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BALANCE✨ @exoeui_🔁 Power! CL, EXO wow at the #Pyeongchang2018 #Olympics #ClosingCeremony cna.asia
#Olympics 조조 #HOLD 🌹#BUGI 🐢 @_damchu_🔁 My #ClosingCeremony squad. @usahockey #Olympics
#Olympics OH! @OOH_jump🔁 It’s time! #ClosingCeremony #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics @weareoneEXO
#엑소 #EXO
#Olympics Matty Kuze @mattykuze🔁Fuck Yes. #Olympics #Coffee #WhatTheFuckIsSleepAnyway
#Olympics#Olympics#Olympics#Olympics C. ツ 🧚🏻‍♀️ หาบัตรexo 2ใบ @19Sogood🔁 I don't think i need a caption for this @weareoneEXO #ClosingCeremony #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics
#Olympics Yuna🐧 @yuna_penguinsoo🔁 [SEHUN] I love the medals. ❤ #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics @weareoneEXO
#엑소 #EXO
#Olympics#Olympics (리밋 ㅠㅠ)알티하러 왔습니다 💪 @Dandan63170785🔁 SO into this! @weareoneEXO #olympics #Pyeonchang2018
#Olympics#Olympics#Olympics 얌얌 @e3fKsswUA1Y5PE1🔁 [XIUMIN] Inspiring and epic! ❤ #Olympics #PyeongChang2018 @weareoneEXO
#엑소 #EXO
#Olympics Bae as fuck @reallytybae🔁 Never stop dreaming #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics
SMTOWN GLOBAL @SMTOWNGLOBAL🔁() performs at the closing of !
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JustJared.com @JustJared🔁.@chaelinCL, @weareoneEXO and @MartinGarrix rocked the #Olympics closing ceremony! justjared.com
Seoul Government @Seoul_gov🔁On February 25, closing ceremony of Winter took place.

City had also put much effort for the success of this Olym twitter.com pic Games.

This is short clip of performing at the

甜汐 @R8qTbLguo5YsRKi🔁RT if you watched perform during yesterday's
jess ⚡ Poet | Artist @jheartskpop🔁On February 25, closing ceremony of Winter took place.

City had also put much effort for the success of this Olympic Games.

This is short clip of performing at the

বৈদ্যুতিক বেকহিয়্যুন @baekhyun209🔁 Pretty cool to see #Kpop on such a world stage rn. #Olympics #ClosingCeremony @chaelinCL @weareoneEXO #EXOL
얌얌 @e3fKsswUA1Y5PE1🔁IOC President Bach responds to

롱 @xhRlmyeoni🔁IOC President Bach responds to

Koko @koko_cjot12na🔁() performs at the closing of !
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EXO-L-BAEK @EXOLBAEK3🔁 Did you watch the closing ceremonies of the #Olympics yesterday? #CL and #EXO were AMAZING!!
⑩WON @kykohkykoh🔁EXO got that Power ⚡️

WATCH NOW: olympics.cbc.ca

사랑하자! @doctor_soo🔁ICYMI: Here’s a full recap of ’s amazing performance at the of the ! Including behind the scenes videos!! 🥇

Marina🍊 @icemochi0506🔁- E X O - OLYMPICS 2018 🎇

geneijj @triplejej🔁In case you wondered: that’s sensation at the  
Kaichu~~~ @jonginanana🔁Everyone in the office is still talking about 's awesome performance at the of the last night!! If you still haven't seen it, check out the videos! 🥇

alba✨ @exocito🔁 EXO showing the world that entertainment didn’t die, it just moved to Korea. #Olympics_EXO #Olympics #ClosingCeremony
Yuna🐧 @yuna_penguinsoo🔁[SUHO] The Olympic glasses are the best!

Yuna🐧 @yuna_penguinsoo🔁[CHANYEOL] My favorite moment from was when Sung-bin Yun won the medal in .

Rachelle Mathis @RachelleCruse13🔁 If the goal was to make me want to go to @Beijing2022, it worked. #Olympics #Pandas @NBCOlympics sad it's over.
LoeyJane 💘 @ChanMyeon143🔁For a new record - it’s over 100,000 LIKES - currently D.O. In first place on RT
Yuna🐧 @yuna_penguinsoo🔁[BAEK-HYUN] Olympic fans are awesome! ❤

조하조하 @jonginaaaa1🔁HQ 👑 ALWAYS PROUD OF YOU.✨


My Bobohu ㅅㅇㅅ @andengexol🔁. performs during the of the 2018 Winter in , South Korea.
면면면면🐇🐰 @myeon_exo_0522🔁Thank you to all the athletes, volunteers and fans . We ❤️ You
BALANCE✨ @exoeui_🔁 CL and EXO performing and REPPING IT FOR SOUTH KOREA yassss kpop #olympics
#WELOVEYOUBAEKHUYN😍 @Thando66815575🔁Canadian ! Are you hyped to see perform 'Growl'?


Sena 🌸 @vv_sehn🔁😍In just over 24 hours will perform in the

EXO-L38 @L38Exo🔁Fireworks explode as performs during the closing ceremony of the 2018 Winter in , South Korea.
Mario @erchester🔁Twitter total audience: 33.6 billion views of Tweets on & off Twitter, based on 103 million Tweets during the .


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