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Ottawa Natalie Devereux @nataliedevereux🔁Rick getting set to bring Western Road to Ottawa! #purpleandproud
Kurt Stoodley @KurtStoodley🔁Open House! Sat. May 27 2-4 pm Hintonburg! #realestate via #ottawa #condo #home #openhouse
Kurt/Joanne @otthometeam🔁Open House! Sat. May 27 2-4 pm Hintonburg! #realestate via #ottawa #condo #home #openhouse
Barbara Mcneil @Barbara22973442🔁 "Have a good flight back to Ottawa you fuckin cone. Red, white, and better than you. 🇺🇸"
OttawaOttawaOttawaOttawa stephanieG @stephaniegiannu🔁 The 1975 // Ottawa.
Ottawa Abdel Feli @phillipakhmed🔁Former Sens executive sues team for $1.5M, alleges friction with Melnyk
Ottawa Northern Ontario Hub @NorthOntarioHub🔁Front page of TSN - this is why I hoped Ottawa won

Gonna be a great series!

Ottawa Peter Kucherepa @Kucherepa🔁Rick McGee @westernu alumni event Ottawa #purpleandproud. I was there at the 1997 Rick McGee cd recording @ saugeen.
Pierre LeBrun @PierreVLeBrun🔁You're not human if you don't feel for the Ottawa Senators right now. Just gut wrenching. A team that never quit all playoff long.
The Associated Press @AP🔁BREAKING: Pittsburgh Penguins beat Ottawa Senators 3-2 in double overtime to set up Stanley Cup Final against Nashville Predators.
Bill Burr @billburr🔁Gotta show. Gonna miss the 2nd OT. Prediction: Ottawa wins and Phil Kessel somehow gains weight.
Lesley Howse @Arcticarchaeo🔁CHRT ruling blames govt for squandering “any chance of preventing” suicides of two 12-yr-old girls from Wapekeka FN.
Matthew Perry @perrymatt🔁I suppose you don't count the game just beat them in this week? 😉
RSharma(BSc BEd MBA) @RSSharma2017🔁Government failed to make adequate health and social services available to First Nations children: tribunal
Eric Lawton @Eric0Lawton🔁 Ottawa still is not doing enough for First Nations kids, tribunal rules | Toronto Star
Sylvia Smith @trublwithnormal🔁Ottawa still is not doing enough for First Nations kids, tribunal rules | Toronto Star

Bob Valiquet @Canuck4466🔁Q..Is there a connection between the Manchester bomber & an Ottawa Imam...if so Trudeau also knows him..🔥
Ana Cristina @Hanna_Demetria🔁HOT or NOT?! Vote for brand new music by Nick Jonas, Anne Marie & Mike Posner, 'Remember I Told You'!
Ottawa Now @OttawaCP🔁CHEO researcher to test virus in fight against brain cancer
Sylvia Smith @trublwithnormal🔁 Ottawa still is not doing enough for First Nations kids, tribunal rules | Toronto Star
Electric Car News @ElectricCarNewz🔁Canada gets on board Electric Vehicle boom: Ottawa crafting plan to boost use of zero-emission vehicles /
MVLibertas @MVLibertos🔁@HayekandHockey A very short night for many in Ottawa too!
Marilyn Wornell @MarilynWornell🔁Our home, has been named one of the 20 best places to visit in Canada by
ianj40 @ianj38🔁Ottawa Senators Theme Song via @YouTube
Matthew Bacchiochi @mattbacc14🔁Ottawa/Gatineau - Tomorrow from 10am-12pm I'll be at the Canadian Tire Buckingham. Come out and support the Jumpstart fondation 🔵⚪️🔴
WOP @WOPKD109🔁 Charles Barkley just walked into the media room and asked if we could put the hockey game on. He said he bet on Ottawa.
Eric Brulotte @CLArctos211🔁This was difficult to finish. Especially at 4:30 am. What a run.

Closing montage for your 2016-17 Ottawa Senators.

Chris Floyd @CFloyd65🔁On May 30th 2017, Canadian Insurance Brokers will be in Ottawa to meet with their MPs.
ParrotAlert @parrotalert🔁FOUND LOVEBIRD 2017-05-23 Ottawa, Ontario, ON, Canada #FoundParrot
D Plorabus Unum @Bones_M3R0🔁I am Coptic and it is like rubbing salt on a wound when western media absolve and defend Islam after these massacres
Megan Kuciak @KuciakMegan🔁After the heartbreak, remembered this season with one word.


Russ Diabo @RussDiabo🔁Ottawa still is not doing enough for First Nations kids, tribunal rules | Toronto Star
Northern Deplorable @shannoncharette🔁Ottawa man charged with attempted murder, sexual assault in apartment attack
AM Friesen @amfriesen🔁Yo @NEWS1130Traffic any news bout why backup #portcoquitlam ottawa, dominion, burns rd? Blocked off & redirect - long drive @WalmartCanada
Vickaric @Vickaric🔁TODAY! Cops & Cowboys Big thanks to OPS members serving at St. Laurent & Baseline locations in support of !
Ryan Patrick Green @rpgreenmachine4🔁@PuckPodcast Do u think Mark Methot has played his final game in Ottawa? And gonna go to Vegas n be one of top 4 Dmen?
Violet Stein @VioletStein13🔁Game day is here! Share to win these beauties!
Nancy Robles @NancyRo54744245🔁So disappointing we won't be seeing Ottawa in the finals. I just have have one thing to say. Let's go Predators!!!!

Adam T @atulul7🔁The family of a Canadian woman who was forced to give birth in Gaza is asking Ottawa to bring her and her baby home
Deidre Young @DeeLeffers🔁@NCC_CCN @hughmcaper I live in Ottawa - I could pick them up!
Dustin Hall @dustinhall17🔁 The Ottawa Senators saw their shadow. That means two more weeks of ignoring the Pirates.
•Cass• @cassidy_resmer🔁Another athlete has qualified for at East Regionals in Ottawa. Congrats to Erin who placed 4th in Midget Girls shot put!
baby enRoute @BabyEnRoute🔁Join us tomorrow at our Ottawa store as our friends from Thule and Medela show off their awesome products! Take...
Bill @willkinsey79🔁@cclefplay o as in Oshawa or Ottawa ? They're phenomenal and having Mathews here 2 is a treat to watch too
Johnny Boychuk @Will_Lovegrove8🔁Ottawa battled hard. Unreal squad that nobody thought would be this far. Hats off and pants off to Craig Anderson. He played great tonight
Kerrigan Dixon @kerrigandixon🔁 @MAVprinciBULL Mavs put 3 runs on the board in the bottom of the 2nd inning to take a 4-1 lead over Ottawa.
Erin Lannan @ErinLannan🔁Open House! Sat. May 27 2-4 pm Hintonburg! via
Owen Meeny @OwenMeeny🔁Exactly. .refuse and be loud..the louder u r the more they will listen..that's what muslims r doing and r getting away with MURDER
Owen Meeny @OwenMeeny🔁You can see how seriously the grown ups take Justin at NATO summit...note how CBC 'missed it'......
j chinnasz @JaayAllDay🔁If this exact visual hasn't appeared on your phone then move out of Ottawa cuz ur moms a hoe. Show my OG some fucki n love
Koren @koren_22🔁I'm at Parliament Hill in Ottawa, ON
Eegz @Eegz_🔁Please RT: Have you seen these signs? We need mentors across Ottawa for at-risk youth! Visit
Young Lil Chewy @tmsjub5🔁 Chris Kunitz comes back from the dead and busts a brazzers sized nut on Ottawa's season. Great fucking game.
Kailey @kaileyydolan🔁#askethanandgrayson will you ever come to Ottawa, Canada?
Anis @anissira🔁Ottawa's big snow day: Three ways of picturing the aftermath
Dr.Subhag Cavanagh @kikilutatysi🔁 went just 1 for 20 on the power play through the seven games, with the one conv…
Blair Brown @TheFiddzz🔁Remember when the #Senators were in the playoffs? No? Don't worry, neither does anyone from Ottawa.
Tyler Ivey @TylerIvey_🔁┻┳|
┻┳| toronto finished
┳┻| _ the playoffs with a
┻┳| •.•) better goal differential
┳┻|⊂ノ than ottawa


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