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Packers Zesty NFL GB Packers @zesty_packers🔁Former Packers WR Jordy Nelson signs with Raiders for 2 years, $15M
Packers SUPERBOWL2018 @SuperBowl2018US🔁Jordy Nelson’s Best Highlights with the Green Bay Packers | NFL
Packers huncho @AlbertDawson_🔁 The #Packers are one of several teams Tyrann Mathieu is considering meeting with (@joearrigo)
Juan Sauceda @jsauceda2492🔁 Waking up and seeing the packers still didn’t sign a CB
Packers Daniel @This_Fuckin_Guy🔁Fuckin Packers, oops I meant raiders 🤔😐😭🤣😂
Packers SUPERBOWL2018 @SuperBowl2018US🔁Why did the Packers Release Jordy Nelson? | NFL Network
PackersPackersPackersPackers Tinay @tinaymaeee🔁 Harry styles wearing packers apparel is my kink... sorry #OneDirectionBestFans
Packers Alexa Wainwright @DJLuben🔁 Packers release Jordy Nelson, per @AdamSchefter
James @G0PackG04🔁 Waking up and seeing the packers still didn’t sign a CB
Packers Jonathan Murphy @Jon86murphy🔁 Coming soon to the @Packers... @AaronRodgers12 to @TheJimmyGraham! 🔥🔥🔥
Packers Florian Höche @Florian_Hoeche🔁 Welcome to Green Bay, @deshonekizer!
Packers Florian Höche @Florian_Hoeche🔁 Welcome to Green Bay, @mowilkerson!
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Raiders trying to finalize deal today for former Packers’ WR Jordy Nelson, who still is in Oakland, sources tell ESPN . “This is going to get done,” one source said of the talks. Nelson on his way to becoming a Raider.
Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁And now it is official: Former Packers' WR Jordy Nelson is a Raider.

Nelson and the Oakland Raiders have a deal, per source.

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter🔁Former Bears’ and Packers’ G Josh Sitton has a two-year agreement in place with the Miami Dolphins, per source.
Banna @omarelbannaa🔁Tyrann Mathieu is still deciding which teams he’s going to visit. The Giants, Jets and Packers are three teams that are “still in it at the moment.” (via )
Ginger Lynne @ginlsimm🔁"That was a little shock to the system and not what you want to hear after you’ve been somewhere for 10 years."
mirza kamran beg @MkbbcsBeg🔁 Former Bears’ and Packers’ G Josh Sitton has a two-year agreement in place with the Miami Dolphins, per source.
Jaleel @JuicedDaFuck_Up🔁@chrisdorsey @packers @JordyRNelson Yea like that makes more sense
lindsey @inseylin🔁You’re mad that the packers didn’t make playoffs and your second team fucked up! But it’s fine keep talking shit abou t my team 😊
huncho @AlbertDawson_🔁Packers going to the Super Bowl don’t @ me
Swig Daddy Krake @MasonKrake🔁Per sources, the Packers, Giants and Jets are the top three suitors for Tyrann Mathieu. All have had phone interviews with him.
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Packers and Movers in Chennai Avadi
Jyoti Sharma @PackerKolkata🔁Packers And Movers Kolkata Are The Best At Such A Reasonable Cost — Local Packers and movers Kolkata Charges
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🏈🏈Nick Gammaitoni☘️☘️ @nick99960834🔁To all the Vikings fans who think the Packers should be ‘scared’ what the fuck can Kirk Cousins do that Case Keenum didn’t already do last year 🤔 I’ll wait.
🏈🏈Nick Gammaitoni☘️☘️ @nick99960834🔁The idea that the Packers are suddenly broke/don’t have the money to splurge on a top-tier free agent is a fallacy.
poorbike @poorbike🔁Check out winning means you're willing! Available for the next 4 days via @Teespring: #packers
The Life, Liberty and Gaming Show @LLG_Radio🔁Dear Packers fan,

FYI When you see Cousins trending on Twitter it is about our new QB Kirk Cousins not a new dating App.
Nikki Gilson @daily_laugh_out🔁 Every time I see someone in public wearing Packers gear I throw up in my mouth
49ers FAN @GetMe2daNFLgame🔁Updated NFL draft 2018 order: Giants still at No. 2; where are Jets, Cowboys, Packers picking? |
🏈🏈Nick Gammaitoni☘️☘️ @nick99960834🔁So now the are actually showing interested in the kind of player fans have been begging for, for years and now people are actually mad about it or talking smack like it's not possible. Wake up or go to sleep, it doesn't matter, but serious changes in GB are happening.
Reuben Ibarra @OcPackers23🔁 is a safety. have interest in Melvin from the . He's a corner.
🏈🏈Nick Gammaitoni☘️☘️ @nick99960834🔁Take 1-1/2 minutes and read this for . Thanks for everything, white lightning! ⚡️

Edward Romero @userwiththename🔁 Vikings. Saints. Rams. Eagles. Cowboys. 49ers. Falcons. Packers. Panthers.

The NFC is going to be a bloodbath.

Syn Cas xo @Syn_Cas🔁I liked a @YouTube video Jordy Nelson's Best Highlights with the Green Bay Packers | NFL
Jonathan Torell @jonathanTorell🔁 Some good tidbits in here from @TomSilverstein on Jordy Nelson’s departure from #Packers.
Jonathan Torell @jonathanTorell🔁 WR Jordy Nelson spoke to the local media in California shortly after signing his contract. Some really interesting answers:
Emily Vilakazi @bon1ost🔁Proof of what we complain abt in many stores/government departments. Cashiers, packers, assistants, consultants etc. The incompetency, lack of care and service level by Black employees when serving Black clients/customers is NOT on, it must change!💩
James Mayo @atl_fan_in_tenn🔁@AaronRodgers12 And you thought the packers cared about the team
🧀r/GreenBayPackers🏈 @PackersReddit🔁Friends trying to harass me with this at work. Honestly, this was the best scenario for him and the Packers. We will see in SB53 and then again in two years when he returns to Lambeau.
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Packers and Movers in Chennai Ambattur
IamDM24601 @IamDM24601🔁Looks like I'll be getting a @JordyRNelson @RAIDERS jersey to wear during @packers games.
meghraj mac meghan @meghraj_mac🔁Hey here's how I out-swag your challenge! I now challenge the master of dance, to take the challenge! All you swag packers out there, follow & send us your videos with so you can be part of it too💃
Coach Marlowe @NC_Heels33🔁 have signed DL Muhammad Wilkerson, CB Herb Waters, & traded CB Damarious Randall to the Cleveland Browns for QB DeShone Kizer.


Barbara Farmer @HAJJIHAFEDH1🔁Happy !

RT to win this autographed jersey. Random winner selected today at 5 p.m. CT.

sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Packers and Movers in Chennai Arumbakkam
Carl Rischen @wwvss🔁Two decades ago, Brian Gutekunst was a full-time dreamer, grinding in a Wisconsin-La Crosse film room by day, tending bars to pay for college by night. The new GM was hell-bent to chase football as long as he could. How his path led him here:
NFL SUPER FAN @TouchDownNFL18🔁Green Bay Packers: 5 Early Potential 2018 NFL Draft First Round Targets [Opinion]
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Packers and Movers in Chennai T Nagar
Ryan "Shelly" @RySchallhorn🔁Not really sad but it’s not great to hear that one of the best receivers on the Packers and #1 receiver for Aaron Rod gers to be gone to the Raiders for a two-year deal. Also hi .
⚡️Tristin Lopez⚡️ @tristinlopez42🔁Raiders trying to finalize deal today for former Packers’ WR Jordy Nelson, who still is in Oakland, sources tell ESPN. “This is going to get done,” one source said of the talks. Nelson on his way to becoming a Raider.
Carl Rischen @wwvss🔁Green Bay holds a special place in Davon House's heart for many reasons...and it's why the CB keeps pushing to play even when the postseason is out of the picture
B-Sock @BSock72🔁Teams interested in Tyrann Mathieu include: Jets, Giants, Saints, Packers, Seahawks, Texans, Chiefs, Panthers and Raiders. Dallas seems unlikely. As of 9pm EST, no visits lined up.
MCP Environmental @MCPEnviroLLP🔁 It's a cold wet morning removing Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB) packers from man hole covers on a train station con course as part of a major improvements programme.
Mark Gudgeon @MGudgeon🔁Perhaps the question should be put to the poor patients who are packed rather than those who pack. Will a trial chang e the entrenched belief of packers/no packers? I doubt it!!
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Packers and Movers Mandaveli
Shu~E @PbGuitar🔁@packers @deshonekizer If I was y’all I’d skip that stat line lookin’thang🤣😂🤣🤷🏽‍♂️
huncho @AlbertDawson_🔁Jordy Nelson Signs with Oakland

Jordy will be wearing Black & Silver next season with the Raiders. It’ll hurt to see him with a different team but Packers’ Nation wishes Jordy a successful and healthy career going forward🙏🏼

Huw Waghorn @HuwWaghorn🔁🚨COMPETITION KLAXON 🚨

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Ken Coleman @HistoryLivesDet🔁On this day in 1964:
Paul Hornung and Alex Karras are reinstated to the after an 11-month suspension for betting o n football games.
John @AZRedskinsFan🔁 ‘Hey n*gger, f*ck you and your chihuahua!’: Packers fans attack prominent Madison black leader...
ً @a_mzn3🔁*Aaron Rodgers rolls out of the pocket, throws cross body and completes it for a 6 yard gain*

Packers fans:

Greg Biela @GREGBIELA🔁@The_Schnaaa @ZachAJacobson @Mathieu_Era is a safety. @packers have interest in Melvin from the @Colts. He's a corner. #GoPackGo
Sudama Dhimar @DhimarSudama🔁Movers Packers Bengaluru Pune Mumbai Delhi Chennai Hydrabad call 8884880004

🏹 LeeRoy 🦌 @CoxaleeLee🔁 Jordy Nelson spent his first 9 seasons in the NFL with the #Packers
NewEraHats @NewEraSportHats🔁Factory Direct Pricing 15%OFF Coupon Code "Factory15" Free Shipping Green Bay Packers NFL Snapback Hats - Price: $38. 00
ShopBot Deals @shopbotdeals🔁 Men's Nike Green Bay Packers Aaron Rodgers Game NFL Replica Jersey on sale for $50 via Kohl's
lindsey @inseylin🔁You are welcome 😂 dude I honestly forgot you met one of my friends 😂 but she didn’t talk shit about the packers cau se she doesn’t know football so you got lucky lmao!
ARMCHAIR QB @ESPNHQ🔁And now it is official: Former Packers' WR Jordy Nelson is a Raider.

Nelson and the Oakland Raiders have a deal, per source. #NFL

Lars-Erik Aabech @bleedo🔁If you’ve hear me mentioning webpack in some of my blog posts but don’t know what it is or why use it this is a great post all about it. Thanks to for finding it
Fred Harvey @FredHarvey90🔁Uh I don't know what you're smoking bud the Packers were heavily favored to LOSE. If you think a #1 seed Cowboys team going 1 and done against a Packers team that had no business being in the playoffs is the same as losing to the #1 offense with no defense then you're delusional
Andrew Chitko @achitko🔁@RobDemovsky @JordyRNelson Good luck Jordy! Prove the Packers wrong every single day moving forward!
Milwaukee Now @MilwaukeeCP🔁Milwaukee trends now: Packers, Harvard, Officials, Wisconsin, Jordy Nelson.
NFL Fandom @NFL_Fandom🔁2018 NFL Draft Archives | Total Packers
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Alwarpet Movers Packers in Chennai
Star Lord @asvpxpatron🔁Lmfaoo yeah tbh if I never sent Twitter the email I would’ve just not came back 😂 lol damn you make it sound like I force myself to be nice 😂 I don’t have to be nice lol let’s say Jeannette talked shit about the packers when I met her then I’d be mean to her 😂💀
access to everything @access_it_all🔁access to Packers
sombir budhram @11Sombir🔁Mylapore Movers Packers Chennai
Just Jillian @24CaliGal🔁@packers @deshonekizer Bad move


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