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Oscars Rich Frey @richsju9🔁 Retweet if you're planning to #BoycottTheAcademyAwards #OscarNoms #Oscars
Oscars anna🌻 @_annaprince🔁 Congrats to our Directing nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
Oscars Laurens @st_laurens🔁 #Oscars: Greta Gerwig becomes the fifth woman ever nominated for Best Director thr.cm
Dylan (Green Ninja) @RealBrickPal🔁After a lot of personal reflection, I've decided to host the again…
Oscars ZAYN is my Bae ️♡️👽 @Addicted_ToZayn🔁 Congrats to our Adapted Screenplay nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
Oscars serena @hymnlwt🔁 Congrats to our Best Picture nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
sara @thesaradiaries🔁After a lot of personal reflection, I've decided to host the again…
Oscars The Academy @TheAcademy🔁Congrats to our Leading Actor nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
Oscars The Academy @TheAcademy🔁Congrats to our Leading Actress nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
Oscars The Academy @TheAcademy🔁Congrats to our Best Picture nominees! #Oscars #OscarNoms
Johann Sebastian Baka @JetGrindFuture🔁also the oscars are straight up just a hollywood circlejerk about who can pay the judges the most money

the movies twitter.com that get the most consideration are the ones that throw the best parties with the best gifts, this isn't even remotely secret knowledge

Squeaks @KekeKoala2🔁MY THERAPIST: How are you feeling?
ME: I just think it's funny how The Boss Baby got an Oscar nom for best animated feature and The LEGO Batman Movie got snubbed I mean LEGO Batman was the first film in years to truly capture Batman's identity and internal struggle and—

Abhisek Swain @linku_abhisek🔁: Meryl Streep scores her 21st nomination, making her the most nominated performer of all time thr.cm
Neo Unknown @UnknownNeo🔁@meowth900 No it's just the the Oscars mean slag all for animation.
MotoRuxin @MotoRuxin🔁Ballots for Moto's 3rd Annual Oscars Contest are officially LIVE!!! Follow the link to fill out your ballot. You will twitter.com have until NOON on March 4th to enter. The prizes are pictured below. You MUST be following MotoRuxin on Twitch to enter. Good Luck!!!
Farah @_FarahC🔁 The Boss Baby. Cancel the Oscars.
teighlor @teighlorevans🔁How I feel about the this morning and the lack of Latinos...“The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity” -Viola Davis (Thank you and for being our visibility)
Maidstone Kebab @thrmex44🔁 Javier Mascherano bbq twitter.com
Floyd Widener @FloydWidener🔁And Meryl Streep broke the record for the most Oscar nominations for acting, with 21 total. The previous record was held by, unsurprisingly, Meryl Streep.
an arrow that punches people @larkspear🔁I don't give a crap about the Oscars but a horror film being nominated for Best Picture is a pretty big deal. It also means Get Out is now a "psychological thriller" because horror films can't get nominated for best picture because all horror films are trash.
Xeski @m00nchildr0cks🔁 'Wonder Woman' got snubbed by the Oscars, and the internet is up in arms about the lack of love ti.me
Kara @iMliesBoutique🔁90 years later... | Oscars 2018… instagram.com
The Screening Room @screening_room_🔁 Director Agnès Varda seems mostly unconcerned with being the oldest-ever #Oscars nominee vult.re
Okinawan Bakayoko @Omarii_A🔁. on his Oscar nominations: "I hope everybody gets to feel like this" share.ew.com
Seth Gibbons @ReadySethSocial🔁It looks like the Oscars only watched 5 movies for the awards.
ritaaaaa @RiitaaPereira🔁Timothée Chalamet is the youngest Best Actor nominee at the in over 75 years for his leading role in Call Me By Your Name. Amazing!
Brandon Maag @MaagPie93🔁Still outraged that The Lizzie McGuire Movie didn't win an Oscar, it was a cultural, historical, cinematic masterpiece that deserved better
Sam @EstradaaxX🔁Dee Rees became the first black woman to be nominated for an Oscar for adapted screenplay with "Mudbound"
Sarah Springer @SillyFeathers🔁 Whatever happens at the Oscars, the real winner is friendship
bluebird @justabitd🔁Ok how many of you have actually seen these movies nominated for Oscars? BTW, where the hell is Wonder Woman? 😏


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