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Red. @IilyjanecolIins🔁 Don't mess with Red ☠️💣 #Okja
#Okja Chris @AstronomicalXX🔁 She's here. And she's beautiful.
#Okja Nerdiest @NerdiestOff🔁Okja, the Netflix movie that could make you a vegetarian #Okja #Netflix #Vegan
#Okja Noa Seger @ILiveMovies🔁I wholeheartedly endorse this message. #Okja #Translation
Wendy J. Madison @Mad_Wendy7🔁 The pet you never knew you needed. 🐷❤️ #OKJA
selenas @actresselena🔁 jake delivered AGAIN an terrific perfomance. i absolutely love this man and how talented he's #OKJA
#Okja Devon Bostick @devbostick🔁She's here. And she's beautiful.
PETA @peta🔁#Okja will steal your heart ❤️ And make you question everything you think you know about the meat industry. #Netflix
James Gunn @JamesGunn🔁Boy, #Okja just wrenched out my heart and stomped on it. So many amazing things in this movie. Starts on #Netflix tomorrow.
Maria; @marpamd🔁#Okja is on Netflix!!!! Can't wait to see it tomorrow
tiana🍒 @antisocialtiana🔁 Boy, #Okja just wrenched out my heart and stomped on it. So many amazing things in this movie. Starts on #Netflix tomorrow.
Deschamps @partnerpanda🔁 will steal your heart ❤️ And make you question everything you think you know about the meat industry.
Styleveryday @Styleveryday🔁 New post ( Seo-hyun: '' on With a and ...) has been published on -
Benny @benbonnici🔁#Okja ⭐ Terrible.
Giorgia Russo➰ @Giorgia_Russo🔁#Okja AMAZING @lilycollins, your Red is amazing! Can't wait to watch "To The Bone" 😍
Regan @penwhen🔁Is this an #Okja promotion? @jonronson
Nicole Morgenstern @lovaticnephilim🔁 No YOU'RE crying over a CGI super pig. #OKJA
Nate Rios @nathantrios🔁Marketing for #Okja is getting crazy
Pru @pru_db🔁Ok wow, Okja is an incredibly touching and powerful film. The girl who plays Mija is amazing. It's on Netflix, go watch it guys 🐷 #Okja
Culturess @CulturessFS🔁Netflix’s #Okja is a movie of contrasts, but is oddly compelling:
Caitlin Hill @thatgirlonline🔁Stay to the end of the credits of #okja @NetflixANZ
ting72 @ting72🔁@KermodeMovie #okja the 3rd major release this year featuring John Denver
LUCAS SAW ARI🌙 @lulugautron🔁#Okja I can't stop crying
Becky @noitsrebecca🔁If I see "E.T." in any article re: #OKJA, I close it. Haven't been able to finish many articles.
Movie🎞Rob 📼 🎥 @RealMovieRob🔁 Why #Okja isn't the only unmissable Netflix Original film:
Aman Mahajan @pic_aresque🔁The Big Sick makes you want to give your lover a tight hug.
3 strikes #MAMI with #Okja, #TheBigSick & #BabyDriverAtMAMI tonite.
Caitlin Hill @thatgirlonline🔁I had a beef burrito and then I watched and now I am Cry because I am garbage... and Doggo held my hand 😭
Lisa @hannahs_helmet🔁yes Netflix's has a lot of famous people, but the real star of the movie is 13-year-old Ahn Seo-hyun:
Storybook Wanderer @LeafOnTheWind89🔁 Just watched #Okja and well..... it is a beautiful movie..... no spoiling.... just watch it.
Jorge I. Castillo @jicastillo🔁Bong, you clever devil. #Okja
Dominic Tan @EPICD0M🔁##okja looks freaking good omg
Rachel 🏳️‍🌈 @flippingfoxes🔁#Okja was gorgeous, but very anticlimactic...
ColinD @c_col🔁@jonronson #okja is this generations #MeatIsMurder. Brilliant.
Julia Warren @JuliaFWarren🔁The latest Fellini Films ! Thanks to @CultFilmsUK #babydriver #okja
J Burrello Submarine @biginsanehappy🔁Buys bacon.
Watches #Okja on Netflix.
Feels conflicted about the bacon.
bubibu 🐧🐧 @pitapatmoon🔁 is a heart-wrenching, poignant & incredibly beautiful piece that will restore your faith in humans. (And u'll consider being a vegan.)
celina. @celiinaaa_cz🔁I truly recommend to everyone. A mind blowing story, powerful messages and a talented cast, what could we ask more ? 🐷
Brynne Ramella @brynneramella🔁I want to see #Okja on @netflix because #JoonHoBong is an amazing director. But I'm scared to see it because I like eating meat.
Tod Z @todzed🔁Wow #Okja just melted and then broke my icy cold heart. One of the most beautiful and moving films I've ever seen. 5 million stars out of 10
Ajay prasad @AjaypDrStrange🔁 Paul is on @FallonTonight talking about #OKJA in a couple minutes! 🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
J☯n @JonZarlengz🔁Why are people going crazy over #Okja ?! It seems to me like a live-action Anime about an Asian girl and her giant Hippo-looking Dog ? Wtf?
Francesca Bacardi @OriginalFresca🔁I think I'm not watching any interviews about #Okja so I can watch it and find out if it's pronounced ahk-jah, oak-jah or ahk-ya @netflix
Dean. @cinebean_🔁Can satire convert viewers into vegetarians? We asked screenwriter for his take:
McFarland @McFarlandCoPub🔁Enjoy 's ? Learn more about the real ALF in my book: cc:
Knives Out Ⓥ™ @NeoQueenLidi🔁 will leave you in tears, make you hate humanity and make you want change. My only wish is that it focused mo…
Shirley Chisholm @aNickel4thought🔁#Okja was really good. Probably won't eat bacon for a few days
Marissa @the_marissassy🔁God #okja was so good. I wish animals were killed even half as nicely as they are in the movie, but moving none the less.
rqhyt @ruuha_🔁 Watched #Okja last night and I still think about it until this very second. What a powerful movie. Y'all should watch it.
cristian m @christofglass🔁Took this almost exactly a year ago while filming . The time has now come. Streaming on !
Jessica @Jess_Billington🔁Me right now 😔😭#okj a
Treasure @Zaken_🔁Paul Dano
Steven Yeun
Jake Gyllenhaal
Tilda Swinton
Lily Collins
Giancarlo Esposito
La distribution de #Okja 💙
GwanGGe @gwangge🔁We hurt animals daily, some of us even already did the same thing too to other human.God please give me the strength to go Vegan. #Okja
Tony Casale @TNCasale🔁@kjbourbon @HollyGarringer Watching that tonight.. btw #Okja is highly recommended!


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