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EJ @OmgIt5EJ🔁 In his #OverwatchLeague debut, @spaceOW went 72-4 as DVa!


Hokage, Video Ninja @BlackHokage2🔁 Here's the new trailer for Overwatch Retribution, coming April 10! #OverwatchLeague
#OverwatchLeague Tyler Schrodt @TSchrodt🔁Watching some #OverwatchLeague with @theBEARHANDS us definitely the right way to finish my LA trip
Stephanie Brown @StephanieDBrown🔁This @SFShock team is too strong! 😂 #OverwatchLeague #OWL2018
#OverwatchLeague The Stubz @thestubz🔁 RT if you're ready for #OverwatchLeague Stage 3 💥
#OverwatchLeague Frankie Leung @FrankieLHK🔁 Hey guys I met Hero 28!
(He's in the background)

@PlayOverwatch @Blizzard_ANZ #OverwatchLeague

Dallas Fuel @DallasFuel🔁📣To kick off Stage 3, we're giving 3 winners a signed jersey and 500 tokens!

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Overwatch League @overwatchleague🔁✅ In-game content
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Overwatch League @overwatchleague🔁The signing/transfer window closes tonight at 11:59PM PDT.

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MEVO @M_3_V_0🔁Yo that RETRIBUTION announcement tho?! Wanted to talk about it more on the desk but Lord Puckett kept us on track.

So sick, love me some lore.

Eilyn 🌸 semi-hiatus @eilynlck🔁The Winston's are here at the Blizzard Arena
, @Rutaelant🔁I CALLED IT. complete faith in the best team. Nice one, Shock. #OverwatchLeague
Karaface @karaleung🔁📣To kick off Stage 3, we're giving 3 winners a signed jersey and 500 tokens!

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Winners will be chosen April 10th. Good luck! 🔥💙

sado @hoihoisado🔁Were you watching when was holding down that payload in Junkertown??? ICONIC, play of the game. 😩👌❤️🐸
Charles @Charlo0oki🔁Well that was disappointing, all 3 of my #OWL2018 #OverwatchLeague teams lost today.
FeelsGladMax @FeelsBadMax🔁That last tweet should imply to anyone that I respect the Glads a lot. SF getting this dominant of a win against them twitter.com is what really sold me.
ηασmι❤️ @EvilRegal_Naomi🔁I’m so hyped for today! Stage 3 shall be epic! So conflicted on who to root for, I feel the matches will be close. Good luck to all the teams!
✨FoxPug✨ @TheFoxPug🔁


Easily the game of the evening
Hard fight to the finish with a 3-1 to SF
Danteh's Sombra twitter.com really crippling the opposition, especially defensively.

Chris, Surviving Calamity 🏳️‍🌈 @kelzamgamingGIVEAWAY TIME! Follow and 🔁00PM PST on Sunday, April 8, 2018. Celebrate the start of Stage 3 of ! *boop*
Xavier Johnson @XavierSeabass🔁Shout out to @Danteh the best Sombra in #OverwatchLeague #OWL2018
va @aldrichvon1🔁No candles? No problem. Check out how the celebrated 's birthday and his upcoming debut. 🎂🎉
Coleman Ranahan @colemanranahan🔁Super is a 12 year old. HE IS A BABY. #OverwatchLeague
Xavier Johnson @XavierSeabass🔁 win! 3-1 on debut! Ridiculous offensive performance from every player. This team has so much energy in their play. twitter.com with the clutch Widowmaker off the bench for map 4
Mitch Leslie @UberShouts🔁Today's : Exsanguinated. Verb, meaning "to drain of blood"

aka gave em the succ

josephjuliann @josephjuliann🔁ooooooh baby! The @SFShock are looking so good! The rest of the season is going to be so fun #OverwatchLeague
FeelsGladMax @FeelsBadMax🔁Unlike the Valient, Shock just showed me what is up. VERY impressed. Super huge debut. Overview making a huge call. S twitter.com F will RISE.
Cloud Monteclaro @CloudandCollect🔁First win against LA!

#OverwatchLeague #OWL2018 #SFShock #ShocktheWorld

Stu Copland @SomeClassyFool🔁@SFShock locking it down!
Andrea Opimitti @opiwankenopi🔁Long have we waited, @SFShock activated 😱


「 アカリ 」 @ShinkaiShoujo1🔁The win on Ilios gets us the win in the series versus . Now we try for a full 4-0 sweep with Junkertown. 🔥💙

Yohannes 🐯 @yohan_yun🔁My reaction to vs today. But I know will dominate tomorrow. twitter.com
Coleman Ranahan @colemanranahan🔁I definitely feel like Hydration should have been put in, but of course I’m thinking after the fact. #OverwatchLeague
Louis Velayo @vittorio300🔁Gotta admit and i'll be with the Panel... This could be the Stage where and could be a poison to the top teams wit twitter.com h Sombra getting a buff while Seoul might get a minus on their Map Differential.

Carlo @azganonymous🔁Our Overwatch Ultimate Hoodies are charging. Pre-order date announcement coming tomorrow. Stay tuned for transmission. Follow us for the latest news and cat pics.


Geoffrey Ayers @ElfalasVG🔁@SFShock are looking much improved from the break. I honestly can't wait to see more from this roster #OverwatchLeague #LAShook⚡️
Professor Peartree @prof_peartree🔁Oh man hearing the audience chanting Surefour’s name is pretty great. #OverwatchLeague
Mistah_MCA @Mistah_MCA🔁You got this, Shock!!! #OverwatchLeague
Ovaltine Twerkins @Sweetcs09🔁Babybay is so pretty. I say it every time.

#OWL2018 #OverwatchLeague



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