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Phantom Thread Slim @gothtaina🔁 Phantom Thread (2017), dir. Paul Thomas Anderson
Phantom ThreadPhantom ThreadPhantom ThreadPhantom Thread ⭐️ brayden ⭐️ @indecenthots🔁 Phantom Thread (2017)
(dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
Phantom Thread kelly 👌🏻💜 @kellyroseisfab🔁 The #Oscar for Best Costume Design goes to “Phantom Thread.” #Oscars
Phantom Thread general chris organa @rissahmed🔁 the applause for phantom thread was so damn weak
Phantom ThreadPhantom Thread Romen @romen98🔁 daniel day-lewis and vicky krieps photographed for phantom thread (2017)
Phantom Thread Fabulous Stains VEVO @travelswbrindle🔁 PHANTOM THREAD (2017)
Phantom ThreadPhantom Thread Emma @beyarianag🔁 PHANTOM THREAD WON COSTUME DESIGN WE LOVE JUSTICE
Phantom ThreadPhantom ThreadPhantom ThreadPhantom Thread ы @belovedarcy🔁 academy award winner for best costume design, phantom thread.
Phantom Thread Zai @zaigcr🔁 Phantom Thread, 2017 (Dir. Paul Thomas Anderson)
Phantom Thread Phantom Thread @Phantom_Thread🔁WINNER: #PhantomThread's Mark Bridges for Best Costume Design at the #Oscars
Barry Jenkins @BarryJenkins🔁PHANTOM THREAD is ravishing. Just... RAVISHING
Fandango @Fandango🔁 won totals:
The Shape of Water - 4
Dunkirk - 3
Blade Runner 2049 - 2
Coco - 2
Darkest Hour - 2
Three Billboards Outs ide Ebbing, Missouri - 2
Call Me by Your Name - 1
Get Out - 1
I, Tonya - 1
Phantom Thread - 1
Kenji Fujishima @kenjfuj🔁@TyleKurner I feel somewhat similarly about Jonny Greenwood not winning for his PHANTOM THREAD score last night.
Dan McDaid @danmcdaid🔁@nearit Oh come on... “Father’s Gardens”? That’s a spot on poe-faced film title. I haven’t seen Phantom Thread.
Chuck Jindra @chuckjindra🔁‘Phantom Thread’ Wins Academy Award For Best Film You Liked But Probably Wouldn’t See Again
Cheddars @talkingburrito🔁Final scorecard:
Shape of Water – 4
Dunkirk – 3
Darkest Hour – 2
Three Billboards – 2
Coco – 2
Blade Runner 2049 – 2
Get Out – 1
Call Me By Your Name – 1
Phantom Thread – 1
I, Tonya – 1
Jackson Fulcher @jackson_fulcher🔁No disrespect to Alexandre, but I’m baffled as to how Jonny Greenwood didn’t win best original score for Phantom Thread. This song alone, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written... please listen: , i ❤️ u
B. @mattiuche🔁the 5 best films last year were the florida project, phantom thread, get out, good time, and lady bird. they got litt le to no love last night because of course they didn't. the oscars' finger always falls just shy of the pulse
rapscallia @rapscallia🔁 Phantom Thread wasn't as good as its sequel, Attack of the Clothes
kind of a big data @kindofabigdata🔁 in the 90s Phantom Thread sweeps and fish movie is ignored as roundly as Edward Scissorhands was
Mario San Emeterio @msanemeterio🔁Because there aren't enough prizes that can change the opinion about something that you like, I'll continue to deligh t listening to once again the wonderful soundtrack of Jonny Greenwood for "Phantom Thread".
"House of Woodcock" vía
Preston Ford @weatherpyro🔁It's the "Darkest Hour" of a Seattle winter night, but Tuesday/Wednesday will be great to "Get Out" and see "The Shape of Water" around Puget Sound. Yes, it's "The Post" by NWS Seattle on Twitter you didn't expect, but this tweet won't become "Phantom Thread".
Vanessa @ness_ryan🔁I can't believe Phantom Thread and Lady Bird tied for Best Picture that was a truly amazing outcome thank you 2018 #Oscars
Timothy Hurley @tmjhurley🔁@dannyodwyer Phantom Thread was a lot better.
Sarah Greenan @Sarah_Zenith🔁@RuffianOnParade What about The Phantom Thread?!
Rahul @babloo328🔁Look, GET OUT or PHANTOM THREAD should have won. But the idea that SHAPE OF WATER is about "fish sex" makes me feel like either you guys have never been lonely or that you did not actually see the movie.
agathe @kusori_🔁Phantom Show This Thread #TwitteriseUnFilm
rachel r. miller @girlgutters🔁the signs as the 2018 best picture noms.
Aquarius: Phantom Thread
Pisces: Shape of Water
Taurus: Three Billboards
G emini: Dunkirk
Leo: Call Me By Your Name
Virgo: Lady Bird
Libra: Darkest Hour
Sagittarius: The Post
Capricorn: Get Out
Jacob Bricca @JacobBricca🔁Best Editing Oscar is a confusing category. Usually nominees are films with complex visual sequences requiring lots o f carefully timed choices, but a film like Phantom Thread requires just as much skill to sculpt performances, build carefully constructed rhythms, etc.
Theta @Thetaelizabeth🔁please stop saying that there are films this year that are better than phantom thread
Luis A. Mendez @AuthorLMendez🔁"Lady Bird" was torture, "Phantom Thread" was well acted and performed but just weird. Rest were actually very good a nd folks should give them a look. I agree the Oscars can be out of touch but these are good flicks they award
Tory Libertarian @ToryLibertarian🔁Jonny Greenwood got robbed. As did Phantom Thread in general.
Technical Rathi @Prashant7988🔁 , "Phantom Thread" all are you
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In this book also has told different B/W
Father Hiroshima Twinkie @thehellofitall🔁that video of the mashable reporter entirely missing the point of phantom thread in the most ironic way possible is t he cringiest thing i've seen in a while
M. @MadMaye8🔁Mini watchlist:
-call me by your name
-Phantom Thread
-Lady Bird
-Three billboards...
-The post
-Darkest Hour
Will Gore @WillGore🔁'We are the Phantom Thread Preservation Society'
Alvina R. Djoened @vindjoen🔁 won totals:
The Shape of Water - 4
Dunkirk - 3
Blade Runner 2049 - 2
Coco - 2
Darkest Hour - 2
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - 2
Call Me by Your Name - 1
Get Out - 1
I, Tonya - 1
Phantom Thread - 1
Lisa Gonzalez @pelucachick46🔁"What makes a great story?...Great writing is key. When I read a great script, it makes me come alive. I like telling stories." - .
vanessa @thomasshelbys🔁 I firmly believe that the Phantom Thread costume designer wanted that fucking jet ski
sof @spaceradars🔁in honor of the Oscars tonight here’s Daniel Day-Lewis with his 3 Oscars
(for My Left Foot, There Will Be Blood and Lincoln) he’s the only actor in history to win 3 times for Lead Actor and he’s nominated again for the 6th time for his last performance in Phantom Thread.
barry p the based god @BarryPierce🔁@PaulUebler Darkest Hour but I adored Phantom Thread
Emily @birdemily_🔁And that someone is Mark Bridges, who won best costume design for Phantom Thread (and this delightful green jetski).. he had the shortest acceptance speech of the night
Renascent Grizzly @goodlimediner🔁Oscar buzz flicks I still haven’t seen and the order I want to see them in: 1. Get Out. 2. The Shape of Water. 3. Pha ntom Thread. 4. Three Billboards
Andrew Parker @DesecrateSyntax🔁This happened. That is all.

"Phantom Thread" costume designer wins $17,999 jet ski for shortest Oscars speech via

Laura Arnett @lauraalice10🔁Sure, I wasn't a fan of Phantom Thread, but the costume designer now has an Oscar AND a jet ski so who's the real winner here?
Iko Katon @Jalusatwiko🔁Dari yg masuk nominasi Best Picture favorit gue berdasarkan peringkat:
1. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri 2. Dunkirk
3. Get Out
4. The Shape of Water
5. Lady Bird
6. Call Me By Your Name

The Post, Darkest Hour & Phantom Thread belom nonton, jadi no comment

Matthew Carroll @MatthewCarro1l🔁Dunkirk
Phantom Thread
Blade Runner 2049
A Ghost Story

These should have been your only best picture nominees this year.

Sean Smith 🇨🇱 @seansmith737🔁 Phantom Thread had an amazing, lush score. Easily the best.
Kim TaeNesli💜 @KimTaenesli🔁 Starting A Phantom Thread Thread On @reddit RN #Oscars
Kim TaeNesli💜 @KimTaenesli🔁 SPOILER ALERT: The Phantom Thread is Senator Palpatine #Oscars
Up First @UpFirst🔁Sound mixing: Mark Weingarten, Gregg Landaker and Gary A. Rizzo ("Dunkirk")

Sound editing: Richard King and Alex Gib son ("Dunkirk")

Costume design: Mark Bridges ("Phantom Thread")

Cinematography: Roger Deakins ("Blade Runner 2049")

Stuart Kenny @StuartKenny33🔁 Did you see this? I swear Bullseye's producers took over the last night!! It's a wonder they didn't give away a car avan or an Austin Metro or a holiday to Yugoslavia. Pity Jim and Tony didn't show up with Bully's Prize Board! 😜

Madeline Sneed @madelinesneed🔁Everyone is allowed to be pissed about Lady Bird and Phantom Thread, etc. not winning big last night, but I am still ENRAGED that The Big Short won best adapted screenplay over perfect adaptation of CAROL in 2016

Ok I’m done with Oscar tweets

laurel.txt @laurelsanders🔁 PHANTOM THREAD WINS JET SKI
handson grandson @PaulUebler🔁@BarryPierce they r both good honestly the only bad oscar movies this yet in my opinion were darkest hour and phantom thread
TopTrendThai @TopTrendThai🔁2018-03-05 20:30:02
6. #MasterChefThailand
7. Guillermo del Toro
8. Gary Oldman
9. Phantom Thread
10. Frances McDormand
Mike D @The_Other_MikeD🔁@jourdayen @PFTompkins It's one of those hot Phantom Thread lunchboxes that all the kids are into.
John Grandy @JMGrandy🔁@OnePerfectShot The tea bowl in Phantom Thread should be the prop runner up.
o poder alegórico da ficção científica @LucasFaeru🔁 Phantom Thread
Sarah Weinstein @slwein🔁coworker: I made a fresh pot :)

me: I cannot start my day with a confrontation.

coworker: ...

me: phantom 👏 thread 👏 deserved 👏 better 👏

play No Cap when i come over @_dannyocean🔁so apparently i need to see Blade Runner & The Phantom Thread
D I K S H A @thedeeeks🔁@Treesaw12 that phantom thread article 🤘🏽 thinking about getting rid of it in critique
regan @lanadel_regan🔁this shouldn’t have even been nominated. phantom thread was better than the shape of water, i’ll fight anyone on this
cristiane rodrigues @cristrakinas🔁Congrats to on his win for Costume design on Phantom Thread. For those who don't know he was the Costume designer for 👗👔
Emily Nicole Cromis @EmNCromis_🔁What are your picks for Year's Best Line Reading?


–Daniel Day-Lewis: "Why don't you fuck off back where you came from?" PHANTOM THREAD

–: "Mommy needs her juice." CREEP 2.

(not necessarily in that order)

fuck you gary oldman @ERlCANDRE3000🔁does “phantom thread” actually exist or is it a series of thirty second clips and anecdotes about Daniel day Lewis’s intense acting behavior on set
JEN CANNON @cannon_jen🔁@DarkestHour @Phantom_Thread @DarkestHour should’ve won best picture. It is by far the best movie I’ve ever seen.
Barry Freed @BarryFreedNYC🔁 A joke that Phantom Thread didn’t get it but also educational and instructive on how the Academy regard film scores.
Annette Webster @envy0613🔁 No love for Phantom Thread (Original Score???) either
Aditya Karnam @adikar55🔁Phantom Thread Movie Review by my cousin!


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