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samantha cyberkitty 🥀 @antipsychlord🔁 Papa John's Pizza has always been racist.
Papa John 🎮 Franxxfurt ❤ @Franxxfurt🔁 papa john's pizza !

is the pizza !

for racist tweets !

Papa John BIG DRIP MRLY @jaemrly🔁 Papa John’s Removes N-Word From Menus
Papa John Simon Haller @SimonHaller1🔁 @FoxNews I will not watch @MLB anymore;
but now, I’ll eat Papa John’s Pizza. 🍕
Visual Outlaw 🎥📸 @KingRey9279🔁 Me walking into Papa John’s for their “sorry for being racist” free pizza deal
Papa John Lui Cazooi @_luiscazarez🔁 “Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John's nigga”
Papa John The Onion @TheOnion🔁Papa John’s Removes N-Word From Menus
Ethan Klein @h3h3productions🔁Rest in pizza Papa John 🕯️Poor a butter sauce out for ya boy
New York Yankees @Yankees🔁Statement from the New York Yankees regarding Papa John's:

“In response to the reprehensible remarks made by Papa J ohn’s founder and owner, the New York Yankees are suspending their relationship with the company.”

elena @virtuaIvirgo🔁 Rest in pizza Papa John 🕯️Poor a butter sauce out for ya boy
Kat Bairwell @katbairwell🔁•Amazon is selling white supremacist items targeting kids
•Waffle House keeps calling Cops on Black patrons
•Papa John’s Chairman drops N-word during sensitivity training
•Private prisons targeting POC are making record profits

Fact: Racism thrives b/c racism is profitable.

estabon @SpencerGrundy1🔁 Me: i'm hungry

Papa John: N****r

Pop Tarts: Fucking virgin

me: damn lol nvm

Jasmine @raging_ramen🔁 Papa John’s sauce and Dasani water both taste like someone swished it around in their mouth first.
EPIXXX @whateverxxx69🔁oh papa john plz fuck me sideways and call me mama 😩💦🍕
Tory @whiteeuwoman🔁Still want to know how Bill Mahar survived saying House Nigg*r on TV in front of an audience with nothing more that a shrug of the shoulders from HBO.
Maybe because his audience laughed.
Maybe Papa John can sell pizzas on HBO.
jenna @jkomajestic18🔁 MLB suspends Papa John's promotion until after All-Star break, pizza company says
Vanessa Remines @VRemines🔁 the most fucked up thing about papa john is that he doesn't even have kids. he is the papa of nothing
Dr. Yang @DrYang8🔁 when papa John dies they’re gonna put a little pepper in the corner of his coffin
connor™ @SwishSwish_Stab🔁 poptarts: and then i called them all virgins lmfao

wendys: wow who can possibly top that

papa john: watch this

noahdacherry @dbzNoah0🔁 "Dominoes better than y'all."

Papa John: "Nigga, please."

nope @shitheadguy🔁 my city and my school was dogged tonight. It's hard to overcome that in endorsements. I'm a Louisville card and ate at papa johns forever. Now I look even more racist in Texas. John you were stupid
𝒯𝓇𝒾𝓃𝒾𝒹𝒶𝒹𝒹𝒾 @chittychida🔁 i really wanna hear the context that papa john used the n word lol purely outta curiousity
kerri m t @kaycey55🔁University of Louisville announced that Papa John’s will be taken off the school football stadium and that John Schnatter (the pizza company’s founder, who admitted he used the n-word during a conference call) resigned from the school's Board of Trustees.
A Flemish Lion @marduk_the🔁For quoting the "N-word," a lifetime of commitment to community service and creating jobs is abandoned to sacrifice Papa John's to the demands of Black-Run America.
Black king broccoli @LouisIII5🔁I see someone was given a butter biscuit flavored pizza..

Let's forgive 'Papa John' and give him a gift: lessons in black studies via

Scott Michaux @ScottMichaux🔁@JeffSchultzAJC How long before they remove Petrino’s name, too, from Papa John’s Stadium?
ɢᴏʙʟɪɴ ғᴀᴄᴇ @selshocked🔁 Bless deadspin for using the same photo of shit faced papa John over and over again
Cindí Noir @Ebony_QT🔁 Papa John's giving niggas 3/5 off pizza this month
Matt Nation @nattmation🔁Bro we been knew Papa John’s CEO was racist, he got mad people were taking knees at NFL games cause it hurt sales
Teezee @Tomballss🔁Papa Johns is looking for a new C.E.O after Papa John Schnatter had to resign this week! Good news is think we’ve found the right “JOHN” to come in and take over this company, and a man who just loves pizza, Papa John Kasich!! 🤣🤣🤣
sightbeyondsight @sightbeyonds🔁Fuck Papa John's. How about we support black owned restaurants and pizza shops instead

John the Racist been cancelled.

Brian Gales @cbriangjr🔁Do you think Papa John and Peyton Manning ever sat in a car saying the n-word and giggling
Mac Cummings @UmphMcTitties🔁Not gonna lie, Papa John being racist was the only way I wasn’t gonna eat his pizza
Jasmine @raging_ramen🔁My list of fast food pizzas that I like, ranked:

1. Pizza Inn
2. Domino’s
3. Pizza Hut
4. Little Caesar’s
126. Pizza found on the street
256. A plunger with pizza sauce on it
1,277,523. Papa John’s

Spelman ΣΓΡ Alumnae @EpsilonEtaSGRHO🔁Due to a recent racial slur made by Papa John’s founder John Schnatter, is immediately suspending its campus dining relationship with Papa John's. The College is exploring all options for removal of the franchise from campus in light of this highly offensive behavior.
Michael D Smith @Smittyd77🔁Orlando Magic ends partnership with Papa John's amid controversy
ツ Nick @npnikk🔁Papa John Forced To Resign Over PC Culture And Fake Outrage
OzBob @OzBobWA🔁. and sit down to discuss Components on this week's 5 things:


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