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#ParisAgreement MEXI4TRUMP @PottyMouthBULL🔁 RETWEET if you agree...


Raka Gilang Utama @rakakah🔁 BREAKING: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a blunt message for Donald Trump. #ParisAgreement
#ParisAgreement Jim Antonio @jim7911🔁 Trump shows Obama what he can do with his #ParisAgreement 😆
Jasper Busscher @JasperBusscher🔁 BREAKING: Arnold Schwarzenegger has a blunt message for Donald Trump. #ParisAgreement
#ParisAgreement puntoeacapo @elenamente3🔁 Donald Dump
#ParisAgreement Hairy Highlandr2 @HairyHighlandr2🔁 America First!
Earth Last!
Anonymous 😼 @YourAnonCentral🔁French President @EmmanuelMacron offers refuge to US scientists as part of #BDStheUS movement. #ParisAgreement
#ParisAgreement Brian Etherington @BookArt🔁 Someone sent this to us - please cite the artist! #ParisAgreement #ParisAccord
#ParisAgreement Bill de Blasio @NYCMayor🔁I just signed an executive order committing New York City to honor the goals of the #ParisAgreement.
Ted Lieu @tedlieu🔁The reason, Mr. Vice President, is called "science." A synonym would be "facts." The concept called "truth" would als o work.
Kellyanne Conway @KellyannePolls🔁Zero. This would be a useful graph in any story about #ParisAgreement.
cammosher @cammosher🔁Sad to lose the but headed to Congress with over a thousand taxpayers to lobby in person for this month.
Vikunj @vsingwal89🔁Proud that Prime Minister reiterates commitment to the .
Siouxzycue @siouxzycue🔁Thank you so much ! You are the best hope for the implementation of the in the US!
Susan Halloran @Angeloftheshore🔁In every single state, most Americans support the US participating in the . Retweet if you’re one of them!
Sheila Sutton Carter @ssconetwothree1🔁😳 WOW! The dictionary came up with a definition for the Administration. ⬇️⬇️
Donald. Trumps. Life @dnldtrmpslife🔁 Statement on the US' withdrawal from the Paris climate agreements. #parisagreement
Jim Furlong @EWOKinLA🔁French President offers refuge to US scientists as part of movement.
Greg Dotson @1gregdotson🔁My op-Ed in the Oregonian today: Oregon energy leadership in the aftermath of federal abdication #ParisAgreement
Brian Schroth @BeezerSmeezer🔁Leaving the could expose Trump to charges of “crimes against humanity,” the French minister said.
CW @CWPatriot🔁Elon Musk attacks Trump , then purchases fossil fuel guzzling private jet. Elites want us to sacrifice....

Thomas J. Thias @AmazingChevVolt🔁 As a matter of principle, I've resigned from the President's Council over the #ParisAgreement withdrawal.
Varda Friedman @varda_friedman🔁RT & share link below if u agree Congress needs to push back on Trump & support the

Tim Horton @thortoncuyahoo🔁This is the pro-Trump, anti- "Pittsburgh not Paris" rally outside the White House...
DNCLEAKS 🐼 SethRich @wienerherzog2🔁Urban Farmer Gets Woke To Climate Change Hoax #ParisAgreement #ParisAccord #GoodRiddance #GlobalistDeathtrap
Candy Nudo @nudo54🔁This is what a real president sounds like instead of the fake one we currently have. Sad.
Cookie @YMcglaun🔁Celebrities currently pulling their hair out over the are the same ones who fly thousands of miles a month by private jet.
Red Auerbach @BarraKona🔁 @brunelldonald @realDonaldTrump Pulling out of #ParisAgreement just gave US the funds to do so. Good move. Great investment
cammosher @cammosher🔁 Action is still the antidote for despair. Join @citizensclimate and help us reduce emissions more than #ParisAgreement
Karsten Warnecke @karstenwarnecke🔁.: Like China, we are disappointed by US withdrawal from but this invites us both to proceed w/ its implementation
Rémi STEIN @SteinRmi🔁Washington can't stop our climate progress. Americans will fulfill the by leading from the bottom up
Marika @marikalynch🔁Now more than ever, our must lead! Everything is local
Rockviewtees @rockviewtees🔁Look at this on eBay #willienelson #nra #cowboys #ParisAgreement #WonderWoman #กามเทพซ้อนกล #uclfinal2017
Ruth Merino @RuthReads🔁. Chair Mayor was key to reaching – those commitments still stand today
Leslie Bond @lkbond🔁Withdrawal from , condemns this generation and those to come. He's declaring war on the planet itself.
Hrund H @HrundHafsteins🔁🌎 🇺🇸

Mr. Trump: your city could look like this in just 83 years.


DeplorableGeorgeIV @Rebels4Trump🔁THANK YOU for protecting America's working families from the folly of . American prosperity comes first!
Sherrill Jones 🗽 @My_Sherrona🔁 We, the people of the United States, sign on to the #ParisAgreement. Sign on: @MoveOn
Vickie Richardson🌻 @Vickistweet🔁Imagine being so triggered by the , then having nothing to say about the .
Darrell Starling @Dkstar68🔁The president’s argument for withdrawing from contains multi-trillion dollar math error
Ruth Merino @RuthReads🔁The American government may have pulled out of the , but the American people remain committed to it.
Anand Dörairaj @stonedwasherman🔁Meanwhile. Optimism is happening #ParisAgreement
PA Manufacturers @PAManufacturers🔁 reduced GHG 20%; =0%. Feel good foreign fraternity pledges may relieve liberal guilt but do nothing for environment.
Talaya Grimes @tagmuse🔁And sign the petition calling on Hogan to commit MD to upholding the :


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