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Hi @xAngelicBeastx🔁#vegasborn wins!! Exciting game!! #PITvsVGK
Jonathan Cisowski @cisow77🔁When you beat the team that you won 3 Stanley Cups with in an all around complete game #VGK #PITvsVGK 🏒
#PITvsVGK GRUPO ERNEZCAM @FUERTES_DE_USA🔁 Flower and the Knights take the win! #PITvsVGK
#PITvsVGK Vegas Golden Knights @g0ldenknights🔁Flower and the Knights take the win! #PITvsVGK
Carmen Gigar @cgigar🔁@GoldenKnightswr got Hapoy Feet tonight! Waddle home birds #PITvsVGK
#PITvsVGK Trendsmap Las Vegas @TrendsLasVegas🔁#pitvsvgk is now trending in #LasVegas


#PITvsVGK Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Ready to do battle with the Golden Knights. #PITvsVGK
Pittsburgh Penguins @penguins🔁Beware: Darth Potash. 😱

Want to see more? A brand new episode of In The Room airs tonight before at 9:00PM ET on . twitter.com

NHL Network @NHLNetwork🔁"There are so few players in the game that you talk about and they leave a legacy with their longest lasting organiza twitter.com tion. I think Fleury really is that kind of player to the ."

Murray vs. Fleury is coming up, right here, at 10pE.

Clark County Nevada @ClarkCountyNV🔁Our 2, 1! Don’t feel bad , we’ve also beaten the , the other team in the last final... and a lot of other teams a twitter.com s well. 20 wins already! We’ve gotten pretty good at this thing pretty quickly. 😀
Sports Daily @SportsDGI🔁#NHL Final
#GoldenKnights 2
#Penguins 1
Chris Winn @ChristianWinn🔁Do yourself a favor & tune in to Postgame Show on the Flagship w/ , & talking VGK taking out the S twitter.com tanley Cup Champs!
NHL Network @NHLNetwork🔁We get that!

has her priorities too. She is set to recap all 12 games played tonight on , coming up after the concl twitter.com usion of

✨sunshine✨ @SarahAkele🔁Look, I love the Pens. I LOVE THEM. They are MY TEAM. But ohmyGOD I am so proud of Flower tonight. He was INCREDIBLE twitter.com and he deserved that win and I am so so happy for him and for the success that Vegas is having rn. What an amazingly intense and exciting game!
Nick Bell @NickBel06055003🔁I honestly wish trading Letang was an option. Unfortunately that would be entirely difficult and the pens can't affor twitter.com d to lose another long time player or there will be virtually no chemistry left. He needs to sit though until he feels like actually trying.
bobby sxe @bigbobby05🔁2-1 Vegas over Pittsburgh - John Merrill (1) scores with 10 mins left in third. Great assist from Erik Haula.
Meghan Reinhart @StaalNealFan🔁Revenge never tasted so sweet. Makes up for losing to the flightless birds in the finals last year. twitter.com
Lowen Crombie @Lowen_Hazel🔁Have I mentioned recently how much I live my boys cause it's a lot y'all. #PITvsVGK #VegasBorn
Chris Winn @ChristianWinn🔁If you've won a Stanley Cup in the last 8 years you don't want to play at people 'cause your gonna leave in defeat. twitter.com Flower a stellar night between the pipes!
Kimberly @kimjwatts🔁Yay!!!!!!That’s Vegas Baby!!! #VegasBorn #PITvsVGK
Kimberly Woods @KJWoodsEMH🔁Winning in regulation for a change! Fleury is amazing!! #GoKnightsGo #PITvsVGK
Nathan P. @NathanP39708745🔁#PITvsVGK BREAKING: @GoldenKnights defeat the champs @penguins by a score of 2-1.
William Roman @BillDungsroman🔁Put it in the books. Expansion team beats the Pens. #PITvsVGK
Jordan Conigliaro @JordanC_WJAC🔁Marc-Andre Fleury (21 saves) and the Las Vegas Golden Knights beat the #Penguins 2-1. @WJACTV #PITvsVGK
BIG ED @NYCKING🔁#PITvsVGK #GoldenKnight 2 #Pens 1 Final
celeste @Asurasx🔁This win is crazy ..... #PITvsVGK
Nick Bell @NickBel06055003🔁Vegas is a legit really good team. Really structured and responsible defensively and dangerous offensively. They have twitter.com what it takes to keep this up and be a top team this season. Better Fleury is there than stuck in the mud with the pens right now.
NHL Public Relations @PR_NHL🔁The established an NHL record for fewest games to reach the 20-win mark by a team in its inaugural season. twitter.com
taylor @taylormackeyy🔁please can we trade letang?? i feel bad saying that but come on #PITvsVGK
🦖dino dianne 🦕 @dyanlugo🔁The empty net has me
JEFF D. HOUSTON @JeffHouston8🔁Geno is struggling #PITvsVGK
Casual Friday @CdotFriday🔁I better never see an embellishment call all year. That was awful. #PITvsVGK
Dr. Rob @sebastiancanes🔁Un-fucken-real! #LetsGoPens are crap right now! #PITvsVGK. Defense sucks! 3rd and 4th lines are atrocious.
Lady Lee Anne @ladyleeanne33🔁Meanwhile the Pens and Knights are putting on a stellar action packed period in Vegas . The Knights have a 2-1 lead a twitter.com s time ticks away over the Pens
Vegas Golden Knights @g0ldenknights🔁Ruhwedel heads to the box for hooking and we're on the power play with less than two minutes to go! #PITvsVGK
SuperFanYuki❄️💙🎼🎹❤️🏒 @HiFromYuki🔁Both goalies are terrific! #PITvsVGK


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