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Olympics 리코타 @RabbitWland🔁 Watch EXO and CL perform at the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremonies trib.al
OlympicsOlympicsOlympicsOlympics Charlie Victoria @cuteandqueer🔁 All the olympics taught me this year was that I was gay as hell
HOPE WORLD💚 @aestaetichope🔁 Wait... BTS denied the olympics..
OlympicsOlympicsOlympicsOlympics 𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝕚𝕟𝕖 @j_benavidezzz🔁 Sorry, Billboard.
Sorry, worldwide.
Sorry, Olympics.

#BestFanArmy #BTSARMY #iHeartAwards

Olympics SS🍀 @ssmedsai🔁 At the Winter Olympics #ClosingCeremony @weareoneEXO put on a show.
Olympics Dita @DitaAsmoro🔁 ‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Bury Olympics Closing Ceremony In Key Demo, Again deadline.com
Olympics ✴️Rini✴️ @Rinintan9395🔁 BTS reportedly dismissed the offer to perform at the Olympics
OlympicsOlympicsOlympicsOlympics 꿍스•_• @exotiny_0408🔁 EXO is the UNIVERSE
#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO #Olympics_EXO
Olympics Soompi @soompi🔁Director Reveals #BTS Was Among Artists Invited To Perform At Olympics Closing Ceremony
SMTOWN GLOBAL @SMTOWNGLOBAL🔁() performs at the closing of !
🗞The Guardian:
🗞The New York Times:
🗞Forbes bit.ly :


EXO @weareoneEXO🔁It was a great pleasure to meet President Moon, First Lady Kim, and Ms.Ivanka Trump at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter O twitter.com lympics Closing Ceremony! Hope everyone enjoyed our performance!

Thank you very much for your love and support for K-POP and EXO!

cc @delicatebbh🔁. seems to have ignited the in praise, but here’s a question & a video: after , can also help re-unite a nation?

A shoutout to Korea for its efforts to get news to North Korea.

Park Lium @pcy_lium🔁OT12 in hearts💟💟💟

คยองของม่าม๊า~~~ได้บัตรแล้ว เจอกันนะ @Toey_Dongjun🔁K-pop stars & put on amazing performances at the 2018 Winter Olympics closing ceremony
kydz.21 @rlheen_16🔁BTS was cut out of broadcasts because they didn't come from the big3 companies but now Korean parliament members asking why BTS didn't perform at the Olympics closing ceremony

the biggest glow up you could ever imagine

max #EyesOnYou @imjaeass🔁can you believe south korea chose EXO to represent them in the OLYMPICS
조연우 @c3fMkpdiZNNOHm6🔁That is a performance made with the approval of the association. No event can be carried out without the approval of the Association. The Olympics are organized by the IOC. The same is true of upcoming.

한국말 모를까봐 영어로 알려줌

sangster @ordinaryfangarl🔁Director Reveals Was Among Artists Invited To Perform At Olympics Closing Ceremony
dinaayurianaass_ @Dinaayurianaa1🔁EXOL, we know it is not EXO's comeback period now but let's NOT waste the hype generated by Olympics on EXO!

Please vote on Iheart and stream EXO as much as you can!
We want to hit new milestones for EXO, right?


세렌디피티 @somin020612🔁180225 Growl by sehun (4K)
in PyeongChang Olympics

📺 4K


atyrah @cimcim122🔁Karma lowkey is the biggest stan,few days ago Eggholes were mocking bc bts didnt perform at the closing ceremony of Olympics,now look at all articles telling bts were asked to perform first but they turned it down bc of packed schedule
×ℓ @yrfvmiaa🔁 . @Twitter calls #EXO performance at the #ClosingCeremony EPIC @weareoneEXO #EXOL @pyeongchang2018 blog.twitter.com
BTJT @Bryieeee🔁30 years ago today, a bobsled team from Jamaica made its debut at the Calgary Olympics (and a pretty good movie followed).
resya wahyuni @resya_wahyuni🔁[BAEK-HYUN] Olympic fans are awesome! ❤

e ℓ y s i a n✨ @KeiypapCroxx🔁 how does one say no to a performance at the OLYMPICS? fucking spice girls reunited for the olympics,
~mαriα 🏹 @lovinpcy🔁I must say that the are awesome. I did not know you before but now I feel like we are a family. ❤️ you. Thanks for sharing the love for You made it all very special for us.
DJ¹² ⌾ຶັ໋ົʚ⌾ຶັ໋ົ @beSOOtted🔁"There are many singers who are called 'legends', but there is only one singer who has made this unprecedented record. It is exo." - SporBiz

`แบ้กต๋า •ㅅ• 🐷🍼 @ppraoexol🔁Fireworks, the world's best athletes and : Here's what happened at the closing ceremony
Miite Alvarado @AlvaradoMiite🔁Just watched ’s performance back from ln. Wow. 💥 And seeing & dancing to the is everything. 💃🏼🎶🕺🏼
💜 @anderson_lya🔁🍳: "No one invited your faves"

Olympics Committee: "Since the beginning of 2017, we're trying to schedule BTS to perform, but they're too busy overseas"

I love how Karma is doing her freakin' job. I stan NATION'S BOY GROUP. 👌

rimico @rimico2exo🔁RT if you watched perform during yesterday's
Baifern Sunisa @Bf2539Sunisa🔁- E X O - OLYMPICS 2018 🎇

𝓵𝔂𝓮 @kinqofvocaI🔁Everyone in the office is still talking about 's awesome performance at the of the last night!! If you still haven't seen it, check out the videos! 🥇

Nisrinah @Nisrinah9🔁Your faves had a "busy schedule" like eating in their lives and posting selcas ? Do you think EXO hasn't a busy schedule ? They have dramas , Kyungsoo , jongin and sehun. They have The Elyxion. They have their schedules in Japan with Countdown ,YET they missed it for the Olympics
Peanut Brown @PeanutBrown1🔁I didn't see one participation medal given out at the Olympics this year. I guess if you want somethin', you have to earn it. Merica.
suvi♡ @cosmicjoon🔁Antis : BTS didn’t get invited to Perform at the Closing Olympics Ceremony 🤪
BTS knowing they decline the offer bc full schedule overseas:
세훈 오 @chankaihun94🔁finally!!! full view of exo performance last night at olympic

Mumzy @MumtazJama🔁 is coming, it will be completely new world. Olympics finished. Spring is coming.

#EXOlympic @Urusha55694738🔁@bizzlexexo @weareoneEXO Been through
#Olympics_EXO #EXOL #BestFanArmy
#iHeartAwards @weareoneEXO NATION'S PICK EXO
텐뽀 @tenfour_1106🔁[NAVER] Director Song Seung Hwan on Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony; “Song explained he couldn’t cast more stars due to time constraints, “I wanted to include more stars ASIDE from CL and ”
Crystal_Snow ❄️ @paulamoreno928🔁"South Korea's 'Ice Angel' Park Jimin won the Olympic men’s short program with a games-record 113.33 points at at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics"

Khairunnisa @xnther🔁Karma is really an army. The past few days, antis were mocking armys & BTS for not performing at the olympics but today, they were revealed to be booked first but couldn't make it bc of packed schedules. We love the relevant Kings

Tora|🏳️‍🌈 @chinesemochi🔁bts: rejects the olympics due to their busy schedule
meanwhile jin: goes to a chicken farm , plays golf and uploads a video of him cutting his bangs
... @tavberidze99🔁the “nation’s pick” title is ours, exo was the one chosen to represent korea to perform at the olympics closing ceremony. so... why are other fandoms using the “nation’s pick” for themselves?
브리즈 @_bryze🔁In case you wondered: that’s sensation at the  
Alenny @Alenny1485🔁 Did you watch the closing ceremonies of the #Olympics yesterday? #CL and #EXO were AMAZING!!
Mei @Chocolovakai🔁 Watch EXO & CL's Incredible Performance at Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony ihe.art
#Olympics_EXO 🇰🇷 @mom_exo🔁Our NATION’S PICK moment!!! As a fandom we will never forget EXO’s performance to one of the most important stages… twitter.com
LL Viola @LLViola🔁NBC blew $12 BILLION on the worst rated Olympics of all time.

You would think they’d learn the lesson by now, especially after seeing what happened to the NFL.

The television viewers are the ones making the choices & we don't like politics in the midst of our sporting events.

Tommy Boy @kingyeoll🔁the world got introduced to EXO and now EXO is dominating! the impact, influence & exposure Olympics gave to us is humongous! Thank You for giving this opportunity to EXO ❤️ We are forever grateful to you!

JJ @xGottaLoveYou🔁stages of bitterness:

1st: lmao who cares ex0 are gonna perform at the olympics? it's not even confirmed yet. keep dreaming.

2nd: *after confirmation* - the olympics are a local event. lmao my global kings will never.

3rd: but ... but my faves should have performed there. 😭

COOL D 🇵🇰 @CoolD123loveBTS🔁Translate: cl and exo’s performance were great. But I’m sorry that I couldn’t listen to the song to which bts fans want to listen, the song which matches well with the Olympics. Let’s listen to this song together.
emma li @emmali55749711🔁EXO-Ls, the olympics performance was and always will be EXO’s achievement, they were picked-end of. Focus all your anger on streaming MVs, shazaming and saving for the next comeback, remember our goal?2 million!


💘 🅷🅸🆇🆃🅰🅿🅴 💘 @DonesaB1🔁we were bummed not to see close the winter . THEY DESERVE THE GOLD!!! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅from their watch them tell & their favorite rappers & their days off.
𝓨𝓞𝓞𝓝𝓝𝓐 @blackfoxeast🔁omg this fucking self drag saying who turns down the olympics JDKSJDJD BITCH WE’RE WONDERING THAT TOO!

kayla snider @kaylasnider125🔁The US Men’s Curling Team looks like a group of dads that were just trying to get away from their families for the weekend but somehow ended up competing in the Olympics
kirsten🍁 @kmevm🔁song seunghwan said they contacted bts since the start of last year, to perform at the olympics, but because bts has a lot of overseas schedules, there was a high chance that they would be busy, was hard to make arrangements w/ them in advance

🐻💕AyalaFree💕🐧 @Ayalafree88🔁Time for another BREAKING NEWS UPDAAAATE

Viewership ratings in Europe were 58%

Youre welcome.

CI Ranger Activities @CI_Rangers🔁New Story: Crosby-Ironton Team Plunges for Special Olympics cirangers.org
🍕🐈🎅🏻 @QUICKPAIN1🔁So pumped to start watching the Olympics next weekend.
Sheℓby ✉ EXO is The Universe @s_reezie14🔁Exo -- one of the biggest K-pop groups in the country -- perform two of their biggest hits, Growl and Power, to the delight of those in the stadium at the closing ceremony. (📷: Getty)
Twitcher ❦ @syqau🔁Did the CIA Sabotage Russia at the Olympics? globalresearch.ca
Nadezhda @hpswf1🔁[NEWS] Executive Director Song Seung-Hwan “Wanted to bring BTS to the Olympics Closing"

It was revealed they tried to cast BTS since last year but was unable due to the possibility of overseas schedule!

Pia | EXO-L 💕🐻 @RusherHearty🔁EXO-Ls who are new to the fandom and fell for EXO after watching them at the Olympics you are at the right place. We welcome you into this with open arms.

smolpingu @kitchencook1ng🔁😍In just over 24 hours will perform in the

camy @camynhao🔁 is Trending again in the Philippines with 2.24 Million tweets!

J @MelobieX🔁[NEWS] Executive Director Song Seung-Hwan “Wanted to bring BTS to the (Olympics) Closing as well”


넌 잘하고 있어 @Onthesnow61🔁The Olympics is a big of a deal, no matter how “busy” you are , you will squeeze it in ur schedule to perform

Like what EXO did. They didn’t attend Gaon to practice for the Olympics

They flew to Korea ON THE DAY OF to perform

Do you know BTS? +HIXTAPE 180302+ @XyShaaa🔁bang pd: music isnt the olympics-

exols who dont know what an anology is: imagine being so pressed you werent invited..

the ending ceremony committee: a-actually they were our first choice but couldnt attend because they were too busy saving the music industy

독고🧡 | Nation’s Pick👑 @nxblrme🔁😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Cry for next 100 years n make more blue house petition but your oppas won't ve performing in any olympics in their career. Suck it up.

[반흍]초딩즈 히포 @hippo485🔁 [NAVER] Director Song Seung Hwan on Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony; “Song explained he couldn’t cast more star…
Nini ⊙﹏⊙ Xiuxiu @_minnieseok🔁ICYMI- CL, EXO, And Honey Lee Captivate The World At 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony bit.ly
🐻extra jongin🐻 @yoniniee🔁Happy birthday to one of Soohorang’s biggest fan ! 🎂
Microsoft Exceℓ™ @thatweirdyeoja🔁 You don’t have to be a competing athlete to win big at the 2018 Winter Olympics: vogue.cm
_пироженко_ @one_black_18🔁I never heard of KPop before the Olympic Games but yo that group EXO doe😍 all 8 of them are crazy talented and I heard there’s a unicorn, Lay?, whose currently doing amazing things in China? I see you EXO I see you 😏
OH_SEHUN @VERY_GRACEFUL🔁i can't believe armys made petition to the blue house:
"please give explanation to why bts didn't get invited to olympics and chose exo instead"

how disrespectful to korea and the whole world who wanted nation's pick exo to perform..

920506 @chansubaeksoo🔁Fireworks, the world's best athletes and : Here's what happened at the closing ceremony via
마이현 @baek_lover_🔁It was a great pleasure to meet President Moon, First Lady Kim, and Ms.Ivanka Trump at the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony! Hope everyone enjoyed our performance!

Thank you very much for your love and support for K-POP and EXO!

Kenneth Manella @ksmanella🔁 I hope Calgary does get the 2016 Winter Olympics but I think they should stipulate that the rules for medal games in twitter.com hockey have to change. No more shoot-outs for those games. Real OT. Play till someone wins. Flex some muscle. The Olympics need Calgary!! 🏒


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