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Weird Savant @weirdsavant🔁Imperial march of the penguins #PutStarWarsInOtherFilms
Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Happy 24th birthday, @mattmurray_30!

Murray reflects on his 23rd year:

PenguinsPenguinsPenguins ℬ.🦂 @scintillaient🔁 One year ago...Kunitz was immortalized in Penguins fandom. Thanks, Kuni.
C @RidingTeach🔁 Happy 24th birthday, @mattmurray_30!

Murray reflects on his 23rd year:

Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁It's a beautiful day in Pittsburgh and the perfect time to build a brand new dek hockey rink.

Today Penguins employe es helped and do just that in South Park!

Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁On this day last year...
SuitSatAdrift @SuitSatAdrift🔁@zdrckelumba Sailing by a satellite which is, at this very second, monitoring a colony of emperor penguins. I'm above Africa.
¥ @TheGoatMWO🔁@penguins Get rid of Murray
s.g. finger @thedenature🔁The cute Papipu Penguins featured in their own 1985 movie, “Penguin’s Memory”, a melancholy drama about a traumatized Vietnam War veteran.
GONZO @DanielGonzo2016🔁Lufkin really likes mentioning penguins in their graduation speeches
Trace @tgibbbz🔁Hey @penguins you’re not allowed to trade Phil. End of discussion.
Hannah White @HannahWhite99🔁BREAKING: I have confirmed, from two very credible sources inside the Penguins’ organization, that Phil Kessel is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion.
Jonathan Fish @EsoxFish58🔁@NHL The Flower, the Capitals Killer. Come on Vegas the hockey world is behind you and so is this Penguins fan. Let's go Boyz!!!!!!!
Lisa Jayne @duval500🔁on this day 29 years ago the Flames won the cup. moral of the story - the playoffs go way to fucking long now. seriou sly, anyone outside of vegas and washington even care at this point (other than to be happy the pens and lightning are out)?
Foothill High School Softball @FHSSoftball2018🔁Good story in the today by about Marc Andre Fleury.

Easy to see why fans are still rooting for him and

Oh, yeah, against is obvious too

chris favro @chrisfavro🔁@cmkshama @RosaWomen Kshameful....give it a rest.
Next you'll be fighting for penguins rights in Antarctica
Elizabeth G. @lizmeansbiz🔁FLASHBACK FRIDAY! On this date in 1991, the Pittsburgh claimed their first in franchise history. -- Photo
Ray Sigus @RSigus🔁 Pittsburgh's Phil Kessel finds himself in trade speculation once again:
Roy Domenech @DDebroy84🔁Order Pop! Series now at



Sunbie @Tiernomuffin🔁 I will improve the island. You penguins will be free to leave, or stay and enjoy the silence.
Becky DePodwin @wx_becks🔁Penguins 🐧 won in an decisive victory in the first poll race (). Now 🐧must face these three animals. Who would win in a race? Vote now!
Steven Stroehlein @BigBen2493🔁My future husband is a Pittsburgh area native and huge fan of the sports teams. I was very happy to surprise him with this groom’s cake.
Eric VanKirk @EricVanKirk🔁27 yrs ago, Penguins captured the franchise's 1st Cup with an 8-0 Game 6 pounding of the North Stars. Mario Lemieux had a 4-point night and also took home the Conn Smythe with 44 points over 23 playoff games.
Andrea Vázquez @Avenu_e🔁@WaterfallAngel I want to be a citizen! And I want to adopt one of the penguins too.
🅿️🧦 @jonpisocki🔁 Reminder that he just turned 24 and has won TWO cups already


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