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Paczki Day Redmond Construction @RCC_Chicago🔁Happy #paczki day, Chicago! Our team is diving into these sweet Fat Tuesday treats from @DoRiteDonuts 🍩🎉
Paczki Day Tim Wening @fez51🔁Paczki day😊👍🎉 the newsroom is full of delicious paczki and they are going fast. @NBC24WNWO
Paczki Day Canuck77 @ChrisCote77🔁 Today’s the day: Hamtramck will smell of sugar. Delightful. #paczki #fattuesday
Paczki Day Kate Mazurek @KateMarieMaz🔁Everything sucks but at least it’s paczki day 🍩 na zdrowie! #fattuesday #paczkiday
Paczki Day Franzy Fleck @FranzyFleck🔁 Happy Paczki Day! 🇵🇱 Enjoy a treat today!
Paczki Day Ed Russo @EdRussoWSBT🔁I used to celebrate #MardiGras on the air back in the day. #FatTuesday #Paczki
Paczki Day Stephanie Souvenir @StephanieLS84🔁How do you celebrate Paczki Day?!? #paczki #MardiGras
Paczki Day Pooch @Poochkins🔁Me: gotta watch what I eat, not eat too much junk
Someone: it’s paczki day
Me: welp so much for that
Paczki Day Rebecca Welbourn @rkwdev🔁Happy Paczki Day! I am sadly not eating one right now.
Paczki Day The Inept Birder @TheIneptBirder🔁Happy #FatTuesday, aka pączki day. A religious reason to eat donuts? Sign me up.
Paczki Day Eagle 1 @johncassity1🔁 Happy Fat Tuesday, Big Boned Tuesday, Mardis Gras, Paczki Day!!! @fox6wakeup
Paczki Day BaileytheTherapy Dog @baileytherapy13🔁Happy Paczki Day, Happy Fat Tuesday!
Paczki Day Shelby @shelbyohvee🔁It’s my favourite day of the year!! #paczki
Paczki Day LethalLabProject @LethalLabProj🔁 It's Paczki Day! This is no time for restraint. 😋 #Paczki #PaczkiDay #FatTuesday
Paczki DayPaczki DayPaczki Day Meredith Tomich @MereBear2234🔁Paczki Day is the best day
Paczki Day Tom Brennan @tjbrens🔁 It’s #paczki day! 😋
Paczki Day Vokal @VokalTweets🔁PACZKI DAY!! Thanks @DinkelsBakery for these delicious treats!! #paczkiday #officetreats #vokalites
Paczki Day Ken Truss @KT_CB1🔁Making sure our Associates are well fed on Paczki Day!

#paczki #PaczkiDay #FatTuesday #Detroit #MyPath @Manpower_US

juan tezito @JuanTezito🔁 Happy #Paczki Day! #fattuesday
Paczki Day Michelle Maluske @MMaluskeCTV🔁Happy Fat Tuesday! In 1 day, Blak's Bakery will bake &a sell 35,000 #paczki @CTVWindsor
Amy Andrews Fox 2 @AmyAndrewsFOX2🔁Happy #Paczki Day! #fattuesday
Pure Michigan @PureMichigan🔁Tomorrow is the BIG day! Learn more about #FatTuesday and #PureMichigan's love for the Polish Paczki here.
Baker | Miller @bakermillerchi🔁Well, we sold out of quickly! BUT
We are now on to Valentines Day Treats! We will have…
Bernard Lomax @BernieLomaxCEO🔁Its Paczki day but San Diego has no Polish bakeries so I can't make jelly donut shots :(
Curd Vonnegut @CurdVonnegut🔁Oh yeah, happy paczki day to east side metro Detroiters
Congressional Tweets @CongressRTBot🔁Happy Day! You're not celebrating like a Michigander if you're not enjoying one of these today!
Mike Bishop @RepMikeBishop🔁Happy Day! You're not celebrating like a Michigander if you're not enjoying one of these today!
StuckInTheMiddle @rainbowjay2🔁Pączki Day: The Time for Eating Polish Doughnuts - Donut Day! I got Brownie Batter Donuts from Dunkin’ and...
Sarah Dombrowski @sdombrowskii🔁 I hope your day is filled with many Pączki 👍
Digital Main Street @digital_mainst🔁Delicious news! Today is (AND ). Yum!

If you've ever wondered what Pączki day is, we've...

Rosemary Johnson @yellowinmysoul🔁The fact that Liz just sent me this song is the granulated sugar on top of this beautiful lil pączki of a day. She g ets me.
Jonathan Lundblad @Jo_Nathan33🔁happy fat tuesday y'all, it's a great day to be polish #paczki
Mr. Dan Kelly @mrdankelly🔁It's Pączki Day. Pąçzkckøé are small, stupid, flightless birds filled with jam. On Pąüçøñk¥ Day you lie on the ground and allow the Pé*©çkü birds to hop into your mouth. They are deadly poisonous, of course, and you immediately die the moment they touch your tongue.
Holly, eh? @chaoticute🔁HOORAY! Paczki Day is upon us! actually did a pretty cool comic about these delicious treats. If you're back home in Chicago and aren't getting some legit paczki, I'm sad.
Anne Barnes @anne_barnes16🔁Made my own donuts for Paczki Day!
Sherry Winchester @sambawoman🔁It's Paczki Day! We picked up some from and D&W Fresh Market in - strawberry cream, prune, and lemon! Mmmm! Are you going to get your fix today?
Josh @joshraj9🔁To some, it’s Paczki Day.
To others, it’s Galentines Day.

To us, it’s Fat Tuesday, which means MARDI GRAS DAY! 🎉

HouseofSports1 @HouseofSports1🔁Hey , wake up! It's Paczki Day! Discover the goodness of these delicious delicacies in EVERY DINING HALL! (While supplies last!)
Liz Szewczyk⛈ @lizszewczykwx🔁It’s Fat Tuesday and I need to get a paczki before the day ends.
zakiya 🌞 @bbykeeeks🔁it’s paczki day where is brittney :(
kiefheady @kiefheady🔁Just remembered it Paczki Day!!!!🙌😛🍩
Suzanne rm ☃️❄️☃️❄️ @miazga_s🔁Happy Paczki day Detroit!!! Head up to Smalls in Hamtown to get your hands on the famous puczki bomb!…
Roncesvalles Village @RoncesVillage🔁Delicious news! Today is #pączkiday (AND #pancakeday). Yum!

If you've ever wondered what Pączki day is, we've...

Dyngus Day Cleveland @DyngusDayCtown🔁IT’S PACZKI DAY!!! Kick off the Dyngus Day season with a juicy PACZKI at Rudy’s Strudel and…
Antal Bokor @TheAntalBokor🔁Last year, I saw a million reminders about pączki day, but this year I saw none! Either way, lots of pączki for me! #FatTuesday
Beth Ann Barbieri @BethAnnBarbieri🔁Happy Fat Tuesday from the dressing room! Starting my day off right with a Nutella paczki! @…
Joe Vanden Avond @JVA222🔁Owner Greg Smurawa said the bakery makes more than 30,000 paczki in at least 19 different flavors in preparation for Paczki Day.
Terry p @TerryPaczas🔁@FullerForReal you know it’s gonna get Crazy when the Wyandotte people show up in hamtramck for paczki day
Katie Korth @katekor🔁Today is the worst day to be an ex-Michigander. #paczki
Annalise Frank @annalise_frank🔁It's Fat Tuesday — AKA Paczki Day around here. What's your favorite flavor and place to get them? Share your photos by tagging
👻✊So Everyone's Tweeting Here?👻✊ @SethFromThe716🔁Happy Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday, or for my fellow Polish descendants, Happy Pączki Day!
🎄Dylan Box🎄 @dylanboxalot🔁Paçzki Day is a top 5 holiday for me, tbh
Corey Baumgardner @CBaumdotcom🔁@MaizeBlueNation *licks powdered sugar off fingers*
*clicks unfollow*
*eats fourth paczki of the day*
Audrey Walker @AudieWalk🔁Bakeries are busy today for Day. In the D, Paczki Day is a major event, especially for the polish community in Hamtramck. Do yourself a favor and grab a paczki for you and a co-worker today. 🍩 😋
UIC CUPPA @UICCUPPA🔁Our tradition started many years ago by 's first associate dean, Albert Schorsch, III! We are celebrating Paczki Day !
Sue's TV @Sues_Reality🔁Nutella paczkis achieved. ✔️
(I am saving it for later)
Happy Paczki Day! Happy Fat Tuesday!!
Roger Lefebvre @lefebvprnt🔁We may not agree on how to pronounce it, but we all agree that these are delicious! Happy Paczki Day!
Sam Lee @samsuperstar🔁It's one of my favorite days of the year: Paczki Day! So of course I made a story for about it - and I even got to t alk to the mayor of Hamtramck, MI! Listen here:
Ric & Stan's Carwash @ricstanscarwash🔁Don't want any witnesses as you shove down that second or third paczki of the day from Sweetwater's Donut Mill?...
Tim R @agayelephant🔁i really need to start planning further ahead on where to get a paczki, cause every year paczki day comes around and i'm like "oh yeah i don't know where to get one in midtown"
David Jeffries @Dav_v_oochi71🔁I liked a @YouTube video Paczki Day draws crowds at Broadway Market
Quicken Loans Careers @QLCareers🔁Bakeries are busy today for Day. In the D, Paczki Day is a major event, especially for the polish community in Hamtr amck. Do yourself a favor and grab a paczki for you and a co-worker today. 🍩 😋
Michelle Reitman @MichelleReitman🔁Happy Paczki Day! It's pronounced poonchki.
Snow @Snowisgood30🔁It’s Paczki Day! I have custard, strawberry, raspberry, lemon and apple. Each pastry is 1000 calories of doughy good ness.
Tig @TigrisTheLynx🔁I'm used to Detroit, where are EVERYWHERE on , aka "Pączki Day" (pron. Poonch-kee). Do they even celebrate here aro und DC? O.O Dudes, you are missing out! Creme-filled Pączki donuts are the BEST! Polish pastries are amazing guys. Ahh, I'm missing it.
Stephanie McNeely @StefMcNeely🔁I had never heard of paczki until I moved to Chicago. Now I just feel sad for the rest of the country that doesn't ha ve paczki day.
Crain's Detroit Biz @crainsdetroit🔁It's Fat Tuesday — AKA Paczki Day around here. What's your favorite flavor and place to get them? Share your photos b y tagging
Mitch Gatzke @GreatGatzke🔁You’re pronouncing it incorrectly but happy Paczki day anyway.
Laura L @LLSKI137🔁Today is Paczki Day, International Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), Pancake Day Race (between USA & England),
Mardi Gra s & World Radio Day!
Andy Gawel @Andy_GawelPhoto of the day | 🔁 Hamtramck bakery owner Petar Petrovic takes a 6 a.m. break from frying .
- - - - - - - - -
He's 82 and owns New Martha Washington Bakery, managed by his daughter at 10335 Joseph Campau Ave.
satanic panic @DOramus22🔁The worst thing about it being Pączki Day is that I can't have one. But also the real pączki day was Thursday.
Alessandra @AlessandraKUSA🔁Yes it’s Fat Tuesday and my son born in remembers this day fondly before Lent. Finding the baby Jesus in the King Cake ( a bit creepy ) and most of all those amazing paczki (raspberry filled is my son’s fav)... up here is our go to !
Jennifer Hart @DetroittoAccra🔁 That is a well deserved cold one! Happy Paczki Day 😊? ?
Michael Kozlowski @mikozlowski🔁My day is going good, no snow. I'm having fish, noodles and . I also had an awkward tweet, but just left it. Maybe it was intentional.
Christine @drabek_chris🔁 Happy Paczki Day to all of my fellow Parma ppl, rly sad I’m not spending this day in the Polish Village 😩
Julie Lewinski @JewelsChristie🔁Happy Paczki Day!!! Drove all the way to Ohio to get the Marshmallow Meringue flavor. It was absolutely worth it!!! ? ?
Hamtramck FF @HamtramckFire🔁Pączki are a Polish donut filled with sweets and celebrated on Fat Tuesday. Pączki Day is a Hamtramck tradition - wit h folks lined up to buy these special donuts and celebrate!

Jen Rue @rueandhyssop🔁Happy Pancake Day, or Fasnacht or Paczki day, or Mardi Gras (or whatever your chosen pre-Lenten revels may be upon t his day). Laissez les bons temps rouler!
Alexander Robin @Poohnot60🔁LIVE VIDEO: Our seventh annual paczki day road trip -
Cheri Howe @clhinillinois🔁 Happy Paczki Day 2018! We had to stop and do a walk through of Maier's Bakery. Look at the variety all baked fresh.
Jennifer @Nolfiq🔁 #paczki Day .... this one is coney style 😜 #detroit @alongstreet13
O'Connor Realty @oconnordetroit🔁"...Cereal milk pastry cream, passionfruit glaze, and Fruity Pebbles."

Debbie A @bookldy76🔁If you're not here to participate in the hallowed tradition of Bring-Your-Librarian-a-Paczki-Day, then the fact that you're asking a reference question with powdered sugar on your face just adds insult to injury.
rosemarie green @greenrose50🔁Thanks for reminding me! We call it pancake day & have them for dessert. Love paczki donuts though, bought cream fil led ones recently, they're delicious!!
Do-Rite Donuts @DoRiteDonuts🔁Happy day, Chicago! Our team is diving into these sweet Fat Tuesday treats from 🍩🎉
Emily @andscreaming🔁Paczki Day...always a spot in my year. Even when they RUN OUT OF CUSTARD AND I HAVE TO…


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