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Pac-12Pac-12Pac-12Pac-12 I'M All In Again @RyanDubReed🔁 Friday night lights.

📸's from @UW_Baseball's 7-1 win over Arizona to open Pac-12 play.


Pac-12 Slim jim @DrunkAssasin511🔁 These guys getting a chance to see a Pac-12, Chip Kelly led practice #bluepride
Brock Hammond @bhammond2376🔁 "Previous play is under review for TARGETING" -- Pac-12 refs, probably
Kodak Gray @Darieng_12🔁 Don't tell me Pac's flow isn't godly here.
∞Dr.Pr¡nce🤴🏽 @The_Prince_Kid🔁 "Previous play is under review for TARGETING" -- Pac-12 refs, probably
Pac-12 Geoff Schwartz @geoffschwartz🔁The Pac 12 conference would like to thank Virginia.
Colin Cowherd @ColinCowherd🔁If Arizona loses to Buffalo after UCLA lost to St Bonaventure, the PAC 12 should disband & compete only at the intramural level.
Underground King @Brodie07Perry🔁Plenty of great schools not in the Pac 12 for him to go to. He looks like a good fit as a B-Back in a triple option scheme.
Charles Chung @Cchung25🔁St. Bonaventure beats UCLA.
Syracuse beats Arizona State.
Buffalo beats Arizona.

The Pac-12 was just taken out by New York State.

David Johnson @0789_johnson🔁The 2 things Oregon excels at and you're going to say they don't do it? I'd say Oregon is at least top 4 in the Pac 12 when it comes to academics and the only pac 12 school to win a playoff game. They also the only pac 12 school to play for a national championship the last 8 yrs
Jamey Vinnick @jameyvinnick9🔁@alexSSN And he just pac 12 ref’d Mo Wagner
Seattle Sportsnet @alexSSN🔁That's notorious Pac-12 ref David Hall officiating this Houston-Michigan game. So in just a few minutes, you can expe ct things to get real weird.
NGUYEN NGOC HA @NGUYENN57162042🔁 Ah OK, so Arizona didn’t actually get better they just started playing Pac 12 teams
Candice Douglass @crdouglass🔁Lady Dawgs will be back and will win the series. Great outing for Gabby. She just got a bit Pac-12 shy. It will come. She’s gonna be great.
Coach Elliott @c_elliott34🔁 I personally blame the PAC-12’s poor display on Bill Walton calling so many of their games.
David Boyles @DavidBoyles3🔁Congrats to the ASU Women's Basketball team for already winning more tournament games this year than all of the Pac-1 2 men's teams combined.
Jordan Culliver @CoachChill13🔁 And it could be worse.

We could be the PAC-12

Louie Marigold @louie_marigold🔁You saw the correction? He's 2-14 in the second game of Pac-12 road trips without Lonzo Ball.

Overall, he's 12-24 in Pac-12 road games without Lonzo.

Larry Meade @LarryMeade🔁Reasons the A10 is better than the Pac-12:
- Did not cause an international incident with China
- Beat a Pac-12 team in the First Four
- Did not lose by 21 to a #13 seed
- Has a team in the Round of 32
- Did not have any current coaches implicated in the FBI investigation
Golovkin @Golovkin0🔁1.Ali/Mayweather 2.Leonard 3. Sweet Pea, 4. Larry Holmes 5. Carlos Monzon 6. Marvin Hagler, 7.James Toney 8.Roberto Duran, 9.Ricardo Lopez, 10. Roy Jones, 11. Prime Mike Tyson, 11.Holyfield 12. Lewis 13.Bhop 14. Salvador Sanchez 15.Manny Pac
Jon Wilner @wilnerhotline🔁@RobberBaron83 Pac-12 doing great in the Olympic sports, always does.
Will Dixon @dixdog27🔁The Pac-12 endured a seven-month stretch unlike any in recent major college history, and not in a good way:


FCS Nation Radio @FCSNationRadio1🔁Plenty of great schools not in the Pac 12 for him to go to. He looks like a good fit as a B-Back in a triple option s cheme.
Jordan UniServ PAC @CEA_JEA_PAC🔁Many educators have questions about their rights when they engage in activism and protest on social justice issues.
Live NFL Dreams @DreamerNFL🔁2018 NFL Draft rumors: Patriots linked to the most prolific quarterback in Pac 12 history - Pats Pulpit
Kevin McGuire @KevinOnCFB🔁Big East (Villanova), Big 12 (Kansas), and SEC champion (Kentucky) already in Sweet 16. Michigan (Big Ten) fighting t o join them. ACC (Virginia) and PAC-12 (Arizona) champions have been eliminated.
Ro Russell @CoachRoRussell🔁Three freshmen in the nation's top-7 leagues (Big 12, AAC, ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Pac-12, SEC) scored 300 points in conference play.

, Trae Young and DeAndre Ayton.

HuskiesFan91 @Go_Dawgs_91🔁Couple false facts in here-

Jamal Bey was the Gatorade Player of the Year in the state of Nevada, not the nation.
Mattisse Thybulle was not Pac-12 Player of the Year, he was defensive player of the year.

At least know what you’re talking about before you’re talking about it

Deana Garner-Smith @dgarnerSWA🔁A team meeting under the lights wraps up the Baldy Castillo Invitational!

Join us at Sun Angel Stadium next weekend for the Pac-12/Big Ten + Challenge!

Jon Wilner @wilnerhotline🔁The Pac-12 endured a seven-month stretch unlike any in recent major college history, and not in a good way: -12FB

Will Juarez @DonQuixoteMan🔁 is about to start in Tempe!

📺 Pac-12 Network + Arizona + Washington

davepaisley @davepaisley🔁@StaceGots Trying to think of a good PAC-12 pun to counter, but failing, much like the PAC-12...
Kevin McGuire @KevinOnCFB🔁ACC champion is out.

PAC-12 champion is out.

Big Ten champion Michigan looking to stay in the tournament now. Shoul d be a fun second half against Houston to cap our Saturday tournament fun.

SEC Country @SECcountry🔁And it could be worse.

We could be the PAC-12

Stanford Sports Now @StanfordSN🔁Highlights: Alanna Smith, Kiana Williams propel Stanford women’s basketball past Gonzaga in NCAA Tournament first rou nd
Ted Enberg @TeddyEnberg🔁We are live on @StanfordMVB against @USC_Athletics
Monica Corr @Monica_Corr🔁✅Start Pac-12 play
✅Beat the No. 1 ranked team in the country
✅Meet THE
What. A. Day.
Blessed to be a Devil 😈😈
GwenieB🗽 @B__Gwenie66🔁GOP super PAC NRCC linked to Paul Ryan used Russian hacked material against Dem House candidates

GwenieB🗽 @B__Gwenie66🔁National Republican Congressional Committee (Ryan PAC) used stolen Russian materials against Dems in 2016 campaign

The Region’s DMX @GeorgeStHelms🔁@E_West_ Wait, I know a PAC 12 fan isn’t...Nevermind
49ers FAN @GetMe2daNFLgame🔁PAC-12 Prospects 2018 NFL Draft | Oregon NFL Draft Prospects | USC NFL Draft Prospects|
Stanford Men's Volleyball @StanfordMVB🔁Live stream is working for those who want to tune in...

Fantasy alpha @Padresfan2🔁No. 16 UCLA rallies from four runs down to defeat Washington State, 8-5, to take the opening Pac-12 series of the year.


Ben Morrow @BenMorrow25🔁SEC is doing its best PAC-12 impression today. Ain't none of 'em want to keep playin'...
Jade Gortarez @jade_g_15🔁✅Start Pac-12 play
✅Beat the No. 1 ranked team in the country
✅Meet THE @natashawatley29
What. A. Day.
Blessed to be a Devil 😈😈
David Mays @DavidJMays🔁I hate how the and want to be better then the SEC but everything from the network to the refs are awful. Today SEC has 3 baseball games on tv on top of every team has to have video for replay which helps coaches for CWS replays. Pac 12 doesn’t even have video


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