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Daniel-San ^_^ @BIGGSTRIGG🔁 Got the exclusive #PapaJohns audio
#PapaJohns#PapaJohns Elda Razzaucasica @EldaRazz🔁Clever ni🅱️🅱️a 😂 #PapaJohns
#PapaJohns Tom Brady Quinn Cook @rlecomic🔁Behind the scenes of that Papa John’s conference call. #PapaJohns #PapaJohn #colonelsanders
#PapaJohns Mike Maxwell @themikemaxwell🔁#Breaking: when you order #PapaJohns online you can also track your social awareness and common decency.
#PapaJohns KushConvos @TrippySmokes🔁Oh no 🤭#PapaJohns
#PapaJohns Sir Applesauce @BMD_Nerd🔁 Behind the scenes of that Papa John’s conference call. #PapaJohns #PapaJohn #colonelsanders
#PapaJohns TC Crowder @tcisking90🔁John's last words after his resignation #PapaJohns #JohnSchnatter #Nword
#PapaJohns Sandra F Woodward @KySandy🔁 Some additional toppings cost more. #PapaJohns @courierjournal
#PapaJohns Sports Task @SportsTask🔁The #MLB suspends Papa Slam #Promotion With Papa John's After Racial Slur. #PapaJohns
#PapaJohns FilaFresh @filafresh🔁 The #MLB suspends Papa Slam #Promotion With Papa John's After Racial Slur. #PapaJohns
#PapaJohns Xander Peters @HipXander🔁 50 percent off deal today on #PapaJohns White Pizza. Just use the code #NWord
Dr. Rashawn Ray @SociologistRay🔁This is why my family doesn’t eat

Don’t support companies or people who don’t support you and clearly tell and sh twitter.com ow you what they think of you.

Dr. Rashawn Ray @SociologistRay🔁When are we going to stop accepting apologies from racists?

When are we are going to disinvest in companies that don twitter.com ’t support equality?

LaPang 💓 @_Sizzurp🔁John Schnatter, the founder of Pizza has been prejudice and racist since I can remember. He doesn't want blacks eati twitter.com ng his 🍕. He paid for George Zimmerman's court fees. What more proof do you want? DON'T EAT HIS PIZZA!!!
sky boi bry @TheAlexTho🔁A “Black Man” name Merc Summers is now the owner of . RETWEET to cause awareness
Infynyty Kill the Corporatocracy Vote DSA @enfynyty🔁@RepSwalwell @realDonaldTrump Great point. What other boards is he on? I would like to personally boycott those firms too. #PapaJohns
sharif khan @sharifh37915458🔁Papa John's founder John Schnatter resigns as chairman of company board cnbc.com
NCLiberal™ (🌊) @liberal_w_ablog🔁Listen Zach ..

When Jay z says it he's adding an a dropping the er.

It would be well to drop the subject b/c if yo twitter.com u've never known what it's like to be called the N Word no offense you're not going to get comprehend the hurt behind it.

Just drop it .

The Great White Crusader @problemsolved56🔁How about the word "Cracker" is that word approved by the thought police? Not one person has ever lost their job for twitter.com using the word "cracker". If liberals didn't have double standards they'd have no standards at all.
Alex Vincent Newby @DFTBAlex🔁To be clear though, I don't harbor any ill will toward anyone who works at a as most of them are just normal people twitter.com trying to make a living. I just think another person should take over the company to make it high-quality after gets launched into space.
chad. @Thechadders1🔁Hes the new papa #PapaJohns twitter.com
Orlando @elchuntytrucha🔁Look out for John Schnatter next month when he starts working for the Trump Administration as the Secretary of Better twitter.com Ingredients.
Meir Barak @meirbarak🔁 from this morning...
opened up strong with a gap up following pre-market trading.
The stock held its position, st twitter.com icking to the highs.
I went long above the cup formation.
Great trade, supported by the trusty
Thanks for the free pizza John!😉
Sue Paulino @paulinovirgin🔁@Southviabirth 💯 in agreement with you. Never like #PapaJohns pizza and the owner is a bigot!
Lorenzo Jefferson @LJeffersonFL🔁So disappointed about ! Well no more pizza from there for me. I need to lose weight anyways & like I was told, it’s twitter.com best to cook your own food then eating out.
Dirty-Dan ♋️🇭🇹 @Flyboy_Mook🔁It takes a serious level of racism to find a way to squeeze the n-word into a phone call about pizza.

Fucking terrible trash pizza.

Colin Strasburg @Stras046🔁Shit Founder. Shit Pizza. #PapaJohns


Makavelli The Don @buckturner4🔁 I just wanna know what kinda conference call you’re having where the n-word slips out? #PapaJohns
G-Bear @Sense8Dude🔁Papa John's founder resigns from University of Louisville board over use of racial slur: This is w twitter.com hy we deleted our account w/the company. We refuse to knowingly support hate. via
TC Crowder @tcisking90🔁If we're being honest, I don't want to eat at a place whose founder serves racism.

Costa T @CostaHere🔁geez, this schmuck is doing everything he can to tank his crappy-pizza company 🍕 #papajohns cnbc.com
VILLEMONGER @bigchetti🔁More bad news for Schnatter. Mayor Mike Moore tells me the pizza baron’s picture on the wall of "Jeffersonville Heroes” which was right across from the Big Four Bridge has been taken down too.
Champion Of My Heart AJ Styles Forever My Champion @AmandaSHIELDWWE🔁Since John resigned how about Payton Manning go into the pizza business and then change the name from to either Papa twitter.com Payton's or Papa Manning's
Devonte the Namekian @superdevonte🔁I hope you people realize that frozen cardboard isn't worth all the respect you will lose #PapaJohns
Skip Baeless @Marc_Supreme🔁How you the founder and you gotta resign from YOUR OWN designated positions two years in a row?! He musta been a han twitter.com dful in grammar school.
Steve Manos @SpManos🔁#PapaJohns Shows how not to handle PC situations
Wayne Gaddy @waynegaddy🔁Even tho he has resigned as chairman of the board of I will never order or eat a again. This boycott is to prevent twitter.com any profit going to openly racisist John Schnatter
SomethingAboutB @MedicallyB_🔁Papa John's stock loses $96 million in stock market value Wednesday after admits to racial slurs.
SomethingAboutB @MedicallyB_🔁 Terrible human being.
Terrible pizza.
#PapaJohns twitter.com
FIGHT THE POWER @NewCentorions🔁BOYCOTT PAPAJOHN'S #BoycottPapaJohns #PapaJohns
Black Chick Media® @BlackChickMedia🔁HAHAHAHAHA first of all #PapaJohns your pizza 🍕 is nasty and no one wants that; byeeeeeee.
🔊𝙑𝙄𝘽𝙄𝙉 @VibinWoosh🔁I can answer that....I would think that Trump Support would smell like an uncleaned truck stop bathroom with an overflowing swamp like toilet that has been jammed for several months after a poor trucker had to make an emergency pit stop after eating too much
Arjay King 💜 @king_arjay🔁Dear John Schnatter, Sell your shares immediately and get the hell out of our industry. No place for racism.
Marcus Farrar @kingcoos🔁So, I guess I’ll only order if I want a white pizza ... see what I did there?
It’ll be interesting to see what othe twitter.com r folks we will boycott when his supporters start a’shufflin!
Ethan harrison @GamingEthan🔁We got rid of now let's focus on getting rid of and their trophy hunting asshole owner!
Sandy Heintz @SandyHeintz🔁@Dictionarycom, you reign supreme in throwing shade! #resist #racism #PapaJohns twitter.com
Eddie @eddieb2🔁If you order #PapaJohns , it means you support Trump.
Photo @AbsolutLIBRA🔁Let’s just close point blank & simple. It started when John Schnatter’s racist ass came out talking about Colin Kaep twitter.com ernick & the whole “take a knee” movement..... now its come out he’s used the “N-word” like do we really need his 🍕 that damn bad? Hell no
Xavi-IceCreamConvos @MsXaviB🔁Papa John's Founder John Schnatter Resigns As Chairman After Apologizing For Using The N-Word twitter.com 🙄🍕🍦
IceCreamConvos.com @IceCreamConvos🔁Papa John's Founder John Schnatter Resigns As Chairman After Apologizing For Using The N-Word twitter.com 🙄🍕🍦
#FreeHef @_RealDrizzy🔁Trump-loving Chairman John Schnatter resigns after he admits using N-word via usat.ly
The Ghost of Nixons Past @SthrnHeel🔁now that #PapaJohns has gotten rid of their shitty CEO maybe they'll do something about their shitty pizza twitter.com
Arjay King 💜 @king_arjay🔁 funny how the guy who called our black players for protesting police brutality “slipped” up and used the N Word...on a conference call about not being so in public . Better
The Great White Crusader @problemsolved56🔁Papa John's Chairman Schnatter resigns after using racial slur fxn.ws
Does condemn the use of the "N-word" by twitter.com non-white people?
Bryan Green @BGreenWithEnvy🔁Y’all can eat these n**** pies if ya want to! #PapaJimCrow #PapaJohns
Well...I Be Damned @gremdareaper🔁Fuck #PapaJohns, that pizza at the gas station better anyways!
Alt VP/ #LBGTQ Pence @PenceConscience🔁I can answer that....I would think that Trump Support would smell like an uncleaned truck stop bathroom with an overf twitter.com lowing swamp like toilet that has been jammed for several months after a poor trucker had to make an emergency pit stop after eating too much
YBF CHIC @TheYBF🔁 founder has resigned as board chairman of the company after apologizing for using the n-word during a conference ca twitter.com ll. He's canceled. Deets here: or swipe up in stories
G-Poopit @gabrielleang🔁Wait..... So you're saying the guy who blamed black athletes protesting for falling pizza sales is a racist?
G-Poopit @gabrielleang🔁Papa John’s founder says racism has no place in our society which is ironic bc neither does his horrible fucking pizza
Paralegal Queen @DonnaLongKY🔁#PapaJohns will be rebranding as BaBa Johns and now selling hamburgers! #JohnSchnatter
WarDanceGaming @SirPapiGaming🔁Good job John Schnatter. Dumbass. #PapaJohns #Pizza
MEM_Rob @MEM_Robert🔁 @NBCNews Paula Deen and papa johns bout to open a food truck together and call it "N word on the street" #PapaJohns
Annahita Mahdavi @AnnahitaMahdavi🔁This is why my family doesn’t eat

Don’t support companies or people who don’t support you and clearly tell and show you what they think of you.

jeff dec @dec_jeff🔁#PapaJohns sorry to see you go in this environment, employing millions of crackers and niggers, what a crazy bitch country we've become
Annahita Mahdavi @AnnahitaMahdavi🔁 One doesn't drop the N-word by accident. It must be part of his regular vocabulary. #PapaJohns
A.J. Stylio @StreetFighta02🔁 Better ingredients.
Better pizza.
Bitter person.


PapaJohn @PapaJohn713🔁Ronald McDonald used to refer to Mexicans as....nvm #PapaJohns
Edwin Roman @edwinromancom🔁@tonyposnanski I’m surprised #PapaJohns ranked so high!
Sally Hunt @sallybhunt🔁How long before the Papa John’s guy is a pundit on Fox News? ...Or perhaps working in the Trump administration in some capacity? #PapaJohns
Nick @Nick_Morey🔁I mean i'm trying not to be fat anyway, but if it means I'm not supporting racism at the same time, then no more twitter.com it is.

Garrett Fuller @GarrettDFuller🔁One time I had to interview that Papa Johns dude. Real weird guy. He was OBSESSED with what I thought about his pizza twitter.com . He wore snake skin boots outside of his jeans with a Papa Johns red polo. Looked awful. True story.
champagnetonyy @iamAREED🔁If you haven't stopped eating at Papa Johns yet because of all the other horrendous things the CEO has done in the past, please consider not eating there anymore now. Don't support his ish. Forget him.
†Callie the Artist✏ @SheDoesArtWow🔁@NPR Bye bye! He should have served more pizza and less hate.


A - R - RULLI @ARRG412🔁Screw You #PapaJohns Your Pizza wasn’t even that good anyways 🤮😆🤷🏻‍♀️


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