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रसिक @rasic_lazzawoti🔁GET YOUR NEW FREE #FOLLOWERS PER DAY
#tech17 #Palante #RickStein @IlsisM @HeyvaertWinona
Jose M Gonzalez @pepe_pen_ya🔁Things have only gotten better! Thought i wouldn't make it huh 🖕
God is Good!
#2018… instagram.com
John Gorman @ThisIsGorman🔁That's why, today is your semi-regular reminder, vote @Ocasio2018. #PaLante
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁It’s not how we make mistakes, but how we correct them...that defines us! #goals #mistakesdontdefineyou #palante
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁Stop putting your focus on what happened...and start focusing on what’s going to move you forward towards your goals! twitter.com
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁You will never be 100% ready to change. Don’t wait for the perfect time. Let today be the start of something new...on twitter.com e small change at a time!
Patrick @PatrickS1591🔁I know I’m late on this one but super proud of my colleague Rep. !! - Matias jumps into Third District congressional race via
Jorge J Rodríguez V @JJRodV🔁@JohnFea1 The #YoungLordsParty writings in #Palante. Also #JamesBaldwin’s “The Fire Next Time.” Both provide a particular idea of #hope.
mino lora @MinoLora🔁So impressed with the important work you do and proud to support! #palante twitter.com
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁MOTIVATION...comes from knowing the goals you want to achieve...and then realizing what it will take to get them! #goals #motivated #palante
People's Theatre... @TheatreUptown🔁@CnDelarosa @ydanis @NY31Alcantara @marializardo hope to see you all there tomorrow! #palante twitter.com
Chris Soto @MrChrisSoto🔁I know I’m late on this one but super proud of my colleague Rep. !! - Matias jumps into Third District congressional twitter.com race via
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁It’s going to be hard...but you have it in you...Don’t Quit! #goals #yougotthis #palante
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁It’s ok TO FALL...it’s ok TO FALTER...it’s ok TO FAIL...it’s ok TO START OVER...just keep going, DONT QUIT! #goals #neverquit #palante
Chilo @Chilo7🔁Brooklyn. Manana! Come on through. twitter.com
Chilo @Chilo7🔁"The World's on Fire" El David ft Chilo youtu.be via @YouTube #elDavid #Chilo #Palante
Justice Democrats @justicedems🔁Thanks for the RT. Much appreciated. Make sure to follow as she takes on the political establishment in the Bronx an twitter.com d Queens. 🇵🇷🇺🇸
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁Focus on making one small change at a time...Overtime, those small changes will add up! #goals #onesmallchangeatatime #palante
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁Be STRONG...have FAITH...and always SMILE! #goals #YouGotThis #palante
Julio Peña III @Julio_Pena3🔁Celebrating @NHN_BK at the annual NHN Benefit Bash honoring @cmenchaca, #ANHD, & Stand up fight back awards. #palante
Pavel Payano @Payano🔁Thank you Chief for speaking with me today and everything you and our firefighters do to keep safe! Looking forwa twitter.com rd to working with y'all!
Maggie Fernandez @SustainableMags🔁If by productive you mean destroying low to middle class family through the sham tax bill, leaving folks without hea twitter.com lth insurance, and growing the national deficit, then sure. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back.
La de Brave ✨ @pecosaKMA🔁Looking back to see how far I’ve come #PaLante instagram.com
Mamita Mala @mamitamala🔁. and David Galarza of JC open “Richie Perez Way” street naming ceremony.
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁It’s OK to falter...don’t beat yourself up...just get back on track! #goals #gettingbackontrack #palante
Justice Committee @watchthecops🔁. and David Galarza of JC open “Richie Perez Way” street naming ceremony. twitter.com
Jose A. Rodriguez @josearod🔁Try to PUSH yourself further everyday...PUSH towards your goals! #goals #keeppushing #palante


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