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#OverwatchLeague TwdAotGod @whomisthatboi🔁 Finally!! A Zarya AND a Moira!!! #OverwatchLeague
Nacho @XxRetroZoMBiexX🔁i almost broke my laptop cause of this @LAValiant vs @LAGladiators game. #OverwatchLeague #ShieldsUP
#OverwatchLeague Major Mike @_Major_Mike🔁After one HELL of a fight, @LAValiant beats LA Gladiators 3-2! Hell yeah! 😁
#Overwatch #OverwatchLeague #OWL2018
Taylor @GIF_Bluehawk🔁Me watching the @LAGladiators fall to the @LAValiant right now (#OverwatchLeague):
UCI Esports @UCIEsports🔁//twitter.com/i/web/status/955962773053194240" target="_blank">twitter.com uditorium!

Los Angeles Valiant 👼 @LAValiant🔁Hey students, you might be walking around and seeing our posters everywhere. Come stop by our FREE viewing party at twitter.com Crystal Cove Auditorium starting at 4PM for free food, giveaways and action! 👼


Los Angeles Valiant 👼 @LAValiant🔁We may have fallen last week, but there's no denying we'll be back spreading our wings tomorrow. VALLA Recap: Stage 1 twitter.com Week 2.

➡ ⬅

MissJiinx @MissJiinx🔁Also to everyone who doesn't give a damn about I'm sorry for the spam but not sorry for the spam. This has been a f twitter.com antastic experience so far.
Emma Kate @emma_lovatic🔁today's matches were insane. shoutout to my boys for showing up, and ggs to , you'll get em next time 💜 twitter.com
Henry Hollaway @LateGreatHenry🔁The tanks & supports are so synergistic.

...But remove the tank that so brilliantly protects the supports, Bischu, twitter.com and keep the one that so frequently relies on them, iRemix, and that collapse happens.

EmpathetiConnoisseur @SalmanhendriX🔁Great clutch by LA Valiant ! Well deserved W. #OverwatchLeague
KnightsOfVegas @_KnightsOfVegas🔁What a match between the LA Gladiators and the LA Valiant! Valiant with the reverse sweep and took the extra map 2-1! twitter.com Even in Esports we need defibrillators. That was insane to say the least!
Tykoni @Tykoni🔁Say hello to 's newest fan! Such wow. Much game. 💖💖😂
Koji Kazamatsuri @LordDarkrai14🔁Yo anyone watch the #OverwatchLeague “battle of Los Angeles match” that was easily the best match so far.
Jeremy Addis @vegasplease1013🔁What a match between the LA Gladiators and the LA Valiant! Valiant with the reverse sweep and took the extra map 2-1! twitter.com Even in Esports we need defibrillators. That was insane to say the least!
Blake VP @TokyoDown🔁Well, battle of LA was the best game of the young season, but we get NYXL/Dynasty tomorrow so that could change quickly. #OverwatchLeague
Nichole "DragonHeart" Reynolds @Azerothdefender🔁Yeah! That’s the way to do it, my ! Never give up and fight for victory until the game is over and done. Very well m twitter.com et!
The Streamedian! @NiceGuyGaming🔁Just watched some #OverwatchLeague 🎮💪🏿. It was amazing 😀
Stu Copland @SomeClassyFool🔁That LA Valiant vs LA Gladiators was pretty beast, but I'm just waiting for Friday, catch that #NYXL v #SeoulDynasty
Coleman Ranahan @colemanranahan🔁They can’t rely on Iremix to solo tank. He dies waaaaaay too much. #OverwatchLeague
🍻bert🍣 @niiyuuu🔁I’m really impressed with Soon’s plays. They were cleeeeean most of the time and real tide turners #OverwatchLeague
Nicolo @Nymo🔁What a rivalry. Definitely the biggest match of . Reverse sweep up until the very last possible game. Incredible. Mor twitter.com e matches like this, please.
💛💙n0healz4u💙💛 @n0healz4u🔁Okay now that all those amazing matches happened I’m going to try to get some sleep. Gratz to all the teams you all h twitter.com ave played amazing tonight!
Jon Manacmul @jonnystingray🔁Gladiators should’ve had that one. #OverwatchLeague
Jimmy @djtyrant🔁SO. PROUD. Very well done can't wait to see play Saturday in person!! GGs for and what a way to end the nigh twitter.com t for
Anjum @anjum_meer🔁Valiant vs Gladiators - epic game. The reverse sweep. #OverwatchLeague
Ňęø (salaxio et mashup sous coté) @NeoKai055🔁That was an exciting fight GGs #VALLA ! #OverwatchLeague
Maleficent @angsaysroar🔁Never lost faith in @LAValiant but man did they sure put my heart through its paces! #OverwatchLeague
TwdAotGod @whomisthatboi🔁 holy shit that was intense #OverwatchLeague
OverTake @OverTake_OWL🔁congrats to the that was an insane match with the and a lot of fun towatch twitter.com
Jayden Perry @_JaydenPerry🔁What an incredible Overwatch match up. Two faves at a neck and neck level this early on makes for an excellent viewing! #OverwatchLeague
PeonyMae @_PeonyMae_🔁Well done @LAValiant. That was the most entertaining, pressure filled game I’ve ever seen. #OverwatchLeague
Marisa @Risa_x_Roo🔁I’ll never understand why people “boo” a team they don’t like. Especially in pro gaming. I find it rude, but that’s j twitter.com ust me. You can not like a team and still be respectful.
Ari @TheDamnYam🔁LA BELONGS TO THE VALIANT TONIGHT!!! Great job tonight, that was such an intense match!! You guys are doing amazing t twitter.com his season, glad i picked as my team!💚💚
Brad Ledbetter @BLedbetter79🔁#Valla with the epic comeback #OverwatchLeague
Eric Rodriguez @ShibbyOW🔁Holy shit that series had me on the edge of my seat, but awesome to see that got the reverse sweep!! GGs to tho, th twitter.com at series so was so awesome to watch!!
Chrissy C @ChrissyAtSea🔁Valiant Vs. Gladiators was wild! #OverwatchLeague
Jamie 🦉 @DarkStarSpace🔁1 - New York (4-0)
2 - Seoul (5-0)
3 - London (5-0)
4 - LA Valiant (3-2)
5 - LA Gladiators (2-3)
6 - Philadelphia (2- twitter.com 2)
7 - Houston (2-2)
8 - Dallas (0-4)
9 - San Francisco (2-3)
10 - Boston (1-3)
11 - Florida (1-3)
12 - Shanghai (0-5)

My rankings after tonight.

Midnight Jon, the Bi-Furious @MidnightJon🔁@Cavs came back from 3-1, @Cubs came back from 3-1, @LAValiant came back from 2-0


Crescendolll 🎮 @crescendolll🔁Such an amazing match up! I've aged 50 years watching it, but oh my god those were some good games!


TwdAotGod @whomisthatboi🔁 Congratulations to Los Angeles Valiant!! 🎈🎉 #OverwatchLeague
Rich Hurtz @RichHurtz5007🔁I will never understand why Gladiators left Asher in for so fucking long. He was playing terribly. #OverwatchLeague
Josh Flores @MrJoshuaFlores🔁Man,   is the first time I really understand crazy sports people! crushed it so hard I started a chant! Of course th twitter.com e difference being I was all alone in a dark room at 6 am...
TwdAotGod @whomisthatboi🔁 WHAT A REVERSE SWEEP! Proud of my LA boys 💪🔥 #VALLA #OverwatchLeague
greeny @greeny_ow🔁The battle for LA was probably the best OWL game so far. I feel like I keep saying that, but it's true. ggs twitter.com
Courtney Riley @RileyWasYes🔁That game gave me life. Amazing win. GO VALIANT!!! @LAValiant #OverwatchLeague
HadesHalo⁰⁰⁷ 😈😇 @HadesHalo🔁HOLY CRAP that VS match was INSANE!

GG to both teams, but wow Valiant with the reverse sweep... just wowowow... 😱 twitter.com 👏💪

Jnthan (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞ 🔴 #TheRealityNerf @RedtrainerSV🔁Hold that shit Gladiators!!! Valiant owns LA!!!! That game was insane... coming back from 2-0 omfggggg what a game!! twitter.com !
🚀anna🚀 @hufflescout🔁THAT WAS SO INTENSE BUT THEY DID IT OMG #VALLA #OverwatchLeague


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