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Oscar Captain Greg @Greggs_nBacon🔁 Call me Oscar Winner like you said you would (ty @ArshiWithOneA)
Oscar ET Canada @ETCanada🔁#GuillermodelToro talks visibility and inclusion in cinema following his #Oscars wins
Jenny Barnett @Jenzzyuk🔁 VIDEO | @DarrenCriss at the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party
Ridhwan Hajaree @RidzH_01🔁 “Get Out” won a historic Oscar ... and made Academy voters uncomfortable.
Gladyss @Shawn_France1🔁 March 4: Shawn outside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills #JFCShawnMendes
Oscar Chadwick Boseman @chadwickboseman🔁What an epic night. This man won an Oscar. #aboutlastnight
Oscar A24 @A24🔁Call me Oscar Winner like you said you would (ty @ArshiWithOneA)
Oscar Ava DuVernay @ava🔁Hanging with the homies. Thanks to @RadhikaJones and @VanityFair for bringing us together on Oscar Night.
Angela @angelavera72🔁 Before seeing the film, this is how I felt. vanityfair.com
clur @ceaclaire1🔁Pope Francis will make Óscar Romero – an archbishop murdered during mass by El Salvador’s death squads in 1980 – into a saint.
Romero advocated for the poor and is a human rights icon in Latin America.
VICKS @VMB__14🔁This picset of Keegan Michael Key celebrating Jordan’s Oscar win is everything! I pray all your friends celebrate your successes like this behind your back 🙌🏾
enzo @enzonade🔁new video | | let's take a de youtu.be ep dive into this year's oscar nominated films shall we 🤭🎬‼️
StudentSport Ireland @StudentSportIrl🔁After Round 3 are in full control of Karting Championship after taking first and second place in today. 1st Oscar twitter.com Mangan 2nd Andrew Hemeryck 3rd Shane O'Leary (Cork IT)
Powerglobal @powerglobalus🔁Rush Limbaugh Radio: JIMMY KIMMEL IN PANIC MODE? Blames Netflix For Worst Oscar Ratings Ever…Gets Caught LYING About Trump’s Approval Ratings

NZRT NETWORK @nzretweet🔁Jordan Peele is keeping his Oscar next to a prop from his movie ‘Get Out’ nzrtnetworkmedia.wordpress.com
Saturn The Dancer @DuVegan🔁2018 Hollywood Swag Bag Four Seasons Swag Bag Honoring Oscar Weekend  wn.nr
Adrienne P @insouciantaplus🔁How much do women speak in Oscar-winning films? Catch up with the latest episode of More or Less on Women, the and the Bechdel Test: 📻
tandra tallagnon @tandratallagn13🔁 Lovin it...Sam Rockwell Wins Oscar for Best Supporting Actor - Casting Frontier castingfrontier.com
Coach Dirka Dirka @DirkRatcliff🔁 Am I out of touch?

No, it's the people who watch TV and movies that are wrong. trib.al

Chris Hill @chillgame1🔁Still Rattled By Trump's Tweet, Jimmy Kimmel Blames Netflix for Oscar Ratings Collapse 😂😂
Sorry we’re just not that into you and your Trump hating, Leftist politics.

Janet James @pinkhenstudio🔁If ❤️ checkout by recommended., .,
Alaina Wilson @TeamWilson2016🔁 Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, Gunned Down In 1980, Will Become A Saint n.pr
Socially United @SociallyUnite🔁Accused Oscar Thief's Spiritual Adviser Says His Story Reflects Society


duda @isobelstevs🔁he didn’t win the Oscar but I still wanna give congratulations to Daniel Kaluuya. his performance alone in Get Out kept me on edge and was phenomenal. you won over many of our hearts with your performance. cheers to that! 🥂 may you continue to thrive in the upcoming future!
Ndaba Mkhizé @NdabaMkhize🔁 Could we see on the cover of the next issue please? He’s got 5 NBA championships & an Oscar ...That’s Destiny righ twitter.com t there
That Lil Søøk Toke @lilsooktoke🔁Shouldve got his Oscar for this badass performance twitter.com
stephencrews @stephencrews🔁The OSCAR Club has resurrected the Day of Service in Enterprise and the event kicks off at 7 a.m. March 17 at Bates Memorial Stadium.
🇳🇬 KIKI GIST @kikigist_com🔁Oscar 2018: Man Charged For Stealing Oscar Best Actress Winner Award ift.tt fb.me
🇳🇬 KIKI GIST @kikigist_com🔁Oscar 2018: Man Charged For Stealing Oscar Best Actress Winner Award fb.me
Timmy French @tsfsnow🔁I think Sufjan Stevens sold out after his recent Call Me by Your Name Oscar nom...Taco Bell Nacho Fries Sufjan Stevens "Mystery of Love" Commercial via
mister X @misterx313🔁maybe now aint the time to be worried bout if i misgendered your headmate or why samoans aren't represented enuff at twitter.com oscar time

maybe focus on basic good vs evil for awhile

Missoula Independent @Missoula_Indy🔁With 5/6 correct predictions, I think it’s safe to say @MollyL is some sort of movie genius.
🌻 Becky D. Trump 🌻 @Bexofeasttex🔁😲 Neurotic Jimmy Kimmel Blames Netflix For Oscar Ratings Collapse...

It's The Evil And Hate That All Of You Hollywood Elites Have For Our Country And Our POTUS, That's Why!

We, The People, Are Awake 👀

Anita Narvaez @anitanarvaez18🔁7th March >> () Pope Frans Paves Way for Canonization of Pope Paul VI & Oscar Romero. Pope Francis Approves Decrees for Saints’ Causes.


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