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#ParklandStudentsSpeak Ariane Dolgah @ArianeDolgah🔁Resign sheriff Israel ! you are guilty ! #ParklandStudentsSpeak #ParklandSchoolShooting #ParklandStrong
Raw Story @RawStory🔁WATCH: Meghan McCain rolls her eyes when Ana Navarro points out ‘parents lost their children’ twitter.com
Jimmy Kimmel @jimmykimmel🔁If you think the kids who survived the school shooting are part of a deep state conspiracy, you are too mentally ill twitter.com to own a gun…
Mark Ruffalo @MarkRuffalo🔁You don’t scare these young people with you threats. They face AR15s. You can’t keep them quiet anymore. They want s twitter.com afe schools and the NRA out of their politicians pockets.
Amanda Sheridan @amandart101🔁Saw Something, Said Something....Done Nothing!

Gary Morgan @garymorgan3742🔁 All of you are the America I thought was lost on Election Night 2016. #ParklandStudentsSpeak wapo.st
Fat Slug Removal @Fatslugremoval🔁 Ugly.

#Parkland #ParklandStrong #ParklandStudentsSpeak twitter.com

Tammy AKA Mama Duck @FracturedInfini🔁Arming teachers isn’t happening, turning all of our schools into eight hour a day prisons, isn’t happening, no one is twitter.com losing focus... we are angry, over it, DONE!
Akshaya de Groot @AkshayaDeGroot🔁Don’t forget the SOFT results:

🌻 regenerated faith and enthousiasm with millions of people

🌻 strengthened the ret twitter.com urn of common sense to the gun debate

Morgan @DKSNewitt🔁I’ve gotta say I’m so proud of my own generation at this time. Students have shown the power that they hold and are e twitter.com xpressing their beliefs much stronger than most adults currently.
Paul Douglas Hale @PaulDouglasHale🔁




Paula Scott @pscott362🔁 Often it is young people who lead adults to do the right thing bit.ly #ParklandStudentsSpeak #Parkland
Joseph Weber @joe_weber🔁The latest The Business-Economics Daily! paper.li #hyperdrive #parklandstudentsspeak
Robin B @rhiltonbenchoff🔁


Kanghun Kim @kanghun2001🔁
I served a 3 day suspension in High School for protesting the

Every College entrance interviewer commended me for my actions.

(((Barb Kittridge))) @kittrdg🔁 is there anyway you can hook up the students at with some of the amazing talented musical artists as they are putti twitter.com ng together a benefit concert in honor of the see above!
Spank Underwood @SpankUnderwood🔁The left : How dare you call these children liars and actors!!

Also the left : That kid who said the was twitter.com scripted is a liar!!

Chris @chrisholly71🔁I believe the #ParklandStudentsSpeak will be this generation's freedom riders. They're amazing and will have lasting impact.
Just Live @1marlinsfan🔁And she is right. Now let’s talk how Cadet Bone Spurs insults people, grabs 🙀 and has divide the country with his cr twitter.com azy talk. Or we can talk about his poor judge of character.
Niels Fonsboel @NielsFonsboel🔁Dear if you are rightfully pissed these days you might also want to consider how you are being fucked by big Pharm twitter.com a, big Oil big Tech and others who spend bigly in legalized corruption.
Letzer @Letzer1o🔁 It's all adding up. twitter.com
JEV @finbarvano🔁@MuslimIQ She was respectful and clear, UNLIKE our dishonest @POTUS. #ParklandStudentsSpeak
Solomon @SolomonNOCO🔁Did you know?

The kids that exploited for are now all ‘verified’ Twitter users with hundreds of thousands of followers?



Backlash @BackLash444🔁Cops are outgunned.

They can't keep a large loaded semi-automatic weapon on their person at all times. Dying instant twitter.com ly by charging with a handgun into a spray of rapid fire bullets helps no one.

Yeah, it's about the guns.

Modern_Day_SDG @SdgDay🔁Unreal.

Israel should ansolutly resign. For the good of the community. twitter.com

WR @yunnanmom🔁

‘We’re behind you every step of the way.’ — Michelle Obama

mlle_Maeva26💜 @mlle_maeva26🔁 these children.

showing us how it's done.

runningtoss @alinqot🔁UK supporter of rape murder and racism jokes about #ParklandStudentsSpeak @nigelfarage on no fly list @FBI twitter.com
love.markell @lovemarkell1🔁You say my presidents idea to arm teachers is idiotic. But all you wanna do is protest about the passing of a piece o twitter.com f paper, in hopes that the bad guy will listen to the laws they already choose to break.‼️🤔🗣
pablo-pic0 @profpico🔁 why would we put more guns in schools when GUNS DON’T “ SAVE” PEOPLE, PEOPLE SAVE PEOPLE. See how dumb that sounds twitter.com .
Mike Green @amikegreen2🔁The people arguing to protect AR-15s are those who prioritize sales of such military style weaponry over consequence twitter.com s of saturating a sick society with weapons of mass destruction. Even the cries of children have no effect on these people.

Allison🇺🇸🇺🇸 @Allison59798116🔁 usat.ly Because many of #ParklandStudentsSpeak will soon vote and throw Rethuglicons OUT.
Radio Free Pennsylvania T @Bwonk_Bwonk🔁Ugly.

#Parkland #ParklandStrong #ParklandStudentsSpeak twitter.com

Sara Plaskett @SarabearP🔁I just looked at the comments of one of David Hogg’s tweets. It’s a sad mix of conspiracy theories and rude comments. twitter.com These kids need support. Leave a supportive comment and report the people tweeting lies.
Landscape Observer @LandscapeObserv🔁 hear us loud and clear. We take no bs. We know what we want. We know what needs to be done. We are the voice of the generation. Gun reform, now.
the trump years @naenae82575🔁I’m so sorry Lauren u never should have to deal with any of this. I’m certain it’s also not helpful when people fight twitter.com in your feed cuz they like/don’t like trump. We must all stand together or we shall surely fall standing apart. I stand with again
Zcz Zzcz @ZczZzcz🔁Destruction By Fire youtu.be
CarolG59 @Carolyn59G🔁So it turns out that a highly trained woman in politics was on the ballot, but some feared her name to run out countr twitter.com y with much more powerful knowledge.... meanwhile the minions think Trump will....

Vikki #MAGA @NRAVikki🔁REPORT: Killer Nikolas Cruz Was 'So Into ISIS' -- Believed Enemies of 'Syrian Terrorists' Should Be Murdered (VIDEO) twitter.com
gary cameron @gcameron1🔁 !

Attacking a survivor, and a child at that!
That’s why “deplorable” fits!
Patricia Neal @Patrici97185118🔁These kids are not playing games.

They are what we need.

Keep it up , we got your back.

David Rittinger @DARittinger🔁QUESTION 1. “What would you like me to know about your experience?” We see the charade, the forced, scripted compass twitter.com ion one day to sell more guns the next, the good old bate & switch. NOT SMART! America’s youth are coming for you
Dylan Jacobs @MoffWilhuff🔁@beachdyl Your forehead is so big they could land a helicopter on that damn thing
C. Amanda @CAmandaMKMMA🔁Hey, ! I know y'all are kinda busy, but maybe students from Kansas in your network want a cause of their own that the twitter.com y can straighten out the adults?

Just throwin' this out there!....

leo Jonson @leonstrong22🔁RT if you think teachers need school supplies & a living wage more than they need guns.

Vikki #MAGA @NRAVikki🔁TRANSCRIPT: FBI Tip-Line Caller Warned Nikolas Cruz is 'GOING TO EXPLODE' -- Dressed as 'Ninja or ISIS Fighter' twitter.com
Michael Tatar @Michael__Tatar🔁All valid, compelling points. Schools are not the places for guns. twitter.com
Ric O'Shea 🌊 @sheadyacres🔁Suggestion for ...

Adopt the initiative to lower the federal age requirement to run for US Congress from 25 to 18. I twitter.com would be proud to be represented by any one of them and it would solidify the changes they desperately want.

Grumpy & Middle-aged @middle_grumpy🔁You’re right. The FBI needs to do a better job protecting us from your members and a gun culture that you support an twitter.com d cultivate.
OnWithLogic @OnWithLogic🔁Hey kid, you’re not ready to swim in the deep water. STFU. You’re being led by the nose by a lot of bad actors and c twitter.com omplex interests, and you’re unprepared for the potential outcomes. This is way over your head.
karmasen @karmasenz🔁

I have NO doubt there are students at Parkland that have said this tragedy could have been prevented because the FBI FAILED them.

Why aren't they being interviewed!?!?

Leila @RunCassandra🔁These children are the future. Shame on those politicians. #NoNRAMoney #ParklandStudentsSpeak twitter.com
Cynthia Reed @Cynthia__Reed🔁I like this! what our children need to succeed, what our schools need to me more safe--NOT a handgun. twitter.com
Northeast Queens NY @NEQueensNY🔁 I’m in awe of the Parkland Students! The winds of change have begun to blow. #ParklandStudentsSpeak
Pig n'Whistle @Harrowgateer🔁GUNS about the size of Cheese in U.S. Economy and slightly bigger than Peanuts. Imagine anyplace on this planer where twitter.com the is little more than Peanut Butter and controls
Kathryn Fields @kfi3lds🔁The behavior of these “adults” complaining about disrespectful kids just reinforces why they don’t deserve an ounce o twitter.com f deference again


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