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ParadeParade Baily Branum @baily_branum🔁Why does this Afghan Hound look like Derek Sanders from Mayday Parade
Parade Reverie 🥀 @izeofjules🔁The Black Parade:
1.)I Don’t Love You
Parade Charles @ChasO2018🔁Girls Drill for Poison Gas Attack: Gas-Mask Parade in Tokyo, by Masao Horino 1936-1939
Parade Neke-A-Leek @40ozNeke🔁 In Mexico this dog walked through a parade for the Pope thinking it was for him. 😆❤️😍
Parade Wolf of Wine @HeartWoody🔁“Look, I’m just trying to get to the fursuit parade...”
Emilio @melosavage26🔁 Already plenty of excitement as @NovaMBB Parade is about to begin. @69News
Parade The Chesapeake Today @ChesapeakeToday🔁DWI HIT PARADE / Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack reports March 2018 DUI arrests
ParadeParadeParade ⛓ Susan Pai and Allies ⛓ @susanpai🔁Trump’s bigly parade is going to be tremendous.
Mr. President @DakotaMacMilla🔁 My Chemical Romance - "Welcome to the Black Parade" (2006)
ParadeParadeParadeParade NBC Sports Philadelphia @NBCSPhilly🔁Another day.

Another title.

Another parade. ✌️

Tim Kaine @timkaine🔁First it was a military parade to entertain himself, now it’s deploying troops to the border to intimidate immigrants ? This is a Commander in Chief whose first impulse always seems to be to use the military as his own personal political prop.
Ryan Adams @TheRyanAdams🔁Imagine how many books, chairs and programs you could fund with what it costs to build a wall, have a military parade or fly a potus to a golf course every weekend. Outrageous.
Brian Ray @raytgky🔁The first formal parade of the spring semester will be held on Worden Field tomorrow at 4:00 p.m.
Check out the full spring parade schedule here:

PC: 3/C Garcia

Kate McKinney @kitkatmckey🔁Democrats introduce 'PARADE' Act aimed at Trump's military celebration.

PARADE stands for Preventing the Allocation of Resources for Absurd Defense Expenditures bill.

As a veteran, I proudly support this bill.

nancyrubin @nancyrubin🔁First it was a military parade to entertain himself, now it’s deploying troops to the border to intimidate immigrants? This is a Commander in Chief whose first impulse always seems to be to use the military as his own personal political prop.
Miranda❤️ @shooookethh🔁Sitting in my car in front of my house jamming to mayday parade because nothing else heals me the way they do.
HemisFair 68' Online @Worldsfair68🔁50 years ago was home to the Worlds Fair and we'll celebrate that fab era this wknd! Friday night it's music from King Pelican, Rob The Original sand designs, URBAN-15 parade, Common Currents at Mexican Cultural Institute, y mas!
Jonathan @JonathanDesign🔁How many times are the Cavs going to lose in the Finals for Cavs fans to stfu? 3 for 8 Lebron! Go have a victory para de because the jetlagged Warriors didn't win a road game. While the Cavs had double the free throws and still almost didn't win tonight.

Camera Electronic @CameraElctronic🔁Up coming fashion parade? Just another reason to grab a drone from us.
Em fox @Emfox_17🔁@JessicaMcPeek13 Why do you take my happiness and run it over with your sad parade... I finally found my purpose.😂
KhrlAmrn🔥 @khaibooV2🔁hi gentlemen hahaha if y'all wanna get affordable FRESH flowers for your girls you can get it at fairprice finest!! (depends at which neighbourhood, i took this at parkway parade) and it costs about $4.50-$10!! from baby breath to more!! SHARING IS CARING YAAA
⚓️Mermaid at Heart⚓ @xoKaylaNicole🔁Why is he getting a parade again, to laugh in the face of starving veterans as they honor him for dodging the draft?
D.Mac @teachdmac🔁Even conservatively estimated, Trump could feed every homeless veteran for the cost of his military parade
Dan Gulyas @dotalk2me🔁Your letters: Maybe it’s time to end the Pride parade via
There should never be government involved in this cesspoo l of garbage. But government is a cesspool of garbage as well
Daniel Farber @MrFarberToYou🔁I’ll never forget the parade of military contributors on cable news nets in January ‘16 rapturously praising trump, e ach one taking their turn with the phrase “we finally have a leader”.
RadioBDC Playlist @RadioBDCMusic🔁Now playing on @RadioBDC: "Valley Boy" by Wolf Parade (from Cry Cry Cry)
roger barone @fotosfromphilly🔁Photo Gallery of Basketball team's NCAA Victory in PHOTO GALLERY--->
Peyton Udell @gaytoradebitch🔁Ppl are such snobby nosy little asswipes who have nothing better to do but think they can parade into other people’s lives. Like maybe if you cared a little more about your own relationships you might be going somewhere in life. I’m sorry not sorry if this was too deep and sassy
Linton @antlin2016🔁Maybe a mass demonstration on the same day of the parade might be fitting. Let trump see for himself how despised he is. Maybe the resistance can march too in the parade.
Boots Kennedy @BootsKennedy🔁Check out my first Auto I ever pulled !! 16/17 Upper Deck Parkhurst Blaster Box Break !! Rookie Parade Auto ?? via
Bob Jurmain @bob_jurmain🔁I have to admit that I made the 'Christian sin' thing to be provocative in exercising my freedom of speech (topic of this thread). But the 'public spectacle' Sam is referring to might be Gay Pride Parades. I wonder if the "Sarnia Swingers" could have a cavorting parade?
UTHIANA @uthianar🔁Welcome to black parade 👌
sameer hashmi @sameerchawla15🔁New picture - and attended pre launch of bayroute restaurant at Cuffe Parade. |
R@y@nn@ @Raybear95🔁Nobody nah tell me what time Bacchanal parade start? I really don't want to get caught in the road block
ALSIGE Foundation @ALSIGE_FNDN🔁 chapter and unit received 2nd place for community group in the Daffodil Festival Parade
D ward @Dward88254853🔁Trump’s misuse of the military hurts those putting their lives on the line, and adds to the burden felt by military families. If he really cared for the troops, Trump would stop treating them as pawns in his noxious brand of populism.
Georgia D. @redheadedwitch2🔁Like the Idea!

But, (there's always a butt!) But, this assumes there's a brain to be on drugs!

Can't put up with her period!

How there can be so much HOT AIR pumped into one person is a remarkable undertaking!

Next Stop the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade!

Gstep @ginastephens🔁It's called the Stations of the Cross caravan. It is a symbolic event held around Easter each year to raise awareness about the plight of migrants and has never left southern Mexico. This is an annual protest/parade that has been done the past 10 years.
Yuzuru Hanyu Fairy - Fanyu ❤️❤️❤️ @yuzuru_fairy🔁- parade will be broadcast live at 1:15pm on 22 April
- announcer said ‘when they hear hanyu yuzuru’s name, everyone has a smile on their face’
Sharon Dennis @sddphoto🔁Like his stupid parade???? Golf. Weekly golf?? At taxpayer expense??????????????
devivi😛 @dter22🔁how come everything is happening in philly when I can’t be there 😩 the Eagles parade, Villanova parade, Michelle (my adoptive auntie) Obama .. I wish Stanford was closer to Philly
PhillyBite Magazine @PhillyBite🔁
Villanova 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Parade Video Re-Cap
See Video at:
Domi9️⃣ @DominiqueWas20🔁Getting back hand slapped at a parade
magnus bane @magnus_ebooks🔁too cool for ur gender roles my guy take me to the black parade *sips drink*
douglas hansen @Rowdybuschfan61🔁@RowdyGurl18 Our boy led the hauler parade into Texas motor speedway!
一杯水 @lyquid_parade🔁Pineapple on pizza makes sense if you think about how the sweetness of the pineapple counters the saltiness of the cheese, meats and sauce but you flat lined taste bud having hoes wouldn’t understand that.
tabula rasa @diddy_die🔁balls on parade
わこ @deadman_parade🔁Happy birthday to the one and only, !! (Am I the only one who thinks he’s aging in reverse?) I miss you, buddy!!
Jayy4dayss @jayygotbounce🔁 I’ll be at the Rockets 🚀Championship parade!!
Marcia Funk @twanndagreen🔁Feminism.......This is what it looks like....Not some p*ssy hat wearing, celebrity worshiping parade....Wake up
Eileen Arterburn @mame6432🔁 It could end up being a bigger production with more marchers than his military parade.
Trump’sREALHistory @heartfulmom🔁Atlanta Fu**ing Nazi Parade

Bullies relish 🥊 fights.
They HATE being ignored.

🤔What if...

They threw a parade and NO ONE showed up?

The streets and sidewalks were empty?

There were no reporters giving them attention?

Their 👐 tiny parade - all alone. Sad.

What if?

Puff and Deedee @lafscanada🔁Military parade held in during . In background: H. Lidster’s Bakery @ 971 Main Street.
Cochrane-Online @CochraneOnline1🔁The weather had nothing to do with the decision - this is Alberta and it’s cold in the Winter, with the average parad e attendace of 20,000 the public still came out to see Santa
Arina Anuar @arinazanuar🔁Just in case you dah baca, i da gerak tau to aman or maybe star parade first(the one beside utc)
Dottee Penn @AngryPenLadee🔁Imagine how many books, chairs and programs you could fund with what it costs to build a wall, have a military parade or fly a potus to a golf course every weekend. Outrageous.
言い訳Maybe @egaoninaru_46🔁Hands up!- Cheeky Parade


Working Trucker @workingtrucker🔁 Villanova 2018 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Parade via @YouTube
Michael Graves @HighAltBalloon🔁 Show-accurate My Little Pony Weather Balloon OUT of parade due to Satanic backmasking
Willie @ultraHD2016🔁As a child...

We faced the flag and pledged our allegiance every morning.

We had a parade every memorial day and 4th of July.

We stood for the national anthem at ball games in the city park.


Josh Rultenberg @JoshRultNews🔁After the @Eagles & @NovaMBB, who will be next in Philly to win a title? Your answer here on @69News
IPT @IPT78653543🔁Wouldn’t it be nice or rather humane or decent if the National Guard and the millions of wannabe Dictator parade dollars were sent to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands to actually help American citizens currently in crisis and in desperate need? It’s too much to ask, I know.
Willwesurvive? @Willwesurvive2🔁Oh I guess he will want them marching in a parade when they come home from the border! We need to call governors and ask not send them. The state bear the cost if they are deployed. Their budgets are strapped!
Michael Carey @mCarey60🔁"First a parade, now border control: is abusing the military." is right to raise alarms about his using the military for his political purposes.

Sean Dorsch @Sean_Dorsch🔁I refuse to help fund @realDonaldTrump military parade. If my tax money is going to help pay for that then I will no longer be paying taxes
JJohnson 🌊 @JJohnson2u🔁He's planning his lityle parade isn't that adorable. That's his mentality. I think he need a mental institution. He's crazy, nuts, psychotic.
J. @Parade_Time🔁"Weakening fuel efficiency standards in the U.S. does not help U.S. automakers compete globally." - Stanford economist on emissions rule rollback:
John @JohnAlterIII🔁 Here's my conversation with @VUCoachJWright after the @NovaMBB Victory Parade.
brittney billiot @BrittneyBilliot🔁So come rain on my parade
Cause I want to feel it
Come shove me over the edge
Cause my head is in overdrive
I'm sorry but it's too late
And it's not worth saving
So come rain on my parade
I think we're doomed
I think we're doomed
And there is no way back
Valentine Leon Hemm @LeonHemm🔁Should The Veteran’s Day Parade, in November, featuring our , include a special tribute to our veterans?
Miz Val @vrb1955🔁Philadelphia cheers NCAA champs Villanova with parade
DOUBLE R @3ONYX3🔁Democratic Senator Blasts The 'Parade' Of Corrupt, Self-Serving People In Trump's Government via
Kyle Bennett @KBizzl311🔁Great Sports Day in Philly! 🔔

✅ Villanova Championship Parade
✅ Phillies Win Home Opener
✅ Flyers Win to inch closer to playoffs

Lou Will‼️ @louwill53🔁Tsssss who gonna be my date to the rockets parade???
william kuby jr @redgreen09🔁I liked a @YouTube video Adepticon 2018 Vlog: Day 4 and 5 - Armies on Parade and my Long Drive Home
Julie M. Mah @JulieMM🔁 Police parade's grand marshals want to be officers, but first they want to be adopted
huh..what!? @nrn_imh🔁Hakimi Ismail led the 🇲🇾 at the Parade of the Nations during the Opening Ceremony. Go 🇲🇾
Snap Fitness @HuntsvilleSnap🔁More parade photos as promised! We had so much fun and had a great group!!
PAS @teenytinyflame🔁Trump should simply be gone for being a Draft Dodging Coward. He has spent his life lying every time he speaks, asks for a parade instead of providing much needed benefits to Vets. But he doesn't care about Vets, that's why close to 64% Vets & soldiers do not respect him. COWARD
DJ Corvin @corvinreigar🔁Somebody 'made uncomfortable' by openly gay couples in public = horrible bigot. Someone 'made uncomfortable' by Police at Pride parade = must be accommodated. The Left has lost the plot.
jeffrey patchett @JPatchety🔁Nightly cold weather parade into the barn (really sweet) - Democratic Underground via @demunderground
29.01.NueveDos. @jaraleex🔁I’ve had enough of this parade. I’m thinking of the words to say. We open up, unfinished parts 🎤


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