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Patriots Eagles Fangirl @EaglesFGSN🔁Jason Kelce didn’t think much of the Patriots’ defensive talent #Eagles
PatriotsPatriotsPatriots Outraged @WeProtestThings🔁 @kesayers Great crowd of patriots.
#ConfrontCorruption #standoneverycorner
Jason Pecynski🎃 @atlliljay2🔁 T.O. calling the Patriots cheaters on Instagram 😒🏈
Robson Bvunzawabaya @RobsonBvunzawa1🔁 #edpfee #mukupepfee #Edhasmyvote We mean business @nickmangwana @zanupf_patriots @tmukupe
Rob Reiner @robreiner🔁It’s clear. The GOP is not only fine with Trump shooting an American on 5th Ave., they’re okay with him giving Putin a gun to shoot as many Americans as he wants. History will not look kindly on them. True patriots have only one weapon. VOTE!!!
Michael McFaul @McFaul🔁Hey America, these are exactly the kinds of messages that Putin hoped to spark by going after me in Helsinki. Aside f rom personally intimidating me, Putin aims to divide our nation. He has been succeeding. It's time to push back harder, Republican and Democratic patriots together
Jon Machota @jonmachota🔁Most valuable NFL teams, via :

1. Cowboys: $4.8 billion
2. Patriots: $3.7 billion
3. Giants: $3.3 billion
4. Redskin s: $3.1 billion
5. 49ers: $3.05 billion
6. Rams: $3 billion
7. Bears: $2.85 billion
8. Texans: $2.8 billion
9. Jets: $2.75 billion
10. Eagles: $2.65 billion

Cardiff Bear @oxyunion🔁The UK went to war in the 80s to protect fewer than 3000 Brits in the Falklands. But MPs who remember that era are still happy to hang 1.3mn out to dry after Brexit because it suits their own agenda. And they dare to call themselves patriots.
Stormy Bird 💗 🙏 🇺🇸 @strstrmy02🔁Good morning patriots and fellow Vets. Although the Left keeps pounding away at POTUS I’m encouraged that we all stand together with . Stand firm knowing that we all maintain our positions based on truth. It’s an honor to stand with you. God bless y’all.
Judy @judesyr🔁Well, looks like we are down 2 branches of the federal government, actively working to subvert Democracy
This is what an Active Transition to Fascism looks like
Calling all patriots who have awoken to this crisis
We need to vote like we never voted before


Cathy Montgomery @mmeemaww🔁🔴GEORGIA ITS TIME TO VOTE!🔴This Tuesday July 24th is your run off election! Calling all patriots to get out & vote Republican! 🇺🇸For Governor Vote Brian Kemp🇺🇸For Lt. Gov David Shafer or Duncan🇺🇸Sec of State Belle Isle or Raffensperger.
2crabby @2crabbyfiryou🔁Follow the Retweets🔁,Likes❤️,Trains🚂, Replies💬

1. Trump Patriots only
2. If you're looking for more Followers but not Following back, don't bother us
3. If your at the 5,000 Twitter block, D-message me 1st, so I can help you
4. Please Vet
Have Fun!

farmboy47 @Farmboy47F🔁Where would America be today if the Patriots in 1776 sought asylum in France like the able-bodied Somalian men are d oing today? Why aren't they in Somalia fighting for their country?
Deplorable Kaila @kailarichmond15🔁 If Russia tried to kidnap you the patriots would have you back. 🦅🇺? ?🦍
Sandpiper👑✝️✡️🐕🐈❤️ @darhar981🔁Good Morning dear Patriots!
Praying your Thursday is safe, lovely & blessed.
God Bless You & Yours Abundantly.


patrick @pjsullivan442🔁Good Morning Patriots and Friends
Another glorious day is dawning in America, The greatest nation God has ever bestowed upon the earth
Donald Trump is still
the libtwits are still triggered and clueless about everything

We’re still winning
Can it get any better

Four All Seasons @fourallseasons🔁Just Signed! Please Patriots Sign, RT& Share! 👍👍 - UPDATE: Petition to Remove From Congress Just About to HIT GOAL
Miss M @MissMDivine🔁Browder is pals with McCain. It always circles back to the same pack of traitors in the U.S. masquerading as patriots and heroes.
JamieR @Jamierodr10🔁A huge shout out to
Charlie, thank you so much for your dedication to connecting Patriots!

You are awesome!!! I’m a HUGE fan 😊
She’s doing her part to help

Omer Causey @KAG_Patriots🔁Impeachment only requires control of House. Conviction requires 2/3 of Senate. POTUS could be impeached, tried but n ot convicted merely by Democrats taking the House, or even if still the minority, getting a few anti-Trump Republicans to join the effort.
Padrick Elem @PatEnt07🔁Sigh. So it's that annual time when Twitter really hates me. But, back by *very popular* demand, here are my 2018 NFL record projections after I picked all 267 games (including Super Bowl LIII). Click for explanations:
Irene Cowley🍷🍷 @robbiejosh12🔁Awesome! Go after all the amazing patriots and get them on air until we get this imbecile out of office! Their voic es and ours need to heard every minute of every day - thank you Rachelle for being a constant in a rather horrible period!!!!!
Avchin Patriots @maryavchin🔁Rand Paul Has Sense And
Cares About USA/People 💯
Stands With President Trump
Supports His Agenda🙏🇺🇸
Patriots RT/We're Trump's Media /Corrupt Media/Lying
Democrats Only Hate🔥

Rex Myers 45 @RexMyers8🔁Good morning patriots ☕☕☕

I've already sounded off WITHOUT COFFEE so if you don't see my tweets for a while you know why.


Why is FBI Director Wray in Aspen slobbering over Mueller's integrity instead of raiding the DNC for their servers??

Christina Teekel @ctemailme🔁Why isn't EVERYONE concerned about illegals voting?

Why isn't EVERYONE concerned about open borders?

Why isn't EVERYONE concerned about our Constitution being trampled on?

America patriots ARE concerned it's the dems that are destroying our country.


David @Airbornex82nd🔁🔥🔥

Heads up Patriots! Trump's new campaign ad for 2020!

Our President 🌟🇺🇸

THE President of the United States!

I've never been more proud of this country or any other ...

Kim Reed @KimReed3🔁 What???? Not secure our elections? What kind of patriots are the Republicans? Are they working for Putin, too? Stop this madness!
John A. Forrest @jaforrest1369🔁Good morning Patriots!☀️🇺🇸
It’s both shocking & telling how the RINO’s in Congress have sided with the Dems & MSM to attack President Trump. Their goal is clear & we need a TRUE majority this Nov to prevent the left’s rabid attacks. We need a New Day!
Greg @greggamble🔁Congress!

Please Protect BillBrowder & Michael McFaul @ Stanford.

Putin’a targeted them & 45’s thinking about cooperating!!!

These are AMERICAN citizens and patriots.

This has gone too far!

Jason_OTC @Jason_OTC🔁His contracts really never were about guarantees until the end, nor were they pay as you go by design except for the one year Patriots deal when that happened to be the best option for the future
Lorraine Devore @lorraine_devore🔁Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of “high crimes & misdemeanors.” It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???
Reyn @RobertRDukes2🔁Having a jobs fair at the White House? Probably losing any remaining patriots working there after your disgraceful b ehavior at the NATO and Putin meetings.
Arlene Shumaker @BoatMateARS🔁Hey America, these are exactly the kinds of messages that Putin hoped to spark by going after me in Helsinki. Aside from personally intimidating me, Putin aims to divide our nation. He has been succeeding. It's time to push back harder, Republican and Democratic patriots together
Linda Rodriguez @rodriguez_linda🔁Trump's explosive comments with Putin reportedly angered his closest aides so much that Republicans were given permission to speak out via
Real patriots wouldn’t need permission to denounce treason.
Covfefe Jim @jimdwrench🔁I hate to see Patriots attacking other patriots. It's not right. I have been attacked by supposed MAGA accounts myself. We need to unite! We need to support each other as we support our . Connor has always been respectful and kind to me. People please stop this attacking!
Marty @Kingbuzzard1🔁Power in numbers get er done Patriots follow eachother!!!
don jones #veteran (K) @donjone38970700🔁I totally agree. I've wanted to say the exact same thing yesterday. I have followed back all Patriots, but not all have followed back. Please follow all
Ken1951 🇺🇸 @Ken19512🔁Good morning great Patriots! Today we're on Twitter deployment to fight for America, our magnificent Flag and our P resident! God speed! 🇺🇸
Retired_Navy_Corpsman @CorpsmanRetired🔁Words of wisdom. Love this one Patriots.
ProudTrumpwoman @pmswolfy🔁Patriots sign and verify so we can retire this corrupt politician
Patricia Tillinghast @tillinghastpat1🔁

Harley Schlanger on The SGT report.🚨
Patriots Get the Word Out. I urge you to listen to this 🚨approx 23 minutes. It's up to the American people to defend our President Trump🇺🇸 from the Deep State.
John Brennan is dangerous. Please subscribe and share

Toxic Avenger 1 @Avenger2Toxic🔁extremely disconcerting to our younger generation and a lesson in trust.

Avenger: Patriots...there are 50,000 child ren missing form Haiti. You have to ask..what happened to them? There are many missing from our country too.

raaya @tweeterjumbo🔁Read the article. But fact is liberal prestitutes write favouring moslems., Conservative Patriots and nationalists h arp but to no avail. Crime to population ratio statics show Muslims involved in far more crimes, which is generally agreed by public
Resputinkw @Resputinkw1🔁The Marxists are on the loose but they are losing their audience. Enlist with us at . Our patriots awai USFREEDOMARMY.COM t your help.
Awoken 🇺🇸 Patriot🇺🇸 @wsk007🔁United We Stand! Please follow these Patriots & Retweet after following. Thank you! 🇺🇸
Ajooni Cook @AjooniC🔁 No 💩💩 u pissed off over 63 million Patriots ⁦@netflix⁩
Libby the Liberal @hockeymom098🔁It’s clear. The GOP is not only fine with Trump shooting an American on 5th Ave., they’re okay with him giving Putin a gun to shoot as many Americans as he wants. History will not look kindly on them. True patriots have only one weapon. VOTE!!!
Joe Montana’s Right Arm @JoeMsrightarm🔁New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is enjoying a vacation with his wife, Gisele Bundchen before the team begi ns training camp on July 26....
Muck Chann @cdmmann🔁Thank you for dousing the gaslight. Keep it up. You are one of the Patriots in the battle for Democracy.
Maelon Vaughan @MaelonVaughan🔁Goid Night🇺🇸Patriots Awesome Post💥Love Our
President 💯We Stand United
With Him/We're His Media/Army/Support🙏Daily Twitter/Jack Trying To Shut Us Down! Luv Military/Blue/Justice My
Bad A$$ Followers❤Please

14gunrites @14gunrites1🔁Good Morning my friends & Patriots.

May you all have a fabulous day in the greatest country on Earth!

gsPATTON’s ARMY ENLIST NOW 🇺🇸❤️💪 @gspatton007🔁““Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.”
Luke 16:10

Keep taking a stand for truth and righteousness fellow patriots! 🇺🇸

Trump✨Girl✨Forever @flttrbydragnfly🔁 is LEGIT & is also a PSYOP w/many purposes:

* Reveal not reported by
* Keep morale of , "we're winning"
* Paint "big picture" w/ guided research
* Scare cabal into exposing selves, "we have it all"

Our job=spread word/

Sharon Andreas @SharNeal🔁💫🌟Lets get this to the finish line patriots!!
Christian F. Meier @ChristianFMeier🔁Apparently this was in MAD Magazine in 1968 - reminds me of all of the and “super patriots” on twitter and elsewhere. Lots of hateful opinions but I’m convinced these “patriots” are a very small (but vocal) minority in Canada.
RobMaga567 @raslady1🔁I feel like part of the reason our gov became such a swamp is bc Patriots were busy living their lives and politicians took advantage. It’s gonna take a long time to fix it, but we can’t let it happen anymore.
✊️Phillip Palmer✊️ @arkreader🔁. is no longer in the hands of loyal . These years while it is held by & gang will forever be a disgrace to our h istory- & this fall so the can again be a check & balance to the power of
Sparkleon @Sparkleon1🔁Show is about to start. Get down here. Members of Congress showing up. DC Labor Chorus is here. Lots of patriots w signs and drums
Mayo Hall @MSUSpartanFan78🔁, quite clearly, are not patriots. Protecting the integrity of our ballots & the count is in the best interest of all citizens.
Carlyle Gordon @lcby🔁That 2nd grade taunt doesn't merit a reply. This democratic country has and always will have its patriots & those i n service to its flag. is 1 of them. is clearly not.
MAGA❤️Gwen @MAGAGwen🔁What’s happening to our right now is sickening, outrageous, and downright criminal.
And like criminals, their only motivation is personal gain at any cost.
Hold fast Patriots!
Nana CJ @NanaforTrump🔁The patriots know that Brennan needs to be investigated for his conduct while working for Obama and since then he is trying to make a silent coup happen and
ChemTrails Today @ChemtrailPlanes🔁Patriots let's get louder! If we are going to be deplorable if we are going to be unconscionable if we're going to be Talked about anyway...get LOUDER!!!! FIND EVERY MAN, WOMAN CHILD WHO CAN VOTE and red pill
Joe Cool Spivey @JoeCoolSpivey1🔁Thanks to all the hard-working men and women of ICE.

We true American Patriots love and appreciate what you do.

K eep your heads up your eyes open and stay safe God bless you all!

BIG JOHNSON @VoteTheRINOsOUT🔁Typical... a definite LOSER LIB... can’t think of ANYTHING intelligent to say or discuss like a REASONABLE HUMAN instead, his tiny brain is only able to come up with obtuse comments of disrespect & profanity. GOD BLESS AMERICA, PRESIDENT TRUMP & ALL PATRIOTS🇺🇸
robert dean moore jr @zacksdad1🔁It's NFL prediction time! picks all 267 games (including Super Bowl LIII):
Xavier Dias @reachxdias🔁 Thanks to Prof. Max Forte for his contribution to Dianuke:
james j burke III @jamesjburkeIII🔁Good morning,

To stand with doesn’t make you less of a Patriot — It means you believe he deserves support

I stand & agree 🇺🇸

“Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, & your government when it deserves it”~Mark Twain

{⭐️}Lonestar ❣️ Americanbychoice❣️ @TexaLonestar🔁💫🌟Lets get this to the finish line patriots!!
Erick Ferreira ★ @euerickferreira🔁Equipes de esportes mais valiosas do mundo:

1. Dallas Cowboys 🏈

2. ⚽

3. ⚽

4. ⚽

5. New York Yankees 🏉

6. Ne w England Patriots 🏈

7. New York Knicks 🏀

8. Los Angeles Lakers 🏀

9. New York Giants 🏈

10. Golden State Warriors 🏀

Cindy Kay Hogan @CindyKayHogan1🔁Good morning Mitch and all you wonderful PATRIOTS!! WAKE UP AMERICA 🇺🇸😍🙏🤗
Angela @indigo_dawn4🔁Good Morning Patriots
Betrayed @MisoMunje🔁At the start of this bull shit, Charlton Heston held up a weapon and screamed (foaming at the mouth -- right Mr. Poo py?) "from my cold dead hands".

Not nice? Hateful? ..... yeah, you white fake patriots, fake Christians, real Russian traitors are getting kids killed. 2/2


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