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Anna Rains🌊 @AERains13🔁 Working on my résumé to send to the #Panthers about their vacant GM position like...
Ian Rapoport @RapSheet🔁The #Panthers announced GM Dave Gettleman has been fired. Wow.
Cavs Panthers Tar @panthersman1🔁So now my Panthers don't have a Gm and My Cavs don't have a GM
Tay Tay @taytayordie🔁 Working on my résumé to send to the #Panthers about their vacant GM position like...
SportsCenter @SportsCenter🔁Breaking: Carolina Panthers announce that general manager Dave Gettleman has been relieved of his duties. He had been GM since 2013.
Carolina Panthers @Panthers🔁GM Dave Gettleman has been relieved of his duties.
Ritchie Douglas @ritchie_douglas🔁@Panthers Doesn't address why there is no President, or asst GM either. Team is effectively without any senior leadership at this point.
ccorb @AustinCcorbaus🔁Former Panthers RB DeAngelo Williams calls fired GM Dave Gettleman a “snake” 🐍
Blade Brown ✈ @MegaTy_116🔁Breaking: Carolina Panthers announce that general manager Dave Gettleman has been relieved of his duties. He had been GM since 2013.
Myles Muthafuckin D @Mylezzy23🔁 @Panthers Hire me as GM/player
Conlan Budwash @budwash82🔁 GM Dave Gettleman has been relieved of his duties.
Tay Glizzy @tay_garth🔁The timing is nuts. people were all on vacation. GM Dave Gettleman returns… & finds himself as a former GM. Camp starts in a week
1 News Net @1_newsnet🔁Former Panthers Players React To Firing of GM Dave Gettleman -
CJ Hoyle @CJ_Hoyle🔁The Panthers have relieved GM Dave Gettleman of his duties.

The Panthers finished 1st in the NFC South in 3 of Gettleman's 4 seasons as GM.

Johnathan @Taqqzii🔁@panthers please don't make Marty hurney the gm
Ryan Miller @ryan_d_miller🔁Since start of year, Panthers have lost:

*President (resigned)
*GM (fired)
*Asst GM (resigned)
*DC (resigned)

Quite an offseason.

Justin Porter @Justin_Porter12🔁Crazy timing all around: One year removed from Super Bowl and a week away from training camp the Panthers just fired their GM.
zzz @zzz111555🔁Panthers fire GM; ex-players elated on Twitter
757Six @757Six🔁My quick thought: Gettleman has gotten the best results of any GM ever, especially with what he had to start with.
Kojo🤘🏾 @dkirk1994🔁Panthers fire GM 9 days before Training Camp.

Rumors circulate about bringing Hurney back as Interim GM

Ozair Hussain @zFlash_98🔁One year removed from Super Bowl appearance, Panthers fire GM David Gettleman
Clifford Franklin @Bov1ce🔁 At least we know Dan Fouts won't be the next GM of the Panthers. (Good lord, a punter at 4)
JMITCH @justin_mitchel🔁@Panthers I have 2 more years for my sports management degree so if y'all could keep the GM position open that would be greatly appreciated.
Zac Celedonia(SCU) @ZeFlash1🔁I'm confused by the timing of any GM firing this time of year. But I've disagreed for years with how Panthers built their roster.
Total Sports News @SportsIsNews🔁Great stuff! Panthers fire GM; ex-players elated on Twitter: Panthers fire GM; ex-players elated on Twitter #sports #sportsnews
Ravens SportSpyder @RavensSpyder🔁[Carroll County Times] Steve Smith Sr. has a zinger ready for Panthers GM's firing #Ravens
Cameron @WontaeFresh🔁Panthers likely going to go with an interim GM rather than rush this decision a month before the season. Marty Hurney makes some sense.
Justin Porter @Justin_Porter12🔁 Panthers have fired GM Dave Gettleman. Unexpected.
TeamFantasyDraft @TeamFantasyDraf🔁Panthers fire GM; ex-players elated on Twitter
Robert Harris @TopNotch1380🔁Jerry Richardson you owe us @Panthers fans an explanation. Dave Gettleman IS a top 3 GM in the league. I even special ordered a DG jersey
JuiceTea69 @JuiceTea69🔁Panthers fire GM Dave Gettleman. Story updated with reporting on details of replacement plan.
Dillon Myers @DillonMyers88🔁Throwing this out here, former LB was promoted to Director of Pro Personnel 2 yrs ago.

Ready for GM role?

Justin Porter @Justin_Porter12🔁Josh Norman, Steve Smith Sr. Fire Shots At Former Panthers GM Dave Gettleman After He Was Abruptly Fired By Team

music with substance @dragonmasteremp🔁The Carolina Panthers firing their GM, too? Did he hate the Jerry Richardson statue? Also does this mean Pegula fucked up again as well?


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