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Paige Karamel @eliefayadd🔁 #Paige's WWE career may be over.

Gladys Brooks @etopiamedia_net🔁moms anal adventure paige yoko ono john lennon naked
Paige Royal News 24 @RoyalNews24🔁WWE star Paige ‘will never wrestle again’ after injury -
Aaron Walker @AWalkBAYBAY🔁 Paige recently stated that prior to returning her doctor said she shouldn’t be wrestling anymore.
Paige Adam Howell @a_howell1991🔁 Paige’s in-ring career with WWE reportedly over
K1nn3y84 @k1nn3y84🔁 Footage Of Paige's Injury! #WWE
Paige Bleacher Report WWE @BR_WWE🔁Breaking: Paige’s career as WWE in-ring performer is over after her most recent injury, per @PWInsidercom
Bleacher Report WWE @BR_WWE🔁Paige’s situation is being described as similar to Edge’s when he had to retire
koty❄️ @dakota_paige🔁sorry but if you skip the friends, parks and rec, or office intros then i automatically don’t trust you
Artemis ♑ @leopardqueen81🔁I dont see why people are losing their shit at Sasha for accidentally hurting Paige. That happens but there's probab ly no shit storm happening towards Samoa Joe for injuring Dean.
Vitalia @LegitRolleigns🔁You have to feel bad for both Paige and Sasha. Paige's in-ring career is unfortunately more than likely over, and Sasha has to carry that burden forever
Matt Russell @Senix_Maverick🔁 it took me this long to realized the first card on this weeks road to glory for the Paige event card is Del Rio... really
Faith Banks. @ReconditeAgony🔁Many people beforehand have pretty much done the same thing that I have.
I’m just the latest one to come across.
At l east wish Paige a speedy recovery or something. Don’t pull the “I told you” card because it makes you more so unkind and ill-compassionate.
Ray @rayray1656🔁Paige’s injury is similar to Edge’s when he was forced to retire, per Johnson of PWInsider. It’s worth noting because recently Sheamus admitted to having the same conditions (stenosis), which almost forced him into retirement. Neck injuries are nothing to take lightly.
Alex Ambreigns @Alex_rampaiger🔁A chance Paige will speak out with these rumours and announce they are false is only the true reliable source we can count on.
世界の破壊者 MDS @BeckyGotBank666🔁My take? Not anyone's fault, the freak accident happened, and no one should be targeted for causing the injury. Shoul d Paige be cleared with the neck risk? Not really. But should Sasha be blamed for the spot? Hell no. Was the spot risky though? Yeah. So there. NG much, but there.
Smarlton John @oderinde_femi🔁British WWE star Paige ‘will NEVER wrestle again’ after suffering horror whiplash-like ‘stinger’ neck injury in live bout
Richard Gutierrez @richgutierrez18🔁Don't start blaming Sasha Banks for Paige's in-ring career likely over.

They know the risks when they go out there...

Accidents happen especially in wrestling.

IL13 @IL619🔁 Don't blame Sasha Banks for Paige's injury. Accident's happen's, it's wrestling.
klguess @kiersten_guess🔁@murraypaige2 paige i love u, thank u 💟💟
Ó Murchú @SoccerStash🔁 @SoDuTw STFU about Paige
Women's MMA Rankings @WMMARankings🔁Paige VanZant on Sunday’s return: “This the best I’ve ever felt going into a fight, I’m going to show off my athletic capability”
Women's MMA Rankings @WMMARankings🔁Jessica-Rose Clark looking to take some of Paige VanZant’s popularity for herself at UFC Fight Night 124
Debbie @Debbie_Berti1🔁 @Debbie_Berti1 Your now an ivy Paige showgirl ❤️😘
Ivy Paige @TheIvyPaige🔁@Debbie_Berti1 Your now an ivy Paige showgirl ❤️😘
H. Davis-Hatfield 🌀 @VenomBalor🔁Sorry to hear about Paige, but blaming Sasha Banks is ridiculous.

No one blamed Owen Hart for cutting Steve Austin’s career short or D-Lo paralyzing Droz.

This isnt ballet.

Tahj Houey @thouey14🔁It’s ok but check ur resources first. Paige had her back turned and Sasha went for a kick of some kind. That’s what c aused the injury.
UK Entertainment @_UKent🔁Norwich WWE star Paige reportedly 'done' as in-ring wrestler due to injury
Orpheus @SanjeevWKRaj🔁Fakkkk. Paige has to retire.... I love Sasha Banks, but fuck her man! 😭😭
Basam Mohammed @BasamMohammed5🔁🎀👧🎀👧🎀👧🎀👧🎀
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Faith Banks. @ReconditeAgony🔁It was petty much confirmed beforehand, even Daniel said it. Paige is different story. She hasn’t said anything about that.
Just be like the rest of us and wait for real confirmations. I know, it’ll save you the extra stress in your mommy’s basement.
helen De Meyer @LidoMeyer🔁@StIvesMermaid @JulianClary and @elaine_paige dueting on a rewritten "I know him so well" in Dick Whittington at the Palladium.
Norman Fletcher @bigman_barker🔁@SoDuTw STFU about Paige
James Roets J.r. @JamesRoetsJr4🔁 @RealPaigeWWE Hey Paige if you retire from Ring you should take job working backstage
James Roets J.r. @JamesRoetsJr4🔁@RealPaigeWWE Hey Paige if you retire from Ring you should take job working backstage
david @brookeadamsstan🔁 Daily reminder Sasha ended Paige’s career on purpose out of jealousy
lndfsn dfklndsfkl ssf @LndfsnS🔁I entered a giveaway for a Chance to win "Apple Watch Stand, LAMEEKU Aluminum iPhone Charge Get Chance by Jordan Smith
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Chris Matthews


Inji @imfineapl🔁Damn, Paige :(
The Lunachick Fringe @RamonaSoprano🔁It is NOT Sasha Banks’s fault. She did NOT injure Paige on purpose. Quit blaming her for ending Paige’s career you s tupid, melodramatic marks. 🖕🏼
josi' boo @josiphinecarlto🔁Per a report from , Paige is "done" as an in-ring talent in WWE.

This is devastating news, and even the word "devastating" feels like an understatement. But she's just 25 and still has a bright future ahead of her no matter what.

sexbomb 18+ @sexbomb_18🔁🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞🎀💞
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Noah Garber @SirNoahGarber🔁“The comeback is always stronger than the setback”

The setback?

-The past year of trials and tribulations.

The comeback?

-We all saw it and it will continue in one form or another.

laTonia' @TheLaToniaMarie🔁Report: Paige Will No Longer Wrestle for WWE Due to Neck Injuries
Sam @SamisWWE97🔁People blaming Sasha in this situation is stupid. All these men and women know what they get into.

Bliss got blamed daily in February for a incident with Naomi and I was pissed. I imagine that's how Sasha fans feel now.


Ray @rayray1656🔁Horrendous news for Paige, especially after the lengths of finally coming back and looking better than ever. Wrestling is literally her life. She grew up watching her family wrestle, even wrestled her parents; now she’s got to give it up. Utterly heartbreaking.
Karamel @eliefayadd🔁If this gets confirmed, then this is the shittiest of the shitty. I feel really bad for Paige here.

With all of these injuries, should there be any talk of an off-season? Or at the very least, a reduction in tour dates?

Jessica🦇 @jesstoospooky🔁Sasha wouldn't intentionally do this. Accidents happen, ESPECIALLY in this field of work. I love both of these women so much, and what happened was horrible. Paige would want unity in the fandom, not finger-pointing.
Gerald Broflovski @Skankhunt70🔁@TommyPistol @zoeypaigexxx @realDonaldTrump With all due respect. I only know Cytherea, Zoey Paige and Charmaine Star.
Karamel @eliefayadd🔁This Paige rumor really brings into focus how wrestlers with neck injuries have to be soooooo careful.

People screaming for Daniel Bryan and Nikki Bella to jump back in the ring, is it really worth it when the cost can be so high?

Paige @lemieux_paige🔁I went shopping and bought some bacon Tuesday.. I wanted to cook some last night and couldn’t find it. I found it sti ll in the trunk of my car this morning.🤦🏼‍♀️ good job Paige.
Amanda♡ @_amanda_paige🔁I’m a future Doctor.
I’m a medical student.
I have 3 degrees.
I speak 3 languages.
I‘m published in Psych-Oncology.
I’m a member of Zeta Phi Beta.
I’m from a country! 🇸🇸
John Davis🏌⚽⛳ @mustangmek66🔁So you were in that vlog. Played kings North many times. Fun course. So I've met Paige and you have not ?😂. Met her at last years , while you were playing #2 Pinehurst
Karamel @eliefayadd🔁Breaking: Paige’s career as WWE in-ring performer is over after her most recent injury, per
SunShine🌻 @Bad_ReddBISHH🔁Talked all that shit about Detroit niggas and I'm entertaining one now 😂🙄 Paige gone be on the floor when I tell her this 😩😂😂


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