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Vladiator91 @stlupdates491🔁 #STLCards offer rare behind the scenes look into Peralta's rehab.
Derrick Goold @dgoold🔁Peralta joining roster. Sierra out. Hummel has the news coming on #cardinals #stlcards
Ms Impeccable Timing @AshleyMClark92🔁When you get the news that Sierra was sent down for Jhonny Peralta to come up. I am sickened.
Kattia M. Peralta @kattia_peralta🔁 A sphere falling into water generates a spectacular crown splash at the surface.
Jenifer Langosch @LangoschMLB🔁Now official: #STLCards send OF Magneuris Sierra to Double-A Springfield. Jhonny Peralta activated from DL.
Todd Rosiak @Todd_Rosiak🔁Wily Peralta has been moved to the bullpen, effective immediately. Craig Counsell just shared the news in his pregame media session.
MLB Pipeline @MLBPipeline🔁 No. 19 prospect Freddy Peralta has 47 K's in 30 IP for & starts tonight. Pipeline Preview:
suzopedia @suzopedia🔁It makes perfect sense to activate Peralta and send Mags down with Dex still hurting. Our 4th OF'er is frickin' Matt Adams right now.
JB @bradshawjp🔁Jhonny Peralta I say fuckthehaters.gif man. You can do it.
Paul James @PJames15🔁Sierra sent to AA ball - Peralta returns. Who's going to help the CARDINALS more, Peralta or Sierra?
Logan Jokisch @GreytBeyond🔁@KeeneMLB Well why did you personalize a jhonny Peralta trend? Damn.
Sid @BuschBird15🔁Sure hope you're right! Peralta does nothing but make this team worse.
Eddie Poe @edpoe_junya🔁Peralta back in the lineup tonight for the #DBacks in RF
John Rabe @johnrabe🔁@PinkDaisy08 @KeeneMLB @CardinalTales I would be very surprised if they kept Peralta long. Though they've negatively surprised me before.
Moron Champ @thestlcardsfan4🔁Yup. Throw a fit when Peralta stays on the team when someone who should still be up is cut. Not when Sierra gets rig htly sent down.
Baseball Season @CardinalTales🔁I'm looking at it from the Cardinals point of view, not Peralta's. this is too complicated for twitters 140 chars
Joseph Florez @josephflorez🔁Not fair to demote Mags. Not fair to Peralta. He'll be on the bench, but won't even get a chance to see Mags play! @BirdsOnTheBat13
RyanStuckman @RyanStuckman3🔁Can anyone give a good explanation for sending Sierra back down? Don't say peralta bc that just makes me nauseous.
Spencer Bogad @SpencerBogad🔁Does Peralta feel like a dope for taking the sparkplug's (Sierra) roster spot? #cards #STLCards #cardinals
Jordan @jordanburnett23🔁How is Sierra in Springfield!?! Unbelievable. Just get rid of Peralta!!!
Colby Perry @freshoutdawee🔁Fuck Jhonny Peralta. Fuck Mozeliak. Fuck Matheny. Hell im sure Peralta's incapable ass probably starts over Gyorko n ow. WTF
OverBeer andPizza @ThatOBP🔁Cards activate IF Peralta after missed month - Cards activate IF Peralta after missed month
Brenden Schaeffer @bschaeffer12🔁The future payroll is completely unchanged by Peralta's situation. He will receive his money for this year whether th ey keep him or not.
kissmy black ass r @racistsite🔁@dgoold @zackhohenstein1 money because they want not waste last year peralta contract. smh it doesnt take rocket scientist figure that out.
Baseball Season @CardinalTales🔁@TexasCardsFan1 @PinkDaisy08 I mean, right now Mo has a lot of negative growth on the club. Peralta isn't even the biggest problem (Cecil).
Taylor @Tayquaza17🔁 good evening i love jake peralta, that is all
craig h walston @craighwalston🔁Peralta in, Sierra out! overthehill for mr excitement. Perhaps the notion of playing the best has escaped cardinals brass.
A.K.A scahr' @deiviid_peralta🔁MMA boy💕✌
Todd Stofka @Phillyhypnosis🔁Cards activate IF Peralta after missed month
jaz @jazmine_peralta🔁I forgot today was payday, just remembered AND NOW IM HAPPY


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