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Oscars ✨ Katie Scott ✨ @bloomingfiction🔁@LatestInBeauty have an awesome SALE btw :D This box is only £14!
OscarsOscars Maître de l'eau @RBOcane1🔁 Leonardo DiCaprio opening a box of cookies at The Oscars (2016)
Oscars EFREN MARTIN ORTIZ @martin_efren🔁 The oscars selfie that never was
Oscars A.J. Khaira @khairais🔁 We went to the Oscars of Bollywood — here’s what they were like
Oscars The Playlist @ThePlaylist🔁You Better Believe It, #Dunkirk Is A Real Deal Oscar Player
Oscars Beauty and Cosmetiks @cosmetikstrendsPlease 🔁 OSCARS, CATS & EVERY DAY LIFE
Oscars José Arrieta @Atzerriratu🔁ThePlaylist: You Better Believe It, Is A Real Deal Oscar Player

Oscars Claire Langdon @udzREqaQ3Odatpb🔁 If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars
Oscars Tiffany Smith @Tiffany93760847🔁 He killed that perfomance 🙌🏾. #Oscars #mc3375
Oscars Ray Carroll @raycarroll55🔁Everyone needs: 1). Someone to look up to, 2). Something to look forward to, & 3). Someone to chase. #oscars #sales
Oscars jay @jaamesaaron🔁Oscars such an ass.
Oscars eden @thatangeI🔁dunkirk is 100% guaranteed to win oscars next year. i am READY
Oscars theplaylistfeed @theplaylistfeed🔁‘Dunkirk’ And Christopher Nolan Have Oscars In Their Sights
Holdin_onto_josh_dun @twentyTylerDuns🔁 excuSE YOU BUT WHERE IS THE OSCARS AWARD THAT THEY SHOULD'VE WON BC OF THIS?????
SBSMovies @SBSMovies🔁RIP Martin Landau. To quote his 1995 Oscars speech: "What a night, what a life, what a moment, what everything"
IndieWire @IndieWire🔁Get that Oscar ready! Gary Oldman completely transforms into Winston Churchill in . Watch the trailer:
Indy Film @TheIndyFilm🔁Dunkirk is bookies' favourite for Best Picture Oscar because what the hell else is there this year
Robert Allen @DTMysticBand🔁RIP (June 20, 1928 – July 15, 2017)
1995 Oscars.
Martin Landau Wins Supporting Actor for Ed Wood.
映画のキャラクター @hlhnwhel3xcohjc🔁#Role: Viola de Lesseps/Thomas Kent #Movie: Shakespeare in Love (1998) #Actress: Gwyneth Paltrow #ShakespeareinLove #GwynethPaltrow #Oscars
Nед @carbo_knight🔁@carxlinv Dude they better print "Christopher Nolan" on the Oscars red carpet next year
Mark Wijsman @markwijs🔁You Better Believe It, Is A Real Deal Oscar Player

nina @esnysgrammy🔁COMING FOR THE OSCARS
s @kiwiftzjm🔁i see oscars lots and lots of oscars
mia @velveteenvixenn🔁moonlight (2016)

- story of a young man's struggle to find himself told across 3 defining chapters in his life
- won best picture at oscars

itt tech @tevineleven🔁did jawanna mann win any oscars
Arran Stenhouse @arransten4u🔁 WATCH 📽🎬: #MondayMotivation as Pennel makes his big screen debut #IYM #Oscars #BAFTA #Rock y
YourDadWantsToFave @BertLoch🔁Tempted to get now tv but only for the oscars which is pointless in July.
TrippSpencerHedz @TrippHedz🔁Gregg will no doubt win many & in the acting, writing, and character creation categories for his work as Tripp Spencer...
ㅤ @ErickTheLegend🔁 when Dave said he skipped that Flint event to go to the Oscars I lost it 💀💀 "Sure Nigga I'm On my way to the Airport now" 💀
Clayton Davis @AwardsCircuit🔁Film Review: ‘Dunkirk’ Packs an Emotional Maturity from Director Christopher Nolan #Dunkirk #WarnerBros #Oscars
Kashawn TGG @KashawnJordan23🔁I liked a @YouTube video Animated Short Winner: 2000 Oscars
Gregory Ellwood @TheGregoryE🔁Dunkirk and Christopher Nolan have in their sights. And no Harry Styles is not getting nominated. Analysis:
NextLevelKnowledge @NextLevelknow🔁"Get Me Roger Stone" is on 's list of contenders for the . Wow! We're honored to be mentioned alongside all of these amazing docs
Nicholas Rabach @nrabach1🔁Where are those chaps who award Oscars?
IsYourMotherwellFC @IYM_FC🔁WATCH 📽🎬: #MondayMotivation as Pennel makes his big screen debut #IYM #Oscars #BAFTA #Rock y
Mike Shields @digitalshields🔁25,000 people turned out a Met Life Stadium over the weekend to take in Bollywood's answer to the Oscars
Yasmin Adams @plugatzape1979🔁 Is sooo proud of Christoph Waltz and Michael Haenke!!!You guys got it!!! Let`s go to the OSCARS!!! :-))))
Emoji Princess @_purplekisses3_🔁boy what? id hire fuckin Micheal bay to direct this shit, we gotta have explosions on every stroke, Beethoven on da beat, I'm winning oscars
junkhead @0ctoberust🔁right now im 1995 courtney love drunk @ the vmas but i need to get my shit together & be sober courtney love @ the 1997 oscars
Becky Mechling @becky_mechling🔁Gael García Bernal: "As a Mexican, as a Latin-American, as a migrant worker, as a human being, I am against any form of wall."
#Bollywood @hashbollywood🔁 We went to the Oscars of Bollywood, a 5-hour extravaganza of glamorous stars, glitzy dances, and 25000 crazed fans - Business In…
Gold seed @zane4evaCPT🔁Yep I'm already calling it. will win the Oscar for best costume design at the 2019 Oscars for her work on
Robert Ryan @RobertRyanDDS🔁Check out this blog by Blog
Whitman School at SU @WhitmanatSU🔁Why ‘Game of Thrones’ is bigger than the Oscars and the Super Bowl (for the media business). via &
⌛️carol muse⌛️ @llacigart🔁"Let's keep the NEA funded and healthy. Artists need encouragement." --Martin Landau at the 67th Oscars
A. C Kenechukwu @Kellsviva🔁Nigeria is a (movie) project that shld have won oscars repeatedly cos it's blessed in abundance of everythin, but few bad directors, editors
colin chisholm @colinchisy🔁@gnardi87 Hi, Good luck with your studies Giulia, hope to see you at the Oscars one day as a film director :)
映画のキャラクター @hlhnwhel3xcohjc🔁#Role: Irving Radovich #Movie: Roman Holiday (1953) #Actor: Eddie Albert #RomanHoliday #EddieAlbert #Oscars
Reece Butler @ReeceGButler🔁Andy Serkis should win Best Actor at the next Oscars for playing Caesar, or at least be nominated.
Cody Thomason @CodyTho🔁Excited for . Will someone please drop off the missing truckload of Oscars to Roger Deakins?
vicki coplen @docswifee🔁@deray can you get Harambe's autograph for me when you go to the Oscars? Or was it just rumor that he was going to be your date? @SigmanJim @conju_re🔁We went to the Oscars of Bollywood, a 5-hour extravaganza of glamorous stars, glitzy dances, and 25,000 crazed fans
The Joy Of Cats @JoyOfCats🔁Oh Clare it is, isn't it! Imagine, Mr. Tibb's Mom sent it all the way from 🇨🇦! And it is engraved & such! Just like the ! 😻👍
映画のキャラクター @hlhnwhel3xcohjc🔁#Role: Edward L. Masry #Movie: Erin Brockovich (2000) #Actor: Albert Finney #ErinBrockovich #AlbertFinney #Oscars
DAYTRADINGz @DAYTRADINGz🔁We went to the Oscars of Bollywood, a 5-hour extravaganza of glamorous stars, glitzy dances, and 25,000 crazed fans
Amy Sandys @_amyms🔁Worst - Pepsi, obvious reasons. Specsavers deserves another mention for its take on Oscars fiasco in a v funny (& Bri tish!) way


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