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Shannon Watts @shannonrwatts🔁Not even a national news story. Yountville ahooter was getting treatment for PTSD, yet still had access to semiautoma tic rifles and ammo.
HagarDHorrible @HorribleD🔁Not even a national news story. Yountville ahooter was getting treatment for PTSD, yet still had access to semiautomatic rifles and ammo.
Kashana @kashanacauley🔁The modern curriculum: reading, writing, arithmetic, and PTSD.
Raj Mathai @rajmathai🔁Beautiful smiles.
Here are the 3 hostages killed by an Army veteran in .
Christine Loeber, Dr. Jen Golick and Jenni fer Gonzales. All worked at The Pathway Home...which counsels veterans suffering from .
The gunman was recently discharged from their program.
Adelheid Kresse @coeruleus64🔁3 women shot to death at a veterans’ home in , CA, by a veteran who’d been treated there for PTSD. All 3 had worked with the shooter who took them hostage & killed them; one was the executive director. This barely made national news today.
Jessica @JTDinius🔁 Oprah Winfrey explores revolutionary approach to childhood trauma for "60 Minutes"
Chaotic Spyder @ptsdspyderkids🔁My boy Liam is having a VERY difficult night & I'm working REAL hard....I need help!
Can we all give him some encour agement that it WILL be alright??
Thanks peeps ~Einstein

Maria @CbreedMaria🔁These 3 women started off yesterday alive. Christine Loeber, Jennifer Golick and Jennifer Gonzales worked at the vet home in Yountville. Instead of spending 30 million dollars on a stupid military parade, that money could be better used to treat vets, especially those with .
Deborah H. Arrington @DebarringtonH🔁The mass shooter was a veteran. A “good guy with a gun.” Until he wasn’t.

He was suffering from PTSD. He had no business owning guns.

But, of course, the NRA believes seriously mentally ill people should still have access to guns.

Defeat the NRA. Vote the GOP out.

Laurette Cangialosi @Dogz_9_laurette🔁 Tragedy devastating! PTSD is Unwanted aftermath of Trauma. Guns +PTSD are lethal : Daily suicides, murder suicides.
MikeFromQueens7 @MikeyHo805🔁@resisterhood PTSD is no joke. condolences to everyones family
Kelley @kelley_romme🔁Beautiful smiles.
Here are the 3 hostages killed by an Army veteran in .
Christine Loeber, Dr. Jen Golick and Jennifer Gonzales. All worked at The Pathway Home...which counsels veterans suffering from .
The gunman was recently discharged from their program.
Southern Belle @SBelle1950🔁Heartbroken over the tragedy in Yountville. Praying for the families of 3 women killed while dedicating their lives to helping . Also for the troubled shooter. If you or someone you know is suffering from PTSD, PLEASE call the Veterans Crisis line at 800-273-8255 press 1
Evelyn Bordeaux @BordeauxFoSho🔁And also:
4. Hogarth’s subplot was the most riveting part of the show
5. I’m not sure what the message of this seaso n is. Season 1 was mainly about addition and PTSD, and this one is about mother/daughter relationships?
6. The morgue guy who likes fancy cuisine is great
scott c @scottc_scottc🔁Decorated soldier killed three hostages at veterans home — including psychologist who kicked him out of treatment program for PTSD
Eugene @Eugene26144945🔁Military are not the only ones who suffer from ptsd! Abuse victims , the innocent victims of war will suffer aswell , anyone who suffers from any sort of trauma even it be the lost of a loved one , can end up having ptsd.
Gary Kerns @blackdiamond118🔁Mentally ill & assault rifles are a deadly combination. Why is this so fucking hard to understand. Another shooting in California by former client of a veterans PTSD counseling program using an assault rifle. When will it end. Why is it acceptable.
🍬beebles🍭 @BugBeebles🔁broke: playing video games that may or may not have violence is toxic and should be censored because school shootings or something

woke: going to war and literally killing people and developing ptsd from the horrific events you've seen is totally cool man 👌

Sean Houlihane @tsh2🔁Never thought of my EU wife resident of the UK for 26 years as imported cheap labour. Works hard has her own business and does voluntary work helping our Veterans with PTSD. She is not a commodity , nor do I vote for people who describe her as such
Marie 🇺🇸 @MarieResistance🔁We don’t need a military parade - we need resources for veterans and military families. We need research into and more support for programs like whose leaders were murdered in . And we need !
Tatteredwings @Tatteredwings2🔁My daughter cries/sobs as well; it has traumatized her to watch me horrifically suffer. Hv lost So Much time w/her & my family due to poor pain mgmt; also loss of income, home, stability, emotional/physical toll resulting in new cog issues - anxiety/panic attacks & PTSD.
🕷VenomousHeroine🕷 @AdrenalizeMe666🔁SAME! it's sobering damn my shit is fucked up LOL.... you all can't hate me more then I already hate me, I gotta live with this crazy bitch!... and VERY OFTEN people w/ptsd don't react like others do, we come across cold & insensitive.
yennifer. 🖤 @fbgmoney_🔁Three women were shot to death at their work yesterday, a place where they helped veterans with PTSD. really not goin g to make a comment about it?
ailyn ❄️ @kunikidasan🔁"dazai being abused by mori headcanons are finally cancelled!" hello? 911? hate to break it to yall but every single time dazai has had to deal with mori, he has this look on his face which is commonly associated with trauma and ptsd but go off.
Gloria Law @Law1Gloria🔁In school, workplace causing severe anxiety, panic attack, agoraphobia, =
I suffer hostile environment with bull y, Personnel, Director, Commissioner+group.
I speak up truth my complex is real
Peg @atticusfinchs🔁This didn't have to happen. May these beautiful American women RIP 🇺🇸🇺🇸


Maha M @mahatbh🔁This shooter was a veteran being treated for PTSD. These events keep happening that remind us what specific gun control reforms we need, deaths shouldn't have to be part of a political statement, but unfortunately, they must beb
kimberly monique @bk1171🔁Isn't it ironic that trump's parade is approved just as a vet, discharged from a veteran's PTSD program, murders three employees. The money could be spent for more worthy causes.
always teatime @dismember_ment🔁the shooter was a veteran this time. four people are dead because a vet being treated for severe, combat-related PTSD was allowed to maintain a firearm.
I'm just beyond myself, and idk how I hadn't heard earlier
UbanistStagehand @Aquilaphil🔁 The modern curriculum: reading, writing, arithmetic, and PTSD.
Fernando B. Feckers @FbFeckers🔁you are not alone

For the millions of men who spent their youth lost and alone. Raped, ridiculed, doubted, disbelieved, ridiculed, shamed; Who have walked alone for years, blaming themselves, unable to t ..

Animedud and 69 others @notanimedad🔁Seeing people quote-tweet this to condemn the victims and NOPE. PTSD is incredibly complex. The victims dedicated their professional lives to service. We could do everyone a service by removing access to weapons of war from an already messy equation.
Godless Atheist @__Heathen__🔁By way of background, the GOP has latched onto one particular statement made by Jordan in which she said she’s...
Jane C Quinn @JaneCQuinn1🔁I have warned repeatedly that this is a hidden epidemic. We know absolutely nothing as to whether it played a role in this case, but several other similar cases clearly involved unrecognized mefloquine poisoning. See my guide to screening veterans here:
Patti Azevedo @patti_azevedo🔁Oprah Winfrey explores revolutionary approach to childhood trauma for "60 Minutes"
em @EmmaSwanek🔁Ah by giving students premature PTSD they will know how to handle a real shooting situation! Also that description of the shooter…doesn't gel with reality. I'm just sayin 🤷🏾‍♂️


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