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#PGAAC Rob Held @RobHeld🔁 Held's take over San Diego @PGAllAmerican #PGAAC #goeast
#PGAAC Reed Smith @ReedSmith52🔁 To end the night, the 2017 Jackie Robinson Player of the Year Award goes to @_KumarRocker. #PGAAC
#PGAAC Kim Storch Bishop @StorchBishop🔁 Almost time 🇺🇸 #PGAAC
#PGAAC Rob Held @RobHeld🔁 Coaches wives #PGAAC
#PGAAC Central FL Gators @CF_Gators🔁 This won't even cool off @NolanGorman. 🔥 #MVP #PGAAC
#PGAAC Baseball Institute @BBallInstitute🔁 That's a final for the 2017 @PGAllAmerican!

#WestSquad wins it, 6️⃣-1️⃣!


#PGAAC#PGAAC#PGAAC Rick Damien @RickDamien🔁 Congrats to Preston Hartsell for winning the @PGAllAmerican Home Run Derby! #Velo #PGAAC
#PGAAC Juanka @JuanCudi_🔁 At the end of the day, we do this all for the kids at @radychildrens. #PGAAC
#PGAAC Brian Hendry @brian_hendry4🔁 RETWEET for a chance to WIN a full deck of 2017 #PGAAC @Leaf_Cards
#PGAAC Jose Illenasip @JoeyyPies🔁 nicks fan club !!! we're rooting for you, you little cutie nugget @ndecker26 #PGAAC
#PGAAC Rawlings Sports @RawlingsSports🔁Congrats to @will_banfield this year's #Rawlings @PerfectGameUSA Defensive Player of the Year Award winner. #PGAAC
#PGAAC#PGAAC#PGAAC Rawlings Sports @RawlingsSports🔁Congrats to Preston Hartsell for winning the @PGAllAmerican Home Run Derby! #Velo #PGAAC
#PGAAC MLB Network @MLBNetwork🔁Watch the top high school talent in the nation showcase their skills in the @PGAllAmerican game at 8pE! #PGAAC
Allen E. Thomas @AllenEThomas12🔁With 9️⃣ homers, your 2017 Home Run Challenge Champ: 👏


Nick Rivera⚾️ @FlyGuyRivv🔁Lots of 95s on the FB for 2018 RHP Lenny Torres Jr. (NY). One of youngest in , fast arm w/ lots of projection remaining.
Shane Marlin @Smarlin51🔁ITS GAMEDAY!

⏰ 5PM PT/8 PM ET

mattdeskins @mattdeskins1🔁Congrats to 2018 Jordan Groshans with the Dinger over the left field corner. Made 95 look like 75. 🔥 ⚾
Game Changers @GameChangersss🔁The official swing sensor of & the Classic

➡️ SwingTracker


Billy McElroy @billyraymcelroy🔁Congrats to this year's Defensive Player of the Year Award winner.
Maui Mitch @M_hen5🔁Very professional rounds from commit Jarred Kelenic. Hard, barreled LDs to all fields, very quick hands.
Trevor Berryhill @BHILL_FTBTUCCI🔁The swing & the win. Congrats to Preston Hartsell () on winning the Home Run Derby.
Brandon Baseball @brandonhsbasbll🔁2018 RHP JT Ginn (MS) up to 96 mph in his inning at . Quick arm w/ life, CB flashed bite in low 80s.
beesball.com @beesball🔁 Simmons just turned on a 96 mph FB for a 2B down the line, first hit in the 2017 #PGAAC twitter.com
Kim Storch Bishop @StorchBishop🔁The 2017 hasn't even started yet, and we've already got a showdown 😂

| |

Kim Storch Bishop @StorchBishop🔁That's a Home Run for to put the up 2-0 in the !


Marcella Thomas @MarcellaMThomas🔁Some of the easier hands in 2018 class with commit Alek Thomas. Quick barrel with lots of jump to pull.
thartsell @thartsell🔁 #pgaac Congratulations to @prestonhvrtsell for winning the #HomeRunDerby today!!! You made @CdM_Baseball proud!!
Ethan Hankins @EthanHankins🔁 You get a glimpse into the talent of the '18 GA class with Rocker and Hankins back-to-back. Simply unfair. #PGAAC
EC Sox Baseball @eastcoastbball🔁Thanks game for taking great care of

and are 1st class!


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