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Paul George Jule Brown @Jule_Brown12🔁Danny Ainge: wE nEED tO Go aFteR PaUL GeOrgE aNd JImMy BuTLeR aT tHe DeADliNE.
Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Paul George, Gordon Hayward left off All-NBA teams and now can't sign $200M+ deals this summer

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Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁Paul George is focused on his legacy, believes he can help Lakers return to prominence, per
Paul George Eric Graf @DatNigga_Ebone🔁 PG to...Rip City? 🤔

Looks like Dame would like to see it happen

Adrian Wojnarowski @WojVerticalNBA🔁With Paul George, Gordon Hayward left off All-NBA teams, Pacers and Jazz lose chance to re-sign them to 5-year, $207M super-max contracts.
Jt @Julian_F_🔁Cavs playoff wins ranked by margin. Perhaps George is closer to winning with the Pacers than we thought.
Dan @DAMUMAD🔁 You’re gonna need more than one Gordon Hayward.
And more than one Paul George.

And like 3 Markelle Fultz's

P-L @Monengong24🔁What does missing out on an All-NBA spot mean for Paul George and the Pacers?

breaks it down:
ネック私は美しい🌹 @KingTralle🔁Yall told me the Celtics didn't need Paul George, Jimmy or Cousins
Beat the Cavs @Datboy_parker🔁Yet people think Paul George can put the Celtics over the Cavs.
J. Mike Blake @JMBpreps🔁@rick_bonnell "Fultz or Paul George?"
Kev Brown @KevBrown_15🔁I'm blaming Paul George bc if he would've made up his fucking mind this would have been a diff story.
Peter @pkkilkel🔁This is making me think the Celtics should absolutely not trade this year or next year's pick. Even with Paul George, this wouldn't be close
. @AaronWaithe🔁Pacers receive: Marcin Gortat, Kelly Oubre, and future 2nd round pick
Wizards receive: Paul George
Shawn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @ShawnOnTheNBA🔁 No wonder Paul George wants to go to the Lakers. Doesn't have to deal with LeBron until the Finals at least.
Sam Steinlage @sdsteinlage32🔁I think this guy is crazy. I agree with the not trading for a top free agent but only because we are getting Paul Geo rge next summer lol
Kevin Sirois @KevinSirois33🔁BEST SEGMENT OF THE DAY: Six forwards voted All-NBA over Paul George:

LeBron, Kawhi, KD, Giannis, Draymond, Anthony Davis

LALO WORLD @T_SavageRBE🔁Paul George is focused on his legacy, believes he can help Lakers return to prominence, per
P®E ™ @_SonGoku96🔁If Lakers don't eventually end up with Paul George with all this PG2LA BS I'm gonna fucking freak out... just same shit as usual
Lake Lewis Jr @LakeLewis🔁Boston needs to trade #1 pick for Paul George or another established NBA superstar. No lottery pick would close gap vs Cavs now or in '18
Jasen Pinkerton @JasenPinkerton🔁But if I'm Paul George I may reconsider who actually has a shot at beating LeBron
ko @krispbenwa🔁Paul George don't wanna be no damn Celtic 😂😂
Dr. Jordan Belfort @SauceBelfort🔁@TrapItOut4Yay And paul George might come to the west
Billy Vegas @BillyMac08🔁can we trade for paul george and gordan hayward right now?
Jay 🤘🏽 @JSWISH__5🔁@D_Joyce15 That's no excuse. Paul George first ECF in 2013 that man went crazy.
Fidel Cashflow @DomCabell🔁Tougher than the Pacers? No way. Paul George kept it close and the only way to get any closer in that series was to t ake a game. Cavs sweep
2012 Honda Odyssey @norwinbb43🔁This wouldn't happen if we traded for Paul George @celtics
Josh. @BALLSOHARD_Josh🔁 When he films Trainwreck 2, that hairline will put Paul George's too shame
Teddy VanGalen @bigheadted3🔁@WutUChircinWit You need like Paul George and heyward
Corner 3s @Corner3s🔁Paul George is the most underrated and under appreciated guy in the league and you get all these local Indiana guys complaining, it's rich.
Vincent Valentine @Aj_hammons_2🔁 Paul George is focused on his legacy and believes he can help Lakers return to glory(via @sam_amick).
Armani @armaniunlimited🔁@NickTheSlick12 Melo and Paul George and Chris Paul need to go to the Knicks man fr 😂
Dominick Tonnarini @Dtonnarini🔁Paul George is going to go to the Lakers. They'll make the playoffs with Lonzo averaging 2 a game and Lavar will be like..."told y'all"
LORD$ NEVER WORRY @Almightyvonzuss🔁Can y'all imagine the only team who actually gave the cavs a challenge was the 7th seed pacers and Paul George 😂
★Pietro Maximoff★ @Kwikz🔁This is why Paul George is the second best player in the East. Pacers at least competed
Scott Swüsh #The949 @ScottSwush🔁Paul George just gotta sign with the Cavs next season so he can get carried to the Finals like another star player
Justin Mendenhall @Jus10Mendenhall🔁I bet Paul George, Gordon Hayward & Jimmy Butler are dying to join the Celtics after this performance...
fire garpax🔫🔫😠😠 @Mykaleshaw1🔁 Celtics need to give the Bulls a package including the #1 pick and get Jimmy Butler or Pacers and Paul George
ThatDude @TheManSam5🔁@TEN000HOURS Pure lies lol. They had trouble vs pacers. Why, because Paul george. One guy gave them problems. They've beaten trash.
andrew @drew_mercado🔁Had multiple people tell me the Celtics could compete/beat the cavs if they had Paul George or Hayward. LMAOOOOOOOO
Mike Antonio @MrMikeAntonio🔁 Boston needs to draft Markelle Fultz and trade for Jimmy Butler... and Paul George... and Gordon Hayward.

During halftime.

Insufferable HeatFan @HeatLifer1995🔁Yeah Boston needs to trade for Paul George and sign Gordon Hayward immediately
Jaster Rogue @Zeaadology🔁ICYMI: During the last day before the 2017 NBA trade deadline, the Hawks offered 4 first-round picks for Paul George. (via ) 😳
Corner 3s @Corner3s🔁I'm so mad at the NBA media right now, you voted guys like IT and Derozan for All NBA and cost Paul George millions of dollars.
LaRuck Ball @YMsOwnRuck🔁Funny cuz Paul George is a better player Lls
NBAGreenPick @nba_green_pick🔁@BobbyMarks42 And for what? Against LB and Cavs ? Who? Hayward, PG13, Butler? Really?

Neither DeMarcus with Paul George...

Xavi @paxitodetonia🔁@mister_nba Paul George!!!!
Lexus McMillion @lexus_dshea🔁What did Paul George (@Yg_Trece) say in that Gatorade commercial?.."BALLGAME!" 😂 #CavsCeltics 💪🏾🏀
🅱️ @DaBull__B🔁Dame 😭 & Paul George if they get him
Alex @Nac451🔁The will be the toughest Eastern Conf opponent the face but will lose Paul George because they're not competitive enough. Smh
dntmentionmyname @alexaurelien23🔁 Even Paul George wouldn't save this ass whooping
yung fidget spinner @boredisaac🔁 Paul George not in the playoffs no more stop showing his commercials he ain't do nun of that shit vs the cavs
Keith Nelson Jr @JusAire🔁Quick question..who's the toughest person Lebron's had to guard this playoffs?

Paul George?

Bob Cook @notgoingpro🔁Danny Ainge is working on a trade that will get Paul George on the roster before the second half starts
👑 King @504loaded🔁Say what you want Celtics should had traded for Paul George or jimmy butler



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