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Wolfgang Faust @wolfgangfaustX🔁@MsAvaArmstrong God Bless @CoralSpringsPD Sgt. Jeff Heinrich.
To Hell With Coward Bounty Sheriffs!


Derek Hunter @derekahunter🔁I've seen exponentially more condemnation of the NRA, an organization with zero ties to anything or anyone associated twitter.com with , than I have the sheriff & FBI (each of which had ample warning and did nothing) or the person who murdered 17 people.
Totem💀 @Alamin_bashir00🔁 #Parkland #parklandcounty #ParklandFl

Can we talk about gun control now?

Dreaming of Peace @cjsienna55🔁 God Bless @CoralSpringsPD Sgt. Jeff Heinrich.
To Hell With Coward Bounty Sheriffs!


Eric Schneiderman @AGSchneiderman🔁The shooting at Columbine happened more than 18 years ago. The kids killed in hadn’t even been born yet. This gener twitter.com ation literally hasn’t known a world without school shootings.

Don’t tell me it’s not time to talk about gun control.
David Axelrod @davidaxelrod🔁These steps are inadequate and incremental but they would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago.
The kids have begun twitter.com to move the needle of history.

Texan13 @N8ivTexan🔁After the shooting in , FL, high school students around are getting organized and politically active. Here's a state-by-state list of where 16 and 17 year-olds can to vote. Share it wide.
Liz Jones @jonesfamilyof4🔁These steps are inadequate and incremental but they would have been unthinkable a few weeks ago.
The kids have begun to move the needle of history.

DeeBird @DwbirdDee🔁OK the moratorium I called on criticizing the kids from is lifted for this guy

He's well past grieving and deep into his new vocation as a political partisan

Mike Taccetta @MTACCETTA🔁RETWEET - If you believe Broward Co. Sheriff Scott Israel should resign?

Ixchel @ixchelrivas6🔁 students have:

-Forced gun control to dominate the nat'l conversation
-Planned marches, walkouts & raised millions
-Pressured Trump to consider banning bump stocks
-Pressured Rubio to consider banning high-capacity magazines
-Encouraged businesses to divest from NRA

Trisha leblanc @whitedogl🔁 over 20MM high school students were impacted by the mass shooting at MSD High School in . Over 8MM of them will be eligible to vote in 2018. And a total of 16MM of them in 2020. Hope for the future!
KDub 🥃 @kychilehead🔁As an adult and mother of two, I agree with the teens and fully support their message. Proud they are standing up and twitter.com speaking out.
rose w @MardiGrasQween🔁Marco you are a top ten money taker, you might as well have handed that AR-15 to the shooter you cockroach.
HammerDownHanna @Hammerdownhanna🔁 Blaming the @NRA for #Parkland is like blaming AAA for the terrorist who ran down dozens on the West Side Highway in NYC.
Diane3Strikes @diane3strikes🔁 Just order drapes... made sure to pick standard 5-7 day USPS shipping. A few days is a small price to pay for the l twitter.com ives of children!!
Supergeek @supergeek🔁@amazon I stand for the children of #Parkland and will no longer use your company. #BoycottNRA #BoycottAmazon
Jane Beckwith @jb4civilrights🔁17 sets of hand prints to remember precious life lost.

We will never forget you. We honor your courage and your memory by fighting for change.

concerned@grandma @ConnieAThompson🔁

🔫 Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Has History Of Controversy
PAC for his election took money from Organized Crime Felon ...

Richard Armande Mills (RAM) @RAMRANTS🔁Can you please ask him why an video clip of him recording interviews, reportedly during the school shooting, shows twitter.com him stating he’s recording a student named Alex View “at 9:32” when the shooting itself didn’t take place until after 2PM?
🌹❤️The Notorious Mrs Perevozchikova❤️🌹 @PutinsBabyGirl🔁Swine🐷 are always more than happy to shoot un-armed black people. Yet they couldn't bring themselves to rise to the twitter.com occasion to save the kids. It's almost as if they're the total fucking cowards I always thought they were. Hhhmmm........🤔🤔🤔
Elaine Allen @msallen2u🔁I had the honor of speaking at the vigil for the victims & survivors and I consider it one of the most important things I’ve ever said.
Nancy Mitchell @NancyWonderful🔁The kids have begun to move the needle of history.
DON'T STOP nyti.ms twitter.com
Chi 🌊 @ChiHamilton5🔁Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg:
“I wanted to make sure that even if our souls were left behind on that classr twitter.com oom floor, our voices would echo on to the halls of Congress."
Joan Pitre @JoanPitre🔁While everyone is I know The is not responsible for the shooter's mental illness, nor the gun he chose to use. I and I just took a personal stand for my freedom by joining NRA! You should too!
Colby Allerton @TestColby🔁GOP Gov. Scott now wants to keep guns away from mentally-ill people under 21. Great progress for . Really, and just twitter.com pathetically. We don’t deserve to live in the world these A+ rated by the NRA idiots like Scott have created.


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