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Oilers Lindsey Rockett @mrsoilcat🔁 Two down. Who's next? #oilers
Oilers New York Islanders @NYIslanders🔁Islanders Transaction: The team has acquired Jordan Eberle from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Ryan Strome.
Oilers TSN @TSN_Sports🔁BREAKING: The Islanders have acquired Jordan Eberle from the Oilers for Ryan Strome. MORE:
Oilers Cmdr. Wolffe @ShiloHuber🔁 Oh man. #Oilers fans in #yeg are awesome.
Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers🔁The #Oilers have acquired forward Ryan Strome from the @NYIslanders in exchange for forward Jordan Eberle.
Helene Elliott @helenenothelen🔁Vegas Golden Knights stock their roster in expansion draft; Oilers' Connor McDavid stocks his trophy case
#ThankYouEbs @BSchutte14🔁Get a little better acquainted with , the newest member of the :
Zach Laing @zjlaing🔁 The #Oilers have acquired forward Ryan Strome from the @NYIslanders in exchange for forward Jordan Eberle.
Ruth @ruhtyt🔁Aboriginal fans' traditional song for Edmonton Oilers goes viral #ConnorMcDavid #connormcdavid
Tempest @tempest9🔁@Archaeologuy congratulations on getting a backhanded call out from Bob on Oilers Now.
Kent Wilson @Kent_Wilson🔁@followsophia Sorry. When the Oilers make good moves, I admit it. When they don’t, I laugh at them.
Ruth @ruhtyt🔁Oilers' Connor McDavid Scores a Goal, but the Islanders Do Him Seven Better …
Donovan Jang @DonovanJangles🔁Hard to believe that the (Oilers/Islanders) traded (Eberle/Strome). What a steal by the (Oilers/Islanders).
Again, I am right in my analysis
Mike @CityOfChamps14🔁Everytime I start to get worried about the and how good they could be, Chiarelli does an excellent job calming down. Thanks, Peter.
Mikey @MikeyTaddeo🔁 Oilers now have 3 of Top 5 picks from 2011 draft. RNH. Larsson. Strome.
rae 🌸 @hockeyspace_rae🔁from what i've gathered the oilers are taking away davo's best teammates until the kid pulls a geno and escapes through a bathroom window?
Jordon Schumacher @therealbobo14🔁My cousin just got offered an NHL contract with the Montreal Oilers! #pumped #exciting
smashville bandwagon @cahearn11🔁Connor McDavid at 20: captain of the Oilers, Art Ross, Ted Lindsay, cover of NHL 18.

me at 20: *struggles to find a new show to watch*

Marco Annibale @mmmmmaaaarrrcco🔁 Oilers send Eberle to Islanders for Strome. Here's our reaction from Chicago.
Devin Burt @dpbcanada🔁 Bergevin: See that crazy Oilers trade today?
Poille: Yup
Bergevin: Want Shea back?
Poille: Yup.
Bergevin: I was kidding.
Beer League Heroes @BeerLeagueHeroe🔁Was Eberle-Strome trade a win for the Oilers?

59% says yes.
41% say no.

Early online polling.

Jason @jrmccrank🔁That was a junky draft (1st round). Lets see if the Oilers can make this work. Heh.
G20 @G20YT🔁NEW VIDEO : Oilers TRADE Jordan Eberle For Ryan Strome REACTION
Graeme Maxner @nygninja🔁 The Oilers now have 3 of the Top 5 picks from the 2011 NHL Draft (RNH, Larsson and Strome)
Farrsigh @Farrsigh🔁If Strome can win a face off, I will welcome him to the Oilers.
Leah Kessel @leahflame🔁Ugh, Oilers fans are in my mentions now.

Save me.

Tim McManus @Tim_McManus🔁"I believe it's important for our youth to have a voice. To put a muzzle on them is a disservice to everyone."
e for error @_nikobae🔁Eberle:"I'm super excited to be a part of the Islanders organization. Also grateful for the chance the Oilers gave me coming into the NHL."
ty @TylerVerloop🔁He got a lot of flak at the end, but much respect to the career Jordan Eberle had as an Oiler at a dark time in franchise history.

John Nicholson @NicholsonJh🔁"Kris Russell's shot blocking helped turn the Oilers around"

"Matt Hendricks changed the locker room culture"

"Intangibles, etc..."

Carter Raimondi @CarterRaimondi🔁So. Basically oilers trade Hall/Ebs to sign Lucic and Russell.


Where is the NHL gm application page

Mark Selss @mselss🔁I wish @strome18 and @ebs_14 the best of luck with their new clubs #Isles #Oilers #NHL
Anjo ⚡️ @AnjoLapuz🔁My Oilers jersey purchases seem to represent players that eventually get crucified then traded. Gagner, Eberle, Hall x 2.. 😒
Copper & Blue @CopperandBlue🔁@KDK_1983 I guess my question wasn't clear. How would keeping Eberle this year prevent the Oilers from signing their 2 best players?
Ryan Downey @RyanDowney709🔁 Ryan Strome - 126 points in 258 games (0.49 points per game)

Jordan Eberle - 382 points in 507 games (0.75 points per game)

Don Weatherbee @Weatherbee72🔁The #Oilers have officially moved on from a team that only has #HOPE
These Eyes Don't Lie @TheOilKnight🔁 @themoose0221 the Oilers have been shopping Eberle for more than a year. This is the market for him.
Sweet Jimmy @Sweet72jimmy🔁 It would be nice if the Oilers took the savings from Eberle and built some washrooms.
~ @shamaplan🔁i'm going to die of laughter at oilers fans & media when eberle puts up 70 points with tavares & strome doesn't even come close.
Cobra 🐍🇺🇸 @thecobytoy9🔁: It's a one-for-one deal. to the and to the .


Sean Trevisan @seantrevy🔁SNOW: You can keep Eberle, or you can trade him for this mystery box! It could even hold another Eberle!"
Josh Stauffer @josh_r_stauffer🔁 Oilers should sign Ales Hemsky. #NoJoke
Owen Engeldrum @Owengeldrum🔁Islanders Transaction: The team has acquired Jordan Eberle from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for Ryan Strome.
Baseball SZN Skjei @BradyFucknSkjei🔁 the oilers trade jordan eberle and taylor hall into metro division but NYR got draft picks for talbot. lmao
Kurt Roberts @krobe35🔁 Islanders Acquire Jordan Eberle from Oilers for Ryan Strome
Vintage VADER @CupChamps89🔁So the #Oilers gave up on fan fav and heart n soul guy of your team the past 7yrs for a guy left on the #Islanders un protect list? LOL 👍🏻
Morgan @Morgo_82🔁I'm not sure what getting pissed off about what the #Oilers are doing today is going to accomplish. Just a thought.
Kathleen Smith @KikkiPlanet🔁"This doesn't make the team better!" Yeah well neither did Eberle and he was costing 6.5 so maybe DUMP is a good thin g.
Ebony Malkin @ebonymalkin🔁@riotsurvivor On his resume :
GM Bruins , GM oilers, Didn't select Jack Eichel 1ova, 2nd place GM
natalija @nati1a🔁Cult of Hockey: Chiarelli's changing of the guard continues apace as Luke Gazdic waived by Oilers
RCN @akaRCN🔁Oilers should sign Ales Hemsky. #NoJoke
Brenden Escott @BrendenEscott5🔁Strome needed a fresh start and so did Ebs. I don't hate the deal...potential still there but now so is some cap room. #NHL #Oilers
Kimber Daytona #88 @kimberleycolbor🔁 The @NYIslanders and @EdmontonOilers have swapped Ryan Strome and Jordan Eberle. #NHLTRade
Joe @Joe98002519🔁Youth team that had season cancelled amid protest fallout is starting anew, with backing of NFL player coalition.
🇨🇦 CC Abbott 🇺🇸 @DCLawyerNHLfan🔁Tavares has his wingman as Islanders land Eberle from Oilers
John Shannon @JSportsnet🔁Oilers now have 3 of Top 5 picks from 2011 draft. RNH. Larsson. Strome.
Sask Colin @bananarito🔁@circlesky66 You guys still won the cup this year. Can't have it next year though. Oilers have already reserved it
Doug Lehman @28doug🔁Kris Russell will re-sign with Edmonton Oilers, says NHL insider.

Things moving fast now ...

Goose :Blue_Heart: @DJJazzyRyRy🔁Oilers twitter: Let's hate on Jordan Eberle during these playoffs cause he's useless!
*Eberle gets traded*
Oilers twitter: WTF OMG IM DONE!!
Alexander Nilsson @aalexnil🔁The Edmonton Oilers model
1. Never scout beyond 3rd overall
2. Sell low on everybody you get
3. Pray your generational talent bails you out
#TeamSpitfires @h9llreus🔁Have to think Russell deal may be close, Oilers need some certainty with Sekera out to start season. Can't risk both being absent.
Oilers tried to hold out for Dal Colle who Edmonton wanted badly
rebuffed as he's possibly in another deal
x - Michael McCook @crjcook🔁@theamazingMrS Yeah its a lateral move at best. Not sure what possessed it other than oilers fans hate Eberle for no reason.
DIGGER @puckofff🔁@DarrenDreger Snow Fleeced Oilers AGAIN!!!! first Rienhart then Strome!!!!!
Marco Annibale @mmmmmaaaarrrcco🔁Tavares has his wingman as Islanders land Eberle from Oilers, writes
Thee Nation Dan @TheNationDan🔁 Russell signs 4 yrs Oilers


AlbertaShank @KKineshanko🔁 I like the deal for the Oilers.


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