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Steve Miknis @Smiksdimes🔁@doubleduce92 When Pacers Sports & Entertainment sees Meatloaf on the menu at future games...
Indiana Pacers @Pacers🔁Vic throws down at #VerizonDunk! Our #NBAAllStar will participate in this year's NBA Slam Dunk Contest.
Pacers NBA on ESPN @ESPNNBA🔁The Hornets hung 49 (!!!) on the Pacers in the 1st quarter. 😳
Bleacher Report NBA @BR_NBA🔁Kemba went OFF for 41 points in a win over the Pacers 🔥
mook @EastDatDude🔁I tried PF one game, two way rebounders are pretty solid. Idk which arch you chose for PF but I’d suggest that one, g ood for rebounding and defending.
oscar mujica @oscarmujica8🔁Enter This Pacers Gaming ASUS 3D Monitor And Hoodie Giveaway!
Willie Beamen @cousteau_below🔁February 3 update:

Hornets are the most average team in the league, Pacers still leading that exciting cluster of 5 offensively. Celtics’ defensive rating is still under 100

Uniform Authority @UniAuthority🔁This one's for Indy.

We're back at home tonight to debut our City Edition uniforms.

Tickets available:

Man of Steele @HoosierVet0311🔁@OldTakesExposed 13 yr old me had the @Pacers winning it all
Connor DuBreuil @CheesyDub10🔁Amazing. Honest and constructive is all I ask, appreciate it. This is why I love this 2k community man
mook @EastDatDude🔁@kvngcarl_24 @MavsGG @Pacers_Gaming @HeatCheckGaming @KnicksGaming What position you been running with?
mook @EastDatDude🔁Yeah it’s rough when you get those type of players, which is why I’m glad the games are still recorded so, you play y our game regardless the wins and losses shouldn’t play too big of a factor since it’s randoms you’re playing with. Never know what type of random you’re gonna get
CarlosGlizzy @kvngcarl_24🔁And I was shooting 100% from the FT but my last game 2k decided to hoe and make my FT bad delay. So I missed 5 Fts i n 1 game
Manny @CBG_X_6GAWD🔁day 1 looked good.
CarlosGlizzy @kvngcarl_24🔁I’m supposed to be 7-0 but I had a dick head Pg and C that were stat chasing and messed up the whole team
mook @EastDatDude🔁One of them games we just got smacked by like 50, people won’t communicate . Won’t switch on screens, too many shoote rs open. All bad lol
Hornets Brasil @BR_Hornets_BR🔁Kemba Walker drops 41 points as the Charlotte Hornets use a record-setting first quarter to top the Indiana Pacers, 133-126.
Omega Vocaal @OmegaVocaal🔁I tried to play pro am a moment ago they had me feeling like Ron artest
QueQ22 @JusAGuyinToms22🔁Thanks bro Good luck. Hope we team up one time
mook @EastDatDude🔁Nah not stat chasing at all, 2 of those games our PG lagged out so it was all bad from there.
Jacob Cole @tarheelcole🔁 WINNNNNN! 👏 Here’s what Coach Cliff has to say after that 133-126 win over the Pacers.

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pacersallday @NickStidham31🔁Absolutely. All could be franchise difference makers.wish my pacers make a move up the board to get one. Hate thinki ng Doncic or Ayton go to the Kings or suns.or even Magic or Hawks is a waste
Reggie @Reggie22_FBK🔁Haha i totally understand bro!
Reggie @Reggie22_FBK🔁Thank you bro good luck on your journey
ItsTonezWorld @Hillario15🔁Definitely just tag me! I can also give insight on some of the stats I’ve been seeing in a particular pos ition. Goodluck today!
Hassan Barzani @airhasiescardo🔁 OFFICIAL: The #Pacers have recalled Glenn Robinson III from @TheMadAnts.
Pacers Brasil @pacers_brasil🔁@BuzzerEdits Pacers!
Jeremy Spencer @Heartbreak_Ja3🔁Thanks bro Good luck. Hope we team up one time


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