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Sam @FluentGay🔁Looks like next week I'm free Sunday.. if I drive out towards twitch con, who's willing to buy me a cheap lunch?
Out to Lunch Sunny Deloro @SunnyDeloro🔁@Newsweek Only #Obama was allowed the occasional public gaffe. Newsweek was out to lunch.
Out to Lunch Alexis Opazo @_AlexisOpazo_🔁 Mo Diame and Jamaal Lascelles have found the perfect way to make amends
Out to Lunch Bradford G. Saron @bradfordgs🔁 Special thanks to @bradfordgs for stopping by and helping out at lunch today! @sunprairiek12
Out to Lunch Sportalaw @sportalaw🔁Jamaal Lascelles and Mo Diame will take Newcastle squad out for lunch to say sorry for training-ground spat
Out to Lunch Ben Fuller @politicsastar🔁#Hammond has lunch with former colleague. To Mail = major anti #Brexit plot. They really want him out don't they?!
Out to Lunch FemClub @southfemclub🔁A huge thank you to everyone who came out for our first meeting! You can still join Tuesday at lunch! #JoinFemClub
Keith Downie @SkySports_Keith🔁Rafa Benitez says Jamaal Lascelles & Mo Diame have agreed to take all the squad out for lunch following their training ground bust-up.
Dominic DeAngelis @DOMtheB0MB🔁Shout out to all the people that still know their lunch account number.
savannah seymour @savannahseymour🔁you're right, because having an opportunity to get a free lunch because they simply can't afford food just sounds too out there 🙄
Liam Sweet @tutwatter🔁@joerichlaw @P_G_Thompson The Tories recent behaviour is one thing. But when it comes to money Labour are completely out to lunch.
MicheLLe Cx *💋 @toocontagious47🔁It happened to me: Another staff just took my lunch even w/ my name written all over it! Find out who you are, you buying me food next time!
Gruffles @Deathstar163🔁@Lost_Pause_ People go to a super market in the middle of the night to beat the crap out of each other for lunch


Recruitee @recruiteeHR🔁Have you ever wanted to know how talks about recruitment over lunch?
Now's your chance to find out:
mae 25 @hrryams🔁hoping I’ll meet a cute boy today who will take me out for lunch so I don’t have to be alone for almost two hours
Jamie Maunders @greenockboi🔁@virginmedia not happy with my bill this month, discount been removed which I'm not happy about, have to waste my lunch break sorting it out
RYLIE @ryleroque🔁too lazy to go out kind of weather but parents dragged me out for lunch. 💤
IndyCar Complainer @IWontLikeThis🔁The Penske cars are totally out-to-lunch!
Ziggy💜TwitchCon2017 @ZiggyVertigo🔁I was one. But also, i was a kid who had to take meds before lunch, and never got what was listed on the menu. Pizza day? Nope. All out. :(
Foodie Times @FoodieTimes1🔁Does Going Out to Eat Take Too Long in the Middle of Your Work Day?
Annie Jackson @AnnieJa59391365🔁A big shout out and THANK YOU to Bayside for their day of service to WHS! They weeded, laid mulch, and painted the lunch tables!
Ch ri st ia n @NieblaXVII🔁Is inviting someone out to get lunch while you both wait for time to pass considered normal? Asking for a friend.
Non-sequitur @jedimasterphuki🔁Need some breakfast. Had to get out of bed to make some. Realized I’d have to make lunch too. That’s why brunch.
dalia¹🌸||#idontmind @SwansTrueIove🔁my mom just called asking if i wanted to go out for lunch now i’m just crying even more i don’t want to go out
S Y R E L L ⁶𓅓 @symrvls🔁Friday the 13th turned out so good!!. My mom and I went shopping, we went to church, and we had a delicious lunch at the mall 💕🙏🏻
Farah Targaryen @datfemaleglader🔁And now i hv to go out the house and find my own lunch geez the reason i ordered food online was bc i dont wanna get out the house but nope
FOX Sports Asia @FOXSportsAsia🔁Making peace

and Mo Diame splash out on lunch to apologise for a training ground scrap >>

abbi @smhabbi🔁still can’t believe it’s been 2 yrs since alexis asked me out in senior yr after lunch, but my yes had to be the best decision i’ve evr made
Pandaman @Javi_panda🔁Just finished work on Dungeon Crawler 2 and finally got out to lunch with a bunch of artists like and Mel Milton.
Serena de Mayo @SOTL_Serena🔁I took my mom out for lunch earlier and these two older ladies were trying to figure out what post up meant 💀💀
♠️ChaseReed♠️ @chase89reed🔁Them people took my 40s, so I'm about to go buy a pump
What if the trolls roll up on me right? Should I run?
Can I take you out to lunch?.?
👸🏽 @kyaaa2_🔁lmao I’ll never forget my best friend and I went out to lunch..and this bomb girl walked past us and we both said ‘she has a nice butt’ 😭😂
calatoriaperfecta @pati_coscai🔁Am apreciat un videoclip pe @YouTube, Freeze Martian - Out To Lunch
Naked Lunch Bot @Naked_Lunch_Bot🔁Near East St. Louis traded the rope and he is eating lemons to be presented in that dark chicken meat, Arch? Gettin' it out
[OUT TO LUNCH] @sevengranddad92🔁Also, I guess "[OUT TO LUNCH]" is my Halloween name on Twitter.
Alysia Ralya @AlyRal🔁After putting off watching it due to people running out of the theaters losing their lunch, finally saw @RawMovie. It is beyond excellent!
Mrs. Clayton 💍 @Keknona🔁My boss literally takes me out to lunch at least once a week.
Australian Christmas @MouseWithACello🔁@Its_Wrath_Hi Pretty much everyone here would like to take you out to lunch too but for an entirely different reason
Glen Malley @glen_malley🔁I should cook. Need something for late lunch and if I'm smart I'll have extra for supper and not have to go out in this crap weather.
lindä @sitifarzlinda🔁i want to go out to buy lunch but im lazy af
Packy Pie @_LittleLovely_🔁i'd like to point out that i havent eaten since lunch time, but honestly thats just excuses. I just hate drinking, but alas, miserable.
Amy Downey @AD_Phys🔁Offered a 1st TED-ed talk at lunch for HS students. 25% of population showed up. Ran out of seats - too many want to learn. @HSTeachProbs
Don Kress @jeepdonk🔁 @DanScavino Sounds like Yulin Cruz is out to lunch when it come to caring for her people. Her politics are showing!
AlbertaProud @KurtCanadian🔁@Franktmcveety Well minister. Canadian Citizenship isn't a right. It's a privilege. This government is out to lunch.
Colleen newton @colleennewton16🔁@greta @MonicaLewinsky She seems like she would be so cool to just hang out with and have a Bloody Mary at lunch. Good for her!!!!
♡🅰♡ @bngtnsnyn🔁Havent even eaten lunch yet akhskashhs im going to pass out
sopi @sophierazman🔁Folks request me to cook for lunch but we're going out in a bit and I haven't defrost anything from the fridge.
J💋 @_jimenez130___🔁damn I need to check out @gucci1017 new album!! I'm going to listen to some of it today and then tomorrow after work or in lunch break
Steam Packet Hotel @The_packet🔁Trying to figure out what to do for Christmas Lunch. Book now Packet. 3 courses only $95 for adults, $45 for kids under 12
HI-cyan @HIcyan10🔁@pfeasy In children lunch and go to the dining room of a depertment store 、it came out
Elan Morgan 📓 @schmutzie🔁I love this album: Eric Dolphy 'Out To Lunch!' h/t @lurie_john for reminding me
Super Kaijumon @SuperKaijumon🔁To be able to eat lunch in high school, I worked in the cafeteria of my high school, I had to pay her out of my every pay check.
jamie @jamierubicin🔁Lunch out with my eldest daughter today. Coat buying, hopefully, and accompanying her to have a bar thing put through her ear. Marvellous.
T Mac @Bakanogami🔁Tfw you're having lunch after dental work and a tiny bit of tooth comes out of your mouth and you decide to act like you never saw it.
spooky j @jazmin_moni🔁you're right, because having an opportunity to get a free lunch because they simply can't afford food just sounds too out there 🙄
Matt @MattMtz13🔁 wtf academy needs to step up their game, heb giving out hundreds & all I get is shitty hours & a 30 minute lunch. 😤
Wrath 🎂2 Days @Its_Wrath_Hi🔁Id like to take you all out to lunch someday but I have a feeling itd always be a buffet >w>
Chase_ebooks @chase_ebooks🔁I went out to lunch today, just because I can have sprouts on my sandwiches BECAUSE RN I'M STICKIN W/ SNARFS
Lauren Santos @thenerdsantos🔁 Also @vmhsplus leaders will be giving out candy to those who are dressed up next week!! Look for those carrying lunch bags
lu @LuisM0714🔁Shout out to my boy @RealniggaRolex for coming thru on his lunch break 🍺🍺🍺
The Fake Liberal @TheFakeLiberal🔁I Hope So! 👍👍👍 But he’s out to lunch! Even Milk Cartons wanting his pic can’t find a trace of him! 😂😂😂
AvoidDoubt @AvoidDoubt🔁A cool thing you can do today is try to find out which of your local schools have kids with overdue lunch accounts and pay them off.
Rahuska @Wolfythecreator🔁@IridiumTheKing i feel you i've taken to skipping out on breakfast and lunch most days.
ジェリ@READ PINNED! @toabeans🔁Ate lunch and I immediately wanted to puke everything out
findekáno @sourcran🔁@RenegadeMikey Thanks but I'm going out to get meds and will probably be out for lunch, thanks for the thought anyway lol 💐💐
🎀 vannah 🎀 @saviielizabeth🔁@maddoxcomplex i had to go out to lunch without mine today i was squintier than a mf
Maria blinston @ton_blind🔁 George Osborne's stooge is out to sabotage Brexit. Hammond must go, but is Teresa May complicit?

Cornelius Schenck @schenckerville🔁@AdriaanBasson @TeamNews24 The NPA is out to lunch.
OutsideTheVillage @OTVDesk🔁George Osborne's stooge is out to sabotage Brexit. Hammond must go, but is Teresa May complicit?

Gabriela Moreno @beijoslongos🔁Remember day we took horse out w/Mace & rode corn-line to Mtn & back. Left @ 10am got bck @ 6 had lunch top Mtn perfe ct day-w/perfect man!!
Jenny V. @0Kojichan🔁He invites Jack out to lunch. "Just you and me," he says. "Like old times. No work talk."
Jack laughs and says, "Sure, but you're paying."
Freakin Bats I💚🎃 @huesiemama🔁@30SECONDSTOMARS Yes! Went out to birthday lunch & it was playing at the restaurant! Of course I then had to play it in the car when I left!
CrockettESHISD @CrockettESHISD🔁Our students eat free this year, but we still need parents to fill out the free/reduced lunch application.
Collective Voice @abcicollective🔁Thanks to all the musicians, sponsors and donors who came out to the acoustic lunch in…
Papabear @brian_mahon83🔁Of all the times ive gone out of my way to see people or invite them to lunch when I'm in town.....i can't remember t he last time I was invited anywhere.
Nathan Moss @Nathan26574682🔁@alexSSN NVMD. This QB is out to lunch
calicocatae @litforlips🔁I hv to cook lunch but i dont feel like it. Maybe i shud jz order out. Pizza maybe. If i cook now i'd prolly poison the food w too much salt
Clemson Blondie @CU_Blonde🔁@TacoKingGCoco Nooooooo💔 your Twitter fam is here for you. Are you in CHS/we can take you out to lunch or dinner
Arianne Kim @_idkYannie🔁Going out to grab some lunch. Be back in a few hours. Bye 🤗
🇺🇸White*Lionz🇺🇸 @WhiteLionz🔁Tells you a lot about the GOP too Tomi. Either they're all out to lunch or they crossed over to the Dark side and Am erica is just finding out.
Brad Dobson @bradleyad085🔁GRINDING EYES! 's Out To Lunch show spins 'So Clear' by (13th) LISTEN
Kari_M..♡ @IamKarabo_M🔁Yaz I Feel Like Going Out For Lunch & Shopping. Kodwa Dololo Anyone To Go With. Nhlaki's Schedule Lately!!😏😢😢
Drakey Boi @batfambegins🔁Need to lunch prep, put fresh sheets on my bed, do a work out & watch a film but instead I am sitting on my ass. 😫 No motivation.
Greens and Olives @greens_olives🔁Buffets are a way of bringing your love for food out in the open. Get ready to slurp over this & that at our Lunch & Dinner Buffet!
RiSH Publicity @rishpublicity🔁GRINDING EYES! 's Out To Lunch show spins 'So Clear' by (13th) LISTEN
Erin Irvin @ErinIrvin🔁@ErinIrvin to ride rides, have lunch, and wear her out for nap time. He comes home and tells me about her putting stickers on his shirt...
robert wilson @insidejobrob🔁Lunch with Mom today! Drove her out of the Rest home to Scotty’s…
☆♡ElectricSusi☆♡ @ElectricSusi🔁I’m being held captive in my PSAT testing room and can’t go out to lunch until 12:34. My stomachs growling. Send help.
REYvening Wolfe 🐺 @MireyahWolfe🔁Friend dates to me (IME) tend to be hanging out in public -- going to lunch/coffee shop (sometimes someone's treat f or the other)
Amy @amy_hawley🔁You know it!! 🏈👊👊💚 2 more to go! Can't wait for EG !! Hv a great weekend- get Chris out ..I'll pay for lunch 4 u 2.. times flying 💚
Bird Gerhl @LadyBirdGerhl🔁On the level? Out to lunch? Ordering Thai Linguini? Ostentatious Tiny Lizards? Ordinary Time Line? One Total Letdown ? I could go on. Lolol
Deb Lefebvre @DebraLefebvre🔁Want to know how to pack teeth-friendly lunches for your kids? Find out in our latest blog:
Marce. 🥀❤️ @ayee_itsmarce🔁I need friends that will go out to lunch or do something! 😪


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