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Taleishaaa @_Leleistheway_🔁 Protesters meet the police on the Parkway East
Andrew Goldstein @angolds🔁Protesters meet the police on the Parkway East
Marcus Aurelius @TheKidFrankie2🔁 Protesters, who just shut down the Parkway East, turned on their cell phone lights for Antwon.
Parkway East Floooo $ @TheRealFloooo🔁 This is the Parkway East
NBC News @NBCNews🔁Protesters shut down Parkway East in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, following the death of Antwon Rose, a black teena ger shot by a police officer earlier in the week.
WPXI @WPXI🔁: Parkway East in BOTH DIRECTIONS closed as demonstrators are blocking traffic. is on the scene and will have a live report for 11 at 11.
RUH-KEL✨ @itsraquxl🔁I was apart of something so powerful & meaniningful yesterday , we make a statement !!! We are going to be heard🗣 the community stuck together as ONE & protest from east PIttsburgh to the parkway & shit it DOWN!!! Justice for Antwon ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽
Alex @psualex🔁: Parkway East shutdown by protestors angry over the police shooting of
shakyra❤️ @shakyraaaaa_🔁Protestors lay down in the middle of the Parkway Thursday, June 21, 2018 as they continue to rally for who was shot by East Pittsburgh Police on Tuesday night.
lindsay sammel @lollinyy🔁People commenting on the protesters blocking the Parkway East.. “I would be LIVID if I had to sit in that traffic.” Yeah? Imagine how his mother feels. Her son is dead & you’re complaining about traffic.
bu'saif @AhmadAldhafairi🔁Protesters shut down Parkway East in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Thursday night, following the death of Antwon Rose.
jtkola™ @jtkola🔁Forget the Parkway East. You wanna get @billpeduto's attention, try blocking a bike lane. #AntwonRose
MBP @megs_brianne🔁Who has two thumbs and left her helmet on her bike’s handle bars while driving down East Parkway during rush hour traffic?

This girl.

pammy @elaronndyUSA🔁I would - but a distinct lack of either on East College Parkway! Once your stuck on it there’s no way to get off it ! That’s why it’s access only!!!
MimiMiller 420 @MimiTexasAngel🔁Wow, is seriously out there registering voters in the middle of the justice for protest shutting down Parkway East.
MrsBMF @MrsBMF1🔁Activist Ciora Thomas confronts a semi as 150+ people take over the Parkway East in both directions Thursday to protest an East Pittsburgh police officer's fatal shooting of , a Woodland Hills honors student. Thomas was the only marcher arrested. 📷 by
Contenta Schoenman @GSmomx2🔁"We'll get over it, but that family is going to suffer for the rest of their lives." A driver stuck on the Parkway East for hours last night said the protesters were doing a good thing. Watch more from his interview with
You Got Moxie @AR_EL_ES_3🔁@WHSAGV @JordanYorkMusic I guess black lives only matter when they further your agenda
Kieran Mclean @kmclean1995🔁Protesters have stopped at the intersection of Fort Duquesne Boulevard and Ninth Street. The police are rerouting tra ffic around the protest as it moves, preventing the jams and blockages that direct action tactics created yesterday in East PGH, Forest Hills, and on the Parkway.
Neely P @Neely711🔁I'd be cool with protestors shutting down the parkway east every night until #AntwonRose gets justice.
🥀 @_lilqueer🔁Traffic is stopped in both directions on 376 as a group protesting the death of took to the parkway. The crowd has grown since starting to march from East Pittsburgh around 6pm.
Charrisa @His_Poema🔁Protesters shut down Parkway East in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, following the death of Antwon Rose, a black teenager shot by a police officer earlier in the week.
Ronald B. Borgquist @rbborgquist🔁'It's not going to stop anytime soon': Protesters of police shooting shut down Parkway East for hours via
bbq sauce on my titties @arozoconpollo🔁Scenes from the continued rally on the Parkway in Wilkinsburg. Protesters calling for justice and answers for the death of 17-year-old , who was shot and killed by East Pittsburgh Police Tuesday during a traffic stop, Thursday, June 21, 2018.
SadBoiZayy @ZayyIam🔁Protesters shutting down Parkway East have started getting water and cookies brought to them while chanting "we may be here all night"


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