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syℓ🐧 @soukorlicious🔁 olympic ins

#BestFanArmy #EXOL #iHeartAwards @weareoneEXO

Bleacher Report @BleacherReport🔁USA Wins Hockey Gold 🏅

Team USA hands Canada first Olympic loss since 1998 to win gold medal in a shootout twitter.com

CBC Olympics @CBCOlympics🔁Scott Moir is all of Canada rn

#CAN goes to a third PK

WATCH: olympics.cbc.ca


#iHeartAwards #BestFanArmy #EXOL @weareoneEXO

TV5 @TV5manila🔁Catch the Olympic Winter Games closing ceremonies feat. + LIVE on AKSYON41 and our Olympic Livestreams:

Ch. 1:
C twitter.com h. 2:
Ch. 3:

Tod Mac @Todmac🔁@TeamShuster How can I obtain an official @Shoostie2010 USA Olympic tee in the baby blue ?
น้องโข new ver. @bonuzchan🔁 IOC = International Olympic Committee ละนี่คือ President อะ คุณ Thomas Bach
엑소 - ℓ @cottoncandyEXO🔁Catch the Olympic Winter Games closing ceremonies feat. + LIVE on AKSYON41 and our Olympic Livestreams:

Ch. 1:
Ch. 2:
Ch. 3:

Alex @singilus🔁Nooo i was hoping Evgenia would win but she is still my queen and hopefully one day she will get her olympic gold
Shawol_Rena🌹 @Renauni🔁on feb 22nd 2018, two times olympic and world champion yuzuru hanyu spun on his butt for no reason whatsoever, and I think that's beautiful
Soukaina❄❄❄❄ @Soukain50217050🔁[TRANS] For the Pyeongchang Olympic theres going to be a Meet&Greet event where EXO will meet all the worldwide athletes and Olympians.

+ They are also representating KPOP and are the center of the rising Korean wave.

Zenoxx Chrovnoux @Zenoxx69🔁 Joey Mantia is a deep thinker. He obsesses over obsession. usat.ly
dora @dora_chen4🔁My 3 favorite ladies’ skaters this season.
Wakaba- Didn’t qualify for Olympics
Ashley- didn’t qualify for Olympics, might retire
Evgenia- Robbed of her Olympic gold medal.

I want to... die. This is why I prefer men’s skating...

J @breathinforthem🔁UPCOMING SCHEDULE | 180225

EXO to have a Meet & Greet with Olympic athletes before the Pyeongchang Olympics closing ceremony on 25th Feb

amy @beforethev🔁Korean media talk about the of Since there was a news there would be one more performance as a hidden card, people guess who would be like Psy or . The possibility of Psy is higher at this moment.

Salsa❤ @ily_salsa🔁When you're suited up but can't shake that Olympic fever!

Maya Bergmann @Maya_Koenig15🔁 You should see Prince Eric’s Olympic gymnastics routine.


WEAREONE! @maiithao581🔁Olympic Figure Skater Kim Junmyeon!
aina ♡ boss @lmincoaster🔁When Red Velvet performed at the Olympic Headliner show, Wendy gave a message of support for Olympic athletes. US Olympic Women's Hockey team member Amanda Kessel was her teammate in Shattuck-St. Mary's School's Golf Varsity Team...
Lauri @Flaurilox🔁"It's my claim to fame. I'm Kevin Koe's dad and I'm proud of it."

He’s a residential school survivor. He wanted the best life for his family.

My story on Fred Koe and our visit in Yellowknife.

ℓ-gi @letmechooseboi🔁We are so proud of you. You are indeed our ice queen. Congratulations for winning an olympic medal. You showed a wonderful performance. It’s so spectacular. You are the best of the best in EXO and EXO L’s hearts.


🐚 @QueenofSparta🔁 I'm just saying... If you can Curl competitively, then you can sweep the floor!

-an Olympic curler's wife, probably

SumiQuatchi @SumiQuatchi🔁 What a revelation Kaori Sakamoto has been this year. One small mistake, but what a skate under Olympic pressure.
아만다 @amanda_mutang🔁Madison Kolls - varsity ice hockey
Courtney Burke - varsity ice hockey
Kinzey Johnson - varsity ice hockey
Dana Trivigno - NWHL
Breanna Simon - NWHL
Alyssa Gagliardi - NHWL
Amanda Kessel - NWHL, Olympic gold medalist
Wendy Shon - Main vocalist of global K-Pop stars Red Velvet
The Europeans Podcast @EuropeansPod🔁We host our podcast with , its FREE to use and they've just had an epic update! If you fancy giving podcast making a twitter.com go, then why wait? "Feb 20: Olympic gold, Dominic is old, Katy has a cold" from The Europeans on Anchor:
NBA River @nbariver🔁Olympic Diary: U.S. speedskater Joey Mantia living his life to the extreme. rssfeeds.indystar.com
Best fan BTS Army 💗💖 army fighting @cembermealea🔁Which stars would you like to see perform during Sunday's closing ceremonies at the ? / . . . . & more! VOTE HERE:
kicch@thesis @kicch_🔁 google search: how to stop laughing about yuzuru ‘sacrificed indulging in expensive earphones to win olympic gold’ hanyu
Twee @Whoknew88🔁screw olympic athletes who care more about 15 minutes of fame than the blowtorched alive in savage … … …
haze @hazemerelda🔁It’s not just the UK’s curlers who are exclusively Scottish 😊 Ailsa Craig, a small island 10 miles west of mainland Scotland, is the world’s only source for the rare granite that is used to make all the Olympic curling stones
Twee @Whoknew88🔁I second that. Screw the Olympic athletes that care about their worthless 15 minutes of fame. You should be ashamed twitter.com to compete in the Evil dog torturing, dog eating Korea. Your medal are WORTHLESS. Look at this puppy being burned ALIVE, screaming while the Koreans laugh. Shame👹
ซาลาเปาหมู @Lomnaw00🔁sehun kept looking at junmyeon’s olympic glasses as he walked by ㅋㅋㅋ

aashi @ashakrish6🔁Retweet for a reminder to watch the of the Winter Games! Reply with to cancel.
Anne Sotelo @somasyntax🔁'Our country needs to wake up': U.S. biathletes use Olympic platform to push for gun control |via Thinkprogress
HappyHeidi_GunReform_NOW @Happy_Heidi_81🔁BRONZE | Kaetlyn Osmond wins 's 6th ever women's individual Olympic medal. Her parents could not be more proud. ⛸


The Canadian Press @CdnPress🔁Live: Halfway through the men's curling bronze medal game, Kevin Koe's () Canada rink trails Switzerland 4-2

Read twitter.com how Canada ended up in this game:

EXO的约定 @EXO19892280🔁seriously my gallery is full of pictytes junmyeon wearing those precious olympic glasses . I lovvveee it


Citizen Marine @SDButlerRedux🔁@DailySabah @dsgoldfield22 Good for her, bullshit western, US Olympic Commitee directed exclusion can't thwart detemination. Suck it Trump!
Target Up Insurance @UpTarget🔁FYI: Lindsey Vonn acknowledges Olympic glory is behind her after winning bronze in downhill - Los Angeles Times twitter.com
EXO的约定 @EXO19892280🔁the president of the international olympic committee just recognized junmyeon and exo! let’s cheer them on for the ✨

С OKA Б 三 @Sokabe_Shiro🔁The closing ceremonies of the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 will be LIVE on AksyonTV on February 25 at 6:15 PM with delayed telecast on TV5 on Feb. 26 at 12 AM.
Midoriya, arigato!! @mychildisyuri🔁 *breathes in, breathes out* .... two time Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu
Lester Lat @LATLester🔁CHANGE HAS COME | Your new Philippine Olympic Committee leaders: President Victorico Vargas (right) and Chair Abraham Tolentino (left).
d•フ•尺•フ™ @DaedalMensa🔁Olympic athletes are getting pimped and that doesn't sit right with me.
😏 @ArevirEtteviv🔁No better feeling than representing Canada and realizing Olympic dreams. Incredibly grateful to have such amazing fans for us every step of the way 🇨🇦❤️

Lidya @EntwinedWithEXO🔁Yes~~♡

And all the EXO/Olympic related tweets~~♡
Thank you~♡

GAU @DKommandeur🔁Once the Olympic Games are over, we can finally start with the feat that brings about permanent stability and unity o twitter.com f the Korean Peninsula where no regime could be made.


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