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Paxton Glynis Paxton @glynis_paxton🔁 Carl Sagan 1996
Paxton Chris Nallan @chrisnallan🔁Waking up to some drizzle this morning in Middle Paxton Twp. Storm risk ramps up this afternoon.
Chris Stewart @CStewartWPTV🔁@paxton I was all for it!
jay reezy @d_town_jreezy🔁 Paxton Lynch warming up:
Crazy Rabbitt @jrabbitt🔁 *sees the news about paxton*
Paxton Texas Tribune @TexasTribune🔁Judge dismisses AG Paxton's lawsuit over "sanctuary cities" law
#txlege #sb4
Paxton Austin Statesman @statesman🔁BREAKING: AG Ken Paxton’s suit against Austin over ‘sanctuary cities’ ban dismissed #SB4
MLB @MLB🔁. looks to become first pitcher in history to win 8 straight starts.

stands in his way.

Chris Ward @chrisward__11🔁@James_Paxton you good bro? please don't go on the DL need you in my fantasy league 😂🙏🏼
artsderbyshire @artsderbyshire🔁Sir Joseph Paxton is looking fine and dandy today in the garden, despite him celebrating his 214th birthday yesterday long into the evening!
The Broncos Wall @2015Broncos🔁Apparently, Kyle Sloter (third choice QB) did better than both Paxton and Trevor. I would consider him the mvp for t hrowing a TD/ good stats
John Docherty @john_tK_🔁 "Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian, never heard of em" - Kyle Sloter
Mario Benitez @Mar_e_o17🔁Simmons stays hot with a deep shot to left. He's hitting over .400 in his last 18 games. Angels have gone deep twice against Paxton.
Yevette @YevetteN🔁@Snaketalk_666 @Scientists4EU Unfortunately, a couple from Texas..
tacomadan @tacomadan🔁 Mariners Star Pitcher James Paxton Leaves Game With Injury
Crazy Rabbitt @jrabbitt🔁 Felix, Kuma, Smyly and now Paxton all on the DL hahahaha man being a Mariners fan is fun 🙃
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Mariners Star Pitcher James Paxton Leaves Game With Injury
Serenity (59-57) @HiImSerenity🔁Young James Paxton Injury
Andy Langlois @Alangloiscr7🔁 The #Mariners James Paxton was removed from tonight's game with a left pectoral strain.
Karshe Legend @Karshe101🔁man Deangelo Henderson was looking good! Can't wait to see what happens next week with Paxton starting. Semien definitely won the day.
Hakim @hakim_mansurd🔁. looks to become first pitcher in history to win 8 straight starts.

stands in his way.

Cultural Diplomats @CultDiplo🔁RT Through readiness and discipline, we are the masters of our fate.
Bill Paxton

Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Mariners Star Pitcher James Paxton Leaves Game With Injury
Jive Local @JiveLocal🔁Drop in family fun today at Paxton Pits 10am - 2pm, £3.50 per child Be inspire by local wildlife
tone @_savagetony🔁Now you know why Trevor Siemian-Paxton Lynch have been struggling at times throwing against No Fly Zone each day in practice.
Таша @fan_nataliya🔁Cherry 1908
➰ William McGregor Paxton ➰

♥️☕️♥️ Have a good time 😘

la veracruzana @sojussid🔁BREAKING: An Austin court has dismissed the State of Texas' lawsuit on the basis of lack of standing.
Virgola @virginiadominio🔁

Sara Paxton 🎨
The Morning Stars


Chris Stewart @CStewartWPTV🔁@Kelley1063 @paxton Except when talking about the GOAT Mitch Trubisky
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Mariners Star Pitcher James Paxton Leaves Game With Injury
The Nevers Band @theneversband🔁Folk Music Legend Tom Paxton Celebrates 80th Birthday with Mountain Stage in Elkins This Saturday.
FamilyGuideTo... @FamilyGuideTo1🔁Drop in family fun today at Paxton Pits @wildlifebcn 10am - 2pm, £3.50 per child Be inspire by local wildlife
kel lane @kel_1016🔁PAXTON SLEPT JUST UNDER 7 HOURS STRAIGHT 😱🙌🏼💤!¡!¡!¡ AND he is now back asleep 🙏🏼👊🏼. I'm basically a wizard 🔮
David Faas @batman4600🔁Bill Paxton (1955-2017) #WeirdScience #80s Movies

Dave :-)

STEVE @SteveStupendous🔁 Paxton Lynch looks like an NFL quarterback in every way right up until he has to actually play quarterback in the NFL.
Connor M. @connormll🔁Now I'm just sad because I'm thinking about Bill Paxton, a man I never knew and whose death I'm making about me
Connor M. @connormll🔁I saw that "Paxton" was trending and a little part of me honestly thought Bill Paxton was back from the dead and I got really excited
debs @jayeedus🔁Paxton got a touch jealous of attention given to his mama. Little shit Gave me a baby donkey love bite.
Matt Modica @ctmbaseball🔁Waking up at 4am is a tough enough task but finding out Paxton is injured down right terrifying
paolo @paolocorti207🔁 Broncos coach Vance Joseph isn't ready to declare a leader in Denver's QB race.
Lookout Landing @LookoutLanding🔁@cfredrun @JimSweatervest Ruiz doesn't catch Paxton specifically because he can't handle the velo.
♠️ SLASH 89 ♠️ @wildehorse68🔁 For My Friends

Sara Paxton Ball 🎨

Every moment life revels her beauty 💕 Buongiorno Care

Rob 🦉 @_Robsantanna🔁 At this rate of development for Paxton Lynch he'll be ready to start for Denver by about 2034
すこっと @Moosecott🔁Paxton hopeful pectoral strain isn't serious, but will have MRI tomorrow to learn more. Here's the postgame update.
trendstatus @trendstatus1🔁Recent trends in U.S. "James Paxton":18pt "Federal 3x":18pt "Bud Norris":18pt "Austin Carr":17pt "... #trendstat-us
Seattle News 360 @SeattleNews360🔁Mariners Star Pitcher James Paxton Leaves Game With Injury
AngryIrishman @JohnMcGannon🔁James Paxton, Second coming of the k. K-strikeout next to King Felix @RealKingFelix
ApertureXpress @ApertureXpress🔁Frailty 2001 USA

directed/starring Bill Paxton

SaNe FaNaTiC @SaneFanatic🔁Paxton was already near 100 pitches after the 6th...and, look at the rest of the rotation?? User your head!


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