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Oklahoma City The cloud giant thun @ammar999499🔁 Supercell thunderstorm this past May in Elk City, Oklahoma. Photo credit: Robin Duspara. #StormHour
Hatewatch @Hatewatch🔁FBI Arrests McVeigh-Copycat in Oklahoma City Bomb Plot
The Independent @Independent🔁A white man was arrested for trying to blow up a bank in America, you probably haven't heard about him
Matthew Chapman @fawfulfan🔁@CoreyStewartVA @DonteStallworth Look at it this way. The memorial to the Oklahoma City bombing victims isn't a statue of Timothy McVeigh.
JJohnson @JJohnson2u🔁 23-year-old arrested in plot to detonate bomb outside Oklahoma City bank
R.R @SportsLiberal🔁Look at it this way. The memorial to the Oklahoma City bombing victims isn't a statue of Timothy McVeigh.
Freebies 4 Taxis @Freebies4Taxis🔁Oklahoma City giving free Lyft rides! Uber rival Lyft is doling out free ride credit with code FASTEST. Nice coupon. Discount. #ad
Lizzie @lizzieog🔁 An affiliate of this group was just arrested trying to set off a bomb in Oklahoma City.
Oklahoma City Jobs @workinoklahoma🔁Del City, #OK - Maverick Transportation - Student Driver with Class A CDL or Limited Truck ... #CITY #OKLAHOMA #JOB
j.d. norton @bluestate69🔁We must erect a Timothy McVeigh statue in Oklahoma City. Opposition to this is erasing our history and will be condemned as such
sana khan @sana_nahk🔁 White, AntiGovt 23yr old caught trying to detonate massive bomb in OklahomaCity:
Oklahoma City Now @TLNOklahomaCity🔁Weather now: scattered clouds, 73°F, 3 mph south wind.
eguru jobs @egurujobs🔁I&E Technician Job: Marathon Oil - Oklahoma City, OK - field and communicate these to the proper personnel.…
eguru jobs @egurujobs🔁Reservoir Engineering Technician Job: Marathon Oil - Oklahoma City, OK - ... Basic Information: Position Title:…
Homegrown American @HomegrownMae🔁Two of the Oklahoma City Bombing's Lasting Legacies | Brennan Center for Justice
Oklahoma City Jobs @workinoklahoma🔁#Oklahoma City, #OK - Ingersoll Rand - TRANE- Construction Project Manager - . Examine and review contracts and ...
IEMBot OUN @iembot_oun🔁OKLAHOMA CITY Aug 17 Climate: Hi: 91 Lo: 66 Precip: 0.0 Snow: 0.0
han ❣️ @nicholshannah98🔁 OKLAHOMA CITY YALL BETTER RETWEET THIS!!!! 😤
Oklahoma City Jobs @workinoklahoma🔁#Oklahoma #City #OK #USA - Service Technician 950.00 Per Week Entry Level Must Call To Apply. - Compa... #WORK #JOB
ProsperityHRS @ProsperityHRS🔁Electrical Design Engineer job at Rogers Group - Oklahoma City #Indeed #jobs
Mark Twin @quantalooped🔁Family Says Man Charged In FBI Right-Wing Terror Sting Is Mentally Ill, Incapable Of Attack
Ginger Michele @ginger_michele🔁 @KatrinaPierson Then surely you'd be OK with a Timothy McVeigh statue at N. Robinson & NW 4th St in Oklahoma city.
Aye, Ron @arynnholybee🔁Man Arrested for Trying to Detonate What He Thought Was a Vehicle Bomb at Downtown Oklahoma City Bank: Jerry Drak...
Loren K. Lee @LorenLee21🔁@lac919 @DrKellyPhD @desmonddapena @DarbyKathleen @TheBeatWithAri Don't forget Tim McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bloodbath in 1995
CareerCast Jobs @careercast_jobs🔁New #Job: #MtStMaryHighSchool # #OklahomaCity #OK Mt St Mary High School P T certified AP Physics #CareerCast
Jim @OpiumHerz🔁Yo @BenKissel / @marcusparks , someone needs to update the LPOTL site on CCR. The "current" episode is still Oklahoma City Part 2.
Hottest Deals Online @Hottest_Online🔁Lyft coupon code gets you $50 rides credit Enter the following code: ZOOT >> Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City
CareerCast Jobs @careercast_jobs🔁New #Job: #HEADTELLER # #OklahomaCity #OK HEAD TELLER Oversee member services teller #CareerCast
KobeBryantReturns @KobeBryantApna🔁Jerry Drake Varnell: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know via @heavysan


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