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Packers Cain23 @Knazze5🔁@rjochoa I deleted the Broncos Packers and Falcons game. Lol
Packers Pack (5-4) (MUBB 1-0) @LetsGoPackers87🔁 PACK ON 3! ✊

Locker Room Pass 📸:

#GBvsCHI #GoPackGo

CARLOS HILL @HILLQZ🔁 When you see another #Packers fan on Monday morning! 😃


fiffa @Fiffa14🔁 Coach McCarthy & @DBak69 address the #Packers locker room after the win!

#GBvsCHI #GoPackGo

Packers ACE FRIJOLE @Ace_Frijole🔁 WINNING:

Field nearly empty at Bears/Packers game yesterday.

The NFL is toast. 👍🏻

Packers Pack (5-4) (MUBB 1-0) @LetsGoPackers87🔁 #Packers sign LB Derrick Mathews to the practice squad.


PackersPackers _user_unavailable_ @_user_UA_🔁 Martellus Bennett on the Packers vs. Martellus Bennett on the Patriots
NFL @NFL🔁FINAL: @packers win in Chicago! #GoPackGo


PackersPackers Pete Blackburn @PeteBlackburn🔁Martellus Bennett on the Packers vs. Martellus Bennett on the Patriots
Eric Bolling @ericbolling🔁Veteran's weekend and some NFL players still took a knee.. unbelievable!

Tons of no shows (Packers Bears?)

Bob Giesen @BobGiesen🔁Bonus: Bears-Packers is the oldest rivalry in the league. These games were guaranteed sellouts no matter HOW bad the Bears were.
Pack (5-4) (MUBB 1-0) @LetsGoPackers87🔁 coordinators Edgar Bennett, Dom Capers & Ron Zook will be meeting with the media next at Lambeau Field.


Cheeseheart @Cheeseheart3🔁Sunday was Mike McCarthy's 50th divisional win since he became the Packers head coach in 2006. The only team with more division wins in that span is the Patriots with 52.
Pack (5-4) (MUBB 1-0) @LetsGoPackers87🔁Coach McCarthy's Monday press conference will begin at approximately 3:45 p.m. CT


Gabriel Klause @gabreilklause58🔁Top story: FOX Sports: NFL: "Former Packers star puts the team on… , see more < a href="" target="_blank">
Pack (5-4) (MUBB 1-0) @LetsGoPackers87🔁The had the response they needed to win against the Bears Sunday.

Drive of the Week 📰: @packfansunitedSo did I. 🔁 Wood; "I picked the Pack to win"
BethGifford @BGif🔁In regards to the offer. I wonder if when said he wanted Columbus Crew to be the Green Bay Packers of MLS he knew that one day he would be the man standing in the way of actually allowing that to happen.
Allan @abarca1977🔁@Showtyme_33 @packers I am sad to see you get hurt! You are da man! Get well soon!!! So I can put you back in my fantasy lineup!!!
Solomon💪🏽 @tooclutch20🔁Toughest strength of schedules in the NFL:
1. Redskins - .634
2. Bears - .605
3. Saints - .563
T4. Chiefs - .543
T4. Falcons - .543
T4. Packers - .543

Easiest strength of schedules in the NFL:
1. Eagles - .390
2. Rams - .398
3. Titans - .407
4. Seahawks - .410
5. Cowboys - .439

Jason Powell @jkpowell🔁Texted the GF that the Packers scored! She is watching on and I spoiled it for her. Game delay is that bad. (it's not LIVE if SPOILERS are involved) : THIS IS NOT A LIVE PRODUCT!
Joe Gragert @JustJoe91010🔁Martellus Bennett Faked Season-Ending Injury, Threw Packers Doctors Under Bus To Get Back On Patriots via
Jennifer Martin @JMartinHCS🔁Attention ! Wednesday, November 15th at 6:00 p.m. in the high school auditorium, we will honor our fall sports student-athletes during our Packers Fall Awards Night. See you there!
Dennis Towle, Jr. @DTowleJr🔁Bennett signed a 3-year, $21M contract. The deal came with a $6.3M signing bonus – the only guaranteed money – & paid him $8.05M this year. hope to get $4.2M back (years 2 & 3 of the signing bonus), & maybe some extra for pain & suffering... court awaits.
Daylan Brasfield @Brasfield_51🔁@BTSims44 @hwkbgr Packers are my team too man killed us that playoff game
Brian Fields @Brian_Fields🔁Martellus Bennett Faked Season-Ending Injury, Threw Packers Doctors Under Bus To Get Back On Patriots
Mark Ketterhagen @markketter🔁If the Bears, at home, can't beat the Packers today w all their injuries it would speak to how superior Green Bay front office and coaches are.
drake tiller ⁶𓅓 @Alex_Fernandez4🔁Way to lead us to victory little bro !!! I'm excited to watch your continued development!!!
Kartik @packbrewfan1🔁I hope the Packers go after that asshole's signing bonus.
Dave Shull @tattooer_dshull🔁If Saints-Rams were to be flexed to SNF, NFL would have to let teams know by tomorrow at latest. Unlikely league would flex out of 5-4 Packers at 7-2 Steelers, even though both Rams & Saints are 7-2.

Flexing Eagles at Rams on Dec. 10 is far more likely.

JOHN POCKERSTARS© @dreakero2222🔁Former Packers star puts the team on his back to discuss Teddy Bridewater’s return, break down the Co…


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