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Pelosi and Schumer: 20.904k tweets talking about this in the last 24 hours

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Pelosi and Schumer BreakingNewzman @BreakingNewzman🔁 Breitbart is taking the Democrats’ announced DACA agreement well.
Pelosi and Schumer Robert Marcus @RNMarcus🔁 Joint statement from Schumer and Pelosi on their dinner tonight with @POTUS -- heavy on DACA.
Pelosi and Schumer Brent Payne @BrentPayne59🔁 Hillary should go to jail before Martin Skhreli does‼️‼️
Pelosi and Schumer
Pelosi and Schumer phuck you @phuck_you101🔁 Pelosi and Schumer statement is exact opposite of what the base want
johnny @jrosejunior1975🔁@STSTWO @POTUS Looks like to me Trump couldn't make a deal so he basically told Pelosi and Schumer to take a WALK
Pelosi and Schumer Social Life N Sydney @SocialNSydney🔁Donald Trump just tweeted that “no deal was made” on protecting DREAMers
Sean Hannity @seanhannity🔁Weak R's have betrayed voters. needs to stay the course and keep his promises or it's over! Pelosi and Schumer can n ever be trusted.
Robert Costa @costareports🔁After a dinner of Chinese food, Pelosi and Schumer have announced a Trump-Dem deal: DACA protections + border sec. But no wall.
NBC News @NBCNews🔁NEW: Pelosi and Schumer announce agreement with POTUS on DACA protections and “to work out a package of border securi ty, excluding the wall”
UniversityWatch @UniversityWatc1🔁This was Sarah's first tweet of the day, and it came within minutes of the Pelosi and Schumer backlash

Never say Twitter doesn't matter

Brittany @QueenBree1989🔁trump thinks buttering up pelosi and schumer is going to make dems play nice w him as the midterms approach next year.
Giulio Iacoviello @iacoviello2019🔁Ya cray bro. Ya cray. What a great chance for bipartisanship and then you tweet against the Schumer/Pelosi statement. Nah...
Emsmimi2 @Emsmimi2🔁@AlternatFacts I thought Schumer and Pelosi had a deal with him to keep DACA!
voice of reason @valid_voice🔁Trump is the liar. Pelosi and Schumer are truth bearers #trump #russia #china
John James @musicman495🔁I have no doubt he agreed with Pelosi and Schumer while they were together, then reneged after they left. SOP for thi s dope.
Konstantina Beleli @konstantinaBel3🔁Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say they've reached DACA agreement with President Trump:
Diane Cameron @ardtalam🔁If Pelosi and Schumer pull off a bill to protect 800K innocent people, that'll be among the biggest victories imaginable for the Democrats.
Diamond Gal @ofumaofuma🔁Right-wing Twitter just had a white hot emotional meltdown after Pelosi and Schumer played Trump on DACA
Zach Sweet @zachsweet12🔁 I'll say it. Hannity is like an abused spouse. Blaming McConnell because Trump sleeps around with Schumer and Pelosi.
Tammy Beal @ILOVE_USA🔁.: President Trump’s meeting with Pelosi and Schumer proves to the GOP that he’s serious about his agenda
Jess In Texas @JessInTexas1🔁No one should be surprised Trump got steamrolled by Pelosi and Schumer — truth is, he's just a sad, racist, serial lying reality TV star.
Kwab @kwabiegong🔁Trump & Dems agree to DACA fix and resolve to iron out border-security plan, excluding wall, Schumer and Pelosi say
Timothy J. Sparks @tsparks611🔁@realDonaldTrump So you're basically saying Pelosi and Schumer mischaracterized the results of the meeting?
lisaawakeinthebasket @hardlove104🔁I think Trump cozying up to Schumer and Pelosi is hilarious. It has to be driving Ryan and McConnell nuts. He's just creating leverage.
Raymond Grego @woodtogo🔁@POTUS President Pelosi and Vice Pres. Schumer are finally getting the 800,000 new voters Dingle Barry promised them, Now THAT’S winning!
Suzanne Clooney @Kysuzc🔁@realDonaldTrump So again I ask...were you at the same dinner as Schumer and Pelosi?
Brian and Mari @brianandmari🔁Pelosi, Schumer on dinner with Pres. Trump: Both sides have "agreed" to immigration reform package and border security, "excluding the wall"
Michael Stage @al_stage🔁Folks, Paul Ryan announced the Wall is going to be funded. Pelosi and Schumer agree to increased border security -- Art of the Deal.
Brittany @QueenBree1989🔁WH says Pelosi and Schumer's statement is "misleading"... and then basically confirms everything in the statement.
Nancy Roman @NancyRo45542024🔁Savoring the moment trumpers realize trump got PLAYED on The Wall & DACA by Pelosi and Schumer.

2 scoops, anyone?

Tee Bee @tb0811🔁"Pelosi and Schumer" Most Dem followers are uneducated, hoodwinked tv watchers tranced by LEFTIST propaganda. Faithless, don't know history!
covfefe chacha @CharCharbag🔁 Folks need to calm down and listen to the WH not Pelosi and Schumer.
Pablo @Pablo_1791🔁@ElderLansing @seanhannity So you, like Trump, prefer Schumer and Pelosi to McConnell and Ryan? You might as well have voted for Hillary.
Chaos Agent 1001 🐸 @agent_1001🔁Pelosi and Schumer statement was fake news

Trump did not agree to "no Wall" - deal about DACA only

Trump knows base would leave if no Wall

cool out 101 @coolout121🔁 Trump cuts deal with Pelosi and Schumer on debt ceiling via @sky1876online
Tim Gradous @tgradous🔁BREAKING: No Wall! Schumer and Pelosi Announce an Immigration Deal

via @chrisqueen

Deplorable Renée♡ @Renay4Trump🔁I hope this is true. If so, needs to immediately throw Pelosi and Schumer under the bus for hijacking the message.
Shadow Michael @shadey105🔁Pelosi and Schumer say they made a deal with Trump to keep DACA.

I thought was getting rid of DACA? This is not what I voted for.

Faizel Bham @Faiz_Bham🔁Maybe, maybe not. It's starting to look like the swamp animals Schumer and Pelosi lied about the meeting. We'll see w hat happens
L🐎L🐴Garrett @paronlulu🔁Hey Trump Fans- You know who else would make a deal with Pelosi and Schumer to protect immigrants?

Hillary Clinton

Cynthia t @Alybrit54🔁 Don’t let "Pelosi and Schumer" fool you. Trump is not letting up on his border wall promise.
Sam @samuelcpw🔁Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say they've reached DACA agreement with President Trump:… …
Autria Godfrey @ABC7Autria🔁Soooo Pelosi and Schumer just confused?? 🤔
Truth About POTUS @TruthAboutPOTUS🔁Never Trust the ! Never make a deal with the ! Pelosi and Schumer

My Atlanta Tweeps @atlantatweeps🔁Pelosi and Schumer
Trump caves
The dreamers are taking care of and Americans still have crappy healthcare

Raphael 🇬🇧🇺🇸🇮🇱 @ToastersForever🔁@AP Looks like Schumer and Pelosi may have been lying.
Real Me @Schypha🔁Repubs are angry Trump met with Pelosi and Schumer

Trust the process. If you think Trump's buying into the Dem agenda, you don't know Trump

TigerTalk @tigertalk23🔁Pelosi and Schumer say they’ve worked out a deal with President Trump to protect DACA recipients. It excludes border wall funding.
Ali 👑 @ali🔁Some people cannot read. President Trump's statement this morning is exactly what Pelosi and Schumer said. What is B ill talking about?
Brittany @QueenBree1989🔁Pelosi and Schumer, when you see your new buddy Trump, please remind him the Virgin Islands are part of the US. They need help too.
William Lee @wpl1960🔁Whatever Trump negotiates, Congress has to pass.
Whatever Congress passes, Trump has to sign.
Pelosi and Schumer are blowing hot air.
Briana Conner @BrianaReports🔁This tweet comes after reports that Pelosi & Schumer had negotiated a deal to enshrine DACA into law and bump up bord er control w/o the wall
Sheilas 💫 @Sheilas11🔁WINNING

👉DHS issues waiver for Wall construction
👉Ryan agrees to fund Wall
👉Pelosi and Schumer forced to LIE about

Trump Caves

KathyB👠 @BrandensteinKat🔁Weak R's have betrayed voters. needs to stay the course and keep his promises or it's over! Pelosi and Schumer can never be trusted.
Debra Shahani @DebraShahani🔁 Trump, Pelosi and Schumer just screwed us. So much for Trump being a good deal maker.

What bull.

Caryn S.☮🇺🇸 @onlymytruths🔁Likely that Pelosi and Schumer spun an anti-climactic meeting into a "win." I don't believe agreed to what they claim.
Narrendra Malhotra @NarrendraM🔁Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer say they've reached DACA agreement with President Trump:…
Rodger Varley @RodgerVarley🔁>>>WH official says Pres Trump had "constructive working dinner" with Schumer and Pelosi. Discussed tax reform, DACA, infrastructure, et al.
Rubber Ducky @RubberD01🔁Pelosi and Schumer say Trump has dropped the push for the border wall as part of an immigration bill; just border security plus DACA bill
Conservative Voices @ConservativeVcs🔁Be very careful when dealing with the two headed snake Pelosi and Schumer. Can't be trusted
Brad @gsxrrider026🔁Trump needs 2 get on twitter 2 address this Pelosi and Schumer shit immediately.

If he signed a DACA deal w/out the wall, I'm close 2 done!

Chrissie @z_chrissie🔁Dear , Schumer and Pelosi are making you look like an amateur deal maker. cc:
phuck you @phuck_you101🔁 The only thing Pelosi and Schumer want is Trump out of office
Sonshine @psychmommy🔁NEW: Trump denying DACA deal he made with Pelosi and Schumer tonight. The media must stop pretending he's PIVOTING!
Droopey2 @TeaScott1🔁He's lying. He made a deal but is afraid his base will be mad b/c No Wall

Racism is as American
Pelosi and Schumer

Melvin Cossey @cmcoss3🔁The loudest chants at your rallies: "Build The Wall". Your voters have now "Taken The Fall". Pelosi and Schumer ar e now calling the shots


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