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Chen @givemethechens🔁 LeBron at dinner with the Lakers after seeing Paul George and CP3 both re-signed
Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn🔁Here's essence of Paul George's 4-year, $137M deal, w/ player option: New CBA allows George to extend after 2nd anniv ersary of deal. Extending on max w/ OKC after year 2, while also opting out of final year, could make this 7-year, $290M-plus deal based on future cap projections.
Josiah Johnson @KingJosiah54🔁LeBron at dinner with the Lakers after seeing Paul George and CP3 both re-signed
ヌードを送る @TyBiggzTTM🔁 When Magic Johnson sees Paul George
Colin Cowherd @ColinCowherd🔁That Paul George news feels sort of irrelevant now doesn’t it. #LAbron
🦂Black Sinatra Targaryen🦂 @Todd_Gully🔁Shams beat woj on Boogie thing Paul George announced he was staying at a party and LeBron people released he was going to the Lakers first
Buckeye Nation🏈🔥💋 @tf0620🔁LOL LeBron blew it up, but he didnt count on the Warriors being steps ahead of them and Durant and Paul George sayin g no,
Justin Crandell @JCran_31🔁 Paul George said the Thunder have unfinished business.... with who nigga??? THE FUCKING JAZZ???
Lawson Murphree @lawdog8848🔁I was just in my hometown of Okla City on vacation and so many Thunder fans told me they feared Paul George would pull a KD and leave 'em high and dry. Nope. Congrats, OKC. You still have a chance.
Sergio Noe @The_Goon97🔁 Went from LeBron, Kawhi, Paul George to LeBron, Born Ready, and JaVale
Kyle Breitkreutz @KBNFLScout🔁Also allowed:

Chris Bosh and LeBron James to Miami

LeBron James and Kevin Love to Cleveland

Paul George and Carmel o Anthony to OKC

We are ignoring that David Stern was the “owner” of the Hornets at that time due to the NBA owning the franchise. There are more layers behind it

Ricardo Mendoza @Rj_mendoza1🔁 This nigga Paul George really posted up on some Oklahoma farm right now because he didn’t want to hurt Westbrook’s feelings
Kyle Jones @KBonesTheWorld🔁Here’s the funny thing, if (in theory) Boogie would have joined LeBron, Paul George, and Kawhi Leonard in Los Angeles, for the mid-level exception, people would have celebrated it as, “Magic doin’ his magic,” “the Lakers pedigree,” and, “Players just love playing with LeBron.”
Major4 Sports @TheM4Sports🔁West All Stars: Curry, Durant, Lebron, Draymond, Klay, Paul, Harden, Cousins, Davis, Westbrook, George, Kawhi*, Lilla rd

East All Stars: Joel Embiid, JR Smith, Kyle Korver, JJ Redick, Matthew Dellavadova, Austin Rivers, Jeremy Lin, Mason Plumlee

Off SZN @GoCelticsKI11🔁The Los Boston Thunder Rockets

PG- Westbrook
SG- Harden
SF- Paul George
PF- Lebron James
C- Horford
PG- I rving/Paul
SG- Brown
SF- Hayward
PF- Tatum
C- Capela/Adams

Coach- Stevens


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