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ParklandParklandParklandParkland Jack Huncho @JackoCracko_🔁 lol at this guy calling the kids from parkland stupid. clearly a top shelf intellect
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁Hey - You ok with your Board member and your personal friend Ted Nugent saying this about the Parkland children/gun violence survivors?
Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁Longtime Board member Ted Nugent just said this about Parkland gun violence survivors: "These poor children, I’m afr aid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul."

Waiting for you to contradict him.

Qasim Rashid, Esq. @MuslimIQ🔁Laura at RNC: Nazi Salute

Laura to Muslims: Islam is evil

Laura to Black athletes: Shut up & dribble

Laura to Parkland victims: Lol UCLA rejected you

Teen calls out Laura:
•Media:Woah dangerous precedent

Lupe Bello Corona @_lupelove🔁. board member Ted Nugent saying the Parkland teens who survived the AR-15 shooting are "soulless liars" is the official position of the NRA unless they remove him immediately. Any GOP candidate who takes NRA money is agreeing with the comments of NRA board member Nugent.
Miss Jane Hathaway @MsJaneHathaway🔁 Mr. "Macho", military "loving", gun nut explains how he INTENTIONALLY crapped his pants in order to become a cowar d DRAFT DODGER! And HE calls those kids from Parkland soulless liars!?
Lori Maier @Maier12345🔁“I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul.”

— Ted Nugent on Parkland students

These students are heroes. Those that have openly attacked them have declared warfare on kids and the very heart and soul of our nation.

Get Out DEM Votes @getoutdemvotes🔁I firmly believe that it’s impossible to be both a Trump supporter and a decent human being. Ted Nugent & Laura Ingraham know their audience well. They are portraying the Parkland kids as sub-human simply because their bravery is proving inconvenient to the NRA death cult agenda
H Nicole Young @hnicoleyoung3🔁Hogg/Ingraham Omg, if u guys don't stop promoting this little gay nazi prick Hogg just to fulfill the wet dreams of every woman-hating gay nazi prick in universe (to take down a woman who SHUD b 10000x more powerful) I'm getting my news elsewhere
karen m bradley @karenmbradley2🔁 @DutyOfAPatriot @raolc Parkland is a FAKE, Staged , Exercise, CNN is CIA...
Lea M. Callais @LeaMCalEnd🔁It’s Easter and you are attacking (according to leftist definitions) this survivor of the Parkland shooting?

Quick, go after his sponsors!

Oh wait, he doesn’t have any.

Darla Thick @creeper6548🔁After Ted Nugent says Parkland teens have no soul, Joy Reid reminds America he dodged draft by pooping his pants
Mabel Quick @Byhought🔁I don't discuss politics here. I'm not a policy maker. I openly campaign for no legislation, nor do I bring my personal political beliefs into our social media discourse.

This is the exception that defines the rule.

Dear Ted Nugent .... STFU!

(((Dana the Serb, Proud Shitholer))) @PronouncedDonna🔁 "Hey Parkland students who are changing the world, did you hear what Ted Nugent said about you?"
Parkland students: "Ted who?"
VictoriaMR @vmrindy🔁Retweet if you don’t think is doing enough to protect Parkland students from abuse.
Beet Hive Stream 🎨 @yceek🔁NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Slams Mushy Brained Parkland Survivors: They Have No Soul
MONIQUE @MschRn🔁 Host of #AMJoy brought the fire
J.P. Flaherty @JpflahertyIII🔁The Parkland students are standing up to the and can’t handle it. Your guns don’t make you a man, Ted. But your rhetoric does make you an irrelevant, heartless dinosaur. These kids are braver that you’ve ever been or ever will be.
Mike S. Adams @MikeSAdams🔁The media likes to call them Parkland shooting survivors. I like to call them Roe v Wade survivors.
Deplorable Me @formarrowdbs🔁 @KyleKashuv @CNN @joanwalsh CNN = Clown News Network. Wow, now they're supporting attacks on Parkland shooting survivors? Smh
Neleimour 🛡️ @Neleimour🔁It seems as if the media wants to makes this black students vs Parkland students. I adore each and every student for their part in this movement. The Parkland students GET that we are often overshadowed and left out of these conversations.(1/2)
Rory Hanson @rodigit1300🔁Laura at RNC: Nazi Salute

Laura to Muslims: Islam is evil

Laura to Black athletes: Shut up & dribble

Laura to Parkland victims: Lol UCLA rejected you

Teen calls out Laura:
•Media:Woah dangerous precedent

Judy @judesyr🔁1/ THREAD: I often get attacked by extremists who see any attempt to improve safety and gun laws as a gun ban. As a gun owner, I believe we should lead efforts to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them

Charles LG Conlon @ConlonCharles🔁 RT if you think the Parkland teens would do a better job running this country than Trump and Congress are.
RL @beaches_n_mts🔁I’d really like to know where you got the idea he was bullied. Kids were AFRAID OF HIM! They stayed away because they were AFRAID OF HIM!
Sean Lavers @LaversSean🔁Top Alberta NDP government staffer mocked Parkland shooting survivor, then lied about not knowing who he was
You Know More Now @YouKnowMoreNow🔁Ted Nugent, who has a habit of going after young girls (including a pre-pubescent Courtney Love) says that the Parkland Kids have no soul.

1. Pedophiles have no souls.
2. Have you even HEARD yourself sing, Ted Nobody?

Sandra 🌊🌊🌊 @mad1nola🔁After Ted Nugent says Parkland teens have no soul, Joy Reid reminds America he dodged draft by pooping his pants
Lupe Bello Corona @_lupelove🔁Hey - You ok with your Board member and your personal friend Ted Nugent saying this about the Parkland children/gun violence survivors?
Linda Chapin @lindachapin54🔁 I liked a @YouTube video Ted Nugent: Parkland Students Attacking NRA 'Have No Souls'
Eli Zed Rigour @eli_zed🔁Miracle-ear pulls ads from Laura Ingraham's show after attacks on Parkland student
Jim Lawrence @Hapjamlaw🔁Hey candidates who take money from the - Do you agree with board member Ted Nugent that the Parkland teens who survived the AR-15 shooting are "soulless liars"?! If not then do NOT take any donations from the NRA. If you accept NRA $ we assume you agree with Nugent
ISAAC BACHAR @ASPECT🔁Brother of Parkland Victim: My Anti-Gun Peers Need to Stop Abusing My Sister's Memory to...
Daisy Alden #MAGA 🇺🇸 @Daisy4America🔁This “game” works both ways...
Proactiv Pulls Ads From After Ex-Contributor Attacks Pro-Gun Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv

cris. @pineconefaced🔁What's wild is these parkland kids are gonna get fullrides to Harvard & shit. I got threatened with expulsion for wearing a shirt that said RIP Trayvon Martin during a dance performance in high school. My friends were arrested & CHARGED for protesting in NYC when we were teens.
Ali Adair @AliAdair22🔁. definitely needs to do a better job at stopping the vicious, abusive tweets, both about AND directed at students.

Why do we have to beg you to do this, ? Didn’t the daily deluge of reports over the last 45 days mean anything to you?

Charles Hurley @bullwinkle1960🔁We are working through such issues now. A lot of it is how to do it. The TX church shooter was prohibited, but the AF didn't put him in the database. The Parkland shooter wasn't in jail due to an Obama program designed to keep young people out of jail.
Kwaisi France @BmoreInBklyn🔁If really cared about the damage she's done to David Hogg and teenagers in Parkland and elsewhere, she'd implore her viewers/followers not to further harass them; to show a modicum of compassion—and she'd demand the same of predators like and .
Robin L @RobinKLowe🔁Unhinged: Personal attacks on Parkland teens show right wing's fear that it will lose on the issues
Tara @tara_ansari7🔁The black kids of Parkland who also watched their friends die in front of them are speaking out about how their white peers advocating for more cops makes them feel more afraid and I am so angry at how they have to worry about that on top of their trauma
Crooked Hillary @AMCJCC1123🔁Let's think about how bullying contribute to the Parkland shooting Massacre! If these people would not have given thi s kid a bad time he would not have acted out
Ken Greenberg @KenGreenberg🔁Proactiv Pulls Ads From MSNBC After Ex-Contributor Attacks Pro-Gun Parkland Student Kyle Kashuv | Breitbart via
Juanita Moore 🌊 @JuanitaIguana1🔁This goes to The for this takedown of pseudo-Christian Frank Stallone who called Parkland survivor a “pussy,” “punk,” and encouraged his peers to “sucker punch this rich little bitch.”

jazz ⚡️ @jazzlynxm🔁Change the Ref was founded by Manuel Oliver, the father of Joaquin Oliver who was lost in the 2018 Parkland Shooting. Click here to find out more and take action:
Lupe Bello Corona @_lupelove🔁NRA board member Ted Nugent says the Parkland student activists “have no soul”. SMH. These adult gun advocates attacking kids personally is disgusting.
Jack Danger @JackyWestside🔁Just settling into watch Roseanne with my son’s Tavin & Wedge when one of those damn Parkland teens strolled jnto my House & knocked the TV over!
Gorsuch @gorsuch007🔁😘😘😘Liberals get a taste of their own medicine when proActive pulls ads from MSNBC when Kurt Eichenwald attacks Parkland Survivor Kyle Kashuv.

Eichenwald called Kashuv infantile, stared he was trafficking in fantasies, and had no respect. I say enough

Buck It Man @buckitman🔁I understand your friend. We'll see after this November. If new 18-year old voters remain apathetic towards voting and don't show up even after Parkland, it'll be even worse by 2020. Nothing will detail short of an impeachment. The red-hat-wearing voters will show up
Beet Hive Stream 🎨 @yceek🔁Ted Nugent on Parkland Gun Control Activists: 'They Have No Soul'
WEPHammersmithFulham @WEPHamFul🔁 Taylor Swift perfectly summed up the problem with homophobia in the music industry
Charles Myrick -CEO @medicinehelp🔁Advertisers including Nestle are dumping Laura Ingraham after she slammed Parkland survivor David Hogg
S3RG @Azurielfloof🔁If they actually knew what they are talking about, they would have no problem debating the pro gun students from Park land. Kyle Kashuv has already exposed one of the idiots, and he knows what he's doing. The marches and the idiots have done nothing to stop violence.
eschew_obfuscation @eschew_lies🔁The right wing meltdown over the activism of the Parkland survivors is very revealing.

The lunatic right is addicted to a fantasy of control.

The realization that they can’t even control teenagers is truly more than they can handle.

Get used to it, snowflakes.

J.R. Lorton @JRLorton🔁 Roseanne also believes that Parkland survivor David Hogg is a Nazi.
General S. D. Butler @butler_general🔁 Republicans don’t think the Parkland teenagers are old enough to debate them, only to date them.
Daradee @Daradee2🔁. you allow people on your shows that attack family members of Parkland victims. She says she can “say whatever [she] wants.” This seems problematic to me.
karen m bradley @karenmbradley2🔁David Hogg's FBI father under investigation for having orchestrated Parkland shooting.

Nikolas Cruz was talking with Alexa Miednik while shots fired "from the other part of the building" & she said there were Multiple Shooters.

#CA10 Blue 👊🏼🌹 @pxbern🔁 Parkland Student: March Was 'Just The Start'
Chief Albert @TheChiefAlbert🔁Ted Nugent only said the Parkland shooting survivors have no soul because he hasn't had a soul since he dodged the draft and molested underage girls, you guys. He thought he recognized people like himself. Anyone could make that mistake, right?
Lori Maier @Maier12345🔁Wow are you really policing who "likes" tweets from a grieving Parkland father who lost his daughter? Good luck handling your stress, Kyle.
ArtistaPeña @ArtistaPena🔁 Spit On The Ground, Spit On The Flag The Desecration Of Our American Democracy
Boycott ‘Roseanne’: Twitter Users Are Mad At Roseanne Barr For Trump Support, Calling Parkland Student A Nazi

Marc Gratkowski @mgratk🔁 @joanwalsh @KyleKashuv Stop bullying a #Parkland survivor Joan.
justtheo. 🌊 @justtheo1🔁Donald Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her for getting strong TV ratings playing a Trump supporter.

Donald Trump didn’t call the family of Scott Beigel, heroic Parkland coach/teacher killed unlocking his class to help students find shelter.

Ego first, America second.

Jessica H Overton @JessicaHOverto1🔁He is such shit - demonizing the woman "Newscaster" who attacked the Parkland kids? why dont you tell to learn CPR to protect herself? You need to be delegated to the porcelain bowl of bullshit.
Marc Gratkowski @mgratk🔁Is harassing a Parkland survivor now? Or is it okay because he doesn’t fit your narrative. The bias is embarrassing. 🙄
Patric D @spunkkee🔁“It’s disturbing to know that somebody can bully so many people and just get away with it, especially to the level that she matter how big or powerful they may seem, a bully is a bully and it's important that you stand up to them."
Sak3 @Sak3moto🔁Ted Nugent is the latest Republican to attack Parkland students.

A reminder:
🔸He threatened Obama
🔸Dodged the draft
🔸A pedophile who adopted a 17yo to have sex with her.
🔸Writes songs about raping 13yo girls.

Of course, Trump invited him to the White House for lunch.

B. @B3llzBella🔁For those embracing Ted Nugent's attacks on the kids from Parkland, remember that Nugent once sought to become the legal guardian of a 17-year-old so he could have sex with her, and Courtney Love claims she performed oral sex on Nugent when she was just 12 yrs old!
Brenda Scott @MumBot2000🔁Republicans are making personal attacks on the Parkland students, spreading false rumors and trying to humiliate them publicly.

And for what?

The students have been respectful and polite. All they've asked for is basic safety.

Mitchythekid @MitchLevites🔁 Actor Frank Stallone tweeted that someone should "sucker punch" David Hogg
Michael Blair @mmjblair🔁Roseanne Barr should do ep about the lies & cruelty she & Trump represent. Ice Agents pulling pregnant moms from kids, appalling treatment of Transgenders, not just disagree with Hillary she's: Pedophile, Murderer, Obama: Kenyan, Muslim, Parkland Kids: Nazi's. Nazi's: Fine people


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