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#Periscope Joshua Ello @Joshuaello🔁. on : ☀️ Your Powerful Quote of the Day ☀️ Let's Talk About How To …
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!"
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/18) "Healthcare Debacle Breakdown"
PBS NewsHour @NewsHour🔁Watch on #Periscope: @JudyWoodruff interviews @SenSanders about what's next in the health care reform showdown
Canis Major @CanisMajor10🔁 Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!" @RealDrGina
BuyNSellJaxHomes @BuySellJaxHomes🔁.@CityofJax on #Periscope: Mayor Curry Congratulates Summer Jobs Program Participants #ilovejax
City of Jacksonville @CityofJax🔁LIVE on #Periscope: Mayor Curry Congratulates Summer Jobs Program Participants #ilovejax
Freddy Courtens @courtens_freddy🔁 .@Nathaliehavary di #Periscope: only lesbians text me whatsapp
PUPPYBOY @KroekerTony🔁 Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!"
Randal Hamann @HamannRandal🔁 Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!" .
Konje B @SimplyKonje🔁Watch on #Periscope: #30DaysOfFavor, Day 11, Humility and Submission Attracts Favor
PUPPYBOY @KroekerTony🔁 Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!"
Erin Willesen @ErinWillesen🔁 LIVE on #Periscope
Sportz Scope Tv @SportzScopeTv🔁.@djJROCKRadio on #Periscope: dj JROCK Radio (7/20/17)
Dennis Wagner @TheDennisWagner🔁Enjoy ? - Follow me on to see my world via Drone" target="_blank">
Nu Media Radio @Nu_Media_Radio🔁Watch on #Periscope: EMPIRE VS POWER
SW_ON_TRAFFIC @SW_ON_TRAFFIC🔁All #ontario drivers should view @OPP_WR #Periscope this morning!
A scope well said and thought about.
Accidents are preventable!
DANIEL GLENN @REALDANIELGLENN🔁 YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!" RealDrGina "
Samantha Murray @pQum1QG3fOoPw7K🔁 Watch on #Periscope: 8u
Alexandra Mendez🌹 @isaiah35roses🔁.@ephesians6_12 on #Periscope: Jesus is trying to tell you something- His timing 🙏? ?
Pastor:Timothy Moore @mooretimothya🔁Watch on #Periscope: Can I Fight Alone in 🥊Marriage❓ Absolutely‼️ Marriage Hope Scope #faith #inspire #love @perisc
Fatima SherodStanley @TheMochaPhoenix🔁.@By_Kiarra on #Periscope: I'm back!
Jennifer Wegman 🤓 @insightsbyjen🔁.@PianoDanmusic on #Periscope: 3 PEOPLE ON THE INTERNET THAT INSPIRE ME #Peri10k #Shareathon @KRDMarketing
Katie Schwartz @katieschwartz🔁#WhiteHouse #press briefings have been off-camera for weeks. Then a rogue #reporter turned on #Periscope | BRAVO
Rachél Payne @CreativityTribe🔁.@okghia on #Periscope: Prosperity Mindset🗝️💰☄️💥✔️#Inspir e😍
Marlon Ricketts @xMarlon7x🔁Watch on #Periscope: GM..☕️
Tina Moore Brown @tinamoorebrown🔁.@JustinBrownFit on #Periscope: Morning motivation! Success is a choice! #talk #teach #inspire
Christina Clarey @ClareyChristina🔁. on : It's live in Toronto! New album Fear & Love out now!
FinancialHealthMntr @CortezSpringer🔁Watch on #Periscope: Stimulating the Black Economy pt 3 - Ownership, Strategic Partnership & Bartering
bailey (hiatus) @starryarcana🔁LIVE on #Periscope: Procreate
Rhonda Feagin @feaginmommy🔁Watch on #Periscope: What did I wake up to?!?😱#theburningchurch
OhioHealthMS @OhioHealthMS🔁FREE LECTURE: "MS & Pain Syndromes" TONITE 6PM EST at Dempsey center (or LIVE via )
Timberlake's News @TlmberlakesNews🔁 Watch on #Periscope: Disobedience will delay your destiny. #morningdevotion
Bonel Flamel @bflamel🔁These Beautiful Alpacas in Nairn, 💙 stole our hearts 💞 on yesterday Thanks Wendy in MI USA 🇺🇸 & the 23,000+ viewers☺💖
TJones683 @T_Jones683🔁Watch on #Periscope: Get my Instagram @hoperoseanna to 10k
Michele 🇨🇦 Tittler @MicheleATittler🔁Retweeted Bill Mitchell (@mitchellvii):

Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax...

BlessingsOverBridges @LfyeMustGoOn🔁.@SRBLAKES on #Periscope: Let's pray!!!!
cynthia washington @cynthiawashing2🔁.@passion_java on #Periscope: 5 ways to Delivered ....
Gloria Drummond @MorningGlory4DA🔁Watch on #Periscope: 7-20-17. Rev Gloria live from Popular Bluff Missouri. #ThguardiansofTruth #save
cynthia washington @cynthiawashing2🔁Watch on #Periscope: ✨TheWorshipRoom✨
Naked Periscope @periscope_naked🔁Watch on #Periscope:
Bri Callis @bricallis🔁. on : 5 Minute Motivation: Be Free From Fear! Do it SCARED😱. Psalms 56:3-4. …
Johnson @josepheze1🔁.@sozayaa on #Periscope: So embarrassed 😭
Bill Mitchell @mitchellvii🔁Watch on #Periscope: YourVoice America (7/19) "Healthcare Comeback + Tax Reform!" @RealDrGina
Fancy_face👠 @bobbigirl033🔁 LIVE on #Periscope: Big update , never underestimate the grassroots ... #dixiecupnation
DebDNH @DeborahDemarai1🔁. on : Scott Adams drinks a beverage and tells you which political issues are real versus …
Rogue @spoky2b🔁. sur : 👇 Mario Draghi gives the ECB's latest update on the state of the euro-area economy blo…
Richard Chitman @tripleciiq90🔁I bet #Periscope is like #FullScope..
Catherine Sargefield @MadameSarge🔁.@MMJenkins8 on #Periscope: 50 Grades of Foolishness 🔓# Nudist Church #Winds of Doctrines 🔤#teach #talk #inspir e
cynthia washington @cynthiawashing2🔁Watch on #Periscope: 💥How to walk in your Inheritance? ?
Edwin @RollerBand🔁. on : 🦋Making WOol with LA machine 🦋 …
Sylvester Poole, Jr. @pastorpoole3🔁.@LesterLove on #Periscope: He's Right There


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