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Pied Piper Follow News @follownews_com🔁The Pied Piper Of R&B: R.Kelly Has Allegedly Been Keeping Women Captive In Cult #NoamGalai
Khari's Uncle Dre @DreSpencer84🔁R Kelly out here on his Pied Piper for real
💥 @xmiaa_x🔁 R KELLY-"it's the Pied Piper of R&B y'all back with another one"

Us- "step step "

Numbskull @Numbskull430🔁@chrstvphr Outside the pied piper's compound
Pied Piper Sports & Politics @1PoliticalSport🔁 I understand how R. Kelly, Kells, n Pied Piper are trending....but how 'Ignition' make the list? 😂😂😂
Doughboy 💰💰💰 @doughboybeatz🔁So R.kelly ain't call himself the pied piper and wear that mask for entertainment...fam i'm out
Michael Arceneaux @youngsinick🔁Has this uncle spent millions paying off accusers in civil suits over decades? Does this uncle call himself Pied Pipe r of all things?
Jimmy Dore @jimmy_dore🔁thought it was cuz DNC cheated Bernie, Media went along via Pied Piper & 5B free media,plus Electoral College,but ur theory sounds complete
lostcreativity @lstcrtvty🔁R. Kelly calls himself the pied piper of r&b. The pied piper was a fictional character that lured children away from their homes w/ music. 😐
👑 Triple H. 👑 @KingOfKingsPimp🔁You can call me the Pied Piper of Las Vegas, baby. I own the turntables.

* Shipping possible
* Opinionated

Aokiji @DukeOfZamunda🔁kljasdf and the pied piper is literally a story about luring 130 children away from their families with the power of music
Brown Suga @SimplyyKaTie🔁I mean he called himself the pied piper, a man who used music to lure kids away from their parents.
tsolv @turingsolved🔁@GlobalProTrader Led by the pied piper himself - Jim Cramer
clayton williams @Clayfighter1🔁How can anyone be surprised that #rkelly has a young girl sex cult? He calls himself "The Pied Piper of R&B".
FatherStretchMyBands @Only_Colletta🔁The next person to justify The Pied Piper of Molestation actions, I'm going outside and throwing a brick in your direction
YAWORSTNIGHTMARE @soularrays🔁 never understood why R.Kelly called himself the pied piper of r&b.. that shit extra sick
Kevin Davies @KevinADavies🔁 I recommend @KevinADavies book review of @luketimmerman 's biography of Lee Hood
TJ @TraMurr🔁People acting surprised R.Kelly did what he always does! The man calls himself "The Pied Piper" look up the real pied piper & get back to me
Buwop 💵 @Thugmasterflexx🔁never understood why R.Kelly called himself the pied piper of r&b.. that shit extra sick
♡Posh Queen♡ @ZtotheOandE🔁 Where were R. Kelly's PR people when he decided to go by the "Pied Piper of R&B"?
indigo @BeenRAH🔁Just looked up "pied piper" smh there's no denying he's conscious and self aware
White Hare 🐇 @TylerGuillory🔁Well he's calls himself the pied piper so...
☭St Stephan Le Grand @Saint_Stephan🔁 @YoungNino215_ Why did he refer to himself as the "pied piper" ? 🤔
ISSA SHLONG @Obigashlong🔁 @MellyBaggYo_ Calls himself the Pied Piper of R&B 😂😂
Milly! @ChiChi_Lynn🔁 He was emulating the pied piper from the fairytales who kidnapped children, down to the mask
Chris Pereira @ChrisPereira🔁The Pied Piper of R&B is outchea doing WHAT?
5HOWCASE 😈 @ThirstTrvpDodge🔁 R.Kelly wild as hell. This nigga really is the "Pied Piper" SMDH.
KingNamedCole @KingNamedCole🔁 Pied Piper Of Pee-Pee R. Kelly Allegedly Holding Young Women In A Cult via @HipHopWired
Deepak Chocha @MMAmy120🔁When faced with the pedophile and child porn charges...Rkelly responded by calling himself "The Pied Piper of R&B" no defending that
Reality Deviant(s) @RealityDV4News🔁 How could anyone leave their daughter in the same room with a man who calls himself "pied piper"?...👀....ill wait
bougierudy @queen_rudy🔁 Still Pied Piping: R. Kelly Exposed For Luring Ladies Into Sunken Sex Cult With Mind Control
Houston Women March @WomensMarchHOU🔁Good time to resurface profile on R. Kelly from last year. Very well-written and extensive interview.
SpivDPromo @SpivDPromo🔁#SDPNews Pied Piper Of Pee-Pee R. Kelly Allegedly Holding Young Women In A Cult
Ikora Bae @haulypop🔁 the Pied Piper of R&B is a name the media would give you after a scandal broke. the man CHOSE it himself
Anne Boleyn @Aacquiredtaste🔁You know what I always found really disturbing about R Kelly? Calling himself the Pied Piper while being accused of raping underaged girls
QueenD @dermzz🔁Just learned the real meaning of "pied piper"...Wow R. Kelly is really sick 😮
Adina☯🇬🇾 @MusicJunkie89🔁Why would you ever leave your kid w/ R. Kelly? He calls himself the pied piper... like he's telling you that he's gonna kidnap your kids
🎀Lena Bee 🐝🦄 @Mitera1081🔁OMG 😲 The Pied Piper is a known attractor of "children" eek!!


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