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#PayYourAgeDay jess @JESS_87_🔁In line for #PayYourAgeDay with the kids
Jordan👻 @JordanGhastly🔁 Live look at my mall when they said the line was capped for #PayYourAgeDay @buildabear
Josh [Main Street Citizens] @MainCitizens🔁Live look at my mall when they said the line was capped for #PayYourAgeDay @buildabear
#PayYourAgeDay Lisa Collins @amomontheside🔁 FYI for those who were hoping to do the #PayYourAgeDay at @buildabear - LINES ARE CLOSED IN THE US!
#PayYourAgeDay Dina Kupfer @DinaKupfer🔁Hey, @TVcody I found you a @starwars @buildabear!! #PayYourAgeDay @CBSSacramento @GoodDaySac
#PayYourAgeDay Sam? @ShelfSpaceLtd🔁Current line for the #buildabear #payyourageday in Springfield IL

Moved about 30 feet in two hours.

#PayYourAgeDay Diane Wilson @DWilsonABC11🔁Too many people! @buildabear has closed their ‘Pay Your Age’ day event! #BuildABear #PayYourAgeDay #ABC11
Hector Vasquez @CaptainKlutch🔁 I walked along the line of customers waiting outside @buildabear in @LaPalmeraMall #PayYourAgeDay
Ty, Kelly & Chuck @TyKellyandChuck🔁How much are you paying for a @buildabear today on #PayYourAgeDay?

@thekellyford says 29! ;) ;) ;) usatoday.com

Matt pinner @Matt_Pinner🔁This is absolute bonkers. Reports say that there is a 9-hour wait at some Build-a-Bear stores.

Dear Son,
I'll buy y twitter.com ou one at full price later.

Z100 New York @Z100NewYork🔁TODAY it’s #PayYourAgeDay at #BuildABear!! 🐻 ihr.fm 💞
Ruth Suehle @suehle🔁I wish people lined up to vote like they line up for build a bear pay your age day.

Bonus: voting is free.

Dina Kupfer @DinaKupfer🔁These mamas aren’t messing around! Angelica (on the left) woke up at 4AM to get in line for her friends! twitter.com

The Country Network @tcn_country🔁If only #PayYourAgeDay applied to things like bills and groceries right?! Forget the bear, we want to #PayYourAge on the BIG STUFF!!
Dianne @RunninOnCaramel🔁 Record breaking turnout at @buildabear #payyourageday. Thanks for celeBEARating with us. Lineup is now at full capacity.
Tiffany Di Giacinto @tdigiacinto🔁As of 8am, the line for @buildabear in @ArrowheadTC had an 8-10 hour wait! They don’t open until 10am. 😳 #PayYourAgeDay #nevermind #insane
Ashley @SpitUpandSitUps🔁We're one of the lucky ones! We went for the open, had a very short wait and left with two awesome presents! twitter.com
James Lazenby @JamesLazenby🔁In a turbulent retail environment, 's campaign highlights the importance of ensuring marketing campaigns deliver on customer experience & don't leave customers empty handed. Read more about the change in high street marketing:
West Edmonton Mall @Official_WEM🔁Record breaking turnout at @buildabear #payyourageday. Thanks for celeBEARating with us. Lineup is now at full capacity.
Greg Ingham @GI_Design1🔁If anyone is thinking of heading to Build a Bear in Bury I wouldn’t. This was an hour ago.
Josh Kramer @bluerecharge🔁My look when I saw how long the line was at the mall. I’ll be taking my daughter on another day. 😳 ... twitter.com
MiiMie @_MiiMie_🔁Are you freaking kidding me we got up at 7am and are about to leave the house. Thank goodness I didn’t tell my daug twitter.com hter this is what we were doing, but I didn’t promise her something fun! What a total fail!!
Tracy Shaw @Frugal_FL_Mom🔁A nice mother just gave us a bottle of ice cold water before leaving the line and allowing us to move up. I almost k twitter.com issed her.
Camdykins @Camdykins🔁#PayYourAgeDay at @buildabear is turning into #TanaCon 2.0 😂
Pooh Bear @ncpoohbear86🔁Thinking of heading to at The Streets at Southpoint in Durham for the ‘Pay Your Age’ day? You’ll meet hundreds of others as this mom walked in and walked right back out.
Cassie @Cuda1297🔁You know you don’t have little ones anymore when you’re first thought is “I’m NOT paying $52 for a stuffed bear.” The twitter.com n realize it’s not MY age they’re charging.
bj harris @bjharrisradio🔁There are around 1,600 people in line at the Park Meadows store right now for . Store is trying to figure out how to get everyone in and out of the heat. You've been warned!
WAVY TV 10 @WAVY_News🔁.@buildabear says lines have closed at stores for the #PayYourAgeDay event due to "longer than expected lines" wavy.com
Lexi Standiford @lexi_isabel🔁Hopefully I’ll get a bear today for my 1 year old 🐻 #PayYourAgeDay #buildabear


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