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Sports Fanatic 2.0 @ericmacneill🔁 Go Connor. It's your birthday
We gon' party like it's yo birthday
@cmcdavid97 #Oilers
Rusty Olson @Rusty_Olson🔁Game Day feeling like ... @tulsa_oilers
Bruce McIlquham @BruMack4367🔁@Steve_Dangle Gets ready to watch his favourite show, “Oilers Twitter”
Oilers Sam McBeer @SMcbeer🔁Hey Oilers! This is my expectation for tonight’s game!
Darren Haynes @DarrenWHaynes🔁Micheal Ferland has as many goals in 2018 as the Edmonton Oilers.
Mia K. @miakhalifa🔁Ummm Connor McDavid turns 21 today. The Oilers play the Vegas Knights tonight. In Vegas. Going into their bye week.
Mike Commodore @commie22🔁Folks there’s really no other way to put it...Birthday boy Connor McDavid + The Edmonton Oilers will be in Vegas ton twitter.com ight. 💯
C Ouladelhadjahmed @carlaok1🔁5 in a row. Knights down the Oilers 5-1 off goals from Morawski, Heneghan, Watungwa, Weber, and Wenner. Stahel with 27 saves and the win!
Dianne @RunninOnCaramel🔁"They were great last night in Arizona & I heard there is supposed to be even more here tonight. We really appreciate the support." on strong contingent of fans in Vegas
Dan @oilmandan🔁Jesus if that would make it work oilers will do maroon and slepyshev and a first. Lottery protected of course. We're twitter.com a shoe in for dahlin
Dexter Morgan @dextermorgan5🔁@JSportsnet RIP Oilers
Shane Wilson @oilers4🔁Tfw you see @Barzal_97 and @jeberle_7 combine for 9 points today and neither of them are on the #oilers 😩
Ryan McClean @AceKicker_19🔁 Today w/ : Oil to add the second chapter in a budding rivalry between new divisional foes tonight with their first game in Las Vegas.
John Shannon @JSportsnet🔁Oilers will go back with Cam Talbot in goal tonight in Vegas.
Horsemen Of Hockey @HorsemenHockey🔁So... some 5000 fans tomorrow in Vegas.. As Reg Dunlop said in to : It's their rink, it's their fans, and it's their #%&$ town. But tonight, we got our fans with us! They spent their own dough to get here, and they came to see us!
Ryan Tunall @ryantunall🔁Fans ripped Chiarelli, Oilers about past trades after huge game for Islanders trio. MORE @ bardown.com
Kevrock @KkevrockK🔁Indeed, not saying they shouldn't spend the money elsewhere, but I'm okay without Ebs on the team..career -49 with O twitter.com ilers says he didn't score enough period.
Robin Brownlee @Robin_Brownlee🔁From the award winners to a spirited on-ice battle between local media all-stars & alumni, the city is ready to celebrate another Minor Hockey Week!
Tyler Velin @tylervelin🔁Will breaking out and wearing my vintage Oilers Jersey with "Thunder Hammer" on the name plate increase the Titan's w twitter.com in percentages enough to justify the necessary emotional commitment this would take?
Alex @AlexMedeiros81🔁 Chiarelli has built the Isles better than the Oilers and Bruins combined twitter.com
Juan Amorin @jamo0420🔁Fuck I think McDavid kills it tonight. Oilers will win. This is a start of a 30 game win streak. Ok maybe not that last part.
Brett Adrian @BrettAdrian29🔁So Connor McDavid turns 21 today and the Edmonton Oilers are in Vegas tonight to play the Knights before their 5 day bye week. You already know McJesus’ girlfriend hit up his phone letting him know he better not fuck any bitch tonight or else she’s gonna run Auston Matthews top.
Delayed Offside Pod @Delayedoffside2🔁Folks there’s really no other way to put it...Birthday boy Connor McDavid + The Edmonton Oilers will be in Vegas tonight. 💯
Ben Hankinson @BenHankinson🔁Congrats Tyler Pitlick playing 100th #NHL game tonight. This will be @Pitty687 42nd gm with #GoStars+ 58 gms #Oilers = 100.
Ryan McClean @AceKicker_19🔁Notable player stats when playing on their 21st birthday

Wayne Gretzky: 1982: 1 G, 1 A vs Blues
Bobby Orr: 1969: 1 G vs Red Wings
Gordie Howe: 1949: 1 G vs Canadiens (playoffs)

What will Connor McDavid do tonight?

John Arlia @jfa0413🔁Connor McDavid turns 21 Saturday. His present? An matchup with the in Vegas.

LittleJoe @JoeGraack🔁Dan Pastorini throwing a pass for the Oilers vs the Patriots in their 1st playoff meeting in the 1978 Divisional Round (Oilers won 31-14. Check out the yellow gloves #64 Richard Bishop of the Patriots is wearing. Also Pastorini with the sewn in pockets
Wpg Jets Fan in NY @rider505🔁.I didn’t realize that NYI have 2 farm clubs: Bridgeport Sound Tigers & Edmonton Oilers. NYI got Barzel, Eberle and B twitter.com eauvvillier -all from the Oilers thru trades of players/draft picks. I guess it’s only a matter of time till NYI Trade a 4th rounder for Conner McDavid. Dreaming
Sneed @Sneed26🔁all 3 of these guys were gifted to NYI by the Oilers....Beauvillier was the 2nd round pick in the Reinhart trade 🙃
Wes Reynolds @WesReynolds1🔁Jets +121
Oilers +170
LotteryPick @loc8ingoil🔁Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not happy with the Oilers this year, but I wonder how miserable it feels to continually talk about what could have been with Hall, Eberle etc?

Poor moves no doubt, but spending time dwelling (for years) must make any Oilers hockey unbearable.

GlendaK.Williams @1GKWilliamsYeg🔁 set to play their first-ever game in Las Vegas as they wrap up back-to-back & look to head into the bye week on a winning note.
Ryan The Hockey Guy @RyanHockeyGuy🔁This week the Golden Knights "traded skates for flip flops." I talked with Nate Schmidt about how it helped the team before they take on Edmonton tonight. Story-

Dacooksare @dacooksare🔁 is from Texas (San Antonio I believe). His love of the go back to when they played in Houston as the Oilers. He sta twitter.com yed loyal to the franchise when they moved to Nashville. I'm sure he "couldn't care less" (that's for you Gus) about the Vawls.
OILERSYYC Podcast @oilersyyc🔁 #Oilers fans in Vegas this evening: Let’s sing ‘Happy Birthday’ @ 9:07 of every period! #LetsgoOilers
Maleea @MaleeaLynne🔁It’s been a really rocky last couple of weeks for me. Been battling a lot of things and putting myself and my body t twitter.com hrough so much hell, but slowly getting back into watching the Oilers which is bringing me back to where I need to be. So excited for tonight’s game😍😍😍
MP Oiler Hockey @mpoilerhockey🔁and in net for the oilers #32 mathew stites
Coldplay_Oilers 🧢 @coldplay_oilers🔁A man who was involved with neo-Nazi groups and who attended a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville has been charged with terrorism for attempting to wreck an Amtrak train, according to a criminal complaint
Gillies Goring @FortNeverlose🔁Dal Colle would look good in an Oilers uni twitter.com
jerometurner @pucknball21🔁Jets +122
Oilers +.5 even
Benjamin Ernst @BenjaminErnst🔁Lucky number 1⃣3⃣. The Oilers close the game on a 17-2 run to pick up their 13th straight victory! Read:
Matchsticks&Gasoline @MatchsticksCGY🔁The Oilers could really use a young scoring forward like Mathew Barz...oh yeah, right. Well at least they have promsi twitter.com ng defensive prospect Griffin Reinhar...oh wait.
Fernando Agundez @FernandoAgunde4🔁@stevecofield Good matchup Tonight: VGKS Win Tonight over Oilers 5-2.
Dino Cairo @Dinocairo🔁3hours before game time. #oilers @ Beerhaus instagram.com
James Mirtle @mirtle🔁Always love this post. Two takeaways:
1. Still very young (yay!)
2. The 'built to win in the Pacific' line is garbage, mostly because 'have to get big to beat big teams' is stupid (see CHI v. LAK). Anyway, VGK is showing you don't need tanks to win that division.
DALESAU66467470 @DALESAU66467470🔁i took a nap today i hope mine friends call me today i'm bored right now i hope the oilers win again tonight everybody
Susie @hey_dudette🔁TITANS If you don't know the history of the Oilers and Houston's relationship with Bud Adams, then you can't under twitter.com stand the utter hatred I have for that franchise.
leigh @mrs_hippiequeen🔁(hint: oilers/titans are not texans)
Semenkos Army @Semenkosarmy🔁 Hey Oilers fans that travelled to Vegas for the game tonight...
Please start a group singing of Happy Birthday to Connor
MP Oiler Hockey @mpoilerhockey🔁starting for the oilers on offense: #23 mason pinwar, #19 christian elmore-turner and #10 ryan backus, On defense: twitter.com #11 thomas idenburger and #22 brayden chritz
Aaron @DaProfit0🔁@domluszczyszyn Holy smokes oilers
Croteau Real Estate @CroteauRES🔁Golden Knights return from vacation to host Oilers. lasvegassun.com via @LasVegasSun
Lori Cote @lorikcote🔁If you're an fan, this one is for you! Bid on a one-of-a-kind stained glass Oilers logo that took more than 45 hours to create. Bidding closes on January 16 at 6 p.m. MST. Bid today in support of Corus at
OneWinAtaTime @cappersentrprze🔁IGOR SAYS TAKE NOTRE DAME(+5)

Semenkos Army @Semenkosarmy🔁This is quite funny because you were one of several who ran him out of town. I knew he’d get traded for cap reasons, twitter.com just not as soon as he did. Cheers🍺 Go Oilers Go!!!
Altha Victorino @damnitaltha🔁Best thing ever! Can't wait!!! @tulsa_oilers
Winner announced in ECHL’s 30th Anniversary Memories contest echl.com via @ECHL
Steve Bayley @TheLincolnKing🔁A lot of kids were ashamed to be Patriots fans. The first Patriots game I ever went to Warren Moon put up huge number twitter.com s and the Houston Oilers blew out the Pats 4 wide with Haywood Jefferies, Webster Slaughter, and Curtis Duncan. Pats had Hugh Motherfuckin Millen.
Susan @SusanSmiled🔁So much orange and blue on The Strip today! #oilers #happybirthdaymcjesus #mcdavid
Curious Monkey @Lochbuie🔁They better be ready to play tonight because the Oilers have put 2 more than solid games together against Nashville a twitter.com nd Phoenix and will definitely want this one badly...
Tommy Brian @TommyBrian🔁@hallsy09 @SpitsHockey Thanks for the good times Hallsy, no go show the Oilers how stupid they are!


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