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Philip Roth Coles Jackson Square @ColesJacksonSq🔁Remember author Philip Roth with some of his great literary works: #HamOnt
Philip Roth Hansel Castro @Jeanv999🔁Enter Ghost : Philip Roth – “The Ghost Writer” (Zuckerman #1)
Philip Roth Claudia @Claudia_Stgt🔁 Our writers remember Philip Roth:
Philip Roth The Times of Israel @TimesofIsrael🔁The story behind Philip Roth’s final days
The Paris Review @parisreview🔁As a tribute to Philip Roth, we’ve posted a bonus episode of our podcast. “Time Has Stood Still” features a recording of Roth’s speech at our 2010 Spring Revel, when we presented him with our lifetime-achievement award. Hear the full thing here:
Tim Kaine @timkaine🔁With the sad news about Philip Roth’s passing, I suggest reading American Pastoral, The Human Stain, The Plot Against America, Nemesis. Beautiful, expansive, complex books about who we are.
Jeremy McLellan @JeremyMcLellan🔁RIP Philip Roth, founder of the Roth-IRA, a white collar resistance movement operating out of Northern Ireland. You will be missed.
Kenneth Baer @KennethBaer🔁The Democratic Party needs to develop a narrative about the world. Where it’s going. Why. And how we can make it work for everyone. Without that, Trump wins.
Susannah Butter @susannahbutter🔁Notebook column on my name (don't wear it out), why Phoebe Waller-Bridge just might get me to overcome my anti-Star W ars stance, Philip Roth's lane swimming and why the Labour festival went wrong, as overheard on the Tube:
Randy Schwartz @randyschwart🔁"You can’t beat Trump at his own fantasy game. As Daniel Boorstin understood back in 1962, you can’t refute an image with a fact. Every pseudo-event 'becomes all the more interesting with our every effort to debunk it.'”
Gal Beckerman @galbeckerman🔁More Roth! I asked 20 major writers to name their favorite of his books, and the choices are as revealing of Roth as they are of the writers themselves.

Gabi Björnstrand @GabiBjornstrand🔁“Literature isn’t a moral beauty contest,” he once said.
Elsworth Amasa @wfrolik🔁What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Could Fill a Book
Robert Gammon @RGammonNovelist🔁‘Savagely funny and bitingly honest’ – 14 writers on their favourite Philip Roth novels
The Federalist @FDRLST🔁Of all the Great White Male Novelists who wrote novels about being great and white and male in the late twentieth cen tury, Philip Roth was the greatest and whitest and malest.
Graeme Swanson @swansonian🔁Found a nice independent bookshop though and bought my first Philip Roth. Portnoy's Complaint. Very pround I remember ed it's name and didn't have to ask for "the wanking one."
Regina Dardis @ginadardis🔁The danger of Donald Trump's fantasy world is not when it ultimately self-destructs, notes , but when it seizes total control over our attention.
Dan Burke @DallDonal🔁 Honored to be asked to contribute to this - 14 writers on their favourite Philip Roth novels
Surreal Normerican @NormanAmerican🔁@WHarkavy What does Weinstein hope to gain by bringing a Philip Roth novel to court?
Kate Carruthers @kcarruthers🔁What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Could Fill a Book: What endures, sadly, is Roth’s lack of imagination, the unempathetic & incurious caricaturing of others that he turned into a virtue — & which now defines much of American public life.
Brian Egan @_00_l_00_🔁American novelist Philip Roth dies at 85
Sayantan Ghosh @sayantansunnyg🔁 asked me to write a tribute to , arguably one of the greatest American novelists of the 20th century. Here it is.
Theo Yedinsky @tyedinsky🔁The Democratic Party needs to develop a narrative about the world. Where it’s going. Why. And how we can make it work for everyone. Without that, Trump wins.
Robert Bagg @Horseprof🔁 I'd like to send you a brief note about Philip Roth and Millburn h.s.,
which I attended. I'm an Amherst grad who att ended Harvard grad school before
transferring to UConn, not wanting to spend 8 years getting a Ph.D.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Yen Chow @ScubadooX🔁"Trump’s fantasies regularly collide with reality, and so far reality has a perfect winning percentage. That’s what h appened with North Korea on Thursday. I sympathized with Trump’s efforts to give...
Allen Kranawetter @AllenKranawett1🔁 The Anti-Respectibility Politics of Philip Roth - The American Conservative
CANDACE BUSHNELL @CandaceBushnell🔁Brilliant piece. Nails that nagging question women always have about Roth. He's like so many men: He's curious only a bout himself. What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Could Fill a Book
Rachel Roberts 🔥 @rachelhinda🔁 Novelist Dara Horn on Roth's failure to imagine the thoughts and feelings of real women.
Ray E. Boomhower @RayBoomhower🔁"You really don’t want your best friend to be your biographer."
The story behind Philip Roth’s final days via
Richard @rwpickard🔁(Those last two RT's: stray articles in my timeline this a.m. that help make sense of my consistently failing ever e ven to WANT to read Philip Roth, let alone to make sense of him.)
James Brock @The_Brockhaus🔁A Letter from Philip Roth: Shrimp and rice, and belief. @Lindenberger @nancyjosales
Lucky Bird Media @LuckyBirdMedia🔁hey Philly is back stateside in 5 days and playing for you first at and knows whats up - are on this sweet lil bi ll too so it's really not to be missed
Josephine Levy @threescoreandte🔁 do you think that you are just a wee bit obsessed with the name "Harvey Weinstein"? As you were with "Mark Zuckerbe rg" and yesterday with "Philip Roth"? Oh, and "George Soros" and "Philip Green" whenever convenient.
Jan Sparks @ohmohmpeace_jan🔁 Every pseudo-event “becomes all the more interesting with our every effort to debunk it.”
DeinAyurvedaNet2 @Net2Ayurveda🔁 The story behind Philip Roth’s final days via @timesofisrael
Politics Newz @PolticsNewz🔁The Anti-Respectibility Politics of Philip Roth - The American Conservative
The Haarlem FilmFest @Eharlemfilm🔁“You know, I needed my life as a springboard for my fiction. I have to have something solid under my feet when I write. I'm not a fantasist. I bounce up and down on the diving board and I go into the water of fiction. But I've got to begin in life.” — Philip Roth
TRAMP @LT38🔁 Philip Roth dies at 85; novelist both probed and skewered Jewish American culture
TRAMP @LT38🔁“Will there ever be another writer like Philip Roth? A writer with such intellectual heft, emotional acuity, and artistic bravery? Probably. But today it doesn’t feel so. Today the loss feels immeasurable and ours.”
N.V. Mara Czarnecki @Nickidewbear🔁Retweeted Eric Cortellessa ():

The story behind Philip Roth’s final days via" target="_blank">

Richard Koman @komanyoga🔁Opinion | Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World
M A K @MAK7591🔁 Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World
John G. H. Oakes @johnghoakes🔁oh, hooray for 's brave takedown of an overrated, reactionary public icon What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Co uld Fill a Book
Matt Millea @mattmilleaaz🔁Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World, via . It is time to start focusing on where we are going, not what the Preside nt is doing.
Atlanta Writers Club @atlwritersclub🔁‘Everybody else is working to change, persuade, tempt and control them. The best readers come to fiction to be free of all that noise.’

Philip Roth, 1933 - 2018

Michael Noll @Readwritestory🔁“What are they ... these Jewish women from New Jersey? It would help to start that question with the word ‘who’ instead of ‘what.’” Dara Horn perfect on Roth:
Stanley Gontarski @sgontarski🔁"I can still remember being introduced to his work as a college student, and sitting up on winter nights to read The Ghost Writer and the other Zuckerman novels. It was what I did in lieu of starting my essay assignments."
Kimberly McAllister @KimberlyMcAll12🔁Another clear-eyed column from Brooks.
Koippari @Koippari61🔁 This text says it all: Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World
Charles Oberkehr @Choberkehr🔁Excellent piece... Reconnect with what matters, and disconnect with the daily manipulations that don’t. Reclaim wha t is truly yours.
Klauss mann @Klauss_mann🔁Today and tomorrow we remember novelist and listen back to several of the interviews Terry Gross recorded with him over the years. He died Tuesday at age 85.
Jeff Ross @jeffrossbooks🔁“What am I supposed to do, look at a whale all day?” Philip Roth
Donna Renee Moody @donnareneemoody🔁Will There Ever Be Another Writer Like Philip Roth?
(((חתול))) @3parenthesescat🔁It has arrived.
I am glad Philip Roth got a glimpse of the reality he wrote about as fiction.
Ellen Burden Parker @librarianelle🔁A Philip Roth Reader via @rightrelevance thanks @(null)
Hayatı Yaşamak @Perendimilarget🔁Man Booker International, Philip Roth, the Nebula Awards, MFA advice from a poet, Nabokovian vocab, and more on this week's Lit Links.

TJ Williams @parapup3🔁This week's tribute honors life + service of Vet + American literary giant, the writer Philip Roth, who died this week. He was 85. Roth, who won the National Book Award, a Pulitzer, three PEN/Faulkner awards, among others, served in the 50s:
Hayatı Yaşamak @Perendimilarget🔁I spent much of last year reading Philip Roth’s novels (for the first time) with three friends. It was a head spinning and vastly enriching experience. For Roth fans and lovers of the novel as an art form, this interview by the wonderful is a must.
TRAMP @LT38🔁Philip Roth’s Newark, the Hometown He Never Really Left
TRAMP @LT38🔁 Further Reading: A Philip Roth Reader
Alasdair McKillop @AGMcKillop🔁And Mr Wood.
Alasdair McKillop @AGMcKillop🔁Some of the biggest guns are coming out for Roth. Mr Wolcott.
Mosaic @mosaicmag🔁Philip Roth reviewed by one of the first editors to ever publish his fiction.
TRAMP @LT38🔁 A handy guide to the work of Philip Roth
ilyse @ilyses🔁What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Could Fill a Book via @NYTimes
Cindy @gemswinc🔁Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World
Irene @IreneOust🔁 The Twittersphere sits shiva for Philip Roth
Luís Miscow @luismiscow🔁“Anyway, he showed me the way to age: read your way up the mountain” Louise Erdrich, sobre Philip Roth
@Peralandra @ColinDexter7🔁Donald Trump’s Magical Fantasy World, via @nytimes
Niels Sally @nielssally🔁Nancy Westman, Philip Roth's Swedish translator, told today that when Bob Dylan won the Nobel Prize in 2016, Roth told her, "Have you heard? I was made a member of the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame."
Chris Stonehouse @chrisasabutton🔁On Donald Trump:
"He's a humanly impoverished con-man destitute of all decency and wielding a vocabulary of 77 words that is better called Jerkish than English.”
RIP Philip Roth, great writer, excellent judge of character

Me. I Am Cody @cody_s_smith🔁Philip Roth's death is really making me come to terms with Alice Munro's mortality!! (Don't @ me, I've only read Goodbye, Columbus)
James Le Gros @JamesLe_Gros🔁The two faces of Philip Roth
Eric Cortellessa @EricCortellessa🔁The story behind Philip Roth’s final days via @timesofisrael
Eve Adams, Certified Madwoman @HackerHuntress🔁bingo | What Philip Roth Didn’t Know About Women Could Fill a Book
Lynn Melnick @LynnMelnick🔁"Philip Roth is celebrated for ... widening the literary canon to include American Jews. It is hardly news to point o ut that he accomplished this feat at the expense of Jewish women."

brandeis.hbi @brandeis_hbi🔁"Roth was deeply engaged by the Jewish experience, and he wrote about it over and over again, but each time in a diff erent way and with a different focus." - HBI's Sylvia Barack Fishman on Phillip Roth 'The Shakespeare of our American age' in BrandeisNOW


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