
#PinstripePride JarJar456 @jackie_russo🔁 Rally pup getting ready for Game 6. #PinstripePride

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New York Yankees @Yankees🔁Let's get the bats going! Toddfather's up first in the 8th.

Fight til the end. #PinstripePride

#PinstripePride New York Yankees @Yankees🔁Lead us to the promise land, CC! 💪


New York Yankees @Yankees🔁THANK YOU Yankees fans for making this season so memorable. You supported us through ups and downs and we appreciate twitter.com you!
Camy Groff @camygroff🔁#Yankees family: you’ll be in my heart and we will return with #PinstripePride:
✭MariaV✭CW @MsRiaBerry🔁@rebel_t13 Yeah yeah yeah, won't mean anything if y'all loose to Dodgers......#PinstripePride
Dominick Cobin @Dominick079🔁I knew that was overblown. Even though it was tough to lose a game 7. Be proud of what the accomplished this year! twitter.com
Meghana Magi @Magi9Magi🔁 @RVertorano No we got along way to go yet #ALDS #PinstripePride
Yankees Pride @YankeesPrideNY🔁 📊 Will Joe Girardi return for next season? #PinstripePride
Left Hook Larry 👊🏽 @Ramon_Diaz13🔁2018 World Series Champions #PinstripePride 🔵⚪️⚾️? twitter.com ?
Duc @Rouk_Ink🔁 Hope you'r still in the business next season ! Hope I can be back to NY for a game next season ! Pic April 2017 twitter.com
ishan @ishan89🔁#TheWalkingDead
Tony Podesta
Jose Rivera @StateFarmJavi🔁Thank you for the amazing season. #PinstripePride twitter.com
Will @WLopez_5🔁Gonna rock my Yankee hat tomorrow even though they played like shit Friday and Saturday, fuck a hater!!
Canary @canarytrends🔁 @Yankees This season was so great. Proud of my team #PinstripePride #canarytrends2017
Tom Hayes @Purplehayes57🔁If at least 46 people reply in the next 4-6 minutes we’re going to drop this Andy Pettitte signed photo from $250 to $99!
Dianna @DiannaNYY🔁 Still heartbroken. Most of the day in bed. Can’t come to terms. I miss our boys. 😔❤️⚾️ twitter.com
Jake VanTress @jakevt42🔁What a season 👎💯 #PinstripePrid twitter.com e
Jackie Stevens @jacs104🔁 @Yankees This season was so great. Proud of my team #PinstripePride
Brian @belcher_brian🔁NY Yankees: Favorite 2017 Yankees Moments
BXBomber27 (91-71) @sttouponse🔁NY Yankees: @dfiregirl4 Favorite 2017 Yankees Moments #FutureIsBright #AmazingRun #NYY #Yankees #PinstripePride bronxpinstripes.com
Peter(Oil 2-5-0) @sesbpatrick🔁 @Yankees Sign a petition to get Joe buck off the mic please and thank you 👎👎👎👎 #PinstripePride
alexandra alvarez @aleeee_alvarez🔁 Bittersweet. Astros deserve it. Kick LA's ass and we'll be back next year. #PinstripePride
Gonzo™🇵🇷 @gonzalezjay40🔁Rebuilding year? Yeah no I don’t think so! We’ll be back #PinstripePride 👎? twitter.com ?
⚾️ New York ⚾️ @Ralfy_2🔁It only gets better from here... #PinstripePride
Brian Saa @briansaa🔁Thank you for an amazing season. So much to be proud of. Looking forward to our bright future! twitter.com
Eric York Sr. @ECYork1🔁Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this @Yankees team is as young as those guys from '95, and we know how they turned out #PinstripePride
Alex Barwin @alexbarwin14🔁Due to recent events i am a temporary Dodgers fan #PinstripePride
Chris Gutierrez @ChrisGtz13🔁This is beautiful 😍 I love my team! ❤️ I pray I get to play for them in the future! Let’s grind to make it happen! twitter.com 👎🏻🤑
BXBomber27 (91-71) @sttouponse🔁NY Yankees: 10 Best Moments Of An Amazing Memorable 2017 Season #FutureIsBright #AmazingYear #NYY #PinstripePride nydailynews.com
Andrew @AndrewwM_🔁4 out of 6 home postseason games attended this year. Nothing like playoff baseball & can't wait to attend more in the twitter.com future

1987-88 / 05 Team



1908-1915 Team


Audible Sports @AudibleSports🔁The top plays from the ALCS and NLCS coming up next on #TheRally!
#FlyTheW stadium.twitter.com
Tyler @itzPredzHD🔁It sucks to be a @Yankees and @okcthunder fan ATM. Can't seem to avoid being fucked by officials. Oh well, #ThunderUp #PinstripePride
TERRY JACKSON @PISTONGAL🔁 That was one hell of a ride, Yankees.

The future looks brighter than ever.


Brandon Smith @Simply_BS13🔁This is the most fun team I ever cheered for with the personality and the resilience they had was such a treat to wit twitter.com ness! The Bird HR gives me so much chills!
ᏩᎡξᏩ NY⚾️ @ReallyGregNY🔁@Betterduck @BronxPinstripes I was trolled by the thumbs down, maybe I overreacted.. #PinstripePride 👎


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