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#Patriots Bradley Stein @_BradleyStein_🔁 Rob Gronkowski says his groin injury is "nothing serious." #Patriots
#Patriots Patriots News @Follow_Pats🔁Dunkin Donuts New England Patriots 5X Champions Large Cup Koozie #Patriots #Ad
Kenia Orellana @fowleralavidzd1🔁 "Nothing serious" for Gronk, and more #Patriots news:
Luis Rivera @LuisRivera713🔁 "Nothing serious" for Gronk, and more #Patriots news:
#Patriots Carol 👿 @WeAreAllHunters🔁 My only Style Icon is Bill Belichick #Patriots #GoPats
#Patriots Connor Fraser @CFraser87🔁 Former #Patriots @JBrissett12 & @chanjones55
#Patriots ON TO HOUSTON @BOSTONDPARTY32🔁 Great team win yesterday. On to Houston #patriots #doyourjob
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁From @gmfb: At this point, the groin injury to #Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski is not believed to be serious. Will test it today to be sure.
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁#Patriots LB Dont’a Hightower’s MCL injury was diagnosed as the 2-3 week variety by 2 different doc opinions. Back ether this week or next.
New England Patriots @Patriots🔁#Patriots head coach Bill Belichick live postgame press conference:
Damoda @Damoda6🔁 Retweet & Support He's Been Unjustly Accused & Witch Huntd By Evil
Glen Farley @GFarley_ent🔁#Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski on Sunday: "It was just a good game overall, a good team win & the right direction to be headed in.” #entsports
SHBL @sherco4eva🔁 worked out former & DL Datone Jones on Saturday, source said. worked him out today (as noted)
Amy Granderson @AmyGranderson🔁Unreal. The fans of Atlanta are very lucky, hopefully this can become a trend. I think we deserve this.
Stacey Cross @Lookwherewelive🔁#NFL #Football #fans #mates #dates #meetup #NFL #dolphins #vikings #patriots follow @footballfansapp
Amy Parker @aims6567🔁TO on #DWTS - Guess that's one retiree #Patriots can strike from their call list for WRs😉
flatbush bully @selfmadetrev🔁VIDEO - James White says he's just trying to be a dependable football player and dependable teammate

Sarah @s_julia14🔁EXCLUSIVE: locker room celebration following the win over the Saints |
FarmGirl @FarmAlice🔁Entire Volume of CIA Files On Lee Harvey Oswald, Set to Be Released in October, Has "Gone Missing" #Patriots #MAGA
j wall ✡ @jwhaifa🔁Yeah put down your weapons for two minutes & give this a call RETWEET
Ian Glendon @iglen31🔁The were major winners this past Sunday. Here is my latest column on their winners/losers.
Cynthia Fortier @CyndyFortier🔁 supporting with board member at the organization's inaugural fundraiser tonight!
BTravers_BSoT @BTravers_BSoT🔁I've posted a new article to with my takeaways from @Patriots Game 2. Please check it out! #Patriots
The CFT Watchers @TheCFTWatchers🔁Yeah put down your weapons for two minutes & give this a call RETWEET
NY Nite Owl @SoarForFreedom🔁The 🇺🇸 Grew out of ,Demanding Our Country Back!
We're A Diverse,🦅,Ready to Defend the US🇺🇸&,!
Nancy @nancyl367🔁Leftwing elites are polarizing usually non-political Americans into a super majority of
Matty Ice @MattyMackay🔁From : At this point, the groin injury to TE Rob Gronkowski is not believed to be serious. Will test it today to be sure.
Uzzi @Nick_PetruZ🔁crazy that LT has the nerve to call out Zeke...must have forgot when he quit on SD twice in the playoffs against the #Patriots
Craig MacCormack @CraigMacCormack🔁 Tremendous job.
Their punishment will last a lieftime. #Patriots
Bishop Talbert Swan @TalbertSwan🔁I thought the Confederacy lost the Civil War, yet y'all want to wave the flag & celebrate confederate soldiers AND b e 🙄
Bearded WisDumb @BeardedWisdumb🔁If Datone Jones signs with the . Twitter will implode if he does anything positive with them. Im not ready for it.


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