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Danielle Waller @ahmirbyfield🔁 Part of being wicked is resting when others are working #OpenlyMockASong
Jeff Dwoskin - Hashtag Roundup @bigmacher🔁Oh, you were born to run? Well then keep running cause you seem so good at it.


#OpenlyMockASong Hashtag Roundup - Awesome # Games! @HashtagRoundup🔁#OpenlyMockASong is this week's @AlohaTags hosted by @craigflynn1
Acey Michaelis @aceymichaelis_🔁 Oh sure, Like a Virgin. Riiiight... #OpenlyMockASong
TrivWorks @TrivWorks🔁First of all, there is no “South Detroit” #OpenlyMockASong
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁Why don’t you just get the hell out of that West End restaurant before it kills you #OpenlyMockASong
Sean George @geobuc13🔁 She starts saying “Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter”... the only thing I can say is “ Who the f**k twitter.com is Clarence Carter? (The song is Strokin’.... look it up if you don’t know).
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁Your disco needs a better sound system #OpenlyMockASong
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁When I met you in the restaurant
You could tell I was a Tinder bait #OpenlyMockASong
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁@DarylALTA Thanks you... well just a few more #OpenlyMockASong
marilyn🐺🐶 @worldofmarilyn🔁 You picked a fine time to leave me, Lucille....

...you bitch...you slut...you whore!


Shannon Alexis @MsWeezah🔁
How baaa-aad can I be? Everyone say Gluppity-Glop! (Gluppity-Glop!) Schloppity-Schlop! (Schloppity-Schlop!) Complain all you want it's never ever ever ever gonna stop!
RowanBuchanan-Brown @buchanan_br🔁
How baaa-aad can I be? Everyone say Gluppity-Glop! (Gluppity-Glop!) Schloppity-Schlop! (Schloppity-Schlop!) Complain twitter.com all you want it's never ever ever ever gonna stop!
Humaning Iz Hard @aeiouywxz1🔁 It's actually your weed that brings all the boys to the yard #OpenlyMockASong
Jerr¡Lyn 🚫🆕🌐 @jerrilyn71🔁Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.
Miss V @vckindron🔁 Adele: Hello..
Him: New Phone, Who dis? #OpenlyMockASong
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁Money money money
Must be crummy
In Trump and GOP’s world #OpenlyMockASong
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁Look who had a chunder
With seven pints in her
Spew on the Dance Floor
Spew in my hair
Susie’s done a number
Susie a twitter.com in’t my friend

(Chunder is Aussie for vomit)

Tami Kliefoth @TamiKliefoth🔁#OpenlyMockASong Janie's got a gun she purchased at a gun show with the serial number rubbed off
Tony Wigfell @TWigfell🔁 Who let the dogs out? You did, ya dumbass!
Marilyn @twitweeting🔁 #OpenlyMockASong
The Bitch is Back? Who're you calling a bitch?
Brendan Taggart @BlueturtleADL🔁Germany, how did it feel when you lost the war #OpenlyMockASong
Daniel Skipsey @danielskipsey🔁I think you'll find you're going to need more than just love. You're going to require a lot of other stuff as well, surely. #OpenlyMockASong
Propulsion To Strike @airenmarie🔁"I'd catch a grenade for ya..." And then you'd be dead and your actions futile.


⛽️AUTO MECHANIC🏁 @JoeFixCar🔁 #OpenlyMockASong. She Loves You? Fuck that shit, what about ME?
Acey Michaelis @aceymichaelis_🔁 #OpenlyMockASong

Yeah my name is Jenny. My number is 867-5309. It’s real, I promise.

Acey Michaelis @aceymichaelis_🔁 If you still haven't found what you're looking for, maybe you're just too damn picky #OpenlyMockASong
Acey Michaelis @aceymichaelis_🔁 #OpenlyMockASong
Look what you made me do..
No bitch you did it to yourself
Evelyn Chesterton @kaiquie1🔁 I will always love you? No not when you take all the blanket for yourself. #OpenlyMockASong
Sherry @Sherrycarlisle7🔁#OpenlyMockASong You shook me all night long & now I have a damn headache
Sherry @Sherrycarlisle7🔁#OpenlyMockASong Blinded by the light...well turn the dimmer switch down
Sherry @Sherrycarlisle7🔁 I Will Always Loath You
Looks At Keyboard To Type @fredgriego🔁Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? I question your sleuth skills #OpenlyMockASong
Looks At Keyboard To Type @fredgriego🔁Saw us dancing in the gym and know we’re in love? GTFO #OpenlyMockASong
Looks At Keyboard To Type @fredgriego🔁Yeah, Ing, yeah- try Yes #OpenlyMockASong


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