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Oilers Kaz jr. @bestkazjr🔁 LIFE IS GOOD IN OILERSNATION! #MISSION17 #oilers #nhl
de(i)nonychus @dieciaem🔁 David Desharnais wins it in overtime for the Oilers, Edmonton takes a 3-2 series lead
de(i)nonychus @dieciaem🔁 Desharnais with the game winner. #Oilers fans are fired up. Goodnight
Oilers Sons of Hockey @SonsOfHockey🔁Order @OriginalFunko Pop! @NHL Series @cmcdavid97 now at #WCH2016 @EdmontonOilers #NHL
Oilers InterSpaceReporter @ISpaceReporter🔁David Desharnais, Oilers battle back for OT win
Oilers HIMN Corporate @himnmedia🔁David Desharnais, Oilers battle back for OT win
Oilers Spot-On-Sports @SpotOnSports12🔁 Oilers come roaring back, dominate OT to defeat Sharks #StanleyCup
Oilers Spectator Sports @SpecReplay🔁Oilers beats Sharks 4-3 in OT in Game 5
Oilers Brodie Brazil @BrodieNBCS🔁Wikipedia going hard.
#sjsharks #oilers
Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers🔁"Anyone can be a hero. It just takes one shot." Desharnais on tonight's OT winner to put the up 3-2 in the series
Edmonton Oilers @EdmontonOilers🔁#OILERS GOOOAAAAAL! THE RIG! 1-0! #LetsGoOilers
Brian Walker @BrianRunner🔁OILERS! Ohhhh Caaanadaaaa.... #StanleyCup #onetogo
x- mackenzie trach @magicmitts9🔁@nielsonTSN1260 Huge for the oilers to get deboer off his game. Real game changer when he's out there looking for hits like that.
LosAngelesSRH @LosAngelesSRH🔁#WeLoveLA #NHLDucks Oilers defeat Sharks on Desharnais' OT goal #SportsRoadhouse
Scott Sharplin @ScottSharplin🔁The great has never more perfectly captured a national character:

Antonio @UC_RAIDER🔁Not my best effort but whatever. :) RT hey now would be a great time for a Sharks/Oilers MORE BLOOD cartoon bruh
Joe Tay @nhltay21🔁 Oilers win in overtime.
ottcanada @ottcanada🔁 OILERS SCORE!!!!!!!!!!
Катеринка Леонова @maksimtacbykov🔁 Lets go. #Oilers
Rob @whitewhale99🔁RT this if your an Oilers fan who can't sleep because you are still riding the buzz from that game.

x- mackenzie trach @magicmitts9🔁@OilersReport Don't know where you get off making this analysis. Oilers just brought their A game in ot. Sharks looked tired
HIMN Corporate @himnmedia🔁David Desharnais, Oilers battle back for OT win
Ahh Joboo @AhhJoboo🔁 Desharnais lights the lamp in OT for Oilers
Joe Tay @nhltay21🔁 Oilers tie it.
NikoBuddyLemmeTellYa @NikoGreen78🔁Huge Congratulations to our #Oilers on a big team effort last night. Up in the series with San Jose Sharks 3-2 with a big overtime win!!
WWPM MediaNet Staff @wwpmmedianet🔁New post added at Heartland Newsfeed - David Desharnais, Oilers battle back for OT win
Joe Tay @nhltay21🔁 Oilers score on the power play.
CRUDMAN @Remy10k🔁@NHL Oilers fanbase as likeable as 'Noles fans (they're just awful)
ryan @RyanMcCee🔁 @nielsonTSN1260 Did you know the Oilers are undefeated in the games following a fineable nut spear by Draisaitl?
canadia 🇨🇦 @_ambby🔁 Anyone saying the #Oilers haven't had any power plays tonight didn't watch the first 10 minutes of OT.
de(i)nonychus @dieciaem🔁And this is what Rogers Place looks like with thousands of happy fans leaving after an OT win
Donn P💥🐐 @DonnWhon🔁Round 2
Your demands have been heard!
Who y'all got?
RT for Richmond Oilers
Fav for East High Wildcats
Stupid Sexy Flanders @ChrisSKreager🔁In the NHL, I could envision a scenario the Edmonton Oilers make the Stanley Cup Finals.

In the NBA, everyone is just conceding Cavs.

McPlayoffs Baby!!! @BeerLeagueHeroe🔁Make that 10-20. #oilers
vegan coke dealer @vcdunreliable🔁i am unironically very stoked about how well the oilers are doing this season.
Julian @jtsa18🔁@Archaeologuy Oh man, so superior to @domluszczyszyn 's, Dom's rejects the true destiny of the oilers.
Bish Picks @BishPicks🔁04/20/17

Sharks/Oilers 1P O1.5 +140 ** 1.5U ✔️

Oilers Kaz jr. @bestkazjr🔁The Oilers come back to beat the Sharks in overtime and slide back into the series lead like...
Joe Tay @nhltay21🔁 Oilers score first.
wilw_ebooks @wilw_ebooks🔁Maybe I'll shoot the puck against the Oilers in like 1989.
Vaporious @NHL_Vaporious🔁If Edmonton wins tonight, I will give away a hero for XB1 only. RT to have a shot at entering. Make sure to cheer for the Oilers too! ;)
Jonathan @floresjflo🔁@TonyMarinaro And Deharnais gets the OT winner for Oilers
A A Ron Schwaby @Schwabber1🔁CONTEST: Follow & RT to win an iconic photo of McDavid & Gretzky from ! Draw on Apr 26.
ryan @RyanMcCee🔁 Anyone want to hear @EdmontonJack call the OT winner? #yeg #Oilers


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