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Rob Green @RobGree08028371🔁Short video of Alberto eye wall close to landfall At Panama City Beach @WAVE3Weather @LaurenWAVE3TV @JohnBoelWAVE3
Panama City Brandon Wholey @BrandonWholey🔁Looks like the center of circulation from Alberto crossed over the Panama City area.
Panama City Andrew Donaldson @four4thefire🔁Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial, Panama City, Panama #memorialday
Panama City Michael Kell @jmichaelkell🔁 #Alberto soon to make landfall near Panama City, #Florida. Imagery via #GOES16
Eric Swann @eswann89🔁 The circulation center of Alberto is just about on the coast west of Panama City Beach this afternoon...
Panama City Resistbot Open Letters @openletterbot🔁Here’s an open letter from Dianna in Panama City Beach, FL to @drnealdunnfl2 #DACA
Sergey Kamenskiy @KamenskiySergey🔁 I'm here reporting from "Panama City Beach" and....
Panama City Chilton Weather @chiltonweather🔁 Alberto Has Made Landfall Just West Of Panama City Beach @spann #ALWX
Panama City Jim Cantore @JimCantore🔁Nice rainbow action offshore of Panama City, FL compliments of #Alberto
Good Morning America @GMA🔁STATE OF EMERGENCY: The gulf coast braces for impact as Alberto closes in. is live in Panama City Beach, Florida:
Parker Branton @ParkerBranton🔁In the midst of a storm, there’s a rainbow. My aunt captured this in Panama City Beach this morning. Alberto is expec ted to make landfall today, stay safe everyone!
SaMpLe€AtL🐘🦏🦁🐯 @SampleATL🔁LIVE (8:15AM) video from on Panama City Beach as approaches.
호호씨 @overtherainb0w2🔁Rainbow spotted shining over Panama City Beach, Florida, hours before subtropical Storm Alberto's arrival.

The storm is forecast to make landfall near Pensacola this afternoon, with winds reaching 40 to 50 mph.

Karen Stanley @KarenHBStanley🔁Bumper to bumper traffic on near Panama City Beach in the Fl panhandle as nears landfall
Eryn Dion @PCNHErynDion🔁@SofiaGrimsgard Go for it! Just credit the Panama City News Herald
Earl Kelley @earl_kelley🔁What do you do when there's a tropical storm moving through in Panama City Beach? We follow the rules and have a little fun! Please stay out of the water people!
FSU Panama City Wx @FSUPCWxSTEM🔁It's windy at FSU Panama City! The wind speed is a brisk 17 miles per hour.
Peggy Mercer BMI @PeggyMercer🔁Jim Cantore and Paul Goodelow are hanging out at Panama city beach in the weather channel
Water is rolling and folks are out on the beach there and Destin and Pensacola
Great places to enjoy a beach vacation but not right now.
WZEP AM 1460 @WZEPAM1460🔁Subtropical Storm is about 46 miles off the coast of Panama City. Although some slight weakening was noted, tropical storm force winds and gusts continue along the immediate coast. Landfall is still expected this afternoon.
FSU Panama City Wx @FSUPCWxSTEM🔁The winds are howling at FSU Panama City! A wind gust of 41 miles per hour was just observed.
Patricia house @PahouseHouse🔁Video from Panama City Beach Cameras show the waves crashing into shore. Alberto is expected to make landfall today.
Lexi Trower @lexiTrower🔁Panama City: “a tropical storm is coming all week”
My family: “beach :)”
Panama City: “no seriously we’re declaring a state of emergency for Monday”
My family: “beeeaaach :))))”
InterLumi @InterLumiPA🔁📢 We are pleased to present the 1st Seminar on Lighting Design in Panama City, an event organized in conjunction wit h the College of Architects , for more information at + 507-231-1909 or + 507-6492-1153.
Anthony Siciliano @AMSweather🔁Looking like a landfall just west of Panama City
Heather Whitehead @proskairos🔁 RT : Alberto Has Made Landfall Just West Of Panama City Beach ...
Jane Ebner @ebner_jane🔁 is currently making landfall very close to Panama City Beach, FL. Bands of rain and gusty winds continue to batter the panhandle


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